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Found 13 results

  1. OOC INFORMATION This thread aims to portray the realistic development of Colin "250" Xiuying, a 31 year old Little Seoul resident. This thread will also show his struggles with how his day-to-day work and isolation can interfere with his mental health, relationships, work performance and overall wellbeing.
  2. ORGINS Los Malos 13 or The Bad Ones' is a Hispanic gang which is located on Brogue Avenue. The gang's origins date back to the early 2000s when the gang was just a tagging crew with a few members. In the 90s before and after the second World War, Brogue Avenue was a hotspot for immigration and became a melting pot for immigrants arriving in America. Several different ethnic groups had an influence on the culture of the area, including Jews, Hispanics, Irish, and African American immigrants. Today Brogue Avenue and the greater Davis is proximately Hispanic and African American. It is the home to several different Hispanic and Black gangs, Los Malos 13 being no different. Following the early 2000s the gang felt immense pressure from gangs close-by, particularly the varrios which wanted the small tagging crew to become apart of their gangs. Los Malos didn't feel welcomed by the gangs and instead decided to brand out and start their own gang following a conversation with several crew members. ALLIES AND ENEMIES Los Malos align themselves with the BK identity, which means that the gang has a strong dislike for all blood gangs. This comes natural with being a Sureno gang on Brogue Avenue. In the early days before falling out the gang was close with several Carson Crip gangs, which embedded the 'BK' ideology into the young members. This is something that Los Malos would continue to stay true to throughout the years, even to this day the Malos have heavy feuds with several blood gangs. Some of these include: V.S.O.P Alliance Bloodstone Villains Swan Bloods (All sets) Rollin 20 Outlaws Rollin 30 Bloodstone Piru BRIM ALLIANCE Harvard Park Brims Fruit Town Brims Van Ness Gangster Brims The Los Malos also feud with a handful of Crip sets, mainly the ones who align themselves with the Carson Crips. As mentioned before, the two (Malos & different Carson Crip) sets were in an alliance however sometime around the early 2010s this fell apart following rap beef between the two. It is unclear how exactly this was started but it is believed to have led to the death of a popular Carson Crip rapper which went by the name of 'C-Face'. The Malos still go at it with several of these hoods to this day. SOCIAL MEDIA NOTORIETY The Los Malos gang received a small amount of notoriety after a South Central rapper by the name of 'C-Face' was shot and killed near their territory. This was fueled after a Los Malos member took to social media to post a single emoji on his FaceBrowser story; a shushing emoji. This led to several conversations on social media such as the SanAneBanging Reddit which alleged that Los Malos had been involved in the shooting of the rapper. These allegations would prove to be true four years following when several members of the Los Malos gang were arrested by a joint-task force to crack down on gang violence. Among them was a member by the name of Chico who is believed to be the killer of the Carson Crip up and coming rapper 'C-Face'. This arrest one again ignited social media with many hating and calling for 'street justice' on the Los Malos gang. Cesar Parades, a 23-year-old member was arrested and found guilty of killing the underground rapper Teion Johnson, better known as 'C-Face'. Details were revealed by the prosecution at trial, it was discovered by a key witness that Cesar and Teion had a verbal dispute in which Cesar was heard shouting the following words in a provocative manner This Malos, fool!'. Afterward, several rounds were fired at Teion from a handgun, striking him several times. Parades was found guilty of the 2015 shooting and sentenced to two life sentences. He is currently serving his sentence at Ironwood State Prison in San Andreas. This started a bloody feud between the Los Malos and surrounding gangs, specifically the gangs under the Carson Crip card, as C-Face was considered a hood trophy of the Southside Carson Crips. This was spanned for several years and is a war that is still active even today and has resulted in several lives lost. Due to several bloody wars with several surroundings gangs, the Los Malos have lost several members to both law enforcement and to rival gangs, making the gang much weaker today than it was once was. In 2018 a significant shotcaller from the Los Malos was shot and killed by a Southside Carson Crip member
  3. This thread will follow the character development of Matt Boyle, Ryan Ward and Louie Campbell.
  4. This is the story of Josephine Pineda, a sixteen year old drug addict from the Jamestown Projects.
  5. Vicki Cardozo is part of the many neglected Rancho youth. This is her story.
  6. Under No Debrief Evolution Failed In Navigating Every Destination Anything posted on this thread, should be kept on the thread. Posts may vary from detailed to blank depending on the situation. This is to prevent Metagaming. Any concerns can be directed to my DMs.
  7. (W.2.K:)(W.T.K) WE’RE 2 KRAZY/WORSHIP THESE KINGZ/WARNING THE KDP’S/WERE TORMENTING KTN/ WITH THE KUICKNESS/WRITERS TWO KRE8TV/WILLING 2 KILL/WICKED 213 KROOKS/WERE THA KRE8TERS/ WRITERS TAKING KALIFAS/WARNING 2 KRAZY/WERE TAKING KONTROL/WERE TOY KRUSHERS/ W.2.K is a small tagging krew started by a group of friends out of Carson Avenue. W.2.K is known to have affiliation with the more prominent gang in Jamestown; Travieso Gangsters, That Gangster Shit.
  8. This thread follows the life of Veronica "Ronnie" Maier. More coming soon... xx No views or opinions depicted in screenshots reflect my own xx
  9. If you got any questions regarding Hokkaido Boyz then contact; @KC.. or @zexxy here on the forums.
  10. Emmanuel 'TYG Escalade' Williamson. 17 year old school drop out EMMANUEL WILLIAMSON a/k/a TYG ESCALADE has been a resident of Forum Drive his whole life. He has been seen around and all the residents would know him as ESCALADE. Emmanuel suffers from hypothyroidism which means he has ballooned in size over the years. He comes in at a whooping 260 pounds standing tall at 6'1. ESCALADE considers his affiliates and fellow gang members to be his brothers (something he did not have in his childhood, being the only son of his parents), this was the reason why he was peer pressured into gang violence and illegal acts from a young age. ESCALADE has a very short fuse and is fiercely loyal to his friends when they are disrespected. Getting respect from his peers is his number one priority, whether it be from students in school, their gang-banging family members, or other gang members around the city. As a result, Emmanuel is guilty of pressuring his homies into putting in work for the set. Emmanuel was given the name "TYG Escalade" when he was jumped into the set by OYG "Von-Brazy" and YG "T-Boogie".
  11. Mother, Ghetto Ganger, Killer.
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