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  1. As a record label, it would be obvious that we make music right? Magnolia Records mostly provides a mixture of Rap, R&B, and Hip-Hop. We provide quality work to our audience and even for those who are new to our company. On top of that we house several DJ's that have been all over Los Santos and broader by now, from your local nightclub to a full fledged festival! We provide a platform for artists and DJ's who are looking to pursue a career in the music industry. We offer tools, perks, promotions, contacts, bookings, studio times, events, concerts, sponsorships, commercials, and more are guaranteed as you pursue said career with us. Click on the 'Apply Now' button to view our application form!
  2. Goldie_Mack says: Aight, so you wanna be a Pimp huh? You think you got what it takes wear these clothes? Okay then.....The only one thing left for you to do now is pledge your allegiance to the Pimp Nation....Now you and the rest of you Hoodrat Wannabes, repeat after me!... *The Lyrics starts at 0:24. {The Pimp Pledge of Allegiance:} Kill a Hater, Win a Prize, Kill a Pimp, Yo Family Dies. Let it Rain, Let it Drip, Let a Pimp bust a Bitch in the Lip. Watch em cry, Watch em holla, After we're done watch them bring back Dollar$. Peace to the Pimps death to the dread, Lay Rose Pedals across my Death Bed. Let it Rain, Let it Flood, Let a Pimp paint a Hater in Blood. Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, In Pimpin We Trust, In Haters We Bust. When i die show no pity, Bury me up in Pimp City. Lay my Pimp Hat across my chest, Let me die and lay to rest. And tell all my fellow Pimps i did my best, And may my soul possess the next. [Stops:] Goldie_Mack says: Yeaaa...Ain't no turning back now...You in this fo liiiife....Once a Pimp, always a Pimp, ain't no turning back....And to all y'all listening right now, this how we Pimps get down. *The song stops and Pimp Poetry begins to play. Track 1 Pimp Poetry Track 2 Sugar Sweet Track 3 Making Six Track 4 Punani Track 5 Sunny Monroe Track 6 Sunny Days Track 7 Sunny Beaches Track 8 Chillin In The Hood
  3. Your No.1 Hits Music Station 267FM (originally established back in 2016) is a Los Santos Radio that was founded by Phillip Jeichi of whom sadly passed away after 13 years of setting up the station. From the age of 22 and after the passing of his father, Connor Jeichi (Phillips Child) become the new Director and Head of Operations. The station itself has caught up with times, been re-branded and launched as 267FM (known for playing The Hottest Hits in Los Santos). Tune in to 267FM today (available on 267FM, 267 DAB, Smartphones and Online) Support The Station There are many ways you can support 267FM and keep it alive, see below for more information. Artists - Are you an Artist or a Record Label? If so, we'd love to hear directly from yourself. At no cost to you, we will play your music on-air to our listeners. Businesses - If you are a business and want to get more custom at your shop, maybe you want to promote an event, charity, website. Simply get in-touch with us today and from $5,000 a month you can get yourself 30 second advertisement played on-air (adverts are commonly played after 20 minutes or 6 songs). If this sounds like something you'd be interested in for your business, artists or yourself. COMMENTS Comments are enabled for individuals. Name: Your Name Comment: Your Comment
  4. TML rappers share their stories and secrets. “Little Seoul girls go freaky”, RoadRunna claims. They grew up in the Ghetto, they share their vision of the world through their lyrics. Tonight Too Much Loyalty rappers, RoadRunna and Savino; and their manager, C-Note, share with us their stories and secrets. C-Note Can you tell us briefly about Too Much Loyalty? What makes it different from other labels? We specialize on that street soul, we not jus' rappin we tellin our real life stories, shit we've experienced and shit we've felt. The label was founded by my big homies, Lowcee and S-Loc. Rest in Paradice S-Loc doe, the label forever lives on through him. It's in the name, TML. Never bend, never fold, Too Much Loyalty. Moving on to your life experiences... Savino, want to tell us more about you? Shii... I grew up in School Yard, you feel me? On the Little Seoul side, you feel me? Twenty eight hunnid block, an all that. And in our hood, we've been had rappers, you know? And I grew up inspired by that, you feel me? Blueface, TC forty eight hunnid... Then we got our homies in Shoreline, that Yard-Line shit, fee-me? I mean... I grew up around rap, and I grew up listenin to the big homie from Sholine. Lowcee, he put me on after with Kickdoor but... that's another topic. I just plan on makin that grimey shit with my homie Lowcee though, you feel me? Yes Savino, I feel you… so Runna, how did you join TML? Well, I linked up with one of the homies, rest in peace to him of course. Big shoutout to S-Loc, Sher-Loc. He put me onto T-M-L, introduced me to C-Note, Lowcee, and everyone else who was on board. I pretty much just vibed with the whole label for real, just felt like home for me after spending my time with two other labels before, you dig? Other labels? What happened with them? It's crazy… Starting off my rap career, I was with Magnolia. But-. You know, sometimes things just don't work out how you think, so I had to go my own way. Ended up linking up with Kickdoor Records, thas where I ended up meeting S-Loc and Lowcee. Author’s note: Later that day we managed to contact SK DaGunMan, leader of Kickdoor Records. While he refused to be interviewed he stated: “Fuck them TML niggas. We gave them niggas the spotlight and they switched up, dhz” I bet Magnolia readers want to know more about that! Why did you decide to leave Magnolia? What didn't you like back then? I mean, I guess we just didn't see eye-to-eye on the direction of the music, you know? Back in the days, Magnolia was more of a pop, rhythm and blues type of label, they only really had a couple of real street rappers back in the day. Lil Locks, myself, we wasn't getting that much notoriety due to the urban side of the label not getting that much popularity. Could you be more specific in that? What makes your music different than Kenta, Logan or Count’em clay for example? What makes my music different? We actually talking about the authentic— Gutter… Street life. What happens when you live in Davis and Strawberry twenty-four seven. So, you are saying they aren’t authentic. Right, they aren’t. Moving on to Savino, what plans do you guys have for the future? I mean. We're not trying to be one of those... big companies, you feel me? We're a small little clique. And we are growin, I'm not gone lie... we are. But we're very selective about who we choose to sign to Too Much Loyalty, you know? So, you are trying to stay authentic, unlike Magnolia right? I mean. Magnolia is /authentic/, you feel me? But we've just come to specialize in two different genres. And we both understand that, you know? Savino, let me ask you a personal question now. Are you seeing someone… or still single? I assume rappers get a lot of attention, right? Yeah, that's true but you gotta play it safe, you know? Los Santos a grimey city. You never know who gonna set you up on Facebrowser to get your chain snatched. I see this one girl every now and then, but we keepin it casual, you feel me? I see, I see. What about you Runna? Nah, I ain't seeing anybody right now. My line is open to all the lovely thic ladies around Los Santos. I like white girls better… not gonna lie. Little Seoul girls go freaky tho. DISCOVER TOO MUCH LOYALTY MUSIC! > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  5. Fashion meets Rock; The best outfit ideas to look like a rockstar By NINA GARAVANO Undoubtedly there has always been a link between fashion and music; one influences the other and vice versa, in a never-ending shift of trends. A lot of major fashion trends were born due to music, and it’s extremely important for musicians to keep a fresh and fashionable image. After all, fans support artists that they can feel identified with, their music, lyrics, and also their clothing aesthetic. We have asked local musicians what they think about this symbiotic relationship between fashion and music. Laura Vinadetti is one of the most talented and promising singers Los Santos has. She usually plays at pubs such as the Blue Lion, and after dropping from college she wants to follow her dreams of becoming a famous artist. She stated that "Image depends on the musician, the mood, the theme, the weather even. Some musicians love to dress trashy to prove a statement. Some are just very flashy, and some others just wear comfortable clothes and set new trends, like me." We asked the same question to Brad “lil” Hata, one of the most relevant DJs and pop artists this city has ever seen. This is what the author of “Out of the blue” hit said: "I, myself, being an artist, think appearance is very important in music. It sets new trends, allows people to express their interests within fashion through the different genres of music. The different outfits for each genre are so wide and allow people to express how wild or calm they want to be with fashion. It can also showcase an artist/performer more. 'What will Brad be wearing this time?' This overall makes it very important for artists to express these fashion eyes and gives them that look." Whether you are going to a concert or just want to look cool while hanging out with friends, we are going to show you some ideas to bring rock music to your style. Graphic print tees are a must-have, always combining them with black skinnies, or ripped jeans, finished with platforms. Or if you want to be more daring, a black or white latex skirt combined with boots will always give that sexy rock chick vibe. Whatever style you like the most, we are showing you the best outfits to make you rock! Black printed t-shirt ($700) - Black choker ($500) - Model: Alexis Faith White mini skirt ($800) - Black crop top ($500) - Black platforms ($1,000) - Model: Nina Garavano Black mini skirt ($800) - White sweater ($1,000) - Black boots ($1,200) - Model: Penelope Halcro Purple mini skirt ($900) - Black chain top ($1,000) - Pink choker ($500) - Model: Emma Bailey Denim jeans with flames ($600) - Black boots with flames ($800) - Studded black vest ($800) Model: Seo Moon Gray t-shirt ($500) - Denim shorts with fishnet stockings ($600) - Studded boots ($800) Model: Maria Panfilova Left: Leather jacket ($1,200) - white t-shirt ($600) - leather pants ($1,000) - Model: Brad Hata Right: Studded black vest ($800) - Ripped jeans ($600) - Model: Peyton Bradford Leather vest ($900) - Gray t-shirt ($500) - Black jeans ($700) - Model: Felix Brown > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  6. Meeting the face behind DOUX: A brief chat with Los Santos' biggest DJ Mr LeBeau performing at a function. (Source: Facebrowser) By ALLISON BERKOWITZ Los Santos, SA - If Los Santos is known around the world for anything other than it's tendency to produce stars, it's the city's vibrant nightlife and social scene. At the center of all these occasions, however, there's somebody keeping the rhythm of the night moving for partygoers on weekdays and weekends alike. DJs (shorthand for Disc Jockey) take the stage using equipment by the likes of Pioneer with their CDJ series of mixing boards to seamlessly stream hours of unrelated tracks together in a manner that feels as if they where on the same record to begin with. Matching the beats of songs and creating a smooth transition isn't all it takes to be a standout DJ, and nobody knows that better than Julian LeBeau, who is more commonly known by his stage name of DOUX, stylized as such. LeBeau, 30 hails from France and has taken the city by storm appearing at various events and inner-city clubs and putting on amazing varied shows. Getting to meet him was a rare pleasure as he is as busy as most would imagine. Entertainment is a lucrative field for many, be it management or performance or something related to both. DOUX cut a stylish and modern figure when he came to greet me with his equally stylish publicist in tow. Professional in his approach, but friendly enough to feel as if we'd bumped into each other at any other function as we greeted one another and got down to brass taxes about what he'd like to talk about. Deciding the locale wasn't relaxed enough and equally full of potential prying ears, we relocated. Sitting down at the aftermath of a dinner party held at the popular tourist and locally visited resort, Pacific Bluffs. We found ourselves in the cocktail lounge adjacent to the reception, there we got on the record for our readers and his fans alike. After getting a drink over for myself and Mr. LeBeaux and his assistant, we where ready to get startd. For the interview below I'll be referring to myself as AB and Mr. LeBeau as DX respectively. - AB: I'll be honest, I personally don't know a lot about you, and I'm sure some of our readers won't, so at first I was wondering if you could give us a brief overview of how you got into DJing, and any particular moment where you thought 'this is really going somewhere'? DX: Well, I started producing music at an early age back in France, which naturally led to me DJing as getting DJs to play your songs is hard. Why not just do it yourself? After a while I started getting more and more gigs. Plugging my music as much as I could and sure; the music got some attention, but the DJing and I guess my personality was the thing people where craving. AB: That's exactly it. I think personality is a big factor in successfully achieving wide acclaim in public facing fields like this. Was there anything you experienced growing up in France that really made you realize music was the career you was aiming for? DX: After years of success on the club scene in France, especially the riviera; I felt like I wanted to continue my career. It paid the bills and then some, so I thought why not stick with it instead of getting a regular job. I guess the lavish lifestyle didn't really hit until I moved here and started performing. e AB: So you've performed at clubs all over the city and I'm sure that as a prominent DJ you have one of the best overviews of 'the scene' right now. Would you say Los Santos' nightlife scene is healthy? DX: I think so, we got good competition between clubs and it really shows how venues that put thought and time into creating a quality experience will thrive. But alas, I do run my with my associates that focuses on just that. We currently own and operate four clubs in the city. AB: It makes sense that the management and business side of entertainment is something you'd move onto. Was establishing a business of that caliber a difficult task? DX: Well, it started with just one club in which a friend, Derya Akdeniz and I where fed up with the uh- how can I put this... "Machinery" which was prominent in the club scene at the time. Very little planning and very little heart. So we started up and opened The Hotline, and have grown since to own and manage three more clubs. Those being The Couer Noir, Dungeon Crawler and Bahama Mamas. The success of these places gave us the funding to hire more security, bartenders, and workers to lighten the workload a little for management. AB: There are quite a few DJs out there putting work in the city and on the scene in general. Is there a lot of competition between you all? DX: I think yes, in a way there is. But also there is an uhm, how would you call it? A "family" in a sense of local DJs. We learn from each other and we take care of each other. Of course, there are some outliers, people who want that fifteen minutes of fame and will try to roll over as many DJs as possible to get there. AB: What advice would you give to performers, musicians and DJs trying to get started? DX: First of all, get in touch with me. Wave Entertainment will give you gigs at the best clubs in the city and our DJs including myself will teach you everything you need to know when you're starting out. Other than that, be true to yourself and keep that hustle going. Remember that if you built it yourself, they'll come... no matter how long it takes. AB: Seeing as you're always meeting a lot of people and performing at a wide variety of events and shows. Do you ever switch up the genres you mix to suit the occasion? DX: Well, I have my own tracks and music that I love mixing because it's what I like. But I always try to keep it varied and interesting. I'll mix it up during an event as well, nothing's better than trying to meet every guest and listeners demands. Though it's impossible to please everyone in under two hours, which most gigs are. AB: Okay, one last question before we wrap up. This is a bit of a fun one. I know we'd all say we're the best in our respective fields, but who do you think would be the best DJ out there if you weren't around? DX: Hah, I can't answer that, I'm afraid. We've all got our strengths and weaknesses, but right now? The people I find hot on the scene are Lil Hata, Carl Kendrick, Mask, Ender and uhm, Ellusion. Which is a fitting name cause he's kinda lowkey these days. Oh, and DJ Oro, hands down, best Latin music DJ there is. - Our on-record conversation came to a close, and we exchanged farewells, to which I told Mr. LeBeau I'll surely see him at one of his future shows. It was exciting to meet someone so established in the scene. We're sure fans and curious readers alike will enjoy getting to know more about a well-known name on the nightlife scene. Do you think DOUX will remain at the top for a long time? What are your experiences on the dancefloor with him on the decks? Let us know in the comments below, we'd love to hear from you. DOUX announces many of his events on his public Facebrowser account. Be sure to check in on it if you're interested in finding out where he'll perform next. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  7. Hi! Welcome to the FTP Events Mailing List. Majority of these events feature CARL KENDRICK. Carl is a multi instrument playing Artist and Award Winning DJ. By clicking "Follow" you will be automatically subscribed to future updates on this list To unsubscribe at any time, please click "Follow" again
  8. Listen to 20kbandjugg underground music activist from Rancho, Jamestown St, Los Santos. © 2019 Trap Daily. All Rights Reserved
  9. History South Central Los Santos has for a long time has boasted extensive talent in the regional genre of Hip Hop which has evolved over time to span all over the globe. In Los Santos, a unique expressive form of hip hop was created which was renowned as being ‘West Coast’ hip hop. Southside Records was born out of that necessity to allow artists in Los Santos a platform to display their art form and skillset. The genre has typically been dominated by gang affiliated individuals utilising the platform to represent themselves and the gangs they belong to. However, the art form is also expressive in the form of real-life struggles faced within the community and the detriment faced by gang violence. In 2020, a producer from Los Santos by the name of Eric ‘Droopy’ Dominguez gathered the necessary funding to establish Southside Records boasting a modest recording studio. Initially, the record label aimed to establish a platform of hip-hop artists however due to innovation within the genre – it is also open to other forms of Music not limited to Rap & Hip-Hop. Southside Records Southside records is currently operating within Los Santos and aims to provide its artists with the necessary tools, exposure and guidance to enhance their artform and to progress their careers. There are also talent scouts distributed across the city seeking the next big stars who can sign onto the record label. We offer a state of the art facility for artists to utilise to create their music whilst simultaneously boasting a vast creative management team to develop the music, market the music and arrange shows/bookings for the artists. Based near the heart of South Central Los Santos – the record label is looking to acquire various artists from ranging genres to help promote the Los Santos music industry. Contact Us We encourage individuals to send in their auditions whether it be in hip hop, R&B, Music, Rock and you can either email this to our head-office, or directly visit our studio within Cypress Flats, Los Santos to arrange an appointment for a live audition. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected] (Forum PM)
  10. Various posters and flyers can be found around the city held by staples, tape and adhesive.
  11. Celebrate the end of 2020 on ULSA stage, starring DrillBill!
  12. I'll pop a couple to start it.
  13. Experienced female pianist and singer without musical instruments or equipment is looking for work on a live stage or bar. Call #1543776 if interested.
  14. DEMONZ Two Swedish DJ's are now in Los Santos! Coming fresh from the clubbing scene in Scandinavia, these maniac siblings are here to cause trouble! Their speciality being Bass House, they grill up some nasty heat! They do gigs small or big, from parties to big clubs and festivals. DJ ONI (Lukas) and DJ DIABLO (Leif) are not here to play around. They seek blood, the devilish blood on the dance floor! Are you interested in these two total nutjobs? For hiring, comment below or use this mail. We're waiting, we're always waiting... (CURRENTLY ON HIATUS DUE TO OOC REASONS)
  15. Matthew Seong Age: 21 [September 28th 1999] Hobbies: Money, Weed, Music, Lo-fi - hip-hop, food, horror movies & anime. Nicknames / Aliases: Matt, BOP, Seong. Gender: Male [Expelled and dismissed from ULSA upon assaulting and harming another student in self defense.] [Soundcloud] TAG - ALIASES Matthew Seong was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. His strict family was beset by poverty, which didn't help the alcoholic tendencies of his father. This led to an unfortunate pattern of verbal abuse from the father which even grew physical from time to time. Matthew's parents struggled to make ends meet, scraping by with dead-end jobs and bringing greater stress. At the young age of eight, Matthew's parents split up and his father decided to take what funds he had left in his savings to move in with his brother in America. The divorce, coupled with the immigration to a foreign land, made it a difficult transition for Matthew. He lost friends and gained nothing from it besides the thought of being the staple Asian kid. Moving to the city allowed his ambitions to grow, discovering a newfound love for hip-hop and various instrumentals of his favorite artists: J-Dilla, Samiyam, Flying Lotus, Tomppa-Beats, Etc.. It became his passion that brought him comfort in a country so far from his homeland, something to keep him away from the streets. He was highly interested in learning how to make music at a young age, exploring the various systems, technology, samplers, and mixers, let alone the famous SP-404 that every artist in the genre had in hand, constantly laying on his floor and listening to his favorite albums and mix tapes. He found his first job when he was sixteen years old, helping his father's drinking buddy "Mason" simply stack rebar and snagging a few hours on the weekends at the construction yard. Matthew was able to save up and buy his first SP-404 that stole a good five-hundred dollars from his pocket. Matthew dedicated himself to making music when he had the opportunity. Using the web, he researched the ins and outs of the programs from Fruity Loops to Ableton and started to learned how to sample, practicing what he could on his days off from school -- assuming he wasn't being pestered to go out to the bay with the very few friends he had, of course. A good few years kept slipping by, his grades slipping from time to time, averaging no higher than a B. He began to lose focus in school as he found himself getting into scuffles with other students when they didn't see eye to eye with his views or when he was sticking up for his so-called "Hip" friends that did share his love for street music and hip hop, usually getting into mischief or skipping classes to just smoke pot and make music with his friends, or at least what they thought was music, constantly getting into trouble in the streets with the law and getting expelled for days on end. Just barely scrapping by on through high-school. Matthew eventually finished high-school and left with fair grades, surprisingly. His friends moved on to greater things, such as starting their own businesses as young entrepreneurs or becoming humble mechanics, their love for hip-hop dying off and starting their own chapters. Matthew was left on his own, desperately scanning the web for anything he could take going forward. Finally, Matthew made his decision: he was going to delve into a higher education and enhance his skills in his passion. He applied to U.S.L.A and was thankfully accepted, majoring in music theory and electronic music production and got kicked out a few months later, falling into a pit, producing music ( signing into a label ) and pursuing a wronged route into drug-sales and more questionable acts. As to what happens from here is all through natural development and occurring events that happens inside K-Town & the surrounding areas.
  16. Tune in on station 108 or 169 History PlaybackFM was the popular radio station you listened to in the 90's. Featuring nostalgic Rap and East-Coast Hip-Hop, PlaybackFM educated its listeners in the the Golden Age of Hip-Hop and introduced up and coming artists from across the states including Los Santos, featuring the likes of Mad Dogg, OG Loc and more. Although originating from the East Coast, PlaybackFM's popularity shot up in the West Coast, specifically Los Santos where it delved further into West Coast Hip Hop, featuring artists such as 2Pac, Dr. Dre and other founding fathers of Hip Hop. PlaybackFM eventually fell in popularity with the rise of popular radio stations such as Radio Los Santos, iFruit Radio and West Coast Classics. (( Actual PlaybackFM GTA San Andreas Wiki that this faction has been based on. We have made adjustments to the backstory to fit our needs )) Overview - Presenters - Shows - Competitions - Media - Advertising - Contact Us Overview After PlaybackFM's collapse in the early 2000's, two avid fans and close friends Isaac Freeman and Pierre Cloud, sought out to re-establish the radio station, and re-grow it's following. Moving from Liberty City to Los Santos, they duo worked tirelessly to fund the equipment for their home studio and acquire the necessary licenses to get the show on the road. With the launch of PlaybackFM, the duo will bring a comedic take to Los Santos' airwaves, rivalling current radio stations who only seem to run playlists on the air. PlaybackFM brings quality entertainment to Los Santos, be it on the radio, live events or competitions and raffles. You'll have no reason to listen to other stations when we're on air. Tune in on station 108 or 169! Presenters Pierre Cloud (( @DoctorJxy )) grew up in the projects of North Holland, Algonquin, Liberty City with his mother and sister in a low income household. During his teenage years he was employed at a local internet café, [email protected], part time whilst attending school in order to support his family. During this time, Pierre found himself constantly tuning into Playback FM hosted by Forth Right MC at the time. Not soon after, Pierre would then grow to form a friendship with Isaac Freeman who also worked part time at the internet café. Trying to escape the life of quick money and short-term goals, Pierre knew he wanted to expand his horizons and within those years his favourite childhood radio station turned defunct. From a few conversations with his friend Isaac he was convinced to move from his hometown in the east coast, where he journeyed west to San Andreas' Los Santos in pursuit of starting something big in the name of continuing Forth Right MC's legacy. Isaac Freeman (( @Leecho )) grew up orphaned in North Holland, Liberty City where he spent most of his time earning quick money and getting into trouble. He met Pierre Cloud at a local internet café where they both worked and vibed out to PlaybackFM, but soon after he left for London, England to escape troubles that were brewing in Liberty City. Five years later, Isaac flew to Los Santos, San Andreas after brewing an idea with Pierre to restart PlaybackFM after its fall and make it the best radio station in America. Owning a few bars in Las Venturas, Isaac has sold all properties and invested all his capital into making PlaybackFM grow. Shows TBA TBA
  17. Name: Jared Carver Nick Names: YKN Murda, Murda, J Born: 12.06.1998 From: Mechanicsville Atlanta Height: 6ft 1in Weight: 233lbs Race: African American. Hobbies: Music, Rap, Work, Parties & The Hustle. Beliefs Drugs - Loves them, depending on the substance. There's lots of money to be made and lots of fun times to be had. Gambling/Bets - Jared loves to bet on some stuff from time to time, nothing more than money. There's no hustle to be had if you don't have a vehicle or house in your name. Cigarettes / Weed - Smoking herb constantly, smoking cigarettes or stogies during business or meetings ( Casually ). Alcohol - Nothing more fun than some shots, henny and a good line of beers on the table. He enjoys drinking with his friends and company, rarely alone. Addicted to - Weed, Music, Money & Hunnies. Story Jared Carver is a twenty-one-year-old that was born and raised in the gang-riddled area of Mechanicsville Atlanta. He recently moved to Vespucci Beach alone in hopes to start his musical career in the area, and continue with his "Side-Business". He constantly looks into the musical aspect of Los Santos and is making contacts via his following on various websites including FaceBrowser and Youtube, as well as other sources through the internet and his Label [YKN Records]. Jared is fairly calm and collected, he doesn't try to do people wrong unless he sees something that needs to be fixed or someone wronging himself in the long run. He's a calm, kind, firm and genuine hustler, to speak blatantly. Jared is known to push himself into "Side-Businesses" ( Crime ), usually ranging from drugs to peddling into deeper ends when the right contacts are made. Links Youtube YKN Records [FaceBrowser] YKN Recrods [Website] Enjoy
  18. Zug

    YKN Records

    ((Click here to access the website)) Youtube Link YKNRecords [FaceBrowser] To leave a comment or reply below, please use the correct template. Username: Comment:
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