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  1. DOGTOWN WHITE BOYS Vespucci Beach is a hub of delinquency. The streets are littered with graffiti, skaters, and punks. Vespucci High has become a hub for dropouts that continue the cycle of white beach trash. The school is held together by the love of football and alongside the tight-knit community. Local legends like Charlie Wolcott, Raymond Simmons, and Huell Mundy became legends after dropping out. The new generation of local fuck ups rally around a culture of protecting their own. Parker Wilson was assaulted after an away game, Duke Kirkman alongside other Vespucci kids jumped in as they witnessed the event. Parker Wilson suffered a concussion and was rushed to the ER. Duke Kirkman alongside his friends made a pact to look out for each other and other locals after that night. Once Parker recovered the group would roll together and would refer to themselves as what they were Dogtown White Boys. The older members of the small group often commit small-time offenses for the fun of it or to fuel their dirty habits. The formation of the group has been kept on the quiet side, haven’t not many things change within Dogtown. The Dogtown White Boys are known to be a group of like-minded individuals from the Vespucci area. They are involved in the consumption of methamphetamines and various other drugs. The group draws various inspiration from the local White gangs and Sureno sets. THE FORMATION INTO A GANG After the group was set to have another night of band practice. Lucas Becker is flung off his bike by a speeding SUV. The driver further proves that anyone outside of Vespucci does not care for locals within Dogtown. Duke Kirkman witnesses his mentor Raymond Simmons execute the Driver which confirmed to him that Raymond’s way of life was the only correct way. Duke Kirkman gathered his close-knit friends and proposed the idea of keeping their area safe to his friends. His speech down at the bowl persuaded the group to join his cause. The group is known to have violent tendencies towards outsiders dealing in their town using the guise of saying it hurts the town while they peddle any illicit substance or good they can to other locals. Over time, Duke and his close peers gained a small following in Vespucci. Getting multiple classmates and friends to tag along at the skatepark and local hangout spots around the beach. Slowly but surely Duke gained a reputation not only in Vespucci High but in Dogtown as a whole. Pushing “locals only” so much that it influences the local kids to follow in Duke’s footsteps. The saying “locals only” went from a motto to a movement very quickly, with small-crimes erupting throughout Vespucci pushing the movement into a more violent direction. Current Rumors The group has been rumored to recruit new members out of Vespucci Beach High School. The two heads of the group Duke Kirkman and Parker Wilson have known punks within their senior class. Inked members of the group can be seen within classes that harbor Duke Kirkman or Parker Wilson. A video has gone viral of a large group of boys with Duke and Parker amongst them chasing another young man out of the beachfront. Peckerwoods in Dogtown After the build up of tensions with both law enforcement, rival gangs, and pressure from non locals. Hazard and his gang of former punks, reached a plateau. “Hazard” began to link up with other criminal white gangsters and began to adapt to their way of thinking and their way of life. Hazard being mentored by members of Public Enemy alongside Cortes Aryan Skin Heads that kept pushing him drugs and kept cementing the way of life he was taught. The powder keg for these teachings occurred when after weeks of harassment the LSPD attempted to arrest a member of the group. "Hazard" booked inside Twin Towers Correctional Facility reevaluates his motivations before being released. The gang amped up their scheming during Hazard's stint with support from other local white gangsters. OOC SECTION. All racist actions that take place IC is all IC. OOCLY the faction has no hatred to any race. The focus of this group is to portray young Peckerwoods criminals that inhabit the city of Los Santos around the beachfront. We encourage every member of the faction to have a character story. Myself and @Mooseicles have a strict one strike and you’re out policy. Your character may be rejected to join if the backstory or the character is too outlandish. Forum PM @Snoot or @Mooseicles to inquire about joining.
  2. Shredder, Dogtown. This thread will recap the story of David "Shredder" Webber as it continues, focusing on key moments in his life.
  3. Beatiful apartment in Vespucci Canals for SALE. Recently Renovated Featuring one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen along with a dining area, living room, office, a massage room and finally a balcony. Peaceful area, quiet neighborhood, no criminal activity and always with parking available. INTERIOR + EXTERIOR PICTURES OOC INFO Starting bid : 250,000$ Buyout price : 430,000$ ((click on the blue letters for the links))
  4. This Character Thread follows the development of Dennis "Kasper" Ibanez. realfoo.mp4
  5. Vespucci 13 is one of the largest Sureño gangs on the West Coast. The gang calls Magellan Avenue it’s home. The gang’s presence dates back to the mid 1900’s, but is slowing down in numbers due to rapid gentrification. History: In the late 1940’s Los Santos’ development of freeway 405 forced Mexican American communities to move out west towards Vespucci, Del Perro, and Morningwood. As a result of the waves of lower income immigrants the Vespucci area earned the moniker “Ghetto by the Sea.” The area was known by the locals to be one of the cities largest tourist traps due to it’s easy access to the beach. Above sits Fernando Barela and Raymond Ayala from left to right. In the 1950’s Vespucci had a second wave of mass immigration with the population almost doubling. In this second wave came Fernando Barela and Raymond Ayala. Both were in their early teens when they met at Vespucci Middle School. Immediately the two grew a close bond and began to push marijuana and heroin for Ayala’s older cousin, ‘Magic’. The two were very successful in their trade and made a name for themselves. By the time they had graduated highschool they had younger family members selling for them. In 1964 they had amassed a group of almost thirty teenagers. It was then that the two decided to adopt the moniker Vespucci 13. The name clearly pays homage to both the Mexican Mafia and the area in which they lived. There have been several Vespucci 13 members who have affiliated themselves with the eMe such as Rene Blajos and Emilio Montoya, and the two groups keep a close relationship both in and out of the prison system. In the 1990's Vespucci 13 was one of the targets of a large gang injunction. Three gangs were tagged in the Far West Los Santos Gang Injunctions, and their activity on the streets was very low throughout this period. The gang injunction however did reach it's end and the gangs began to openly gather outside and resume to their ghetto lifestyles. Vespucci today: Vespucci trece is currently being led by Peter “BANDIT” Loyola and Tomas “SPOOKY” Ordonez. The gang has been losing power and numbers as a result of the rapid gentrification of far West Los Santos hoods, however there are quite a few active members spread among the organization's five cliques. The gang is known for its involvement in trafficking drugs for several organizations such as La eMe and Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations (MDTO’s). The key drugs pushed by the neighborhood are marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin. Vespucci 13 is no stranger to robbery. All sorts of robberies seem to go down in Vespucci, whether it be armed, home, or vehicular. Active Beef: CULVER CITY 13: The beef between Vespucci 13 and Culver City 13 is remarked as one of the largest current beefs in all of Los Santos both in measure of time and lives. Culver City Highschool and Venice Highschool were always bitter rivals in terms of sports. In the late 1960’s both neighborhoods claimed the same corner and had local drug dealers post up and deal drugs off of it. The two gangs did not like that the other had their dealers pushing on the corner they claimed as their own. Drug dealers from either gang were getting jumped back and forth until the fights grew larger. To protect the dealers and the claimed ‘turf’, members from both groups would stand on the block and press their rivals. The gangs were quick to involve themselves in massive brawls and fights, however guns were resorted to after only a few months. The homicide rate on the far west side of Los Santos shot up, and has yet to fall back down to where it once was. Each side has lost a lot of members and the beef seems to have no resolution because most current members of either gang have family who've been murdered by the other side. The picture above shows disrespect to the Del Perro 13 gang by crossing out DP13 tattoos and replacing them with Vespucci related calligraphy. 187 SMAKAS refers to penal code number 187 referring to murder, and "Smacks" being the DP13 gang diss. Del Perro 13: The static between Del Perro 13 and Vespucci 13 has been long going ever since the 1950's. The tension between the two groups originated as a school rivalry, however during a lowrider show in 2009 it escalated. Attending this show was a high respected Vespucci 13 member, Daniel Cortez, and a Mexican Mafia tax collector who were discussing politicks in Del Perro when several members of the Del Perro 13 gang recognized Cortez's tattoos. The Del Perro members instantly began pressing Cortez about his affiliations and where he was from before allegedly disrespecting the tax collector during a verbal altercation. During this altercation the tax collector stated his affiliation to the Mexican Mafia, and a Del Perro member disrespected said affiliation which was taken as disrespect to the Mexican Mafia. Del Perro 13 was ultimately greenlit by the Mexican Mafia and for months were the targets of a string of shootings. The best known attack in this web of murder is referred to as the Virginia Park incident. Isaias Lopez and Jose Romo-Soto were shot by Vespucci 13 members, killing Romo-Soto and gravely wounding Lopez. Lopez, on what he thought was his deathbed, attested that an African-American Vespucci 13 member was the driver and shooter involved in this incident. The shooter was eventually caught. Lopez ended up living and was marked as a snitch. This incident further alienated the two gangs and increased the already hostile tensions. The conflict between the two gangs has lived on for over 70 years and is still being acted on in modern times. Thread credits go out to @XIKand @Miggs
  6. This thread follows the story of Natalie Sun, a Chinese-American girl that has been recently kicked out by her parents at sixteen years old, and must rely on herself to survive in the streets of Los Santos.
  7. SELLING A SPACIOUS ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT ON TUG STREET, VESPUCCI! Spacious and modern one bedroom apartment on Tug Street up for sale. Comes with a fully equiped kitchen, a spacious living room/dining area and a dreamy bedroom & bathroom. Linked by a hall and two doors, the latter two present you with a gorgeous view of the the towering buildings of downtown Los Santos and the marina. Down below, you can find the attached photographs of the apartment. Starting bid: $280,000 Buyout: $420,000 Bid Increments: $5,000 (( OOC Information ))
  8. * Anthony Narvaez was born in Los Santos, he was born in 2006, aging him fifteen years old now, Anthony was raised by mainly his father only, his mother was out of the picture as she was busy getting high and making money, not caring much about Anthony in general, she thought Anthony was a curse laid upon her by god as punishment for her habits. Anthony was raised around the Vespucci area, growing up in a neighborhood with much gang activity and violence he was taught early on by his father to stay away from it all, his father wanted was for him to go to school and study for a good and stable future so he wouldn't have to live down in areas like this and have a good and happy life in general. Anthony's father was employed at a shitty job at the docks, working hard for the most minimal pay, just enough to afford rent and buy food. As Anthony grew up, he was quick to realize that his father's plans weren't going to work as he wasn't the most smartest or brightest, he was doing bad at school, not paying attention much to the teachers and mostly clowning around, not getting the grades his father wanted him to get, it didn't take long for Anthony to be suspended from school, whilst being suspended Anthony was out on the street, chilling it up with the kids and people his father taught him to stay away from but he couldn't any longer, he began becoming involved with the people from the area and started doing other things to make money so he wouldn't feel like a total bum.
  9. [4SALE] 2215 Bay City Avenue - Floor 2, Room 1 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, Designated Parking Lot, Pool and Waterfront Access in Vespucci Bidding closes Thursday 23rd December SOLD Market Price: $100,000 Min. Increment: $10,000 Starting Bid: $90,000 Buyout: $300,000 Gallery ((/pinfo))
  10. Spacious Studio Apartment - Includes Heat and Water- Quiet Residential Area- Hardwood floors throughout- Close to public transportation - Close to entertainment + amenities - Less then five minute walk to Vespucci beach Starting bid: $100,000 Current bid: $100,000 Buyout: $236,000
  11. Melanoma Street, Vespucci; Home to Jayden Heng and Jennie Tien, two friends who meet in middleschool after spending the majority of their classes together. This thread will follow Jayden, whose family struggles to makes ends meet, Jennie the younger sister of a well-respected member of the local gang, who urges her to stay away from the street life, and their interaction with the local gang, ABZ, sub-set STK.
  12. "What ever happened to the woman I knew?" This thread has been created to follow the development of Maura Lyne, after the abandonment of the Mannix Family and her late husband's death. Maura Lyne was born into an Irish lineage, as a second generation immigrant in West Virginia. Raised as an only child with a rare acceptance of an absent mother throughout her years, her father was left to make ends meet to keep the two comfortable. She developed a sense of independence and responsibility at a young age, gaining her passion for working with plants and serving others within the family-owned bar. A simple childhood to a poor family. Her parents eventually filed for divorce, leaving her mother to pass away around her late teen years. Heartbroken and unsure on how to deal with his daughter, he sent her to Los Santos around the age of nineteen with a minimal amount of money. Maura found her way to Paleto Bay and started a job at the Mojito Inn, serving as a waitress and bartender for the family running the Inn. She became close to Harvey Mannix, joining the family and working alongside others in legal and illegal terms. The duo went steady falling in love for a little over three years, leaving Harvey to propose; and Maura accepted. Mannix treated her well, but eventually his harsh life and ways caught up to the pair, and Maura was left as a young widow at twenty six years old. Left to guide her own late husband's legacy and help out her straining brother in law, she was forced to change. [ Please do not metagame the information posted in this thread. ]
  13. Calabrone Sports Golf Catalogue Calabrone Sports Tennis Catalogue Calabrone Sports Order Form Calabrone Sports Careers/Jobs
  14. 1 Tug Street - Floor 3, Room 8. Market Price: $115,000 Furniture price: $64,196 Description: An overall cozy, modern apartment located next to the beach with a funky feel to it. The property has got around 300 furnitures on it. Property gallery: Click here. Starting bid: $185,000 Buyout: $200,000.
  15. Family Affiliated Irish Mafia The Family Affiliated Irish Mafia (FAIM) is a predominantly Irish-American, but not exclusively, peckerwood gang based in San Andreas, which was formerly used by the Aryan Brotherhood to organize street-level transactions throughout low income white neighborhoods within city boundaries of Los Santos. Although founded in Hawick-Alta, activity related to the gang has been found in Blaine County, Vespucci and Murrieta Heights. During the early days, authories say that members made a small fortune during the 1990s selling methamphetamine and investing in local businesses alongside handling problems outside of federal prison walls for members of the Aryan Brotherhood, which often included murder, drug smuggling, extortion, kidnapping. It started out as a gang banging clique to protect white gang members from black gang members with the goal to sell drugs and make money. Later on membership spread to county jails and state prisons. The gang has the permission of the Aryan Brotherhood (AB) to sport shamrock tattoos. At times FAIM have worked closely with the AB to handle work for them on the street. The founders were John Sanders, Kevin Byrne, Tony Hogan, and Eric Foley. Sanders became the most influential member out of the founders and the de facto leader. Byrne would also have influence and be the leader when Sanders was incarcerated. Members sold drugs in the Hawick-Alta area to make their money. Sander's father was a meth cook who worked with motorcycle clubs. FAIM would use violence in order to get payments and run away rival drug dealers. The gang's main source of bread from 2002 to 2005 was a methamphetamine ring which they operated in the Hawick and Alta areas. The drugs came from Juan Suarez and Eladio Suarez, two Mexican brothers who were connected to the Sinaloa Cartel as well as to Hispanic gangs in Alta. In 2004, Sanders shot and killed Christopher Munson, an Aryan Brotherhood drug dealer. Sanders and Munson were cellmates in prison in 1999. In 2005 the DEA busted the drug ring operation and arrested Sanders, as well as the Suarez brothers. Eladio Suarez became an informant in the case against Simpson and testified against him. Drugs, paraphernalia, cash and a firearm seized during a Family Affiliated Irish Mafia bust (seen above) In 2006 and early 2007, most of the FAIM leadership responsibilities fell to Byrne because Sanders was in federal custody. Sanders and Byrne began to have problems during that period which resulted in Sanders putting out a hit on Byrne in 2007. Michael Iadanza, a member of FAIM, carried out the order by attempting to shoot Byrne outside a bar in Sandy Shores. The hit was botched and it resulted in the accidental death of a bar patron. Byrne was not injured. When Sheriff Deputies showed up, Byrne was arrested on an unrelated warrant. Byrne refused to testify against the gang and Iadanza, instead trying to maintain his status as an active gang member and follow the gang code. During that time he was in jail. in 2009, Byrne agreed to testify, after FAIM members attacked him and tried to kill him while he was in jail. Sanders was convicted of conspiracy and murder charges. He was sentenced to life in prison. Final words heard from Sanders upon his conviction: "You win some, you lose some". In early 2021 the leadership of FAIM was once again shaken, as Weston "Wes" Stigers faced an indictment with suspected AB member Joseph Campbell and Roland O'Kelly. The three inmates allegedly coordinated the murder of a man in Twin Towers Correctional Facility, utilizing the visitation system to carry a message from Stigers to O'Kelly. It is alleged that O'Kelly and Campbell then stabbed the man to death in the chow hall, that Stigers is a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, and ordered the murder for the benefit of said Brotherhood. Around this same period, SADCR reported an increase in the amount of FAIM affiliated inmates in the State Corrections System. The case remains in trial.
  16. Third floor apartment for sale in the Sandcastle Way complex. Property comes with two terraces (one only accessed by other people living in the neighbouring third floor apartments, parking lot and private balcony. Property has been decorated. Buyout price: $456,951 (( ))
  17. Looking to sell a spacious Magellan Avenue apartment. Two bedrooms, one bathroom, large open space kitchen and living area, and walk-in closet. Private parking lot. (( Property information )) Asking price 450.000$ or best offer. Building photos Entrance view Living room view Living room and kitchen view 2 Guest bedroom Bathroom Master bedroom view 1 Master bedroom view 2
  18. This thread will follow the life of 18Y/O Dustin Scott.
  19. FOR SALE! Beautiful two bedroom apartment situated in a safe area. Balcony with a beautiful view of the canals with public docks included. Also willing to consider trades for real estate. Starting Bid: $250,000 Buyout: Best Offer Automatic Buyout: $500,000 (( OOC Information, Market price and furniture price. )) Pictures of the property, exterior and interior both included.
  20. Name: Derek TseungAlias: ShadeAffiliations: Oceanside Wah ChingAge: 22-23Nationality: AmericanHeritage: American-ChineseOccupation: Tattoo artist
  21. Kent, class of 2004, classic vespucci boy, has always had problems since birth, his mother was a junkie and he was born premature, his face was affected, in fact his chin did not develop completely, his mother died during labor. His father who was too young to take responsibility, dumps him on his mother, so Kent, starts living with his grandmother. He begins to attend Vespucci High School, but is expelled at 15 because he called his English teacher a bastard for no other reason than that he had given him an assignment on family. He is forced to attend remedial school, and drops out at the age of 17. Today he lives on his grandmother's allowance and doing nothing all day, just riding around vespucci all day on his BMX bike. ((Edit 2021)) Kent's grandfather dies on July 12, 2021, but leaves an inheritance to his only grandchild, which is $2,000. Kent uses that money to pay for a minor operation on his chin, manages to fix it and now his face is normal.
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