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Found 24 results

  1. As a record label, it would be obvious that we make music right? Magnolia Records mostly provides a mixture of Rap, R&B, and Hip-Hop. We provide quality work to our audience and even for those who are new to our company. We provide a platform for artists who are looking to pursue a career in the music industry. We offer tools, perks, promotions, contacts, bookings, studio times, events, concerts, sponsorship, commercials, and more are guaranteed as you pursue said career with us.
  2. History South Central Los Santos has for a long time has boasted extensive talent in the regional genre of Hip Hop which has evolved over time to span all over the globe. In Los Santos, a unique expressive form of hip hop was created which was renowned as being ‘West Coast’ hip hop. Southside Records was born out of that necessity to allow artists in Los Santos a platform to display their art form and skillset. The genre has typically been dominated by gang affiliated individuals utilising the platform to represent themselves and the gangs they belong to. However, the art form is al
  3. Various posters and flyers can be found around the city held by staples, tape and adhesive.
  4. Celebrate the end of 2020 on ULSA stage, starring DrillBill!
  5. I'll pop a couple to start it.
  6. Experienced female pianist and singer without musical instruments or equipment is looking for work on a live stage or bar. Call #1543776 if interested.
  7. DEMONZ Two Swedish DJ's are now in Los Santos! Coming fresh from the clubbing scene in Scandinavia, these maniac siblings are here to cause trouble! Their speciality being Bass House, they grill up some nasty heat! They do gigs small or big, from parties to big clubs and festivals. DJ ONI (Lukas) and DJ DIABLO (Leif) are not here to play around. They seek blood, the devilish blood on the dance floor! Are you interested in these two total nutjobs? For hiring, comment below or use this mail. We're waiting, we're always waiting...
  8. Matthew Seong Age: 21 [September 28th 1999] Hobbies: Money, Weed, Music, Lo-fi - hip-hop, food, horror movies & anime. Nicknames / Aliases: Matt, BOP, Seong. Gender: Male [Expelled and dismissed from ULSA upon assaulting and harming another student in self defense.] [Soundcloud] TAG - ALIASES Matthew Seong was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. His strict family was beset by poverty, which didn't help the alcoholic tendencies of his father. This led to an unfortunate pattern of verbal abuse from the father which even g
  9. Tune in on station 108 or 169 History PlaybackFM was the popular radio station you listened to in the 90's. Featuring nostalgic Rap and East-Coast Hip-Hop, PlaybackFM educated its listeners in the the Golden Age of Hip-Hop and introduced up and coming artists from across the states including Los Santos, featuring the likes of Mad Dogg, OG Loc and more. Although originating from the East Coast, PlaybackFM's popularity shot up in the West Coast, specifically Los Santos where it delved further into West Coast Hip Hop, featuring artists such as 2Pac,
  10. Name: Jared Carver Nick Names: YKN Murda, Murda, J Born: 12.06.1998 From: Mechanicsville Atlanta Height: 6ft 1in Weight: 233lbs Race: African American. Hobbies: Music, Rap, Work, Parties & The Hustle. Beliefs Drugs - Loves them, depending on the substance. There's lots of money to be made and lots of fun times to be had. Gambling/Bets - Jared loves to bet on some stuff from time to time, nothing more than money. There's no hustle to be had if you don't have a vehicle or house in your name. Cigarettes / Weed - Smoking herb constan
  11. Zug

    YKN Records

    ((Click here to access the website)) Youtube Link YKNRecords [FaceBrowser] To leave a comment or reply below, please use the correct template. Username: Comment:
  12. Listen to 20kbandjugg underground music activist from Rancho, Jamestown St, Los Santos. © 2019 Trap Daily. All Rights Reserved
  13. DropOut Boyz is a small clique consisting of teenage highschool dropouts who do credit card fraud, the dealing of narcotics, drug usage, and other dumb shit. They all have something in common, they idolize the scam rap culture. This includes people such as Shittyboy Tron, Shittyboy Stan Wil, Teejayx6, Kasher Quon, and etc.
  14. EzM Records Hear it. see it. Live it. EzM Records is an All Genre Records Label that was founded in 2019 by Ezra McIntyre in Los Santos. EzM Records goal is to introduce artists to the people of San Andreas and give them an opportunity to share their talents and support them in doing so. EzM Records assists in but, not limiting to, promoting the artist, promoting the records created by the artist, arranging concerts and tours, provision of recording equipment and all related promoti
  15. > W E L C O M E < What Is Temple? An ambitious project that has been carefully crafted from scratch. We are a dance/nightclub converted from a warehouse, aiming to bring the underground sounds of electronic music to Los Santos. Temple is a place of solitude where you can come in from a rough week at work and just... Be yourself. Expressing uniqueness through the art of music, Temple welcomes you all to share this Radical Audio Visual Experience! * We offer event space rental for your events. Contact us for more information! C O N T A C T
  16. Posters could be found around the city
  17. *The following ad would pop on your screen, and posters & flyers of the same would be seen all around LS* *Upon clicking the same, you'd be greeted with the same banner and the following as you scroll down* Get to enjoy the finest quality drinks.
  18. Can you sing, play the guitar or can you play piano then this is the right job for you, Sneaky Pete's bar is now searching for live artists. Do you find yourself a quality artist and want to share your music experience to others? Call 7876847 if you have any questions or you want to set a meeting with the managers. Don't hesitate to call!
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