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  1. Vespucci Beach is a popular seaside area. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and outdoor activities. Despite being the most popular beach in the country, it is also the most dangerous. The beach has the highest rates of theft, robbery, and violent crime like assault, homicide and sexual violence. The area is full of street gangs, the main cause of crime. One of the biggest street gangs in the area is the Asian Boyz Crips. The band was formed in the early 90's. The main reason that local Asian refugees banded together was to protect their community from atrocities, Latino and African-American gangs, and from racial attacks. The gangs were largely filled by Cambodian immigrants, but also included some from Vietnam and the Philippines. The gang is now well known, with several illegal activities to its name, such as car theft, drug trafficking, extortion, burglary and murder. The ABZ gang is a section of the big Crips gang.They are allies of several Crips sets, such as Sons of Samoa Crips, Insane Crips,Rollin 20's Crips. Another big ally is the Vietnamese Boyz gang. The gang also has other names, like Asian Crips, Asian Boys, 1226 or just ABZ. Their enemies are the East Side Longos and the Tiny Rascal Gang, but their biggest enemy is the Wah Ching Gang, with over ten murders in the conflict between the two gangs. Present day Dennis Vong spent his days at the home of one of his friends after the OGs were shut down by law enforcement a few weeks ago. When he finally ventured out onto the streets, he immediately contacted his homies to discuss what to do next. The gang picked up where the OGs left off and started reaching out to their old contacts to raise money. Out of Character Our aim is to give a realistic representation of the ABZ street gang on the streets of Vespucci. We also want to pay great attention to the gang's activity and the character development of the characters. All players are welcome, but please note that we are very strict about following server rules and do not tolerate trolling. We will help anyone who needs it, our goal is to build a good community both within the gang and on Vespucci. When you join a faction, you accept that if the faction is compromised, a CK may be issued. Please feel free to contact me with any questions: @Dante0629 & @BenG Discord: https://discord.gg/4WbJ9Aem8d
  2. Beachside Terror was originally created as a group of friends operating as a tagging crew in the Vespucci area. Known for their unique style of graffiti and bold choice of artwork that could be seen all over the lower Vespucci—primarily Melanoma Street—they quickly gained a reputation as a small yet dangerous group. However, their gradual rise to criminal fame was not solely based on their passionate hobby of graffiti; the crew slowly formed a fierce reputation through their direct involvement in various illicit activities, namely a list of bloody turf wars and acts of drug smuggling for powerful crime organisations like the Mexican Mafia. The raw origins of the crew can be traced back to an older generation led by Hopout Cuevas and Joker Vargas. Under this duo's leadership, the crew established a rapport for their unapologetic and fearless approach to graffiti culture. With the newfound protection and endorsement from the notorious Mexican Mafia, the crew rebranded themselves as Varrio Terrorside 13 and aligned themselves with the powerful criminal organization, which controls the grand majority of Mexican-American street gangs wreaking havoc on the Los Santos streets. This co-sign allowed the newly-developed gang a significant level of power and awe on the streets and they quickly established themselves as one of the most feared and respected gangs in the area. However, their rise to power was not met without challenges; the gang found themselves entwined in a bloody feud with Public Enemy No. 1, a predominantly white skinhead gang also known as PEN1. The conflict between the two gangs was brutal and saw the death or long-term incarceration of members on both sides. With the brunt of Varrio Terrorside 13's leadership fallen victim to the consequences of this barbarous battle, the gang inevitably fell into a crippling period of inactivity. After a handful of years spent in quiet dormancy, rumors began to plague the streets of Vespucci, hinting at the resurgence of a new generation of Beachside Terror. Slowly but surely, many tags that mimicking the once-famed crew's distinctive style started littering the buildings on and around Melanoma Street, sparking curiosity and speculation among the residents of the area, as well as a fear of repeated events. The word on the streets suggested that a new generation of young delinquents had taken up the mantle of Beachside Terror and were determined to reclaim the crew's place as one of the most feared groups in the area. The new crew was said to be led by Nitro Contreras and Chino Aranda. To ensure a swift and stable reign, one of their key strategies was to restore the old connections that the crew once had with the Mexican Mafia. With this renewed connection, the crew was able to regain its chokehold on the lower Vespucci area. Following their rebirth, the crew realised that their old name carried too much baggage and memories of a bittersweet past. A new generation meant new feats to accomplish. They would therefore come to be known as Terror Town 13. Thread credits go out to @XIK, @Plottin & @occ Terror Town 13 is a fictional Sureño gang that originated from a tagging crew called Beachside Terror. The transition from a tagging crew to a full-fledged gang occurred after two months of development. Our aim is to accurately portray a modern Sureño gang in the west side of Los Santos and provide an enjoyable experience to whoever roleplays with our faction. Permission to post screenshots must be granted by leadership in our Discord server. For any questions on how to join or inquiries about the faction, feel free to PM @XIK.
  3. Одесская группа The Odessa Gruppa The Odessa Gruppa is a known cooperative of primarily Russians and Ukrainians, but assumed to have members from many other post-soviet states. The group is believed to have originated from the desperate immigrants of the 70's, with it's main source of members being people of low economic standing. They're attempt to keep generally more neutral and money-oriented compared to other's similar to them, but by no means do they not retaliate and retaliate strong. -Anyone interested in joining can feel free to do so here https://discord.gg/mNU37P75dp History Out of Character Info - We plan on roleplaying realistically down to the last fault and expect anyone interested to follow with that. - We are welcoming to anyone interested in joining or have questions, you may contact @Anatoliy and @FFrenzy03 or you're able to join us here https://discord.gg/7dSmKj3j - The faction is mainly Russian ICly but invites any character who is part of a post-soviet country. - We will be taking OOC activity as importance, so any reports on you, kicks, bans, etc. Will be handled accordingly. - Aside from faction realism, we would like to see character realism and development as well. - This is a group that will start out as a some-what small group and expand and develop through time and IC events. - The faction is all people of Post-Soviet past however it is preferred that you use a second/third generation character rather than a first, however this is not reinforced. -Your character's wealth is always to be portrayed realistically, we will not tolerate players roleplaying a weak financial situation and showing up in sports cars & expensive/luxurious dressing. This is restricted only to people who have progressed a lot in their character development and have obtained their wealth through their roleplay. - The ranking system one very in-character oriented more than of OOC ranks.
  4. Clyde Harley (Clyde/Bulldog/Stitches/Tubby) Clyde is a born & raised Los Santos native from Vespucci. He grew up in Vitus street, The race politics weighed heavily on the way he grew because of how prominent the supremacy theroies was in his family. Clyde is a 3rd generation LSer, he came from a long way of domestic violence. Clyde is known in his school to be a bully when he was still at school, he gets into arguments and fights often at school, on the street and in public. In his school, he's known to rob others' lunch money and bully other students ever since he was young, elementary school days till he dropped out. This was mainly because his drunk daddy and the mother who never cares about him. Clyde is a typical latchkey kid, just like other white poor kids. One day, Clyde's mother cannot take it anymore, been experiencing mental and physical abuse from his husband for couple of years, she decided to leave the whole family and ran away. Clyde spent most of his childhood at his parent's place, without the worry of material necessities, the bread that his father brought on the table as a delivery guy for the local grocery was enough for him to be content. In his early teens, his father was shot and murdered by thugs in Jamestown while he was on a delivery — He was simply delivering eggs, his only possessions on him, a Nokia and twenty dollars, were taken by the murderers. Clyde thought it was African American who murdered his father so the neo-nazi thoughts had become a part of him. Clyde began to shave his head, dressing like a punk, learned how to skate etc... After his father's death, Clyde moved to his grandpa's place, it is hard for the low-income family to live, so Clyde chose to drop out and sell drugs with his 'friends' around Vespucci.
  5. Dogtown Skinheads, or Dog Town Skins, is a white supremacist skinhead gang based in the Dogtown area of Vespucci Beach in Los Santos, San Andreas. The early formation of the gang was formed as a hardcore punk rock crew called Dogtown Hardcore (DHC) in the early 1980's by a group of local suburban teenagers, who were heavily influenced by the violent Southern San Andrean punk rock scene. They frequently clashed with other punk gangs out on the streets and music shows and had already gained a deadly reputation for their violent behavior. Through time, the gang developed into a skinhead gang and were highly prominent in the late 1990's. With most of the members getting lost in the loop of hard drugs, catching life sentences and ending up on state prison yards, flipping and dying to street violence, the new generation of the gang operates around tightknit areas, squathouses and gritty motels in the Vespucci Beach area of Los Santos, with their main criminal activities ranging from petty crime to methamphetamine sales, burglaries, robberies, and assaults.
  6. This character thread will follow the character progression of Edwin Tellez, a local around the Westside Longos 13 gang.
  7. Vespucci Shooting Leaves One Dead May 14, 2023, 02:27 Written by Robert Grey A shooting incident that took place on Goma Street and Palomino Avenue in Vespucci left one teenager dead on Saturday evening. According to eyewitnesses, the victim was approached by an unidentified male wearing a black ski-mask, black hoodie, and black pants. The suspect fired approximately 15 shots at the teenager before fleeing the scene through the La Spada restaurant parking lot. Police officers arrived at the location shortly after receiving a distress call from residents in the area. The victim was found lying on the ground, unresponsive and with multiple gunshot wounds. The victim's identity has not yet been released, pending notification of next of kin. The motive behind the shooting remains unclear, and investigations are ongoing. The Los Santos Police Department are urging anyone with information about the incident to come forward and provide assistance in their investigation. They have also appealed to members of the public who may have witnessed the shooting or have any relevant information to contact the department as soon as possible. The shooting has left the community in shock, with residents expressing their concern about the increasing rate of gun violence in the area. Local leaders have called for measures to be put in place to curb the trend and ensure that residents can feel safe in their neighborhoods. As the investigation continues, authorities are urging residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police. The Los Santos Police Department has assured residents that they are working tirelessly to bring the perpetrator of this heinous crime to justice. FOLLOW US ONLINE FOR LIVE UPDATES: HTTPS://SOSANSENTINEL.ORG/LIVE-UPDATES CLICK HERE TO COMMENT BELOW, TELL US HOW YOU FEEL! USERNAME: COMMENT:
  8. Start price: 100.000$ Buyout: 300.000$ /pinfo: Exterior: Interior:
  9. This thread will follow the life of Donny Jones, a 20 year old Vespucci local finding his way back home and coming back to the streets to fight against modern comformity.
  10. OOC INFO: We aim to portray a fictional, yet realistic Asian tagging crew that is situated in the vicinity of Vespucci Canals and embodies a believable reality. To ensure great quality character development, we require that every member has a well-crafted backstory upon joining us. We currently stand as an invite-only faction to maintain our reputation as a tight-knit, high quality roleplaying group. Invitations are extended through in-character means. Upon joining the faction script in-game you immediately surrender any and all CK perms to the Troubled Reckless Steppers leadership. (For any questions or concerns contact @drownin or @occ via forum PM's)
  11. Hate Fueled Joyride Rock Vespucci Beach March 12, 2023, 10:46 Written by Robert Grey Vespucci - A joyride turned into a nightmare for residents of Vespucci after a skinhead gang member went on a destructive rampage. Leo Mazza, a 21-year-old member of a local skinhead gang, drove through the streets of Vespucci, taking out street lights and driving over sidewalks in a meth-fueled frenzy. Mazza was eventually stopped by the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department, who had been alerted to his reckless driving by concerned residents. During the traffic stop, deputies discovered that Mazza was carrying a loaded handgun and an undisclosed amount of cocaine and pills. According to witnesses, Mazza was driving erratically, swerving in and out of traffic and narrowly avoiding other vehicles and pedestrians. He was seen driving onto the sidewalk, knocking over garbage cans and causing damage to storefronts. One resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said, "It was like something out of a movie. He was driving like a maniac, and we were all just trying to stay out of his way." Another witness, who also asked to remain anonymous, said, "It was terrifying. He was driving so fast, and I thought he was going to hit me. I'm just glad he's been caught." Mazza has been charged with a number of offenses, including reckless driving, possession of a loaded firearm, and possession of illegal drugs. He is currently being held in custody pending his arraignment. The incident has sparked outrage in the community, with many residents expressing their disgust at the actions of the skinhead gang member. "This kind of behavior is unacceptable," said one resident. "We need to come together as a community to stand up against hate and violence." The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department has vowed to continue to crack down on dangerous driving and gang-related activity in the area. "We will not tolerate this kind of behavior in our community," said a spokesperson for the department. "We will do everything in our power to keep our streets safe and to bring those responsible to justice." FOLLOW US ONLINE FOR LIVE UPDATES: HTTPS://SOSANSENTINEL.ORG/LIVE-UPDATES CLICK HERE TO COMMENT BELOW, TELL US HOW YOU FEEL! USERNAME: COMMENT:
  12. Looking to sell my furnished apartment at 2213 Bay City Avenue. Starting Bid: 130,000$ Buyout: 220,000$ Property to be sold to highest offer. https://imgur.com/a/hT19IAU
  13. This thread will follow the character development of Matt Boyle, Ryan Ward and Louie Campbell.
  14. As a second-generation Cambodian-American who has lived in Vespucci Canals since childhood, he has witnessed the harsh realities of living there, despite its visually appealing canals and grand homes. The area has been plagued by poverty and violence. Jayden's mother was a child during the Cambodian war, forced to flee with her mother to escape the violence. Unfortunately, Jayden's grandmother passed away when his mother was still very young, making it difficult for her to balance work, studies, and caring for Jayden as a single mother. As a result, Jayden rarely saw his mother in a positive light, as she was often stressed, complaining, and taking her frustrations out on him due to his father's absence. Feeling trapped, Jayden would escape the house as often as possible, spending time with local kids in the area and eventually forming their own crew. Initially, they simply represented TRS at school, but they soon progressed to tagging, and eventually tag-banging, which caused a host of new issues. Nowadays, Jayden's mother has little authority over him. He habitually disobeys her and continues to sneak out of the house whenever he pleases. TRS has become a major focus for him, and he has even ventured into new avenues to generate income for himself and his mother. His attendance at school has dwindled, and he engages in more physical altercations than ever before.
  15. Southern San Andreas Sentinel February 3, 2023 Decomposed Body Found in Abandoned Vespucci Canals Home A disturbing discovery was made in Vespucci Canals when the decomposed body of a mid-twenties white male was found in an abandoned and boarded up home. The body was discovered following a report of a bad smell coming from the property. Upon further investigation, the man appeared to have been beaten and then shot multiple times. The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department promptly responded and the Homicide Bureau has been tasked with the investigation. The identity of the victim and the circumstances surrounding their death remain unknown at this time. The community is shocked and saddened by this violent crime and is eager for answers. The Sheriff's Department has stated that they are following all leads and working tirelessly to bring those responsible to justice. They have urged anyone with information about this case to come forward and assist in the investigation. This is a developing story and more details will be provided as they become available. The Southern San Andreas Sentinel will continue to follow this story and provide updates to the community. FOLLOW US ONLINE FOR LIVE UPDATES: HTTPS://SOSANSENTINEL.ORG/LIVE-UPDATES CLICK HERE TO COMMENT BELOW, TELL US HOW YOU FEEL! USERNAME: COMMENT:
  16. This character thread will outline the development of "Elijah Keller", a down ass white boy who is a part of a street gang based in Vespucci named Terror Town 13 & will feature nothing but grimey screenshots and roleplay.
  17. The following thread will follow the character development of Elias Cabrera, a defunct Beachside Terror affiliate.
  18. This thread showcases the life of one Vespucci local named Alvin Fowler. Alvin Fowler is one of the many representatives of White youth in the Vespucci area. Prone to getting involved with hard narcotics and violence at an early age, Alvin shoots his shot at trying to survive the vicious streets of gangland "Dogtown" and make a life for himself. A troubled home, an easy access to hardcore drugs and a neighborhood full of criminally motivated racist skinheads are what dictate how his life is going to go.
  19. This thread will follow the life of Melissa Rizzo, a vespucci teenager involved in the local white pride scene. "They're interested in women because they see them as less likely to attract police attention and less likely to be police informers. Some of the leaders tell me if you recruit women, you get their kids and husbands, too." She says it wasn't really about racism for her, at least not in the beginning. "It was a displacement of my feelings. Like, Me being this way can't be my fault so it must be someone else's fault. The skinheads gave me a place where I could focus the rage and anger I was experiencing, there was a lack of connectedness in my family growing up, but the skinheads gave me a sense of unconditional belonging."
  20. Calvin Williams starts to become more affiliated with some School Yard Crips as he lives in the area.
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