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  1. The Dream Is Always the Same The What The chronicle of a patrol boot growing into the role of a proper deputy, and the inevitable physical and mental degradation that is to follow one in such a taxing position over a long (or perhaps abrupt) period of servitude to the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department. This thread will document the day-to-day of Deputy Sheriff Dinarra Horowitz, insomniac and Richman-born Hebrew struggling to fill a pair of shoes which may prove to be a few sizes too big. The Who Dinarra Horowitz is an Israeli-American born from a family of immigrants. Her mother and father immigrated with her grandparents in the 20th century in order to find a better life in America. Her father is a lawyer, while her mother has forever been a stay-at-home who’s raised her children, Dinarra and her older brother Isaac. Having been raised in a family that has always been close to America’s legal system, both of the Horowitz children have a mentality leaning towards the concept of pro-justice, for that has been the environment they have been raised in. Kept away from the crime-ridden areas of South Central, being raised in Richman, the siblings and the family at large have never had very many negative interactions with Law Enforcement personnel, leading them to develop a confidence in the system that upholds the pillars of American society. With her older brother going off to an Ivy League in Newark, New Jersey, Dinarra was less interested in following in her father’s footsteps, but rather working in a more hands-on tenure as a member of Law Enforcement. Mortal Reminders & The Dream Plagued by a recurring dream, Horowitz finds herself frequently waking up in the middle of the night. This impacts her work environment and her home life, as much as she does her best to assure others that it does not. As the character develops, so to will light be shed on what keeps our boot up during absurd hours. To accompany, we will have her internalizations, reflections, and reminders of one's humanity (or lack there-of) as they come, alongside persons of interest. POIs will take place in the form of friends, mentors, or simply those who have left a strong impression on Dinarra as a character. Your closest friend and confidant. He was a Deputy, like you. You were just finishing the academy when IA chewed him up and spit him out. It broke your heart when he called you from Jail. ----- Your families know each other from the old country. Your mother was like a second mother to him. And his, to you. You're not sure what you'd do without him. ----- He's been with you through the whole journey. From the time you enlisted, until you finally graduated. You can think of nothing better than his praise. It means more to you than your own. ----- When you're down, he picks you back up. When you've got something on your mind, he listens. When you need advice, he's already been through most of your problems. You'd do anything for him. April 7th, 106 Cougar Ave And then you woke up. ----- You met your first patrol instructor while you were at Shay's. You get the impression they're tight knit. That's what they say about the gang unit, anyhow. You weren't sure what to make of him, at first. ----- You grabbed your shit and you hopped into his car. You met another Deputy in the parking lot, when you pulled in. Keith Macdonald was his name, you only exchanged a few words. Fifteen minutes later, you got a call that he was dead. ----- You didn't know the guy. It still upset you, though, he was still a badge. Calhoun was a little more upset with what happened. You were mid-way through orientation when you went down to the call. ----- You weren't sure what you should have expected when you got there. The man was shot dead in a crummy parking lot. No one was there to help him. One person was there to see it, and they wouldn't talk. ----- That's what made your blood run cold, that night. Not so much the thought of it being you - Well, maybe the thought of it being you. But the thought of nothing ever coming of it is a hell of a lot worse. ----- Calhoun doesn't strike you as a by-the-book kind of guy. You caught your first hook with him, though. He doesn't really know you; he probably doesn't care about you. But some part of you hopes he's proud, if only because you want to be like him. April 8th, Twin Towers Correctional Facility Like being pulled beneath the current. And then you woke up. ----- You met Castillo in TTCF. You were pulling a duty assignment, after transferring from elsewhere. You're not sure what he makes of you. Frankly, you're not sure what you make of him yet either. ----- He gave you a tip about going upstairs alone in the pod. It'll probably save your life. You passed that off to a fresh arrival. It'll probably save his life. ----- Castillo seems like a busy-body. He works as a detective outside, but he's also an investigator for the jail. You'd like to know more about him. Though you're remiss to ask, for being thumbed as just being an overeager boot. April 8th, Davis Wet inhalation. Like being pulled beneath the current. And then you woke up. ----- Tonight was your first evaluated patrol. You met your evaluator before you enlisted, though. He's another friend of Shay's. He's a little different from most people you've met, prior to the service. ----- You get the impression he's seen some shit. If only because of the way he carries himself. You're not sure what he makes of you, though. Would it matter to him if you wound up like Keith? ----- You wound up on a barricaded suspect. You felt pretty good helping set the perimeter. Though that was really all you got to do. You're glad for it, you're not sure you could hack it doing what the guys in SEB do. ----- After the debrief you wound up at the gas station in Davis. Two were dead when you arrived, one was bleeding. Your first triple homicide, on your second day. Lord, oh Lord, what a time to be alive. ----- You and an officer from the Police Department were treating the injured. He died in your arms. It was all you could do to keep it together. They told you it's not your fault; is it? ----- When you got back after, you were a little terse with your instructor. You didn't press him for answers though, erratic as you were. Your hands shook and your voice broke on the ride back. You were embarrassed to even look at him.
  2. DAVIS SHERIFF'S STATION "IMPAVIDUS BELLATOR" LOS SANTOS COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT On the 14th of May, 1993, the Davis Police Department was disbanded by the Davis City Council as a result of the skyrocketing homicide rates that were left unattended paired with the significant controversies with local communities and multiple police brutality claims. A day later a new contract was signed with the Los Santos Police Department. The Los Santos Police Department served the City of Davis and its unincorporated areas up until 1998 when their 5 year term concluded. The premises of the old Davis Police Station was subsequently converted into a youth activities center in an attempt to combat the elevated homicide count conducted by minors. This center was in use prior to it shutting down in early 2000 due to lack of funding for the program. Shortly thereafter on the 17th of September, 2000, the Davis City Council contracted with the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department to become the main municipal law enforcement agency for the City of Davis. The whopping 22 million dollars per annum paid by the City of Davis to the LS County Sheriff's is utilized in providing a variety of specialized teams and highly trained patrol deputies to serve Davis and its unincorporated areas. A year later after the opening in 2000, station command within the Davis Sheriff's Station adopted "impavidus bellator" to be the stations motto. When translated from Latin it is "the fearless warrior" which pays homage to the deputies working at the station and the willpower they have to overcome any task, no matter the difficulty. The Davis Sheriff's Station proudly serves the City of Davis, Strawberry, Chamberlain Hills, Rancho, Palomino Highlands, and the unincorporated area of La Puerta. MY GOALS ARE SIMPLE I WILL ALWAYS BE PAINFULLY HONEST WORK AS HARD AS I CAN LEARN AS MUCH AS I CAN AND HOPEFULLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN PEOPLE'S LIVES. - Deputy David W. March, EOW 04/22/02
  3. ——————— Twin Towers Correctional Facility ——————— Los Santos County Sheriff's Department Sheriff Dale Kelly Est. 1850 "A Tradition of Service" (( This thread is an extension of the main Los Santos County Sheriff's Department faction thread. )) — Faction Introduction (( The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department is a faction based off of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, that seeks to emulate the often-overlooked facets of American Law Enforcement. The premier goal of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department is to provide quality police and correctional roleplay. The primary emphasis in membership with this faction is character development through realistic roleplay & portrayal, with a high standard to ensure quality retention. Further, it is imperative for one to understand that this faction seeks to improve the quality of the server's criminal justice atmosphere - by providing services directly related, or affiliated to items such as court services, civil process, warrants, detention & custody through the county jail, inmate services, and much more. We hope to establish a long & productive partnership with all members of the GTAW roleplay community, and shall always strive to maintain a constant dialogue through the efforts of this faction. )) — Our History (..continued branch from main faction thread.) Twin Towers Correctional Facility opened in the summer of 1997, under the leadership and patronage of Sheriff Darrell Button. However, following several scandals of brutality and misconduct involving the LSPD and LSSD — notable funds were pulled from circulation and the newly opened facility remained unstaffed and unoccupied by the inmate population till 2001. During the aforementioned time, deputies had to prevent people from breaking in and squatters from habituating within the empty correctional facility. Unlike LS Men's Central Jail, the Twin Towers Correctional Facility; or amply referred to as the Twin Towers Jail, enjoys a more positive reputation among civil rights and human rights watchdog groups. The institution is, however, not without fault. During the early two thousands, Federal probes and independent researchers showed concerning treatment of inmates that was often done through the guise of profiling, impeding on inmate guaranteed rights, and overly aggressive conduct towards the mentally well and unwell. The aggressive conduct towards inmates and outright violations of core civil rights caused the Twin Towers Jail to be shut down by the federal government following an inquiry by which the LSSD did not abide. One notable incident involved the favoring of established "white" gangs over African American and Latino sets that would set up in the jail, to the point where the deputies were outright supporting and advancing the efforts of white neo-nazi groups inside the jail at the expense of other inmates, of whom some were not gang associated. Following an unnamed whistle blower, and the FBI informant scandal, the Los Santos Times ran an article that attracted attention of watch groups and activists. The department conceded and gave into the request for reform and the temporary shutting down of the jail. The reform never occurred, and the jail population was shifted to other jails operated by the LSSD. Former Sheriff Peter "Pico" Collins headed the department from 2009 until his downfall in 2017. During Collins' reign corruption was rampant and close-knight deputy gangs were prominent. Within the ranks of the county's finest were individuals keen to oppress less fortunate individuals in the county jail system and rural towns. Following whistle-blower tips, an ACLU lawsuit brought down the Sheriff after the FBI took interest as part of their public corruption mandate. Pico and his Undersheriff were both sentenced to federal prison. Following a brief hiatus mandated by the Federal Department of Justice, Patrick Machado won the seat as Los Santos County Sheriff after a special election was held. Almost immediately after swearing into office, Sheriff Machado ordered the re-opening of the Twin Towers Los Santos County Jail to massively aid the growing overcrowding issue of the region's detention facilities. This facility that soon become the most highly populated jail in San Andreas. Through a consensus that ranged through early 2018 to early 2020, it was found that there was an overwhelming elevated number of male inmates within incarceration compared to their female counterpart. As numbers within the jail continued to rise, Sheriff Machado announced a revamp of the facility to further cater to the rehabilitation of the facility. Administration in the jail was soon appointed to Captain Isabella Ramirez who enacted numerous programs to ensure the safety and well-being of inmates as well as initiatives to monitor rehabilitation. Heat was put back on the department in May 2020 when a fatal stabbing occurred within the facility during a jail riot, Oscar Marina, a high risk inmate with numerous documentations of being connected to various criminal organisations, mutilated Jayden Hernandez. Justice Isaac Rhodes with the Superior Courts of San Andreas, under the command of the Chief of Justice Edward Cline, ordered the first death penalty under his administration. This is believed to have been a contributing factor to further harsh critiques upon the jail. Sheriff Machado released a statement to numerous news sources; "The sentence handed down on the matter of Oscar Marina is justice for the victims of his crimes and the families mourning the losses of their loved ones. Marina murdered without remorse or regret and had an established propensity for violence and remorseless killing. With this sentence, it means Marina will be transferred to death row within a highly secure facility wherein he has no ability to threaten the safety or security of fellow inmates. Marina's sentence should show to the criminal enterprises of this state that we will pursue them judiciously, even behind bars, to ensure their criminal activity will not continue unabated.". — Services Provided Ancillary to traditional American Counties, the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department operates a number of facets subordinate to Criminal Justice. Detention Operating from the Los Santos County Jail, or 'Twin Towers Correctional Facility', the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department provides detention services to the county & its' affiliated Criminal Justice entities. Both pretrial detainees & convicted persons are housed within the Los Santos County Jail. Court Services Subordinate to the Los Santos area Judicial Circuit, Deputies of the Sheriff's Department service the constituency of Los Santos County through criminal warrants, civil process & papers, transportation, and much more at the behest of the Courts. Parole and Probation The San Andreas Department of Corrections established a regional Parole Enforcement Task Force (PETF) together with the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department in an effort to reduce the risk to public safety from parolees who avoid supervision and seek to expand on the enforcement of parole within the state. Thus, assigned deputy sheriffs are considered parole liaison agents and shall exercise the authority of a parole agent within the State of San Andreas. The Parole Enforcement Task Force is responsible for protecting the community by enabling parole agents to have an active part in the local community’s public safety plans while providing a range of programs and services that offer state-supervised parolees the opportunity for change, encouraging and assisting them in their effort to reintegrate into the community. Assigned personnel is committed to working with parolees and ensuring they are being referred to appropriate rehabilitation and transition programs that are currently available to help them find success and opportunities within their communities. — Operations Twin Towers Correctional Facility The Twin Towers Correctional Facility, also known as the Twin Towers Jail, is the primary facility for all individuals initially processed within Los Santos County. The facility is 1.5 million square feet and opened in 1997, making it one of the most modern facilities the Los Santos Sheriff's Department operates. After the North Los Santos Earthquake damaged the Halls of Justice, the project for a new county jail facility was started. Alongside the Men's Central Jail facility in downtown Los Santos, the facility ranked as one of the ten worst jails within the United States by national magazines. The jail is utterly overcrowded due to state-wide mandates for court reorganizations, with many state prisoners staying in the jail system for prolonged periods of time while awaiting trial, release, or processing. The jail functions both as a pre-trial facility and state prison, as many inmates abuse the courts to stay in jail rather than enter the SADCR institutions. — Thread Engagement This thread is a place to broadcast roleplay within TTCF, we invite everyone who has something to add to get involved so that this can showcase the experience that we are ever developing. All community members may have the chance to interact with this thread and post their content. Please ensure that you follow the following rules when posting screenshots: 1. If in an official faction that has a thread, you may post on this thread as long as you have clearance from your own faction leader. 2. If you are not within an official faction that has a thread, please submit your content to honey. on the forums.
  4. OOC INFO This thread is meant to portray the life of a gang detective currently assigned to Operation Safe Streets Detail within Operation Safe Streets Bureau and his role in the community, as well as the various methods of controversial policing.
  5. This thread will serve the purpose to showcase Walter Vaughan's development within Los Santos Sheriff's Department.
  6. Consider this a warning: this thread follows the story of a degenerate moron with a chemical interest. It will contain filth.
  7. Five point five (5.5) represents the sheer percentage of sworn Asian-American deputies within the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department during the year of 2020, according to the Department's Information Bureau on the press released published February 2021, while the Department was still under Sheriff Richard Washington's leadership. The Asian population inside the LSSD represents the second smallest ethnic group whitin the Department, only behind the Others' category. In a nationwide scope, only two percent of the Law Enforcement population is composed by Asian Americans, being one of the most underrepresented races. The following thread tells the journey of Alexandra Yi within the Sheriff's Department.
  8. This thread will showcase parts of the lives of a group of Deputy Sheriffs within the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department's Special Enforcement Bureau.
  9. Corey_


    Detective Gerald 'Gerry' Hyeon AKA The Korean Arnold Schwarzenegger The rundown, because who has the fucking time to read a whole story. - Born in Little Seoul, Los Santos in 1985. - Served in the Marines Corps, did two tours in Iraq in the 2000s. One in Baghdad and one during the 2nd battle of Fallujah. - Joined the LSSD in 2011, worked out of East LS Station. - Became an OSS Detective in 2021. - Works primarily in the area of Vespucci Beach.
  10. Operation Genghis Khan January 08 2022, start: 1430 hours end: 1830 hours Davis Station Detective Bureau, Los Santos County Sheriff's Department Sergeant Nathaniel Ramirez, Narcotics Enforcement Team Sergeant Jack Cardone, Career Offenders Team Lieutenant William Hayes, Special Enforcement Bureau
  11. LOS SANTOS COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT Sheriff's Information Bureau Official Statement [OS-0013] Bomb squad deployed for suspected package at LS Transit Date Published: 20/DEC/2021 Point of Contact: Melissa Rhodes At around 18:30 on the 17th of December, the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department received calls for service regarding a suspect package at the LS Bus Terminal at Integrity Way, followed by internal government pagers regarding a suspect package requesting Transit Service Bureau and Special Enforcement Bureau to respond. Deputies responded to the incident immediately and discussed the incident with representatives of the Government who posted the original pager. Special Enforcement Bureau Special Weapons Teams and Canine Services Detail along with department supervisors arrived on the scene after the deputies began discussions with the Government representatives. A perimeter was established around the area while Explosive Ordinance Disposal trained deputies were requested. Following this, detectives from the Detective Bureau arrived on the scene to lend assistance and worked as liaison officers on our behalf within the Joint Terrorism Task Force to keep our federal partners informed of the ongoing situation, while the outer perimeter was extended for public safety. Credits: Special Enforcement Bureau Our LSSD Mobile Command Centre arrived at the scene to assume command and to allow better coordination of units on the scene and is declared the main command post. EOD techs arrived on the scene with the Mobile Command Centre and began to suit up in protective equipment, also known as the bomb suit. Following a detailed analysis of the suspected package, it was confirmed the package in question was a dud with the intention to appear like a real explosive device. The scene was declared safe by the incident commander and all evidence was collected and bagged for further investigation. Units were dismissed from the scene at 21:00. The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department reminds people to be vigilant of suspected or suspicious packages that they may see. If in doubt, do not approach the package and call 911 immediately.
  12. Detective Frank "Beans" Gutierrez OPERATION SAFE STREETS BUREAU
  13. this thread will highlight the development of deputy sheriff elijah young, born and raised in los santos' south central.
  14. This thread will showcase the development of Cristian Reyes, a bomb squad deputy within the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department.
  15. *In your character's bored browsing of the internet, they find a mysterious link to an independent local news project simply titled: 'PARADISE'. The website is quite plain; white background and black text accompanying a slew of images that are blurred until clicked. Everything is center-aligned. There's an imageboard comment section below.* GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING - 18+ 03:55 AM AUG 11 2021, CARSON / BROUGE AVENUE On the 11/AUG/2021 at 03:55 AM myself and another Project PARADISE journalist were filming a traffic stop in Davis from a vantage point. While our video and DSLR cameras were rolling, all four occupants of the vehicle exited with firearms and opened fire. It is unknown as to the medical condition of the deputies who were involved in this shooting. All four of the suspects escaped on foot, and no further gunfire was heard in the area. Let this be a shocking example of how dangerous this city truly is. Any information that could lead to arrest should be forwarded to the Los Santos County Sheriff's Office. If this video and these images disturb you, that's a good thing. It means this place hasn't desensitized you yet. There's a war going on in your streets, and the folks on top don't seem to care. Push your politicians for change. It doesn't have to be this way. PARADISE VOL I: FIRST IMPRESSIONS PARADISE VOL II: SODOM & GAMORRAH Donate to help me afford equipment, an apartment, and repairs: bc1zg4tskar7xfwivy5l643lydlw9re59gtyzwf5mdq ((/banktransfer XXXXX Ashton Love Paradise Donation)) -COMMENTS ARE ENABLED- Username: Comment: ((Character Thread))
  16. This thread will closely follow the day-to-day dealings of Samuel Lenero, a Sergeant within the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department.
  17. this thread follows the journey of Earl Nelson within the Los Santos Sheriff's Department
  18. deputy sheriff violet yanes, lssd
  19. This topic showcases the epic life of Ryan Parry.
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