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  1. This thread will follow the development of Jevonte Kapri, also known as Tkroubkle#2, a former member of the Rolling 90's Crips, now the Kingpin of "Rich Money Mafia". BACKSTORY Jevonte Kapri is the oldest of three brothers, his mother and father Brianna Kapri & Derek Kapri were two high-school sweet-hearts who remain within an on and off relationship to this day, Brianna gave birth to Jevonte when she was only twenty one and just dropping out of college, Brianna constantly reminds Jevonte that he needs to be a role model to his younger brothers, and refuses to accept the fact that Jevonte is not a good role model for anybody whatsoever. Jevonte Kapri is a horrible role model to both of his younger brothers Javon Kapri & Jaylen Kapri, due to the fact that their father Derek Kapri is locked in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility on multiple drug and gun charges that came to haunt him from his past. Though he tries his hardest to be a role model to the duo, he fails miserably at this attempt and usually ends up getting them into more trouble then he needs to be. The trio are known around Davis Highschool along with Keshawn Wallace for being reckless, obnoxious and over all toxic as fuck to anyone they deem fit, though the three hold some respect in the school for their loyalty to those they be-friend and those that they seem in the right. With the trio growing up in one of the most violent areas of Los Santos and their role model being a young adult who doesn't have a clue what to do with his life, the trio often get themselves caught up in each others problem and fighting each others battles from time to time, though their reckless actions haven't gotten them into anything heavy or life threatening, the trio is starting to interact with more people from their neighborhood which is known to be heavily infested with gang bangers who represent W/S Rollin 90s Neighborhood Crips .
  2. The What A girl caught up with the S/S Playboys 13 set, banging out on Brouge Ave in central Davis. Forced to support her struggling step mother through a series of robberies, illicit trades and kicks to the teeth. Our thread will follow the life and times of Davis High Shortstop, Andrea Sarmiento, a resident from the neighborhood as she struggles to walk the line between well-adjusted young woman and down bad Sureño affiliate. The Who A girl born to a pair of deadbeat parents in South-Central. Andrea’s father had a tendency to drink, and then take out his drunken frustrations on her and her brother. It wasn’t uncommon for her or her sibling to wind up in school with a busted lip or a black eye. At age six, her mother overdosed. A year later her father wound up with a younger woman and her two boys. Her father grew and sold weed out of his basement, assisted by her older brother Josue. The police inevitably caught wind of what was happening and in a search, her father sold his son out and scapegoated the operation onto him. A year later, he was arrested for various charges, anyhow. Her step brothers are both affiliated with the S/S PBS13 set. While one was killed about a year ago, her younger sibling, the older one has been incarcerated for the past two years and change, leaving Andrea alone with her step mother, Rosana. Rosana does her best to try and look out for Andrea, who came to grow very close with her step-brothers and their activities, for she doesn’t want her step daughter to walk the same path and wind up dead, or behind bars herself. Mortal Reminders Below we'll find a troubled rabblerouser's attempt to organize her thoughts in messy internalizations, reflections and reminders of one's mortality, humanity, or at times lack there-of. People are not perfect. Sarmiento is just another statistic waiting to cross someone's desk.
  3. This thread follows the story of Natalie Sun, a Chinese-American girl that has been recently kicked out by her parents at sixteen years old, and must rely on herself to survive in the streets of Los Santos.
  5. This thread will follow the life and development of Rafael Alfredo Videla, a Cuban-American male serving in the LSPD.
  6. ( This will follow the life and development of Zachary Matthew Jenkins in South Central.) Full Name: Zachary Matthew Jenkins Known Alias: Tiny Creeper Age: 18 Nationality: Caucasian with Irish in him. Known for: Short Temper, Loud, Well Known MBB clique member. Likes: Weed, Fighting, Working out, Cooking Dislikes: Prison Escalation. Backstory: Zachary Matthew Jenkins was born on October 10th, 2006 to a white mother and a black daddy. Yet he took on more of his mother's DNA and took the skin from her. Yet his hair, eyes and his facial structure was from his black father. Zachary grew up in two worlds until his mother's passing. He lived in the suburbs of San Fiero with his mother most of the year during his childhood but would live down in South Central, Los Santos during the summer with his father. He quickly understood the difference of worlds and changed his act everytime he went between them. He quickly became the victim of bullying in South Central due to his skin and how he acted some times during his child hood. Yet he slowly became to feel like at home in South Central, he sometimes wished he lived in South Central throughout the whole year. He finally got his wish when his mother died from a drug overdose of heroin in their apartment in San Fiero. Having to move to South Central at the age of fourteen, he quickly enrolled in Davis high school and learned quickly what living year round in South Central was like. He slowly got more involved with the acivity around South Central like hood days and the weekly ball game at the Davis park. He became known around the area for being the white boy everyone was cool with. He grew to learn the culture in South Central such as their slang and how to act around certain people. He still had dreams of getting out of the hood, yet he learned to love the hood. Chapter 1 As weeks go by in the fall, Zachary has gained friendships in many affiliated members of 99 Chamberlain Mafia Crip. He hangs out the son of the OG Keshawn Aldridge, DeAndre "Popout" Winston, and Marisol" Lady MSoul" Cardenas. Learning more about the life in and out of South Central, he slowly was pulled into the life of gang banging. He slowly did tagging up in the area for the affiliated members but he lost himself in the day that he was shot in the foot for saying "Lowk". The affiliated members of nine nine mafia crip stood up for him and he saw the love and family they had. After the day that he was shot in the foot, he slowly began to deal drugs for Gelo. He slowly gained the repuation of being the drug dealer in the area of Chamberlain. He gained alot of cash from the drug dealing and began to be know more than three affiliated members. Gaining the radar of SD and PD aswell for being a affiliate of nine nine but they didnt know if Zachary was a full member. Eventually one night he was pulled over with two members in his vehicle which one had a pistol and slid under his seat. Eventually Zachary took the charge of the illegal firearm and took a four month jail time for a member. Gaining the respect of many members of the gang and even some high ranking.Weeks later after Zachary was released from his time in TTCF, he was welcomed back with open arms back to Chamberlain. He continued to be in fights and even attended a memorial for a deceased member of the nine nine mafia crip gang. He eventually was put on by the Mafia Blocc Boyz as "Tiny Creeper" and under the wing of Aaron "Twin" Ocejo. He was a full member of nine nine Chamberlain Mafia Crip. Years go by and Zachary has built a reputation in the 99 mafia crip card and gang for a loud indiviual with a short temper. Zachary has became very anti-social after so many years in TTCF for two crimes. Killing a man with his bare hands landed him in jail for a year and half for manslaughter. During this time Zachary built himself mentally and physically. He had to fight off members of the black gangs and the white car for his survival in TTCF. This created a young man who did not care for other people's well being. During the time he was in jail, He learned of his close friend's death Drezden "SK" Beals. Shaping him into a main player in the Mafia Bricc Boyz clique along side Daronte "Reckless" Pettaway and the main headliner DeAndre "Pop out" Winston. Days after he was released he became first cousins with Deandre "Pop out" Winston, Zynovia " Spazz out" Winston, and Brianna Webber. Creating a large family tie of the three familys to the 99 Chamberlain Mafia Crip clique. With two of the family members already in power in the gang, it'll shape the rest of the minors being influenced to join the gang.
  7. GALLERY ABOUT All Swell Room 6 is located in Chamberlain Hills, on the West Side of South Central. It's a comfortably small but still big enough spot with room for a family, such as two kids and two parents living in the same place! There's a new shower recently put in, which works wonders only used once! The kitchen had a recent fixer upper, and now looks ten times better as well. PRICING We're currently asking for a price of $150,000 on the property, non negotiable. CONTACT Email myself if you wish to purchase the property. (Forum PMs) ((OOC /pinfo))
  8. This is the story of Desmond Brown, a 28 year old Jamaican immigrant living in Rancho, where he struggles to pay for a late University degree in Nursing at ULSA while trying to stay positive and strong, as he does his best to make a small difference in a wicked, struggling community.
  9. This thread will recount the life of Bryce Hollands. It will actively be updated, showing off some of Bryce's daily activities as a teenager growing up in South Central, Los Santos. Brief History: The fourteen year-old Bryce Hollands comes out of a area that is known as the Avenues, which is 46th Street and home to a major clique of the Rolling 40 Neighborhood Crips. He was born six out of nine children, which majority of them had different mothers located all around of South Central, Los Santos. In fact, he has a brother that was also born in the 40's and a brother who was born in the 50's, with both of them being prominent gang members. The older of the two, Brandon "Infant Foe Shots" Hollands, is an active member of the Parcside 40's, which is another clique of the Rolling 40 Neighborhood Crips. And the younger of the two, being Terek "Baby Fifty Blue" Gardener, is from the 53 Avalon Gangster Crips. Bryce has always had a troubled childhood, stemming from his broken up home and his environment. He's even landed himself some time in the Halls or Juvenile Correctional Center out in Sandy Shores.
  10. This thread follows the development of Nina Munoz, girlfriend of Ghetto Boyz 27’s affiliate Sleepy Quintero.
  11. This is the story of Reginald Washington, a 60 year old barber born and raised in Davis, where he seeks to share the love, lessons and values of his profession with the youth in his community while keeping the spirit of the African-American Barber Shop alive.
  12. This thread follows the character development of Fabian "Woody" Serrano.
  13. Lovely apartment for sale in the reputable Chamberlain Hills neighbourhood in South Central LS. Newly renovated apartment with a bedroom seperated from the main living space. Modern kitchen solution with excellent access to the rest of the apartment. Furniture such as a safe can be included with a small addition in the price - other furniture is included. The apartment is outfitted with a Tenshun-brand alarm. Please see the link for more pictures. The apartment has a lot of potential for any investors looking to rent out the property through section 8 of the 1937 Housing Act. Please contact me per e-mail ((forum PM)) at [email protected] for any questions or if you want a small tour of the property. Bids open at $40 000 with buy-out set at $120 000. Bids will be closed 48 hours after the first bid, or if buy-out is reached. ((OOC information in the spoiler ))
  14. This thread will showcase the development of a Roy Lowenstein born and raised Deputy, Emily Herrera.
  15. Ronald Portis Ronald "Bugs" Portis is a homeless drug addict and dollar-cigarette connoisseur. He can be mostly found walking the streets downtown to South Central, selling cheap cigarettes to fund his addiction. Biography Earlier Years Ronald Portis was born June 26, 1981 at the Central Los Santos Medical Center in Los Santos, San Andreas. Portis was born to Leticia Walker and John Portis, both African-Americans. In late 1999, the older Portis removed Ronald from his home in response to his poor performance in school and has remained homeless. He has since then found solace in a plethora of drugs, thus earning his nickname "Bugs" among his fellow street folk. Current Life Bugs is often found roaming downtown Los Santos and the adjoining south central neighborhoods. He has cited to have been seen selling individual cigarettes by the dollar and very rarely with anything more than that.
  16. This thread will follow the development of Yorell "Infant Y-Face" Farmer, a half Dominican half Belizean teen as well as Zamari "Infant Shady Dove" Knight, a half Irish and half African-American teen from W/S R20 NeighborHood Bloods. Yorell is a convicted felon and served juvenile life for a home invasion that left 65 year old, Samitra Reyes deceased. He appealed his sentence and was released after spending 4 years in juvenile hall. Yorell is currently 17 years old and is back on the streets and got right back to where he left off. Gang-banging on everyone he can. Just like Yorell, Zamari is a convicted felon and served juvenile life for the same case. His appeal was accepted along with Yorell's appeal and they were both released after serving 4 years in San Andreas Youth Authority (Y.A). Zamari is currently 18 years old and back gang-banging in South Central.
  17. The Almonte family found a decent apartment in Chamberlain Park, Los Santos. There, Junior would learn the ins and outs of the street life in Davis. Junior was welcomed with open arms by a black community near the B.J Smith Park region of Chamberlain Park. Currently, Junior is trying to prove himself to the higherups of the Smith Park Brims.
  18. Name: Victor Ochoa Age: 12 13 14 Relationship Status: Married to the streets Profession: Boosting up the crime rate
  19. MCB666


    ( Ezekiel "TG Zeke" Rivas - Circa 2020) Character Type Ezekiel is an eighteen-year-old Salvadorian male that lives in South Central. Ezekiel is a 52HGC Affiliate and tends to get himself in trouble by blindly trusting anyone offering him money. He clearly isn't very bright and often gets into trouble with the law as well for mostly stupid reasons. Despite being somewhat "aggressive" Ezekiel often generally projects an image of a harmless, clown personality type. Character Backstory Ezekiel Rivas was raised by his mother Vania Rivas a immigrant who crossed into the states during the early 2000s. His father (?) was absent during most of his life due to being imprisoned for a house invasion gone wrong, forcing Vania to raise Ezekiel on from then. Originally Ezekiel lived in a ETGC Dominated hood in South Central during his childhood. When Ezekiel turned 14 he migrated with his mother to a Hoover Gangster Crip (HGC) dominated hood and soon after was jumped in during his late teens. Ezekiel's mother found out about Ezekiel's "activities" and tried her hardest to persuade Ezekiel to come to Dallas with her. Of course she couldn't convince Ezekiel and basically left him to survive by himself in South Central after trying countless times to try and change his way of living. Ezekiel Rivas has currently dropped out the W/S 52 Hoover Gangster Crip gang after certain events and is living nowhere close to South Central. Character Traits -Faithful -Clown -Greedy (To an extent.) -Wild -Fidgety -Impatient
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