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Found 12 results

  1. CHAPTER 1: Introduction (Page 1 - 4) CHAPTER 2: The Enterprise Enters Los Santos (Page 4 - 12) CHAPTER 3: 130 Miles From The Border (Page 12 - 23) CHAPTER 4: The Least of Us (Page 23 - 34) CHAPTER 5: Lirio de los Valles (Page 34 - 45) CHAPTER 6: La Empresa Nueva (Page 45 - 56) CHAPTER 7: The Pacific Line (Page 56 - 70) CHAPTER 8: Turning The Tide (Page 70 - 80) CHAPTER 9: There is no I in Company / The Verbal Ice Pipe (Page 80 - Present) THEME SONGS: Thread follows Gabriella DeLaGarza, an independent narco who once was a figurehead within The Company / Los Apaches and the opioid epidemic in America surrounding it.
  2. This thread follows the life and exploits of Joseph Gazzaro. Sit back and enjoy the show.
  3. This thread will follow the life and development of Javier Martinez young Hispanic male born into the gang culture around him. Ultimately raising to the top of the food chain, becoming a second generation Mexican Mafia member.
  4. Considered a five-star recruit by Rivals.com, Tyson was listed as the No. 2 shooting guard in the state of San Andreas and the No. 22 player in the nation in 2022. Starting at shooting guard for the Varsity boys' basketball team at Davis High School, Tyson's defensive dominance throughout the 2020ā€“21 season and his 19.4 points per game, led to him being voted the Gatorade Player of the Year award by other coaches in the conference. He also set the school record for most three-point field goals made (91) in a season. By the start of the 2022-23 season and school year, he went from starting on the junior varsity team to starting varsity. Somondre Tyson was born on September 24, 2005, to Gloria Willburn and Orthel Tyson in Davis. After a robbery-gone-wrong that led to the arrest of his father and tragic death of his mother in 2019, Tyson moved to Rancho to live with his aunt (his father's sister). He was kicked out of almost every school throughout the Rancho-Jamestown district due to fighting and did everything he could to attend Davis High with cousins from his mother's side, trying his best to avoid gang banging. His cousins were brought up right, trained at an early age to stay away from gangs and stay in school. His aunt, Shantae Tyson, lived on Macdonald Street in the heart of the "O-Zone," a term given to the area by 40 Avalon Gangster Crip members. Life in the neighborhoodā€” revolved around a single affiliation: the 40 Avalon Gangster Crips. That was their youth's identity, the result of birth and geography. It came before religion, even before race. In August 2022, right before the start of his junior year, Tyson was home at his aunt's house waiting on his best friend. But before he made it there, Tamonte Joseph was shot and killed in a dispute over a dice game. They'd been close since middle school, as their interests shifted from video games to girls. Tamonte was pretty good in a street fight too. After the death of his best friend, Somondre began getting involved in the streets more. He started smoking weed he would buy from gang members and staying out late. His grades in school gradually began declining. Tyson was hurt for a while, but he'd get used to it soon enough, though. Underlying each ceremony, the preacher's sermon, even the grief itself, was a palpable sense of dread and an expectation of more violence...
  5. Torian Mcclain also known as SK The Gunman. Picture of CPL. Yazmin Graham; Camp Pendleton OSD, aged 21 (Left) ~ Picture of United States Corps Marine Veteran Yazmin Graham; Chamberlain Hills Village SLS, aged 23 (Right)
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