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  1. Rest in peace, Joe. Crazy how people you know can disappear so quick.
  2. josefina fired from LSSD for using crack cocaine when?
  3. If I don't want to take an L after getting killed, I can report the person that killed me to God and get them hopefully deleted from existence.
  4. Following a series of unfortunate events and fights in school, Aaron Foo was sent to military school by his parents. After a long six months, Aaron finally graduated and made his way back to Los Santos from Seattle. After arriving back in Koreatown, Aaron reunited with his old friends and got right back into the activities in the streets. Due to having to live on his own, Aaron incurred several debts is currently struggling to get by, living a one bedroom apartment with his brother and cousin.
  5. he sold me laced crack and i overdosed. had to RP in pillbox for 3 hours
  6. this? this goes hard.
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