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Found 17 results

  1. ((I couldn't name her Vivianna Martinez due to someone already having the name)) Vivanna Martinez is a Cuban-Colombian American girl that was born in East Los Santos in the district of El Burro Heights. Umberto Martinez is Vivanna's father, he's full blooded Cuban and was born & raised in Bohan, Liberty City. Life in Bohan was tough and this led to Umberto drug dealing at a young age. Umberto met Vivanna's mother Josefina Chavez-Martinez at South Bohan High School. The duo had an off and on relationship, but eventually settled for one another after having their first child, Mariella. Josefina Chavez-Martinez is Vivanna's mother, she was born in Colombia, but was raised in Liberty City. She grew up in the Dominican dominated district of East Holland, but attended school in Bohan. From elementary to high school, she had a reputation of being snappy and getting into fights. Her violent reputation led to her being kicked out of East Holland's school district. Josefina befriended Vivanna's father at South Bohan High School, he would often walk her to the subway platform to keep her from being harmed by Bohan's street thugs. San Andreas Youth Authority Time Ever wanting to learn how to do more to make money for her sisters, Vivanna started experimenting with other thug tactics of getting cash. She was still dealing and breaking into cars, but felt the need to elevate her game. Vivanna started to try and learn how to break into houses, but wanted to teach herself instead. Vivanna ended up breaking into a house in South LS, but it went awry, she heard sirens and ghosted the scene. She hopped in a car with her gangster friend, Javier, the same gangster who was teaching her how to break into cars, and did the dash. The duo was unsuccessful in getting away from the LSPD, she ended up catching charges that would stick and get her 3 months in San Andreas Youth Authority at Twin Towers Correctional Facility. Javier ended up getting the same amount of time, plus military school. While locked up in SAYA, she met with other girls who were in gangs and notable drug dealers. Some of the girls that got to know Vivanna embraced her story and started nicknaming her "Scarface" because of her Cuban-Colombian heritage. At the time, Vivanna wasn't fully aware of the 1983 film due to her being a 2000s baby and not knowing shit. (lol) Vivanna took a liking to the nickname, she took it and ran with it in the TTCF pod. Kicked Out By Mom After getting into an argument with her mother, Vivanna ended up getting kicked out of the house. Vivanna assumed it was for the night, so she copped a ride from famous El Burro rapper @Yavina Goldie B and her friend Shady Eyes @Tejana to BJ Smith Park. When Vivanna got to her aunt Reyna's apartment in the Jamestown Downs, everything was going swell, but then her aunt stated that she simply did not have enough room in her home to take care of another child. She told Vivanna that she would assist her in going back to foster care in the morning. This led to Vivanna behaving oddly calm toward her until she had enough space and advantage to steal something from her. Vivanna's aunt owned some counterfeit Air Pods that she bought from a local street vendor while shopping in the neighborhood. Air Pods Vivanna spent her night sleeping at an El Burro Heights bus stop, it was most certainly an uncomfortable experience for her to deal with. She still needed money to get food or her main goal, money to take care of her sisters with. After being sighted living in the streets by some of the locals in El Burro, one of them let Vivanna have a bicycle to use so that she could get around better than before. Not Welcome Home Vivanna attempted to come back home after spending days away from her sisters at home. The notion that her mom was only mad at her for a short period of time was underestimated by Vivanna. She was truly kicked out of her home. Vivanna was not ready to live in the streets literally, she was only 14 years old. @Lilone While roaming the streets of South LS, she would encounter numerous gang feuds on a daily basis. She was exposed to Sureno culture more than anything, the Blood/Crip/Hoover gangs were truly a new thing for her to experience. The New Normal After being shot for the first time ever by the Hoover Criminals, Vivanna was taken to the local hospital in South Central. Her mother was put on alert, but never came to visit Vivanna in the hospital. Vivanna was lucky to survive a moment of gang activity and she knew it. She noticed that her mom was absent when she was in the hospital, she knew that if her mom didn't come to the hospital that her being homeless could possibly be permanent for her. The day of her release from the hospital, Vivanna was 30 seconds away from riding back to El Burro in a taxi cab, then her mom pulled up with her uncle and took her home. Vivanna's mother did not inform her uncle that she was kicked out of her house, so she played the nice role around him. Little did Vivanna's mom know, Vivanna had stolen from her purse and left out of the back door. She was back to the streets instantly after being released from the hospital. Bicycle Hustling Vivanna would move back and forth through South LS to East LS making moves off of a bicycle to see her ends meet. She was forced to stay on her hustle all day and all night just to keep her mindset strong. There was many times where she wanted to give up and go to foster care, but she knew that her younger sisters needed her. Terrible #2 Vivanna found herself back on the streets of Rancho with another attempt to get money out of the residents that lived there. She was known for riding on her bicycle all the time by the locals in South LS, and was often seen in different hoods committing to selling weed and other miscellaneous things. Vivanna is from El Burro Heights, she's used to the gang tensions to be present, but not at an ultimate high. Little did Vivanna know, the Innocence Family Gangster Bloods were in an ongoing war with the Hoover Criminals in Davis. Some of the locals in the area had seen Vivanna over in a Hoover Criminal neighborhood selling weed and thought she was a spy for them. Jordan Lanes saved Vivanna from getting jumped or possibly killed, he identified her from her attempts to sell him and Tayvion Hunley some fake Air Pods weeks prior. She was written off by the group in North Rancho, and eventually met a female from the area named Marshauna. Marshauna came to Vivanna's side while she was crying and offered her to stay the night at her apartment in the Billingsgate. Jordan Lanes happened to walk up and see Vivanna crying, she explained her life story to him, he gave her advice on how to make money better and safer than she is now. This caused Vivanna to look up to Jordan as a mentor. A New Outlook On Cash After filling out an application for the job, Vivanna ended up spending the night at Marshauna's apartment in North Rancho. She got a call the next morning on the phone that Isabella had given her, telling her that she got the job. She was advised to come in that morning and get some training. While on the way to the store that morning, an LSPD officer almost hit her due to her riding in the street with her bicycle. The LSPD officer did not chase her, and she returned to start her new job the next day. @Centi The manager of the store failed to show up for Vivanna's first day and did not tell her that the store was to be inspected by the city inspector. The inspection went smooth, but the lack of supervision over Vivanna caused her to steal cash from the register. Vivanna ended up meeting "Cat", a local female in the Capital Boulevard section of Strawberry.
  2. Alisa Rojas a/k/a La Baby Green Eyez a/k/a La Diabla #2, circa; 2018
  3. Short background: Aaron is a teenager in his late ten's. He lives around The Tahitian Projects with his girlfriend in South Central Los Santos, but grew up on Roy Lowenstein with his twin brother Ricardo and his mother Miranda. Aaron had a rough childhood, they had to live a motel for a long period of time as he's mother struggled to keep up with everything. He then got involved in the gang life and started being more active on the streets, he knew he was made for it and there only he can make money. Since early age, 10, Aaron got involved in all type of theft, shoplifting and minor robberies. As of today, Aaron is more active on Tahitian's project, he represents NuttyNorfside Gangster Crip, a set affiliated to the Eight Tray Gangster Crips.
  4. This thread follows the story of Natalie Sun, a Chinese-American girl that has been recently kicked out by her parents at sixteen years old, and must rely on herself to survive in the streets of Los Santos.
  5. George Fratto gambling his business money away "> George is young Italian-American man in his early 20’s. His family used to run a small Liqiour brewery a few years ago. After George’s father's passing away, he was forced to take the lead of the business. After two years of George leading the family business, the brewery stopped functioning due to a lack of funds, which was caused by George’s addiction to gambling. Visiting casinos and betting websites is George’s everyday routine, because of that, he hasn’t achieved anything in life.
  8. Thread will follow Zahra Porter's endeavors as a hustler by any means.
  9. Name: Jared Carver Nick Names: YKN Murda, Murda, J Born: 12.06.1998 From: Mechanicsville Atlanta Height: 6ft 1in Weight: 233lbs Race: African American. Hobbies: Music, Rap, Work, Parties & The Hustle. Beliefs Drugs - Loves them, depending on the substance. There's lots of money to be made and lots of fun times to be had. Gambling/Bets - Jared loves to bet on some stuff from time to time, nothing more than money. There's no hustle to be had if you don't have a vehicle or house in your name. Cigarettes / Weed - Smoking herb constantly, smoking cigarettes or stogies during business or meetings ( Casually ). Alcohol - Nothing more fun than some shots, henny and a good line of beers on the table. He enjoys drinking with his friends and company, rarely alone. Addicted to - Weed, Music, Money & Hunnies. Story Jared Carver is a twenty-one-year-old that was born and raised in the gang-riddled area of Mechanicsville Atlanta. He recently moved to Vespucci Beach alone in hopes to start his musical career in the area, and continue with his "Side-Business". He constantly looks into the musical aspect of Los Santos and is making contacts via his following on various websites including FaceBrowser and Youtube, as well as other sources through the internet and his Label [YKN Records]. Jared is fairly calm and collected, he doesn't try to do people wrong unless he sees something that needs to be fixed or someone wronging himself in the long run. He's a calm, kind, firm and genuine hustler, to speak blatantly. Jared is known to push himself into "Side-Businesses" ( Crime ), usually ranging from drugs to peddling into deeper ends when the right contacts are made. Links Youtube YKN Records [FaceBrowser] YKN Recrods [Website] Enjoy
  10. This thread will follow Jevon Boyd's lifestory.
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