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Found 20 results

  1. This will follow the story of Jimmy Graves, a new local Tweaker in Sandy Shores. The story will follow the abusive of methamphetamine, exploring the 1% life style, and overall complete destruction of ones life. (Present day Jimmy Graves) Jimmy Graves (45) was born and raised in the rough and tumble neighborhood of Vespucci, a sprawling metropolis known for its gritty streets and tough-as-nails residents. He grew up alongside his two brothers, Nicholas (33) and Rowan (22) Graves, in a small house on the main strip of Bay City Avenue. From a young age, Jimmy was drawn to the world of motorcycles and the sense of freedom they represented. He would often sneak out at night to watch the local motorcycle clubs ride through town, their engines roaring and their riders clad in leather jackets and bandanas. It wasn't long before Jimmy became involved in the world of motorcycle clubs himself, joining the notorious Saxon Raiders at the age of eighteen. The club was known for their rough-and-tumble reputation, and Jimmy quickly became a respected member among his peers. But with the allure of the club came the dark world of drugs. Jimmy was no stranger to substance abuse, and he quickly fell into the trap of methamphetamine, a drug that would ultimately become his drug of choice. Despite the dangers and risks, Jimmy couldn't resist the thrill of the lifestyle he had chosen. He was young, reckless, and determined to make a name for himself in the motorcycle world, no matter the cost. As he cruised through the streets of Vespucci, his leather jacket emblazoned with the Saxon Raiders emblem, Jimmy couldn't help but feel invincible. But little did he know, the choices he was making would ultimately lead him down a dark and dangerous path, one that would ultimately land him behind bars. The sober part of Jimmy's life would never end up happening. The Phases of Jimmy Graves If it was one thing that Jimmy loved, it was drugs and pussy. His addiction had also caused him to become unreliable and often missed meetings or arrived late, which infuriated his brothers in the club. They had always prided themselves on being punctual and dependable, and Jimmy's behavior went against everything they stood for. But they knew he was struggling, and they didn't want to turn their backs on him. Despite his flaws, Jimmy was still a respected member of the club. He had proven himself to be a loyal and dedicated brother in the past, and the club was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. However, they knew that something had to be done to help him before it was too late. One of the senior members of the club took it upon himself to have a heart-to-heart talk with Jimmy. He laid out the consequences of his actions and the impact they were having on the club. He reminded Jimmy of the brotherhood they shared and the importance of putting the needs of the club before personal desires. Jimmy was initially defensive but slowly began to see the error of his ways. He agreed to seek help for his addiction and make amends for his past behavior. The club rallied behind him, providing support and encouragement, and together, they helped Jimmy overcome his demons. In the end, Jimmy emerged stronger and more committed to the club than ever before. He had conquered his addiction and was once again a reliable and valued member of the brotherhood. His story served as a reminder of the importance of brotherhood and the power of redemption. The end of the Saxon era. Brother hood never dies. The end of the Saxon's, a club where Jimmy was a member, was a significant turning point for him. It was not just the loss of a social outlet, but also a source of income and identity. The closure of the club triggered a series of events that led to Jimmy's drug habit escalating to a dangerous level. He had several overdoses, and the third one proved to be the turning point for him. He realized that he needed to make a change in his life if he wanted to survive. The fallout of the club's closure affected each member differently. Some left the state, while others stayed and made a name for themselves in different ways. However, Jimmy's addiction prevented him from taking any meaningful steps to move forward. He continued doing side-gigs for various contractors, mainly roofing jobs in the countryside and parts of the city. These jobs provided him with the money he needed to fuel his addiction. But life was never easy for Jimmy, and he faced numerous challenges along the way. Jimmy's addiction took a toll on his life. He became homeless, couch-surfing, and living on the streets for extended periods. The challenges of being homeless and addicted were something that he was not prepared for. Every day was a struggle to find food, shelter, and his next fix. His addiction had taken over his life and left him with nothing. Despite the hardships, Jimmy never gave up. He remained determined to survive and continued to chase after any dollar he could get to fulfill his addict needs. However, the road to recovery was a long and difficult one. Jimmy needed help, and he knew it. With the support of his family and friends, he started the journey towards sobriety. It was a challenging process that required a lot of hard work and dedication. Jimmy had to overcome his addiction and rebuild his life from scratch. But he was determined to do whatever it takes to get his life back on track. In conclusion, the end of the Saxon's was a turning point for Jimmy, which triggered a series of events that led to his addiction escalating to a dangerous level. His addiction left him homeless and struggling to survive on the streets. However, with the help of his loved ones, Jimmy started his journey towards sobriety, and he remained determined to rebuild his life from scratch. Recovery Stages. Fuck a six month chip. Jimmy had hit rock bottom, and the only way he could see out was by getting high again. His experience at the sober living facility was not one he ever wanted to repeat, and the withdrawals were something he never wanted to go through again. The pain and misery of addiction had taken over his life, and he felt like he was drowning with no one to save him. He stumbled upon "The Dive" while hopping from bar to bar in Sandy Shores and Harmony. The place was a real dive, with peeling wallpaper and a strong smell of stale beer. But it was a haven for those who were looking for a good time, and Jimmy quickly found himself fitting in with the rough crowd that hung out there. It was there that he met the Mongols, a local motorcycle club that frequented the bar. At first, Jimmy was hesitant to get involved with them, but he soon realized that they were a brotherhood, a family, that he had been missing for so long. They took him in and treated him like one of their own, and for the first time in a long time, Jimmy felt like he belonged. The Mongols were a rough and tumble group, but they had a code of honor that Jimmy respected. They didn't judge him for his past, and they didn't push him to get sober. They simply accepted him for who he was and let him be himself. Jimmy found himself doing odd jobs for the Mongols, running errands, and helping out with whatever they needed. He felt like he was part of something bigger than himself, and it gave him a sense of purpose that he had been missing for so long. As time went on, Jimmy found that his addiction wasn't as strong as it once was. He still had cravings, but they were more manageable. He knew that he wasn't fully cured, but he was in a much better place than he had been before. The Mongols played a big part in his recovery, giving him the support and encouragement he needed to keep going. They didn't enable him or let him slide back into old habits, but they also didn't judge him or push him too hard. They simply gave him a safe place to be himself and helped him find his way back to a better life. In the end, Jimmy found the strength to overcome his addiction, thanks in large part to the brotherhood he had found with the Mongols. They had given him a second chance at life, and he was determined to make the most of it. Mongol Nation It's a Mongol Nation after all. Jimmy had proven his worth to the Mongols and had earned the trust of his fellow brothers. He had shown his loyalty, determination, and grit, which were highly valued qualities in the club. Jimmy was not afraid to take on challenges, and he had a reputation for being a tough and skilled fighter. As a newly patched member, Jimmy quickly proved himself to be a valuable asset to the Mongols. He was willing to do whatever it took to achieve his goals, even if it meant participating in violent and illegal activities such as gun running, drug smuggling, and murder for hire. These actions may have gone against the law, but they were necessary for the survival of the club and the advancement of Jimmy's position within it. As he climbed the ranks within the club, Jimmy continued to prove his loyalty and dedication. He became known as a fierce and ruthless member, willing to do whatever it takes to protect his brothers and ensure their success Once Jimmy earned his full patch, he was given more responsibilities within the club. He worked hard to make sure that the Mongol's Death Valley Chapter regained its former reputation as a force to be reckoned with. He led the charge in taking out rival gangs and securing new territories for the club's operations. In addition to his accomplishments as a member of the club, Jimmy also became a Cabinet Member of the Mongols Motorcycle Club. This was a prestigious position within the club, and it came with a lot of responsibility. As a Cabinet Member, Jimmy was responsible for overseeing various aspects of the club's operations and making sure that everything ran smoothly. Jimmy's hard work and dedication had paid off. He had achieved success in the criminal underworld and had risen to the top ranks of the Mongols Motorcycle Club. He was now living a life of luxury and power, with access to money, drugs, and weapons. However, the life he had chosen was dangerous and risky, and he knew that one mistake could lead to his downfall. But for Jimmy, the rewards were worth the risks. He was a man on a mission, and he was determined to succeed no matter what. Black Spade Tattoo Studio (Graveyard Ink) Ink to the bone. Jimmy was a man of many passions. He loved to draw and create art, and he also had a dark fascination with inflicting pain on others. It was a strange combination, but for Jimmy, it was a perfect match. He spent most of his youth honing his artistic skills, and over time, his talent grew like a fine wine or cheese, aging to perfection in a barrel or warehouse. Despite his artistic prowess, Jimmy's life took a dark turn when he landed himself in Twin Towers in 2021. It was there that he learned the art of inking inside the walls of his confined space. But for Jimmy, there was more passion and meaning in the work he was doing for his brothers in the gang. This experience only fueled his desire to create, and upon his release, he continued to do private ink work for club members and other individuals in the area. Despite his growing reputation, Jimmy never sought to make a name for himself or establish a studio for his work. However, all of that changed when he met the Death Valley Mongols. They saw his talent and offered him the chance to earn and create a new name for himself. With their support, Jimmy was able to earn a significant amount of money from both illegal and legal work. In the early spring of 2023, Jimmy finally had the opportunity to establish his own studio. He acquired a building off of Joshua Road near Grapeseed and called it "Black Spade Tattoo Studio." This was the beginning of a new chapter in his career. Jimmy focused on specializing in inking fellow gang members, as well as individuals from outside the state. In San Andreas, getting specialized ink was nearly impossible due to law enforcement crackdowns, but Jimmy wasn't afraid of the local cops. He was determined to continue serving his white men and provide them with his unique, personal touch. Despite the risks, Jimmy found a sense of purpose in his work. His love for art and his passion for inflicting pain may have seemed like a strange combination to some, but for him, it was the perfect expression of his creativity and his devotion to his gang. With Black Spade Tattoo Studio, Jimmy had finally found a place where he could showcase his talent and create a lasting legacy for himself in the world of ink. Death Valley Woods (D.V.W) White Power Death Valley Woods is a notorious gang that originated in Sandy Shores, and its members are comprised of individuals who share similar beliefs and agendas. The group was first established by Chandler Walker, Malcolm Walker, and Joseph Lyon's, and it began to take shape after Joseph's departure from the Mongols Death Valley chapter. As more members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club and Chandler and Malcolm Walker's associates joined the group's hierarchy, Death Valley Woods began to grow in size and influence. The gang's members shared a common bond, a sense of brotherhood, and a desire to assert their dominance in the criminal underworld. The idea of making the group official emerged after a visit to the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Santos, which houses some of the most dangerous and notorious white men in the world. The experience had a profound impact on the members of Death Valley Woods, and it fueled their determination to become a powerful and respected gang. Over the next few months, the gang's members continued to grow in number, and they began to establish themselves as a significant force in the criminal underworld. Despite some internal tensions and power struggles, Death Valley Woods remained united under the leadership of Chandler and Malcolm Walker. Jimmy, a member of the Mongols, eventually left the club and pledged his loyalty to his fellow white men in Death Valley Woods. With the Mongols being a predominantly Hispanic club, Jimmy saw an opportunity to align himself with a more like-minded group. As the gang continued to expand, it eventually adopted a different name, although it maintained its reputation for violence and criminal activity. Today, Death Valley Woods is considered one of the most dangerous and influential gangs in the region, with a network of criminal connections that extends across state lines. Crazy White Boys Down For The Woodpile Crazy White Boys aka "Dubbs" (W) are white people who have grown up in the streets and/or urban/hip-hop lifestyle. They are people who grew up feeling outcast by white people for "being black wanna bes" and by the black community for being white. They are FAR from racist, as they usually have many friends or are married to people of other ethnicities. They believe it is good there are organizations out there to help minority groups but do not like being discriminated against just for being the color they are, white. They believe equality should be honestly EQUAL. They are unified through more than race, but the fact that they all shared similar life stories of struggle, discrimination, and feeling left out of the very neighborhoods they grew up in/live in. CWB/CWG/Dubbs have established "sets" all over LS State. Crazy White Boys is a concept that has been embraced by several members of other Wood sets that have evolved within the TTCF system, rendering them capable individuals of pushing the Aryan Brotherhood’s deeds one step further. As it stands, they have free will of recruiting within the TTCF system with a fully organized structure. Members of the Crazy White Boys can and will be located anywhere within the State, falling together to handle several drug and weapon distribution networks that extend toward Los Santos. Nomadic Respect Few, Fear None When Death Valley Woods became defunct, the solider in Jimmy couldn't stop the war path. His loyalty remanded to his race, but his second home was calling back. He spent a large time away from the club, flying the West Coast Nomads colors. After a discussion with mother chapter members, Jimmy made the push to return back to the club. He would commit as if he was working part-time at a job. He would run the colors of the Mongols MC during the day. Affiliations (Group that Jimmy Graves is associated with) White Car - Thread Crazy White Boys - Thread Mongols MC - Thread Death Valley Woods (Old) - Thread Death Valley Peckerwoods (Old) - Thread Aryan Brotherhood (Old) - Thread Saxon Raiders Motorcycle Club (Old) - Thread Businesses Graveyard Ink - Thread TBA Story collection (This will house all important chapters in Jimmy's life, for ease of access and development. Not all screenshots will be listed here as some do hold irrelevant information) Chapter 1 - Page Chapter 2 - Page Chapter 3 - Page Chapter 4 - Page Chapter 5 - Page Chapter 6 - Page Chapter 7 - Page Chapter 8 - Page Chapter 9 - Page Chapter 10 - Page Chapter 11 - Page Chapter 12 - Page Chapter 13 - Page Chapter 14 - Page Chapter 15 - Page Chapter 16 - Page Chapter 17 - Page Chapter 18 - Page Chapter 19 - Page Chapter 20 - Page (Please note this thread will go through several revamps and updates as time goes on, I am also a spastic and sometimes can't spell)
  2. Drug Abuse Resistance Education, or D.A.R.E, is an education program that seeks to prevent use of controlled drugs, membership in gangs, and violent behavior... A South Los Santos career criminal described as “insane” was sprung early from prison recently. Antonio Gamble, 31, served just 26 months of a 53-month sentence and was released back to the Davis community under parole supervision, L.S. Police Chief said this Thursday. Gamble is a known Neighborhood Piru. Law enforcement officials said the suspect was already in jail over a drug trafficking case when they connected him to a murder, adding that the career felon should have never been released early given his violent history. “This 31-year-old suspect is insane,” L.S. District Attorney Mauricio Aguilera said at a news conference. “We are seeing far too many violent repeat offenders being released way too early for either shortened sentences, or because of minimal bottom outs.” “The parolee in this case is just another example of how our current criminal justice system is failing to keep our community safe,” he added. Police said Gamble had 12 felony and 18 misdemeanor charges on his rap sheet and was cut loose in April 2023.
  3. Fried.

    Greg Clancy

    This thread was created to follow the adventures and development of South Central native Greg Clancy.
  4. SB

    zaza distributor

    Keyana Palmer is a Davis born and raised Guatemalan/African American drug dealer that sells weed.
  5. This topic is following the development of Kevin Ayestas, a kid in Little Seoul.
  6. "When I was growing up, my mom used to tell my sister and me about a leprechaun with a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. But she never mentioned a Russian Neanderthal with a bag of diamonds at the end of a bloody trail in a train station."
  7. This thread was created to follow the adventures and development of Sergio Espina.
  8. Following the life of Pablo "Paco" Cortez Pablo "Paco" Cortez is a first gen Mexican American. His Mother worked as a sex worker and came from Mexico with an alleged pimp. Once she touched Los Santos, she was pregnant but shot her alleged pimp. After doing 2 years for self defense, she moved into the Brogue neighborhood. It is unclear about her alliances with the neighborhood, but since then, Paco has grown up in the neighborhood. He was quiet but observant during his first years in elementary school. He would experience a lot of bullying at school, which led to him constantly fighting. After elementary school, he would break out in middle school. His mother would barely be home, and would cause him to be out late. Paco would eventually become more goofy in class, and not take school seriously. He was suspended multiple times in middle school, and now is known for fighting. He is know a freshman in high school, and struggles with day to day problems with living in a gang infested neighborhood.
  9. (( This is a follow up thread for Paco's development while living in the Charleston Projects. Follow Original Paco story here: ))
  10. CASE FILE: #854-12-2154 CASE NUMBER: #A412 Kapo Nakao █ ██████ ██████ ████████, ██ █████p Kapo Nakao also known as "Capo" or "Speed" (was born December 16th, 1999, Davis, Los Santos, San Andreas) is a well known gang member that was involved in a various criminal activities in the past few years such as kidnapping, armed robbery, vandalism, disturbance of public order and failure to comply with the instructions of police officers. Biography: He's considered to be a "light-skinned Malay Mongoloid" or "light skinned Austronesian Malay". His biological father is a Caucasian (L.S. native), whilst his mother is originally from Polynesia, Tonga region. His birth parents are named Ailine Nakao and Joshua Goldsmith. His parents divorced while Kapo was a newborn. Kapo never saw his father. After divorce Ailine Nakao started to consume a lot of alcohol and light drugs. Kapo inherited his mother surname since his mother changed it while he was a kid. All of his childhood Kapo saw various men walk in and walk out of his home. Ailine Nakao was mostly focusing herself of finding a new husband and fixing her life issues while Kapo was literally living on his own at that time. Kapo never agreed with any of the new "dad's" that his mom was trying to propose for him. In Kapo's early teens everything got even worse. His mom, Ailine Nakao, managed to find out a new "potential husband" who introduced her to new drugs like crystal meth. In the meantime she started to consume some harder drugs. She wasn't taking care of Kapo anymore. Kapo, naturally, got in touch with the local guys from the neighborhood who showed him a few ways how to easily earn money on "his own". He realized that he can get a lot of "easy" cash on his own and that he can "live on his own". Influenced by various local gang members and "wannabe" gangsters he managed to start working for local gangs and build his early career and reputation all around South Central area. Kapo Nakao never seen a good example of a normal family and proper relationships. Due to a fact he barely imagines what a normal "family life means" itself. He was growing with a heavy drug addict on the side and with a bunch of random men who were changing quite a lot in his eyes. Many of those men were using a strong violence against him or his mom. Because of that he never managed to develop a proper understanding about feelings and love to other people. He doesn't really know what it means to love and have a family. From his point of view his family is the gang since the local gang members managed to grow him since he was a child. Since Kapo childhood, the guy was strongly influenced by a well known local gangster Dwayne "Wizz" Thompson who was like a father to him. Kapo Nakao never was a good student. He never really cared about the school. He was always at the lower mid tier since he was able to do whenever he wants with his life and nobody was making any kind of guidelines to him. Later on he started to run away from school and skip lessons on daily basis. Instead of that he was spending his time with his friends while selling drugs or doing graffiti's on the streets. At his youngster age he got kind of a strong addiction to video games so instead of going to school he was playing various video games in front of his TV at home. One of the biggest problems that Kapo is fighting constantly - his drug addictions. He never managed to get rid of it completely. Influenced by a bunch of locals drug addicts and constant being around the drugs made him a passive addict. He is starting to use them from time to time on a heavy basis. He is closely tied with "Tongan Crip Gang" better known as "TCG". Kapo Nakao mostly operates in southern district, Davis. SPECIAL ABILITIES AND SKILLS: Trapstar Kapo Nakao focuses on the sale of illegal narcotics. The guy knows very well where to get the drugs in wholesale for a good price and how to distribute them all around the streets. All Talk Kapo Nakao has a very loud mouth. This guy is talking the talk, and may or may not be able to walk the walk. He wants to be seen and wanna talk his shit to any and everybody. 9 to 5 Kapo Nakao has a legal job that makes some money (or covers the illegal cash flow). He owns a local "Bad Day Goods" pawn shop in Strawberry street, Davis. OG Kapo Nakao has a very strong reputation and a lot of respect on the streets. While not being a very old or a "long-time" member of the gang, he managed to earn a lot of respect with his works. It managed to earn him this title in the meantime. At the moment he is living a more reserved lifestyle after a life of constant gang-banging and crime. PERSONAL INFORMATION: TITLE: MR. FORENAME: KAPO; SURNAME: NAKAO; FULL NAME: KAPO NAKAO; OTHER NAMES: NICKNAME: CAPO (COMMONLY USED BETWEEN CLOSE FRIENDS AND RELATIVES); STREET NAME: SPEED (COMMONLY USED BY HIS INNER CIRCLE); EDIT: THIS NAME IS OLD AND FORGOTTEN, NOT USABLE IN THE MEANTIME! SSN: ███-██-████. GENERAL INFO: GENDER: MALE; DATE OF BIRTH: DECEMBER 16, 1999. CURRENT AGE: 21 Y/O. TROPICAL ZODIAC: SCORPIO. PLACE OF BIRTH: GROVE ST. ██, LOS SANTOS, SAN ANDREAS. CURRENT ADDRESS: GROVE ST. ██; DISTRICT: DAVIS; CITY: LOS SANTOS; STATE: SAN ANDREAS; PARENTS: AILINE NAKAO - MOM; STATUS: ALIVE; JOSHUA GOLDSMITH - DAD; STATUS: DEAD; RELATIVES: AVOCA NAKAO - GRANDMOTHER; STATUS: ALIVE; LANGUAGES: ENGLISH. CONTACT INFO: PHONE: ███-██-███. COUNTRY CODE: ███ E-MAIL: ███████████████████████████████ FINANCE: VISA: ████ ████ ████ ████ EXPIRES: ████ CVV2: ███ MASTER CARD: ████ ████ ████ ████ EXPIRES: ████ CVV2: ███ EMPLOYMENT: COMPANY: N/A; LOCATION OF THE COMPANY: N/A; OCCUPATION: N/A. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: HEIGHT: 6' 36" (194 centimeters) WEIGHT: 202.8 pounds (92.2 kilograms) BLOOD TYPE: O+ OTHER: FAVORITE COLOR: BLACK; VEHICLE: N/A. TRACKING NUMBER: f5a4b6f9-75d2-4380-b2ea-80914d9fcf68 PICTURES: LSPD/LSSD ARCHIVE:
  13. This is a story of young, 16 years old American-Tongan boy. This thread will follow the daily life of Nako. Nako Pulefaasisina is a 16-year-old teenager who was born in Pillbox Medical center, along with his twin brother Niko. Nako is a Bikelifer, he enjoys riding his BMX bike and has been hitting the local BMX park daily since he was a kid. He also enjoys video games and hanging around with his friends. He's brave and smart but also he's violent and unstable which isn't out of the ordinary for someone with his unsettling past. He was born and raised in a poor family in a criminal community, He never lived free of trouble. His father divorced his mother when he was 4. He was still united with his twin brother who is completely different than him, personality wise, They're both a lot different in their actions and they fought more than usual but still they had to survive in a criminal world and they had each others back no matter what. They managed to fight what they were going through and this has turned them into the men they are today. His mother did not work so he had to drop school and work when he was 10 in order to live and not to starve to death. He started to work in a clothes shop where he only mopped the floor and cleaned the place daily. He was not satisfied at all with the money behind the job so he had to find another. Legal jobs didn't work out so well so he had to do it the other way. He got himself into a small criminal gang and started to sell drugs for living when he was 11, making a lot of money his mother was not satisfied with his work at all but he was still a kid who did not understand what's right and wrong, blinded by the money he made so he continued. He was never a drug user or was involved in any gang-activity. His mother died when he was 16, so him and his brother had to move to another place. Nako was always looking for respect and a family to be with. They both agreed on moving down to Grove where most of their homies hang around perhaps they can hook them up with work to do.
  14. This thread will follow the development of a sixteen years old Trevon Malemo. Trevon Malemo was born and raised in Davis, he was born on 10/17/2004 at Pillbox Hill Medical Center. Trevon is a real scammer and he's the best one to convince you the deal is going alright and suddenly all goes south. Trevon used to tell kids at his school he'll bring them, sweets, for their toys and he ends up taking their stuff and they never get it back, although it sounds fun but Trevon had a bad childhood. He was living with his parents, his father was an alcoholic and a drug addict, and his mother was no better than his father, the couple abused drugs and alcohol together which had a very big effect on Trevon as he grew up. One night, both of his parents were arrested for hitting a guy with their car who died, they were driving while drunk and they possessed illegal substances. They were sentenced to 10 years of jail. Trevon was only 10 when his parents were arrested. Trevon's parents didn't leave much for him and his brother after they got arrested, most of the money was spent on buying drugs and liquor. Trevon was the older brother and he had to take matters into his own hands to ensure both he and his brother are alright and not starving while his parents are jailed. A guy in his neighborhood heard about what happened to his parents so he took him under him. This guy was known for his drug-dealing but Trevon didn't have a lot of choices. He started selling small quantities of drugs now and then, working under the guy from his neighborhood. Trevon had been doing bad in school ever since he started making cash from being on the street and soon considered to drop out of school and focus on keeping himself and his brother safe. This idea came from one of the boys he met in his school called Timoteo who was stacking a lot of ideas in Trevon's head, inspiring him to try out different things with him, from drinking alcohol to smoking weed in their free time. The duo roams around Davis, trying to always earn cash even if it comes with little trouble, and more importantly have fun.
  15. KC.

    Movladi Noukhayev

    SHOOTING IN HAWICK SUBURB By Chris Hamilton | Octorber 10, 2017 Early Sunday morning was the residents of Hawick waken up by multiple gunshots from a Semi-Automatic. The shooting occurred in front of block number 813. The chief of police mentioned that on a CCTV could see that a masked individual was shooting into the house of Mario Abramovich a well known drug dealer in the neighborhood. The house was investigated, and one kilo of heroin were later confiscated from the Abramovich household. The residents in the area is shocked by the event which occurred in their small comunity. We managed to talk to one of the nearby residents who's name is being concealed for her own good. The elderly women told me that these types of events never, and that she hopes it will be the last.
  16. PABLO HERNANDEZ Name: Pablo Hernandez DOB: 28/09/2004 Origin: Juarez Residence: Jamestown Rancho, Los Santos BACKGROUND Pablo Hernandez, a fourteen years old teenage living with his mother. His father died at Juarez, caught in a cartel shootout and it was the main reason Pablo's mother has decided to move to Los Santos. Pablo started to attend school and eventually met more kids that were living close by. As time went by, Pablo started to hang out with some kids that were affiliated with the gang and made him follow the wrong path. A few months later, the 'varrio' was in a lock down due the green light given by the Mexican Mafia La eMe and Pablo witnessed countless shootings, inducting Pablo into fear. A year went by, the war was over and everything calmed down. Pablo is now fifteen years old. He met a special girl, Stella that has a big impact on him. Suddenly she vanished and Pablo went 'loco' - He did things out off the bat as he was desperate. Everything went wrong, Pablo found his way out with drugs. Pablo went to the hospital, intoxicated. Pablo and Stella kept a distance and that fucked up with Pablo's mind. A few weeks later his mother got sick, she stayed in bed most of the time and it was Pablo who did and does everything at home. It was Monday, Pablo invited his close friend Vic and Faith ( Vic's friend) to have a dinner with him. During the process, Faith asked Pablo to see his mother and, concerned, took her to the hospital where she is at the moment. Pablo's mother has cancer and he wasn't aware. Faith and Vic have been taking care of Pablo while his mother is being diagnosed. Unaware of the whole situation, Pablo is struggling to survive on the streets as he was being bullied at school and had some beef in the 'varrio' because of the previously mentioned girl. Pablo had enough of being bullied and one day he decided to wait in the bathroom until any of the bullies come. He caught him lacking and beat him pretty hard - The teenage was found laid in a pool of blood and his ribs broken. Vic, being close to Pablo, has promised to take care of him and that being said, Vic took Pablo to the woods and taught him the basis to stay under radar and eventually how to operate a gun. It's been a while now, Pablo has gone through a rough path. His mother died from a sudden cancer and 'Faith' has taken over. Pablo found out that he's not a legal citizen of Los Santos and 'Faith' found a way out, which was, adopting Pablo ( Since he has no family left ) and handle all his legalities. Pablo was beaten countless times and had to learn through the roughest way. He's up to his feet, 'Leon', 'Rudy' and 'Vic' gave him a way out and he's currently selling weed on the streets to earn little to no cash. It was another day at Jamestown and Pablo decided to grab some fresh clothes. He drove his way to the clothing store and by the time he was shopping, a white individual approaches the teenager. He seemed another person in the world, until he began to ask Pablo about strange things. Pablo didn't like it and tried to keep his distance from the man, which seemed to be impossible because this one was tailing him. Pablo headed outside, slipped his hand into the pocket, flipped the switchbade open. This same male kept on tailing him, and somehow, for some reason, the individual pulls out a wrench. Pablo didn't thought twice - He pulled the switchblade out and stabbed the white male, not more not less than eleven times. At this point Pablo rides off and later on realizes that the said store should have CCTV's. Pablo decides to lay low for a big while. Green light is still a thing, it's not safe to walk outside without looking over the shoulder. Pablo been scouting the 'varrio' and several attacks took place. Pablo was never blessed to use a gun, however, he felt the necessity to use one a few times. It was a calm afternoon, the sun shinning and the kids playing around, a blue rental pulls up towards the 'trap' and Pablo keeps an eye out from the roof. The duo seemed to know what they were doing, Pab, without second thoughts, grabbed the gun and shot one of them down. Cops were nearby, didn't take too long for them to come, but Pablo managed to scape once more. Pablo has found a girl that loves him the way he is, her name's Violeta (V'). She's thirteen, cute and addicted to marijuana. They spend most of their time at home smoking, watching TV or hanging outside with the other people. Violeta had some troubles with the cops and was detained - She was sent to the juvie. Pablo also beefed with 'Victor' because he took advantage over Pablo and taxed him. They fought each other, involving 'Faith' right away. Pablo is left on his own, once more, without a place to live, without his girlfriend, without his mother and his big brother. The teenage has been doing drugs to keep his head busy and forget all the problems. WANTED *This thread will be updated as the story evolves.
  17. Date and place of birth: January 3rd 1998, Hamburg (Germany) Full name and last name: Kristoffer Gabriel Braunstein Location: Los Santos, San Andreas Occupation: Unknown Chapter one: Childhood. (1998-2018) Kristoffer's childhood went easy, without much problems within the first ten years of his life. As his life progressed though, he became a nightmare to his parents, whom have kicked Kristoffer out of their house along with his brother Matthias. Chapter two: What happened then? (2018) Matthias - his brother has already been twenty three by that time, Kristoffer - just twenty years old. Both brothers were small-time criminals from Berlin, who have also happened to be fans of the 187 Strassenbande music group. Cities in Germany, especially Hamburg were full of people such as Kristoffer and Matthias - young kids, most of which have dropped out of school to then become criminals, inspired by the 187 lifestyle. It was a way of life, on the streets of Hamburg. Something about it simply attracted many young boys' attention. Kristoffer became a drug dealer; selling cocaine, amphetamine and marijuana in Hamburg. The money which he had saved up let him and his brother fly away to the United States, in pursue of bigger money and spreading Polish product (amphetamine) around the American streets. His brother had already established contact with the Paleto Bay's German community, mostly compiled of neo-nazis and German gangsters. As soon as Matthias got a chance to meet up with his fellow friends in Paleto Bay, Kristoffer was trying to straighten his life out in Los Santos. He had bought a small apartment in Paleto Bay for him and his brother to sleep in, and used to drive for a long time everyday to Los Santos for work. Meanwhile his brother was rolling in cash, destroying bars, beating people up and bringing the 187 lifestyle over to Paleto Bay. Kristoffer, seeing his brother's success decided to give up on any legal jobs to pursue the life of a drug dealer. Chapter three: Paleto Bay's German gangsters are succesfully wiped out from the area. (late 2018-2019) After that happened, most of the German community, well... got literally wiped out from Paleto Bay. The Sheriff's operation was a success, leading to multiple arrests and deaths of the group members. The Braunstein brothers were forced to escape the area and pursuit a different lifestyle, somewhere else. Matthias has then returned back to Hamburg from the United States, while back in Germany he became a very succesful rapper. Kristoffer decided to stay in Los Santos for a few reasons. One of them being the fact that he wasn't affiliated with the group that much, but was rather someone who just hanged out along with them in bars and clubs. Obviously, the second reason was that as a young man he found Los Santos to be just perfect for him. Both to live in, and to sell drugs in. Chapter four: what's up with Kristoffer now? (2019) Life has been very lucky for Kristoffer in Los Santos. As he started to look around the city more and more, he had found people he can count on. Currently having contacts with the Jamestown Mafia and the Crips - Kristoffer is well set up, without even being a member in neither of the organizations. His plan is to have good contacts with everyone in Los Santos, just in case anyone has something interesting in offer. One of the reasons that prevents Kristoffer from joining any organized crime groups is the scenario of a conflict in between two, or more organizations. He would never appreciate being a side of such conflict, hence it could potentialy make it nasty for him and his business. As of now, Kristoffer owns a small apartment in Vespucci, which is the place he is usually seen at. Daily driving a grey Oracle XS, enjoying his life in the morning and the afternoon, and selling weed in the evening. ((OOC NOTE <spoiler>))
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