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Found 6 results

  1. "Mickey - he's the stock image of a wily kid from Serbia, man. Known him since we were little kids, we got reeled in, they manipulated the loyalties of a dispossessed and persecuted minority. Jaunty, in his early twenties now - a perfect storm for the Serbian underworld. Some of our friends pursued ambitions of becoming key players and forging business empires in Serbia, Mick? He focused on cornering his traditional market niche: severe violence." "And he made it big time, in his own small way, in his own small town." - Anonymous Interviewee 2011 This thread will follow the criminal uprise of Mihail "Mickey" Gajevic through his lackluster scams, frauds and murders in order to achieve a better life, thronged with reputation, money and women.
  2. Nikolai Kalinić Age: 25 (January 29, 1996) Place of birth: Novi Sad, Serbia Background information: Born into a middle class family, to a factory worker Leonid Kalinić and a maid Anna Antipova. Suffers from an alcohol dependence since he reached the age of 21. Worked as a car mechanic in Serbia since he was 17. Left Serbia for the United States when his sister got married in the country of opportunity. Has been living in the United States for one year now. Got fired as a cab driver in the United States, making him unemployed. Used to have a reputation in his Serbian neighborhood as a car thief.
  3. Luka Stojanović was born on 15/MAY/1996. He is of Serbian ethnicity. His grandparents left Balkan after World War II - just when Communists took over the country. Family Stojanović has been living in the United States since then. His parents (Bogdan and Dragana Stojanović) used to live in the countryside before having Luka. But with his birth, they moved to Los Santos as such life was more suitable for a family with a young child. Luka has one sibling that has been with him ever since his childhood. Luka is older than his sibling. There is a 3-year difference between the two. As young Luka used to play with his friend Pavle, who also happened to be of Serbian ethnicity. Their families had a similar history. Both decided to leave Serbian after World War II. The only difference between them was that Stojanovićs moved to the countryside and Pavle's family moved directly to Los Santos. As a family of immigrants, the family Stojanović has never been able to find any well earning job. Luka's grandparents used to live from a paycheck to paycheck and for a short period of time, his parents used to as well. His life was never easy, as someone that wasn't a pure American he had to listen to slurs. He used to be called an immigrant or an impure person. Luka's parents often talked with him about this issue, therefore he tried to follow their advice and ignore the bad slurs about his ethnicity. This didn't leave any serious marks on Luka. However, he remembers what he had to go through and feels strong empathy towards minorities that live in Los Santos. Luka's role-model has always been his father Bogdan who used to serve as a police officer within the Los Santos Police Department. Unfortunately, Bogdan had to quit the job due to unexpected health issues. Luka never thought of being a law enforcement officer as a young kid. His main goal was to be a lawyer. However, his grades weren't that great during his stay at elementary. His father used to be strict, very strict, and always tried to do his best to help his son with the school. He wanted his son to be either a lawyer or a doctor. He knew that police officers don't have an easy life and tried to convince Luka never to join any department. He knew what it takes to be a cop. In the end, he used to be one. Little Luka aimed to be a successful lawyer. After elementary, he went to a local high-school. Surprisingly, his grades were much better there and his father finally thought that Luka would become a successful lawyer, just as he wished. To his surprise, after finishing university Luka didn't apply for the position of a lawyer, he shifted his focus towards the job of a police officer. He never knew why that path. His interest was being a lawyer, that was what he wanted to be and work as. Luka liked working with people and helping them. He had seen many flyers to join local law-enforcement organizations. The only thing he was sure about was that he didn't want to go in his father's path. He wanted to stand out. That's why he chose a different department than his father back then. His mother wasn't happy with his choice either. As a nurse in the local hospital, she wanted her son to become a successful doctor. Unlike her husband, she decided to support her first kid in his dreams and did maximum to help him achieve his goal.
  4. Name: Bojan Alexander Slijepcevic. Alias(es): Boki, Boj, B.
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