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Found 11 results

  1. Bryce Harrington (born November 11, 1999), sometimes known by the nickname "Dopeboy Bry" is an American drug dealer who has attained a degree of notoriety as an individual drug dealer in South Central, Los Santos. His first entrance into the drug dame came when he was introduced to Vincent "Vinny" Perozzi - A small time mobster who operated out of Vinewood. By chance, Bryce came into contact with Vincent when Vincent came looking for a local gang member in Bryce's neighborhood and as a result, Bryce's entrance into the drug game began. Bryce made a considerable amount of money selling for Vinc
  2. "how to survive in south central" a guide by a skinny drug dealer teen that lives on grove street Background Story: Keontae Gates was born and raised on Grove Street with his mom and his drug dealer dad. From a young age he showed aspirations towards school and learning but as he started to grow up around gang members and drug dealers he started to get jealous over nice clothes and their popularity in the neighborhood. Keontae started to sell fireworks and small objects that he stole from his classmates, but it didn't take long before he got caught and got suspended from school.
  3. This thread will follow the development of Yorell "Infant Y-Face" Farmer, a half Dominican half Belizean teen as well as Zamari "Infant Shady Dove" Knight, a half Irish and half African-American teen from W/S R20 NeighborHood Bloods. Yorell is a convicted felon and served juvenile life for a home invasion that left 65 year old, Samitra Reyes deceased. He appealed his sentence and was released after spending 4 years in juvenile hall. Yorell is currently 17 years old and is back on the streets and got right back to where he left off. Gang-banging on everyone he can. Just like Yor
  4. The Almonte family found a decent apartment in Chamberlain Park, Los Santos. There, Junior would learn the ins and outs of the street life in Davis. Junior was welcomed with open arms by a black community near the B.J Smith Park region of Chamberlain Park. Currently, Junior is trying to prove himself to the higherups of the Smith Park Brims.
  5. Name: Victor Ochoa Age: 12 13 14 Relationship Status: Married to the streets Profession: Boosting up the crime rate
  6. MCB666


    ( Ezekiel "TG Zeke" Rivas - Circa 2020) Character Type Ezekiel is an eighteen-year-old Salvadorian male that lives in South Central. Ezekiel is a 52HGC Affiliate and tends to get himself in trouble by blindly trusting anyone offering him money. He clearly isn't very bright and often gets into trouble with the law as well for mostly stupid reasons. Despite being somewhat "aggressive" Ezekiel often generally projects an image of a harmless, clown personality type. Character Backstory Ezekiel Rivas was raised by his mother Vania Rivas a immigrant who cros
  7. The Westside Innocence Family Gangster Bloods (WSIFGB) or W/S 92 Innocence Family Gangster Bloods is a gang located on the eastside of South Los Santos in the district of North Rancho. They originated in the 1970s, originally known as the Chain Gang and feuded with the West Side Crips, a street gang founded by Stanley "Tookie" Williams. The Chain Gang had been around long before the formation of the β€œCrips," along with the LS Brims. Their controlled grounds stretch from N. Roy Lowenstein Blvd to Little Bighorn Avenue, they claim the 9200 block of Jamestown Street as their primary territory. T
  8. Under No Debrief Evolution Failed In Navigating Every Destination Anything posted on this thread, should be kept on the thread. Posts may vary from detailed to blank depending on the situation. This is to prevent Metagaming. Any concerns can be directed to my DMs.
  9. Aight dawg, so my story, my criminal life takes off even before I was born, dawg. You see my parents, my parents were some foos from Rancho as far as I know, North Rancho, y'allredy know. My Jefe my dad, don't know the pendejo's name, was some low life crackhead, enjoying smoking the pipe more than claiming his kid, me nigga. Then my jefa, my mom, well she was a hoe ass bitch dawg, she loved the bottle and getting her back blown more then anything in this world. Shit, as I know, she died killed by some bitch ass nigga in Davis. So, Alejandro, who raised you, foo'? Y'all might ask, my abuela da
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