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Found 15 results

  1. This thread will show the character development of Malik "Leek" Cortez. A kid born and raised in a gang environment. (Murder Park Families)
  2. Torian Mcclain also known as SK The Gunman. Picture of CPL. Yazmin Graham; Camp Pendleton OSD, aged 21 (Left) ~ Picture of United States Corps Marine Veteran Yazmin Graham; Chamberlain Hills Village SLS, aged 23 (Right)
  3. PAGES 1-5: Life in SOUTH CENTRAL pushing dubs with the homies from All Swell Dante and Carmelo. Meetings with the original plug Conti Crime Family affiliate Thomas 'Tommy Irish' Burns. Pages 6-17: AWOL stint with the grandmother in Blaine County. Meeting Blake 'Biggie' Marks. Corner-boy tied to the White City Mafia operation. Rising to the top of the White City Jungle. Meeting the plugs Marquis 'Qiz' Meadows, LaVonn 'LV' Morrison, Reggie 'Reg' Kingston, Jalen 'Point' Broussard. Connections with Dark Side Neighborhood Blood, Davis Families Gangster Blood and Barrio 13. Pages 18+: Taking over the projects by way of the gun. Backstabbers. Leading the projects to joining the Blood car. Start of Carson Mafia Gangster Bloods. THE STORY OF BRYCE HARRINGTON. BIG B. THEN KNOWN AS DOPEBOY. A SOUTH CENTRAL WAY OF LIVING. NEIGHBORHOOD DOPEBOY. DOUGHBOY. BIG WHOOP. BIG BLOOD. OG DOPEBOY. COMMUNITY LEADER. CREATING MORE JOBS IN SOUTH CENTRAL THAN THE US GOVERNMENT. CRACK ROCK SLINGER. ANTHONY BOURDAIN OF THE CRACK GAME. RISE FROM DIMEBAG PUSHER TO SERIOUS WEIGHT MOVER.
  4. Chapter I: Introduction Aleksandar Gariston has arrived in Los Santos after he graduated and obtained a LAW degree from San Diego's university. In the first time of his arrival what he was thinking is to be a police officer but over the times he had in the city and met some friends and hanging around, he resists his will to be a cop for a while, he begins to think how to survive in the new city. He worked hard for making money, he tried everything such as being a trucker guy, fisherman, also designing interior after he learnt some basics from the experienced designer friend. Time goes by, he met some friends, this time he used to hang out with them as they have the same with Aleksandar's hobby and as vehicle enthusiast. They are; Hiro Nakazato, Joji Furukawa and Saito Yoshida. We spent the whole time together talking about vehicle, and Hiro and Saito themselves are also a mechanic in Auto Exotic. So then Aleksandar, and Joji learnt something about mechanic works by that time. Over his relationship with his new best friends, it reminds him of what his father has ever said. Once in San Diego before Aleksandar moved to Los Santos, his father was talking about his past, it was about all the story of his father in the past, turns out his father is also a vehicle maniac when he was on Aleksandar age, his father is a businessman, Aleksandar was shocked when his father also has a garage by his investment, turns out the garage itself established among all of his father's friend, they managed it to be a very popular garage in San Diego. It reminds him that perhaps this is would be a perfect time to build a garage like his father has done with his friends in the past as Aleksandar now has similar friends as his father has. Chapter II: The Business After a while and surrounded by his friends, Aleksandar managed to share his idea toward them. All of them seem attracted to Aleksandar's idea, and at that time they start helping Aleksandar to find a nice place for a garage. After taking a couple of days, eventually, we found a nice place at Little Seoul, it used to be a warehouse for sticker customization, we managed to think that this place could be a great place by the previous logo that was saying; "BSC", we figured out to rename the place, that is where Beach Sunday Custom was named. A couple of days later, Aleksandar and his friends claimed the building and they run it together, we are planning to make the building to be a modification parts store, not like other parts store for vehicle, we guarantee our parts are in best quality and originally manufactured by trusted vehicle company all over the world as our vehicle parts itself are imported. Apart of the business, we also talked about our first project in making a perfect car for our brand, the purpose is also to proof among other competitors that we are running a decent store around the blocks.We declare that we will go with Elegy for the first project, there will be another project that we're gonna make in the future. Over the next days, we then decided that the building has 4 founders in order to make it equal for Aleksandar and his friends, thus each of division has been made to run the business under each responsibility that they will hold. Aleksandar has discussed it about the division and they all agree what Aleksandar has suggested, it is also in order to declare the newcomer that there is no one boss at that place but all bosses are also organizing its division. The place is still not opening yet due to some preparation that we will need to arrange before its grand-opening, thus we are all in the same path that still find a way to make the business perfectly working when the time has come. Chapter III: The Team Aleksandar and his friends heard that there is an upcoming event at Zancudo, it appears that is a legal event that will be hosted by the government for vehicle enthusiast, it's a very great opportunity for Aleksandar and his friends. We managed to speed up the process of the Elegy, Aleksandar and his friends are also getting prepared for the desired project that they have now. In order to show the world BSC is a thing, the team of BSC has been made, that is BSC Racing Team. Over all of its process and several discussion about the project and the business, we managed to run it as a true friendship and the frame itself depicted to the building that we achieved that is Beach Sunday Custom. We are hoping that this is never ended and we are always together even though there will be a fight between us, but we know what the cross line is, and again we always be back together as a team and as a friend.
  5. This will showcase the development of John Bellanti, an Italian-American 35-year-old male, connected with the small-time Alberici Crime Family from New York. ( Picture taken: Early 2000's. ) (( The character thread/story will be updated once in a while due to events that's been taking place In-Character )) Short background story about J.B: John Bellanti is an Italian-American 35-year old from Bronx, New York City. He grew up in Little Italy with his mother and father under the mob's heydeys. John was heavily inspired by the mob in his teenage years. He was interested in studying law but at the same time, he was stealing, scamming, and robbing. This behavior started to become like an addiction. John was great in school but he was hanging out with the wrong people, for too long. He quickly saw through his teenage years that making money illegally was the easiest income. Through the years he's learned how to make money in stealing and selling vehicles, such as cars and bicycles. He's learned different scamming schemes and he's got a few robberies on his hands. John was slowly working his way up in the underworld, in the same neighborhood he grew up in. John involved himself with similar people to him, eventually ending up working for a notorious organized crime group in Bronx, New York. The years passed and John Bellanti was a part of this crime group, Patriello's Crew, who were a sub-crew of the small-time Alberici Crime Family, as an associate. He spent time in jail a couple of times and eventually ended up with a prison sentence. After John's release from prison, he was inducted into the official crime family as a made man. He had his own crew going with associates Anthony Fiumara and Salvatore Giugliano and a couple of others. John Bellanti was at this time working part-time with Waste Management and part-time Construction, at the same time having this huge headache running his own crew, causing organized crime around New York. Work Background: John finished school with high school education and got a job within the fish market. He worked at the fish market for almost 2 years until he got himself a job in the Waste Management industry, part-time. John Bellanti was working part-time with Waste Management driving their trucks and picking up trash, and part-time studying Law. John eventually dropped out of Law school and got into the Construction industry with the help of his father's union connections. Now, J.B was working in both Construction and Waste Management. Moving to Los Santos: A couple of years later, John and his childhood friends and associates of his crew, Salvatore Giugliano and Anthony Fiumara gets a call from his supposedly at that time: Boss, to move to Los Santos for a fresh start. The small-time Alberici Crime Family’s streetboss needed a crew set up in Los Santos under John Bellanti's command, to expand their organized crimes across the country. They leave their lives behind in New York and moves within a couple of months. To this day, John Bellanti, Anthony Fiumara and Salvatore Giugliano are all within the construction business full-time, having schemes and illegal organized incomes on the side, trying to make a name for themselves and expand Alberici’s Crime Network around Los Santos under John Bellanti’s commands, being bumped up to a Captain within the Family. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. Enter the audience and spectate the life of David Oneil, a skinhead in his early thirties. David Oneil grew up in El Burro and has lived there his entire life even to this point. Never racist by design, he was pulled in to the lifestyle of drugs, poverty and violence because of his father, an El Burro local skinhead who had ties to the local skinhead culture and gangs, who David lived with as his mother had left them when David was only six. David would had spent his early twenties and teenage years abusing methamphetamine and marijuana to numb the childhood trauma's what we're inflicted on him by his rough start in life. David would be constantly getting into trouble. David looked up to his father and the gangster lifestyle and decided to become a part of it as he wasn't brought up to do anything more valuable with his life. David has just gotten out of prison from an assault charge and is fresh off the tier on parole. He resides back in his old neighbourhood, El Burro. David has gotten work from the nearby tattoo shop called "East Los Ink" which is owned by a local hispanic gang, hillside 13. El Burro Heights has a huge population of hispanics, easily the biggest ethnicity in the area. This means that the whites and hispanics co-exist there, both gangwise and for ordinary people. It isn't uncommon for a white person to have a hispanic partner, and vice versa. As history shows, skins and surenos have had their share of clashes with eachother, but have been able to share the Valley with eachother for a while now. David is almost 30 years old and is trying to strive to and make a name out of himself and his clique by beginning to cook methamphetamine with his homeboy Oscar Mueller, who is also apart of this local clique of skinheads called El Burro Skinheads, or EBSH for short. David would acquire said items to produce methamphetamine by getting Starting fluid and instant cold packs from various hardware stores around Los Santos, water. And Nasal Decongestant (or any other pharmaceutical) which would contain Pseudophedrine what is found in these cold tablets (or any other valiable pharmaceutical for this reason). He would also obtain Lithium from lithium batteries and Ammonia nitrate from the instant cold packs or fertilizer sticks. He would then use these to create cheaply produced methamphetamine for the locals around El Burro Heights for easy money, but most importantly for himself to smoke and abuse. David would later get sentenced to federal prison for armed robbery he committed with his clique on 21th of december in 2019, he was convicted of the following charges: 211. Robbery is the felonious taking of personal property in the possession of another, from his person or immediate presence, and against his will, accomplished by means of force or fear. 1203. Parole Violation, the court has the authority to revoke, modify, or change its order of suspension or execution of your sentence if you are found guilty of violating your probation. At the conclusion of your probation revocation hearing, you will appear before the court for sentencing. (https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/topic/18111-el-burro-skinheads/&)
  7. Content Warning: Audrey's Diaries are not for the sensitive natured or faint of heart and might be considered offensive or upsetting to some audiences due to her life and the choices she makes through her progression such as stripping, prostitution, and other various illegal and illicit activities, with that being said, viewer discretion is advised! ? Audrey "Delirious Drama" Fox ? AGE: 22 Height: 5'5 (Without heels on ??) Weight: 135 Pounds (On and off ??) Eye Color: Green (Depending on her mood ?️?️) Hair Color: Natural Brunette (Always switches it up with wigs ?‍♀️?) Ethnicity: White Caucasian with Cherokee, Armenian, Irish, Romanichal Heritage (Extremely Exotic ?❣️) Likes: Money, Luxuries, Vacations, Shopping, Toy-Chihuahua's, Men (In that order ??️?) Dislikes: Drama, Pimps, Competition, and is allergic to pufferfish (Seafood allergy ?☠️) ?A Little Backstory ?: Audrey "Delirious Drama" Fox was born Barbara Ann Hinkley-Rosenblacht on December 12th, 1997 at the Pillbox Hill Medical center, doctor's said it was a medical miracle she survived due to her mother's lifestyle as a crack addicted prostitute. Growing up, Audrey's mother taught her to do what the girls in Playboy Magazine ? do. During Audrey's upbringing she was exposed to lots of drugs, amphetamines, exotic illegal animals, and firearms???. Her mother had a different man in bed every day of the week except Sunday's, Audrey's mother made sure to put on a facade at church to hide the bruises and tears on Audrey's face, as well as her own ?⛪. Over the years Audrey developed alcoholism at the age of Eleven, the same year her mother passed away due to lung cancer and emphysema unfortunately. After Audrey's mother passed away she went to live with her traditional travelling Irish Romanichal Gypsy Grandmother, Gram-Gram Rita. ? Gram-Gram Rita expcted Audrey to drop out of Middle-School and devote her time to perfecting the male gaze and cleaning glass table-tops to satisfy future suitors and potential husbands, per modern-Romanichal traditions. Audrey grew delirious and weary of this lifestyle, feeling confined to her grandma's lifestyles much like her deceased mother probably felt aswell, Audrey knew she had to run away and she ran from her home in Mission Row and started renting from local pimps and dealers to survive and get by. After years of abuse and horrible experiences at the hands of thugs, abusers, drug addicts, other prostitutes, pimps, and many other various hooligans and street rats, Audrey had enough and got out of the grasps of the slippery and slimey pimps that riddle the Strawberry? and Davis area's she found refuge, asylum, and danger, at... ?️? .... After time heals her physical and some of the mental wounds, Audrey turns her life around, she is now "Delirious Drama", also changing her name from Barbara to "Audrey Fox" to escape all ties from her past life... She named herself after the "Delirious", charming, and mystical/mysterious effect Audrey exudes. The "Drama" is simply for her dramatic dancer, makeup, and whimsy, effect. ?? ! Thus, the birth of Delirious Drama emerges from the depths of Davis on a cool Saturday afternoon after her heroin addicted pimp mentally and physically abused her to the point of severe trauma and pain, after she decided to leave, she was rebirthed, reborn, old life forever behind her as she lay, dizzied and dazzled on the corner, her diary continues on with the chronicles she endure's, alongside her mynky street/club companion, Lola Star? whom she met after a late night alcoholic episode relapse, and later found a life-long friend, amongst more to come... ? TO BE CONTINUED! ? Delirious's Theme Song
  8. DeAndre "Dre" Kingston was born in Broker,Liberty City in the late 1990s. His father Jamal was a local drug dealer part of the Yardies, also known as Jamaicans, are the loose coalition of the Jamaican posses that operate out of the Beechwood City/Schottler area of Broker and the Willis area of Dukes, Liberty City. His dad was shot on a deal gone wrong situation that left his mother Amelia with no choice but to move to Los Santos for a better future for her son. She didn't want him to end up like his dad and she believed that this was the best place they could afford. They ended up living in Rancho which introduces Dre into the same way of life just on another area. Amelia worked as a caregiver at a nearby nursing home, having a regular 9 to 5 schedule. She unknowingly developed breast cancer and wasn't able to get treatments until it was too late due to the shortage in time and money. With her mom being gone, he eventually got depressed and started running out of pocket money. At the young age , he stopped going to school and had to go in different type of hustle, started from selling dope, moving to cocaine, and as soon started stealing weapons to re-sell. He promises himself he'll just save up well enough to support himself and he'll leave the illegal and dangerous side-hustle alone. Soon enough, he saved up his money and managed to start a small store in Vinewood. His store was making money but It wasn't good enough for him, especially with the weekly fee for the mob that runs Vinewood, he was stucked with no choice but to go back on his old way. He starts making money again selling different products from guns, drugs, stolen cars, heck even start illegal poker games with his friends and he managed to launder the money into his store and make it look like his business was booming even though It was totally dead. ((ToBeContinued))
  9. My character development of Sam Galloway, a young teenager getting involved into the White Supremacists world.
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