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  1. I'm happy to know you guys are still alive and kicking. May St. Michael defend all you gabagools out there.
  2. It will be 100% In character decision. Nobody is going to be forced to buy or sell at the suggested price. That's what a suggestion is. The thing is that players should at least have a baseline for the transactions, as there is no real economy regarding the value of most of the stolen products. That's why joaoivis suggested those rules at the end of the topic. Besides there are certainly many other ways to regulate it too.
  3. That's what I mean. Items should be sold to other players in order for the criminal to profit, but I do believe the value of the items should be predetermined by the script. At least as a suggested price, know what I mean?
  4. Love this! IMO, criminals should have the possibility of choosing between taking crates to theirs own vehicles or getting away with the whole truck too. Suggested crate limits for personal vehicles: Sedan = 1 crate. SUV = 2 crates. Evidently, the payout (the value of the stolen goods) for each crate should be way higher than the truckers payouts per delivery.
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