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  1. bump because i actually love the mall so much and i often like going inside of it and checking out the interiors. it's a shame the mall is so dead since it has so much potential for this server as it's pretty unique. the mall can 100% be bustling if there was player owned shops inside of the store. you could fit so much inside of the mall that other users mentioned. you have the chance to incorporate a food court, gym, clothing stores, shoe stores, a ic store like spencer's of adult items, lingerie, vape and the pretty flower shop that sits inside the mall would also be put to such good use. the mall has so much opportunities i hope it stays in the server and gets a revamp. it needs a change of location if possible but regardless mainly a huge player-owned opportunity.
  2. I’m interested, send me an email. I can buy this out from you earliest tomorrow.
  3. When you’re looking on selling it straight away send me an email. [email protected] ((forum pm)) Phone NO: 666-61312.
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