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Found 20 results

  1. Police Artist drawing from mugging incident- Volgograd 23/06/2011 Kirill Sorokin and his family are from Volgograd, one of Russia’s most important industrial powerhouses. Growing up on the outer edges of the city poverty was rife, the men working long hard days in factories and chemical plants while the stayed women at home taking care of the children. Kirill and his younger brother Slava did not have the best upbringing, ever cast in their oldest Sister Natasha’s shadow. Kirill and Slava where forced into labour at a young age doing mediocre jobs in the plant factories, crawling into small spaces, attaching small bolts, their child hands being put to good use. Natasha however received better treatment, being the family’s ticket to a higher class. In school Natasha excelled, outshining the rest of the pupils, receiving great commendations from teachers, and students alike. Her parents put all their spare money into Natasha’s health and education, feeding her more food than her brothers, buying her new books leaving Kirill and Slava with hand me downs, and worn clothes. This reality carried on into Kirill’s mid-teens where he began to forge his own path along with his younger brother, sick of his parents neglection, rather than following his Sister up the ladders of greatness, he stepped down the stairs into the criminal underworld. He began creeping the streets at night mugging and robbing helpless tourists, with his partner in crime Slava. During his time, he made some close friends in the underworld, not just associates friends for life, Yuliy Safaryan and Fyodor Arseneyev. Yuliy was the duo’s close friend and means of escape, Yuliy was a corrupt cab driver, extorting tourists by overcharging, and pickpocketing, he helped the duo by picking them up a few streets away after the incident. This continued for some years, the duo delving deeper and deeper into the void of crime. They progressed from street muggins to grand theft auto. However, their small criminal world was flipped upside down. By the time, the duo was in their twenties, the unlawful brothers were experienced in their craft, what was once a side job, was now a profession. The duo was stalking a well-dressed middle-aged couple, they clearly had some money, the perfect target, Kirill and Slava waited till the couple reached a dark spot, then they attacked. They done the same thing each time, Kirill would do the talking, Slava would stand behind them ready to strike if necessary. Unfortunately, the man had company, before Kirill could even finish his first sentence, there was a thundering boom, too stunned to speak all he could see was Slava’s shocked face, and a thin line of blood dripping down from the small hole in his head. His brother collapsed to the floor; all Kirill could do is watch as the well-dressed man nodded his head to two burly fellows dressed in black behind him. Kirill ran like a coward, chased by the two men he used his knowledge of the streets to his advantage evading death, leaving his poor younger brother behind. Upon returning home he told his parents everything, they blamed him for his brother’s death, they told him it was all his fault, he should never have gotten into crime. Kirill pleaded for their forgiveness and their mercy, but he was shunned, they disowned him. They did not call the police for they did not want to ruin their precious daughters’ reputation, in fact they wanted nothing to do with Kirill or Slava at all anymore. Guilt ridden, Kirill stopped his crimes, he went back to labour work, landing a job in a chemical plant, he tried his best to live a regular life, constantly reminded of his actions, having friends helped distract him, but in the end, he was still alone, he needed to leave this city, start a fresh, leave behind what once was. Now Kirill is 28 years old, it has been 7 years since the incident. Seeing online that there was an influx of people going to America looking for work, he began saving what money he could, starving himself some nights for that little bit of extra money. He applied for a working visa in America putting down that he has experience in plant production and factory work. After a lot of fees and meetings in the US Embassy in Volgograd his working Visa was accepted, this was it, his escape, his fresh start, his chance at living a life far from his guilt, and far from crime. He packed little what possessions he had, resigned from is job, said his farewells to Yuily and Fyodor and left Russia, ready to start his new life. He does not know just how deluded he is... Kirill's Plane Ticket
  2. Hi there. Мужики, короче сразу за дело. Сам я игрок довольно старый, играю на РП серверах еще с 11 года, но сейчас в моей жизни такой этап, когда нужно бустануть англ. Знание английского какое-никакое, но есть(по грамматике так точно), но хочется и на практике как-то юзать этот навык. Пробовал играть, но бля, вся игра скатывается к тому, что работаю либо таксистом, либо вообще пиздец на кассе стою молоко продаю. Поэтому ищу, так сказать ментора, с которым можно будет поиграть вместе(вообще похуй что, хоть мексиканскую шлюху, лишь бы была практика англа), и который сможет мне указать на мои ошибки в плане английского, показать как разговаривать more fluently, ну и прочая работа над ошибками. Ясное дело, что не за просто так, какие-то бабки на сиги и пиво закину энивей. Кто решится взять имбицила в роли меня себе в падаваны, напишите чуваки в тг @JablDouble
  3. In a quiet lagoon, devils dwell
  4. Life in Russia and immigration to Los Santos. It all starts with a basket and a bathtub, it's three o'clock in the morning, Georgiy Vorobev's mother is giving birth to him in the bathtub of a dilapidated house on the river in the village of Surgut. The mother finds the strength to get up from the bathtub and get behind the wheel of her old red Lada, but she doesn't get very far, in fact she crashes a little later into a light pole, and is found by a delivery boy. The mother was already dead, the broken pole had pierced her skull, the child was alive by a miracle, and the delivery boy had only one thing to carry him to the hospital a basket with eggs, the delivery boy emptied it and put the child inside, Georgiy Vorobev was transferred to an orphanage, no one adopted the child and so he never got out of there, the few times he did get out, he did so by running away and taking refuge on trains and trying to escape as much as possible, looking for his mother or pursuing some fantasy of his own, Georgiy got out at the age of 16, a cousin of his mother, found him by pure chance and decided to bring him home, to Surgut. Georgiy's character, well I say character, in every part of his body there was anger, how could he not be right, he had lived the first 16 years of his life locked in a convent. This anger led him to make bad choices, drinking, smoking and sometimes abusing drugs. He begins to have problems with the law, and so as soon as he turns 17 with a criminal record, his uncle decides to send him away and entrusts him to another uncle, the only one he has left, is in Los Santos, so he leaves with a dictionary and a suitcase. Once there, he struggles to settle in, living in a dirty neighborhood in East Los Santos, he enrolls in school and manages to learn English, but he never learned it well, in fact he has a poor level of English. Georgiy was tired of his life, condemned to live day to day with his uncle, he gives a turn. He leaves the neighborhood, leaves his uncle, meets new people, obtains American citizenship by marrying an American woman and divorcing her a few months later, approaches selling drugs for the first time in a nightclub, selling pills and weed, and slowly expands his business, and every day he tries to make new acquaintances and bring money home by any method possible.
  5. Adam Abdulaev, 2018 - Machatschkala, Dagestan Republic Adam was born in 1993 in Karabudakhkent, Dagestan Republic. He grew up with four brothers and one sister, his father was an Avar from the mountains of Dagestan and his mother a chechen from Grozny. Shamil started wrestling at the age of eight and later switched to mixed martial arts. He grew up in the time of the Chechen war, which also took root in Dagestan. Adam's father Rasul Abdulaev, was a strict and staunch Muslim, he taught Adam the customs and traditions from a young age. Adam was frustrated with life in Dagestan, soon moved to Moscow where he worked for various underworld figures, and finally emigrated to Los Santos to avoid imminent arrest in Russia.
  6. IOAN - RENO - Reynolds The junior driver of the mafia --_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________-- Ioan -Reno- Reynolds - born in Moscow by a Romanian mother to an American father, Ioan had his life complicated from the first step he took. Before he was born his father worked as an driver for the Russian Mafia, his mother was a auto-detail expert, whom would wash all the mafia's cars so that her husband could drive them clean and the mafia bosses would love them. Ioan was surrounded by alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and violence, but most importantly, cars. At a young age Ioan caught an interest in cars and their engines, electricity and every other part that a car has. When Ioan was 15, he started modding his own car, which he bought for the money he earned, selling drugs to the seniors in his high school, he bought an BMW 330i E46 model, he started buying M packages for the whole car, he did the oversteer mod so his wheels could spin and he could start drifting, he added a bigger engine, boosted it and started learning the art of driving. After a few years, Reno was a better driver than his father ever was and he was driven with competition for the best spot in the mafia, to earn a chance at driving the boss, his fathers position... --_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________-- --_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________-- Reno after passing everyone in his skills and ability to drive, started driving the boss, he got to see the deepest and most hidden secrets of the mafia, their deals, their partners, their main bosses and who is responsible for various things. He earned money, but the flip side was revealing itself. His father, whom bought a big house, cars to have his family live a life he never lived, didn't have enough money to pay for everything, he had to sell Ioan's childhood house. But Ioan didn't care, he now wanted not to drive cars, but own them, own houses, own his troops so he could be the boss, so he could have the respect around Moscow. So a naive young man, started to give out information to the police, so the police would lock up the bosses and he could get a chance to move up the ranks. He did this for several years, not being found out, he continued. Until one morning he hears the news of his both parents, being shot to death in intersection. He understood what he has done, he grabbed a pistol from his fathers cabinet, he got into his new Mercedes Benz, drove to the nearest mafia house and unleashed havoc inside the house. He killed many people, but not one of them was a high ranking mafia member, they were just decoys. Ioan ran as fast as he could to his car, got in and drove, drove across Russia, he didn't stop until he reached China, from there he sold his car, got into an plane and flew to America, hoping nothing will haunt him or chase him. He still wants to become a rich man, but this time he has a choice, make money the legal and hard way or imply everything he learned back in Moscow and start his own drug selling business. --_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________--
  7. [2012 SPRINT CARRIER PHONE LOGS, MAYAKOVSKAYA VIKTORYA'S SONY ERICSSON ARC - DECEMBER 26TH 22:43, TRANSCRIPT IN RUSSIAN] “No... no no no no. You... you promised. You promised me, you really did. No. I swear you promised me.” [inaudible] “No. You really did, you promised me. You said all I had to do was go there and you'd... you'd take care of everything.” [inaudible] “No no no. He wasn't there, he wasn't. You didn't pick up and he wasn't there. Wh... what... what was... what was I supposed to do?!” [inaudible] “What do you mean figure it out... figure it out? This... this is on you... no no no. Listen to me. This is your... why? Stop. No don't...” [inaudible]... [audio spike]... “GO!” “Hel... hello? Hey? Pl... hello?” “...”
  8. Yuliy Safaryan is a young man born and raised in Volgograd, growing up in the harsh outskirts of the city was not easy. His family tried to escape the poverty-stricken city by immigrating to America, in search of the American dream and a better life, however on 01/05/2011 the visa for his family was denied due to his father having a criminal record, leaving the family stuck in their harsh world. When he was older Yuliy made his living as a taxi driver, but he abused his position to make some extra money. He would extort visiting tourists by overcharging them for the journey, threatening to have the police involved should they not pay, the tourists often wanting to avoid any trouble would grudgingly pay. During some jobs he became close friends with a pair of brothers Kirill and Slava, the pair were thieves, robbing tourists and stealing cars. Yuliy began helping the duo, being there escape driver, he would park a few streets away from where the duo were, and when ready Kirill would give him a call and he would get them out of dodge, for a cut of course. When Yuliy turned 25 and was an independent man living alone and providing for himself, still sick of the city he called home he thought he would take a chance and immigrate to America. Much to his joy this time he was accepted, thanks to the fact he is no longer associated to his father in all but name.
  9. Vasyl Zakharchenko Backround Vasyl Zakharchenko was born in Ukraine,Donetsk Oblast on 7 September , 2001 as third child to Leonid and Svetlana Zakharchenko. His Father Leonid Zakharchenko was a succesfull Kickboxing Coach while his mother Svetlana was a nurse in local hospital. Vasyl was taught russian values of patriotism from young age by his parents. He was attending masses in his local church regulary with all of his family. During financial crisis of 2008 Zakharchenko family relocated to Los Santos having won green card lottery.
  10. KC.

    Movladi Noukhayev

    SHOOTING IN HAWICK SUBURB By Chris Hamilton | Octorber 10, 2017 Early Sunday morning was the residents of Hawick waken up by multiple gunshots from a Semi-Automatic. The shooting occurred in front of block number 813. The chief of police mentioned that on a CCTV could see that a masked individual was shooting into the house of Mario Abramovich a well known drug dealer in the neighborhood. The house was investigated, and one kilo of heroin were later confiscated from the Abramovich household. The residents in the area is shocked by the event which occurred in their small comunity. We managed to talk to one of the nearby residents who's name is being concealed for her own good. The elderly women told me that these types of events never, and that she hopes it will be the last.
  11. Name: Duqvakha Varayev Born: 27/AUG/1989 Origin: Verkhnyaya Balkariya (Верхняя Балкария), Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Russia The village of Verkhnyaya Balkariya, red outlining shows Duq's elderly home Duqvakha better known as ’Duq’ was born on the 27th of August, 1989 in the mountain villege of Verkhnyaya Balkariya, Kabardino-Balkaria, Southern Russian Caucasus. Duq’s father was in the army of Ichkeria, whilst his mother was there to take care of the household. Times were rough as the Soviet Union only collapsed two years after Duq was born. Duq's father as a soldier, in the middle holding the rifle, First Chechen War At the age of 10 Duq lost both his parents at the Grozny ballistic missile attack whilst at a family visit. Duq then quickly moved in with his grandmother, who lived in the same village. By the age of 12 his grandmother also passed away. On the burial of his grandmother Duq got in to contact with his uncle, Khasmohmad Varayev. He was offered to come and live with him in San Fierro. Duq made a living from washing cars since his uncle was a car salesman. By the age of 18 Duq was offered a contract to become a Junior Car Sales Executive. This was an honest job and Duq was truely proud of himself. By 2008 the economic crisis also struck the business. This quickly made the entire company collapse and Duq’s uncle ended up with a huge debt. Duq felt as if he needed to help his uncle, he was the one person who looked after him at the roughest time of his life. Aftermath of the Grozny Ballistic Missile Attack, October 21 1999 Duq had though times at making money and finding a job. He never got any certifcate on any type of school. All he knew was the car business. This made Duq get onto the wrong side of the tracks as he was now selling stolen cars to help himself and his uncle. At the age of 21 Duq was caught in the act and he was sentenced to one year in jail. Within this one year Duq got caught up in a big prison ramble. In the action Duq punched a fellow inmate who then made an unfortunate landing, and passed away later on. Duq was sentenced 16 more months, and was sent to state prison. In prison he met his cellmate, Andrej, also from Russian descent. The two both got in with the same sentence and quickly became good friends. Once the duo was out of prison they quickly got back to their old habits. The two later moved from simple car thefts to arms trafficking. After a year of good work Duq was able to pay off his uncle’s debts. Andrej and Duq's mechanic shop, 2016 Las Venturas With the money the duo made Duq and Andrej started their own mechanic shop in Las Venturas. Duq was given the task of buying cheap cars whilst Andrej patched these cars up. They then sold these vehicles for a decent price. In the background however, the two were still involved in arms trafficking. They used their mechanic shop to launder the money they earned. For years the business went well, and life finally seemed to have the wind at Duq’s back. This changed in early August 2019. Andrej was arrested after the FBI had found out that the mechanic shop, that was registered under his name was used to launder money. Because Duq’s name didn’t appear in any contract or other paperwork he was set free due to a lack of evidence at his trial. Duq left Las Venturas and tried to find his luck in Los Santos, he still visits Andrej, who was given a 14 year sentence in San Andreas’ state prison. Duq is now trying to find a new way of living his life and making his money. He doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. ((Disclaimer, this is my first time making such a story, I'm open for feedback))
  12. Name: Stanislav Stonogin Alias: Stas, Siberian Born: 29.06.1992 From: Saint Petersburg, Russia Height: 188cm (6ft 2in) Weight: 91kg (200lbs) Hobbies: Boxing, workout, photography Opinions Drugs - Avoids them. They are highly addictive and dangerous. There's good money involved there. Gambling - Stanislav knows himself and he's avoiding gambling because he's afraid to lose everything he has. He knows that he might get easily addicted and can't risk with that. Smoking - Trying to get rid of that bad habit. Drinking - Stas is a person who doesn't feel the limits but he knows that. That's why he has replaced alcohol with Redbull. Redbull - Highly addicted to this. Nothing else to add. Speeding - He likes fast cars and speeding but can't control himself. Obviously he is adrenaline addicted but he knows that speeding will end up for him behind bars or inside the box. It all began on 29th of July 1992 when Stanislav Stonogin was born in a small district in St. Petersburg, Russia. When he was born he was bigger than an average newborn and had blueish-gray eyes. Family where he was born into was an ordinary family who lived in their own house. He was the family’s only child. Stanislav’s mother Sofia Stonogina worked as a customer service at a bank. Sofia was very friendly and kind person who had many friends. Sofia loved to put emphasis on herself, she always wanted to look perfect. That’s probably one of the reasons why Stanislav spent most of his time with his father. Stanislav’s father Sergei Stonogin was a physical education teacher and in the evenings he was boxing instructor for young boys. Sergei’s dream was to have a son, he didn’t wish for more kids. He dedicated all of his free time on his son, he wanted Stanislav to grow up as a professional athlete who had all the options open for him. Stas’ childhood went by in a company of other village kids. Mostly they spent their time on playing hide and seek and cops and robbers. Obviously they had their quarrels and fights. On the 1st of September Stanislav went to a local school which wasn’t very known in Peterburg. He was very friendly with everyone in the school and avoided getting into trouble. He wasn’t a bully and he wasn’t bullied, he was the guy in the middle. Aside from school Stanislav started attending his father’s boxing courses and learned his basic knowledge of it. His studies in the first grades were excellent but as he grew older his grades went lower. When Stas was fifteen years old and was finishing middle school he was met with first problems. He started hanging around on the streets with his classmates and were seeking for all kinds of issues. Boxing training was left behind and main action was smoking and small thefts. Stanislav’s father wasn’t impressed by his behavior. He tried to give his best but Stas resisted. Stas finished school with low grades and that thanks to his father. His father insisted him on attending St. Petersburg’s VII high school and that he’d continue his boxing courses. In school Stanislav thought that he had met his love of his life, a girl named Julia Belova whom he started dating with. Then again Stanislav’s grades started going downhill and his boxing was postponed because Stas made everything so that the girl would feel special. Julia had a brother named Vladimir with whom Stanislav started hanging around most of the time. Vlad was a petty criminal who was tied with everything illegal. On one evening Vladimir, Julia and Stanislav were riding around St. Petersburg streets when they were pulled over by the police. All three were arrested and were transported to the local station. Apparently Vladimir had stolen the very same car some time ago and Stanislav was suspected on assisting the theft. As it came out later, Stanislav was innocent. Stanislav finished high school thanks to Julia who was supporting with the exams. On the 9th of June 2013 Stanislav’s father Sergei died due to a stroke. At this difficult time only Julia supported Stas. Stanislav’s mother, Sofia acted as if she hadn’t lost anyone and didn’t turn much attention to that. Stas lived that summer through very roughly. He applied to multiple sports universities to fulfill his father’s dream – to become a professional athlete. Unfortunately his skills weren’t high enough and he wasn’t chosen anywhere. He had to come up with a plan B. On the 1st of September 2013 he started attending University of St. Petersburg on the financial and economic branch. The school was located on the other side of the city which meant that Stanislav was forced to move into a dorm. That again meant less interaction with Julia who was learning to be a doctor. Aside from school Stas started earning money to live. He got a job at a local night club as a bartender. Couple months later he was a DJ in the very same club. By the end of 2014 his long distance relationship with Julia had come to an end and most of his grades were insufficient, all that thanks to his job as a DJ which he very much enjoyed. He was dismissed from school. Stanislav didn’t know what to do with his life because the academic year was halfway done so he decided that he’d go and serve his obligatory army service which he had to do anyway sooner or later. 3rd January 2015 was the day Stanislav’s name was first shouted out in the Veliky Novgorod 4th Navy Platoon. 3rd January 2015, fourth day in the Veliky Novgorod 4th Navy Platoon. Young recruits are all lined up and they are ready for their first assignment. Croaky voice was heard from the speakers: “Andrei Korlenkov, VassiliBrinzov, Nikita Golnikov, Maksim Ovechkin.” These guys were new squad leaders and they all were given eight young soldiers under their responsibility. Under Maksim’s squad among other six recruits there also were Stanislav and Roman. Their squad grew close the same evening – they had to shave each other’s heads clean. Stas and Roma started chatting more and more after that. In the same evening when they had to spend their first night in the barracks they found out that they were sleeping on the opposite bunks. They both were sleeping on the lower bunks, on top of Roma was their squad leader Maksim who they referred to as just Max, nobody was sleeping on top of Stas. Their first three months passed just like this, talking to each other before going to sleep. Their daily basic schedule included shooting, physical exercises and self-defense. Obviously they also had these boring classes and the strict army regime. Stas’s physical attributes were pretty good because he used to train before army. Roma’s strong side was shooting. He was surprisingly accurate and confident. Max had an open mind and he had hands of gold which meant that he was very good in practical activities. Three months later their base training was finished and they could now choose their specialty. Most of the soldiers went to base defense unit or on the aircraft carriers, handful of soldiers got to be divers. Max decided that he would want to go on a submarine and by his leading Roma and Stas joined. Max turned out to be an engine mechanic’s second hand, Roma was ship’s medic and Stas was the radioman. From 5th April 2015 until 3rd September 2015 they spent their time on a submarine named “Pulja”. There they got their necessary training, knowledge and skills to prepare them for the next assignments. Pulja was located on lake Ilmen. They were out on the water for a couple of weeks, then returned to the base, practicing warfare on ground. 11th July 2015 was an ordinary day until a funny incident took place. Boys had just woken up and it was a free weekend. Soldier’s pay was usually spent on packs of cigarette and on different sweets which you couldn’t get in the army. On that day the guys got a city permit for 48 hours and had to return on Monday morning. They needed more spare money because 48 hours in the city meant a big party and they didn’t have enough money to enjoy themselves. Max came out with a great idea and so they came up with a plan. On that day there was only one commander working who also happened to be responsible for everything on the base. Stas went to talk with the commander about this and that just to hold him concentrated on Stas. Meanwhile Roma took around ten body bags from the medic’s quarters and joined Max as they walked into the shooting range. Together they shoveled the bags full of empty cartridges and since Max was mechanic’s second hand he had access to base’s vehicles. Max wrote down that he’d use a vehicle to gather spare parts from the town while actually they loaded ten bags full of empty cartridges into the trunk of a Gaz-53. They transported the bags to a local scrapyard and got around 12 000 rubles which was around 200 dollars. Stas noticed Max and Roma return to the base so he ended the talk with the commander and went to see the duo in the carpark. While they counted money they were approached by Vladimir Bolnikov, he had been in the infirmary for some time and he had noticed when Roma took the body bags. He started questioning their actions, it turned into a conflict and culminated with Vladimir continuing his day in the infirmary with a couple extra bruises. The trio left the base and partied on Veliky Novgorod for the next 48 hours. After they returned on Monday morning they were greeted by a lieutenant who had been informed of the incident that took place two days prior. The trio was punished for assaulting Vladimir but the fact that they were stealing cartridges never came out. 3rd September 2015 was the day their specialty training was finished and couple days later they went on their first mission. Max’s squad was transported to St. Petersburg and there they set foot on a new submarine named “Bandit”. Their first mission lasted for four months. Their mission was to patrol on the Baltic sea, identify, control and record all the vessels. In early February they went on a next mission with the same submarine. This time their destination was Chukchi Sea and their mission was to ensure safety between the area around Russia and USA (Alaska). USA’s illegal border crossing started to become too repeated. The weather around the area was very rough because some of the surface water was icy and surfacing at some areas was practically impossible. After couple of months their mission was slowly coming to an end and they set their course towards St. Petersburg. 18th May 2016. The men were on their way back to St. Petersburg and were currently on the East Siberian Sea when the ship’s wheelman made a fatal mistake. It was a clear night and the visibility was excellent, they were cruising on the surface when the sub hit the reefs near Yukagir. Immediately alarm was sounded and men gathered on the commander’s deck. It was apparent that the ship’s damages were serious and the commander made a harsh decision. Max’s squad among other men had to walk almost 24 kilometers on the frozen ice caps to reach the shore and from there they had to walk unknown distance to reach Yukagir. Max, Stas and Roma took their equipment, backup water bottles and weapons and set foot on the ice caps with other sailors. It was -40 degrees Celcius outside and icy winds were blowing over the sea and the ice. 84 men started the journey to the shore but only 56 arrived. Most lost their lives due to falling into water and disappearing under the ice, icy winds were also a contributing factor. As they arrived in the shore the survivors were in a conflict, tiredness and cold temperature had built up a lot of stress and it had wrecked havoc on them all. Sub’s commander Aleksander Petrovich decided that they should head south. Max objected and said that they should walk in other direction. Since the GPS and phones were all dead from the cold they had to trust their instincts. Stas and Roma trusted Max’s decision and with them also eight other men. At first glance they thought that Yukagir wasn’t very far, at least from the maps they saw while being on the sub but the reality turned out to something else. They hiked in icy weather for four days. 22nd May 2016, early morning. Max and other men who joined him were sleeping next to each other when suddenly they heard a double gunshot. Men got up, scared and cold. They gathered their weapons and took up positions and listened – the forest was dead silent, not a single person moving. Stas went to check on where the shots had taken place and he saw two dead sailors, Nikolai Brulovich and Dmitry Vassilenko, both had gunshot wounds in their head. They had shot each other because they couldn’t bare the heavy stress anymore, they were sure that they won’t make it alive anyway. Nine survivors decided to move on. On 24th May 2016 they arrived to Yukagir, a smaller village than they had imagined. They were greeted by locals who greeted them with surprise. The soldiers were taken inside and they were given food and hot beverages to warm them up. As it came out, the other party never arrived since they went the wrong way. After a couple of days they had a chance to contact the local region’s army unit and they organized themselves a transport. They were transported on a train and from there back to Veliky Novgorod. Their experience and everything they had lived through connected Max, Roma and Stas even more. July 2016. Max left the army because the Siberian mission had left a huge mark in his life and he couldn’t live with the army regime anymore because he was seldom accused of not following his captain’s orders and decided to go rogue. Max went to work on a cargo ship. Stas and Roma decided to continue working in the army. Couple months later they were asked to go on another mission but they both declined, they had seen enough of how fast everything could go wrong. They decided to stick to their ropes and spent most of their time in the base as their specialty had been. Roma continued being a medic and Stas continued working in the communication hub. At the end of November they both decided that their time is up, life in the Russian army had taken its toll on them. After leaving the army and living in St. Petersburg Stas met an underworld person whose name remains a secret. The guy told Stas about the American dream and the opportunities that Los Santos holds. Stas didn’t think for long, he started putting money on the side and also had a chat about that with Roma and Max. Jointly they came to an agreement that they would go and start over in Los Santos. Stas was the first to arrive in Los Santos, right after Christmas. Fortunately he had set enough money aside so he had a jump start. Max was still working on the ship but he knew that on 20th January 2017 his ship would dock in Los Santos and that would be his last time walking off from that ship. Roma had problems with his papers but as he told Stas he would get it straighten out on the 26th January and that mark the day when the last of the trio would set their foot on Los Santos grounds. Life in Los Santos After almost a year of running around Los Santos streets, Stas and his "bratans" (brothers) went to make a huge gun deal with a Chechen faction. It was just before Christmas. Something went wrong and bullets started flying. Vostochnaya banda survived this gun fight without losing a single member. It was obvious that cops were coming after them, so they took everything they had from Sneaky Pete's bar and left the city. It's been confirmed that they moved to Las Venturas where they started a logistic and delivery company. After few months of laying low at Las Venturas few of the Russians have returned to the city and are keeping a low profile around here. One of them is Stanislav who's trying to survive on those streets and support those who are willing to help him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Few weeks ago I visited Russia to finish my last business there and I can finally settle down myself to Los Santos with money in my pocket. By business I mean one simple plan. All you need is a good employer, few friends, a small business and shitload of junkies who own apartments. Business plan was easy. I got a phone call from V.Romanzuk. I know him from boxing training. He works at Russian Federal Real Estate section. V.Romanzuk said that they have found many apartments at Saint Petersburg downtown. They are owned by junkies who got them on deep Soviet Union time and they don’t want to sell them. The Government needed those apartments to renovate them and sell them with huge profit but government can’t just take them without a reason so we needed a small scheme over there. I called to friend named Igor who is hustler, he knows a lot of people and he can get everything you need. Luckily he has a friend named Arkadi who works with laws. I don’t know if he is a lawyer or what ever. Basically we started to build up friendship with those junkies. We lied to them that we are from social help company and we are doing a project where our achivement is to help people who are stuck with their lives. Basically we did that. We helped them with small amount of money, gave them some vodka and drugs, helped them to find some work. Junkies were not very excited but come on, they got free vodka and drugs so they didn’t complain. I’m talking about 8 different junkies and 8 apartments. Basically the scheme was built up like this. Arkadi found one random junkie who was willing to sign papers to open his own company named „Katok”. Obviously with small help of drugs and vodka. Once we got friends with those junkies who owned those apartments, we threw some parties for them. One moment when the junkies were drunk enough we took out papers that Arkadi made. I don’t know exactly the juristic side of those papers but all we had to do was get their signatures down there. So we fed those papers to junkies between their work contracts. Once they signed those papers they gave their apartments to „Katok” company if something happens with them. Junkies didn’t know anything about laws and they were too drunk to realize what the actual fuck they just did. After that you can imagine what was going on. Igor got some strange drugs and gave it to those junkies. Obviously they overdosed and died one by one. With every death „Katok” company got a new apartment. After all 8 apartments belonged to „Katok” then that junkie who founded „Katok” died by overdose as well. Sad story but there weren’t any co-founders so the government got that business to themselves including those apartments. V.Romanzuk was very thankful. Then there was nothing else to do, just wait. Few days later I had to flew back to Los Santos and Igor went back to Las Venturas. Next morning Igor called me that V.Romanzuk is visiting Las Venturas on a business trip and he wants to meet with us. I flew to Las Venturas and we met at fancy restaurant. I got payed there. I don’t like to talk about numbers but I can confirm that if the government orders a job like that, they don’t read numbers, they don’t care. Later that day I flew back to Los Santos with V.Romanzuk. He dropped me off with his own private jet. I left the airport with suitcase filled with money. Seems like I can’t go back to Saint Petersburg for a while but I heard that those apartments are already on work and you can buy them if someone is interested. I have to admit, I have one weakness. I love money and I love fancy stuff. So I rewarded myself and bought a SUV. Well ... You can’t work for the government everyday so – why not?
  13. --Mikhail Kostomarov-- Name: Mikhail Lastname: Kostomarov Birthdate: 1994-03-25 Birthplace: Russia - Yekaterinburg Hobbies: Fishing, shooting, hunting. Interests: Business, politics, cars, city-life, illegal business. Strengths: Shows little emotions, focused on his future, humble, strong, straight forward. Weakness: Family, his past haunting him, anger managment issues. Height: 6''3 ft. Weight: 205 lbs. --STORY-- I was born in Russia, probably the most controversial country in the whole world. My life started in the slums and apartament blocks of Yekaterinburg, my early life was fun and enjoyable, I played outside and had many friends, although having my parents fight and bicker everyday didn't help me. When I grew up and went to school I was an angry and depressed child, I pushed away any friends and relationships that was there for me and decided to stay alone in my life, family was the number one thing for me. Being angry pushed me to things I'm not happy or proud to remember. In school I got into many fights and arguments with other students, got kicked out of two schools and my parents didn't know what to do with me. My father beated me and whipped me with a belt to make me more responsible and respect authority. That didn't help, that made me lash out more in my social life and have more problems. High-school was the worst time in my life, my anger issues and arguments carried over to high-school where people were bigger, older and stronger than me. I got bullied, beaten and destroyed mentally in and out of school, I never got invited to many parties, never got called to go out in malls to do shopping. I turned to alochol and smoking at a young age, because at that time I thought that would help me. At this age, my family got really concered for me because I wouldn't go to classes, would sit at home and do nothing all day. One day my father realized, his aggresive demeanor didn't help me and brought me down even more. One night before sleep, he came into my room and brought a bottle of whiskey, placed it down and said to me come drink with me and talk. I was shy and scared to drink with my father, I was scared I would get beaten and shouted at. My dad grabbed my arm and sat me down next to him and poured me a drink. He said ,,Son, I know you've been drinking and smoking, ruining your life, I was in the same place when I was young, my life wasn't good, I didn't have a father that would help me or put me in my place, I wanted to talk to you because I want you to trust your family and tell your problems to me, we'll help and you'll fix yourself." That was the moment which thought me family is everything, family is the only thing you can trust and seek for help. After that, I told my father what is going on, he introduced me to his friends which were powerful men in our city and had a job and a future for me. They were a part of the Russian Mafia, they brought me in, thought me business and how it should be done, I dropped out of high-school, went into work with the mafia and became a trusted man for them. I drived them around, looked out for the police. But one day, I saw something that was always hidden from me, it was how they made money, what they done every single day of their lives. I saw prostitution, homicide, drugs and that draw me further away from them. They noticed that and started to get rid of me from their business, knowing what can happen to me I decided to run and got all the money I could get and flew to Canada, from there I drove through the border, got lucky and didn't get checked and here was United States of America. My english was bad, it was hard for me to fit in, I found a job as a bartender and lived of it in my small rotten apartament in Michigan. I couldn't live like this, I decided to bring all the learning I got from the mafia and started to sell drugs around the city, established connections and friends around the city. Eventually after I got money and stood on my feet, got a nice house and a car, clothes that could bring attention to me, I was introduced to a woman of my dreams. She was an beautiful american and she made me go mad for her, I wanted her attention her love and just her. We went out to dates, kissed and had a time of our lives. We became girlfriend and boyfriend, we moved in together and started to live for us and not others. Life was beautiful but it was soon to change. One day after work, I drove back to my house, to notice the door unlocked, I entered my home, quiet beacause that's how I am. I was shocked to see other male shoes and clothes all around our house, I slowly walked through the house and made it to our bedroom door. I opened and saw the love of my life, having sex with an another man, that broke me, I went to the kitchen and grabbed my baseball bat, went back up to our bedroom and started beating the man. He screamed and cried for help, I've beaten him to a pulp, he wasn't breathing or moving anymore. My hands were shaking and then I turned to the girl. I looked at her with an ice cold face, sweat dripping down my nose, I tossed the bat straight into her face and ran out the house. The same day I rushed out the city and just drove for two days straight, didn't stop. I stopped at an airport and got a flight to a random location on the board. The location was LOS SANTOS.
  14. Mikhail arrived in the city about a month or so ago. He comes from Moscow and lives in the city along with his parents. His main goal in America is to start a career as a rapper and be successful. After meeting new people at the club, he got himself into some trouble. Mikhail and a woman he met at a club have decided to go for a drive. They ended up running from the police, with Mikhail in the passenger seat. Even without him driving, he had to face the consequences. Officers Mitchell and Harris take the two to the police station in Mission Row. They get locked up for six hours each. Mikhail falls asleep about two hours after being put in jail. After getting out of jail, Mikhail went to his parents' house in the evening. He was still in a shitty mood. Soon after the argument, Mikhail left the house and walked towards his apartment. He got drunk and fell asleep in his apartment. He had to rent a place after getting kicked out of the house. He now stays over there and writes lyrics to his songs.
  15. This thread will follow the development of Ivan, a Russian ex-military now living in Los Santos.
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