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Found 25 results

  1. This thread follows the development of Andre Nhem, a Vespucci local who decided to profit off the misfortunes of others - a prime example of epicaricacy.
  2. This thread will continue showcasing the life of Cody Miller, a fraudster running a scam group through social media. Previous thread:
  3. THE STORY OF "BluBanks" Name: Derrick Crosland Occupation/Status: HighSchool Dropout In 11th Grade (Internet Fraud Scammer/Part-Time Rapper) DOB/AGE/Birthplace: 02/24/2003 Born In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ethnicity/Race: African American/White MAINLY Known For: • Scamming/Credit Fraud • "Internet Influencer" • Known For Drinking Large Amounts Of Lean • Blowing Thru Money Fast "My Story" A Few Years Ago a young boy from Philadelphia To Los Santos By the age of 14 the young boy by the name of "Derrick Crosland" AKA "Blu" was just a child that would ride Dirtbikes and Bicycles Now Struggling with one of the MOST Biggest conflicts in his life with His Mothers New Drug Addiction to "Cocaine". While It Was Hard Seeing for him and his brothers to watch they're Mother be put Into That Position At Such A Young Age. Now Derrick Was Selling in The Streets Weed,Coke,Lean. "History & Knowledge" After awhile Blu got tired of selling drugs for as he realized that the money wasn't coming in Fast enough for him. Blu was desperate so he called his older cousin who knew little bit about fraud "Khalid". And after talking with his older cousin "Khalid" explaining how that he was put into jail 6 years ago as Khalid was arrested in L.S. And Big "Fraud Ring Operation" back in 2017. After a few jail phone calls and some of the knowledge that Blu has learned since talking to his cousin he's been trying everyway and form to recreate these scams or create a new methods by himself. "Current Day In L.S" Since then current day Blu's moved onto a Major Credit/Wire Fraud operations as well as taking information from the DARK WEB and his equipment like Checks,Bank Logs,Blank cards,Skimmers as a BIG source of income. Now within his life getting all type of attention thru Social Media gaining Interviews,Followers,And Making Music on "YouTube" & "FaceBrowser". Derrick now hanging around with alot of people on the Continuing Internet Fraud, Even now making music dropping his new Single "Ben Simmons" and Partying/Hanging with friends blowing money trying to recruit people to his own "Fraud Ring" with little to none criminal background by the age of 20 Years Old. 3 Traits Found In character-foundations: • Instigator/Flamer — This character is always cracking jokes, and making situations larger than they what they really are. They're usually not involved in the conflict, and play the sideline just commenting in order to raise tension. This character probably always has a video of the neighborhood fights, but never truly involved in any of them. • Scammer — This character uses online scams in order to make their money. You may have seen those "turn $40 into $400" posts on social media. That's this type of character, trying to catch those vulnerable enough to fall for their scams. They're interested in getting credit card information, and buying blank cards,card skimmers,ETC. And buying what they need with the stolen credit cards. • Hype Beast — This character usually tends to go out to designer/expensive stores spend alot of money on Clothing,Jewelry,Shoes ETC. to make them appear rich/wealthy when infront of others talking about the next sneaker releases or possibly reselling items. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwZegTdw1cg Inspired By Your's Truly @Peruvian Flake🖤👨‍🍳
  5. The story of Jack Kimura and his climb from the bottom
  6. this thread will follow the life of Qoree Nelson, better known as Nelly. he's a teenager from Capital Blvd. https://face.gta.world/Hotboy
  7. This thread will follow the development of N$A, a group of scammers from Carson Ave.
  8. This thread follows the character development and associations of Anthony Minelli.
  9. Ricky "Trey" Miller Ricky Miller, a 18 year old gang member of a street gang called 5267 Young Money Chasers. Ricky "Trey" Miller is an 18-year-old white male born and raised In the La Puerta area with his mother and pops having a good rich life but with his friend Javontae and he moved down around the Motels/Grove area moving back and forth to his cousin house and his house. he eventually met his older cousin that plays running back for the Davis high school. His cousin Akani would eventually take Ricky under his wing like a little brother sense they the same age and get Into Illegal activities like sell weed,cocaine,guns,meth,lean and more hardware drugs around the Davis area, eventually one of Akani friends would come around and start helping Ricky and Akani sell drugs and then one day. Friday, July 14, 2023, Akani thought we are making up a group and Ricky thought of the name WoodBabies and the group accepted the name so now they got a group called "woodbabies" and they will be selling Drugs around the city for cheaper than what people usually would sell the drugs for.. making the homeless/not wealthy people able to afford drugs around the Davis area... now he lives with his uncle Cody Miller. Ricky Is known for his scamming with his uncle "CBVOUCHES". This thread will continue showcasing the life of Ricky Miller, a fraudster running with his uncle through social media. https://face.gta.world/WhiteBlawd2900
  10. This thread will follow the life of lowrider enthusiast, Miguel "Flacko" Cuevas.
  11. This topic will showcase the sinister life of Jaime "Jay" Alvarado, a youngster born in Paleto Bay. Jay lost his only half-dependent parent at the age of eighteen to a rival Sureno clique, his father left him with nothing. He decided to turn to the life of crime, selling hard drugs from his residence within the South Seas complex purchased online, until he was setup by the detectives bureau in a sting operation. Jay's residence was raided and large quantities of heroin & methamphetamine were seized. He was taken to jail, Jay made a friend whilst in jail who went by the name "F50" who was an affiliate of the Norteño gang, FATBOYZ 14 which Jay was aware of and which was based in Paleto Bay. Members of the FATBOYZ 14 attributed themselves with the Nuestra Familia whilst in prison. F50, Jay and a few other affiliates met in jail served their lengthy sentences in the correctional facility involving themselves in prison riots, fights and drug trafficking. "They had decided enough was enough and released themselves from the grips of the sphere of influence of the Norteño gang and had released ALL ties becoming San Andreas first Bulldogs gang. Gang skirmishes still happen to this day between the two rivaling gang out-side and within prison walls. These Bayside Bulldogs members are easy to distinguish out of the two knowing that they both fly the colours red. Active gang-members of the Bayside Bulldog members are most easily represented by sporting merchandise of the Fresno State Bulldogs team along-side the tattoos that they carry on themselves which may occur to have abbreviations of BDS of such, dog-paws, four dots (a tattoo known to be also worn by the Norteños) as-well as a Fresno State Bulldog casted on themselves. Due to it being such an independent set this gang has no real infrastructure to it despite it's militant ways, a-lot of the influence over the Bayside Bulldogs gang varies between the gang itself in regards to locations due to broken down "cliques" of the gang due to the sheer membership that is held proving difficult for prosecutors to be able to crack down on any form of leadership because there simply isn't one making the gang some-what bulletproof to gang-injunctions."
  12. Rouben Sevacherian (born August 18th, 1985) is a 34 year old criminal figure of Armenian heritage. Although born in Yerevan, Armenia; Rouben spent a majority of his life in the neighborhood of Morningwood, Los Santos. The community, widely referred to as Los Santos' Little Armenia, is home to a modern age organized criminal enterprise known as Armenian Power or West Side Armenian Power Gang (W/S AP Gang). Rouben, known by associates as the moniker "Camel", has openly displayed ties to the gang since his teenage years, but has more recently graduated into firearms distribution and white collar crimes including credit card fraud and fake investment schemes. This change in modus operandi is suspected to be in part due to his connection with alleged members of the criminal society vory v zakone. Rouben currently serves as a chieftain in the Armenian Power off-branch dubbed by law enforcement as the Yuzbashyan-Sevacherian Organization. Rouben was born in the summer of 1985 to working class parents in Yerevan, Armenia. His mother, Mila Boldyreva, hailed from a Russian-background family whose history in Armenia started when the Soviets seized control of the nation in the ‘20s. She worked as a seamstress for a local market while his father, Isahak Sevacherian, worked closely with Ameriabank as an investment banker. As a child, Rouben only spent a few short years in Yerevan before his father relocated the family to Lebanon. This move occurred just after 1991, when the Red curtain fell and ex-Soviet satellite countries were once again made more accessible to immigration. At this time, Isahak accepted a more profitable position within Lebanon’s national bank, Banque du Liban, which allowed his wife to remove herself from the workforce to raise their family from home and home school Rouben. Mila became pregnant with the family’s second child when Rouben was at the age of 10. It was at this time the family immigrated to Los Santos, San Andreas to the community of Morningwood. Life as a foreign-born youth, fresh in the soil of America, was undoubtedly difficult for young Rouben. He was placed into the public school system where his parents both hoped he would gain a new cultural identity as an American and fit in better with his peers in their new home. However in the turbulent racial atmosphere of 1990s Los Santos, Rouben was exposed to more than just a new language and more Westernized culture. The school systems within West Vinewood were breeding grounds for various troubled youth navigating their way through the gangland of Los Santos. Blacks, Hispanics, and even whites cliqued together in the hallways, cafeterias, and playgrounds - each with the same goal of looking out for their own people. However, there was a new group cultivating in the turmoil which was born and bred in the immigrant community of Morningwood. At the time, it was merely a group of Armenian and soviet-bloc youth reaching out to protect one another from the abuse of other teens. Rouben was swept up into this clique by some older teens who saw familiar traits in him that they’d seen in themselves. They remembered the struggle of fitting in with a new culture and bared the scars to tell the tale. What seemed somewhat selfless and positive at the time was indeed the roots of Armenian Power within Los Santos. The group escalated from this into typical gang behavior throughout the late ‘90s and into the 2000s. They claimed terrirtory with vandalism and graffiti, harassed other races, committed robberies, dipped into the drug trade like one would associate with a group of this nature. For Rouben, now nearing adulthood, the gang gave him an identity - something her very much struggled to obtain when he first moved to America. He saw the gang lifestyle and who he was as an individual as one in the same, which ultimately led to a dissociation from his immigrant parents. They shunned Rouben for his choices and with the passing of his kid brother (Manuel Sevacherian) to leukemia in 2006; Rouben lost touch with those who raised him. At twenty one, Rouben left his parents domicile and sought out refuge with his fellow gang members, spending a number of years couch surfing throughout Morningwood and North Vinewood. This was a considerably dark chapter of his life, given his younger brother’s death and the exile from his family that he faced. With little to show for himself, no formal education, no livable jobs, no place of his own, he sought refuge in the streets. Alongside senior AP member Davit “Caterpillar” Avetisyan, Rouben would participate in armed robbery and fencing stolen car parts as means to feed himself and afford certain luxuries. Davit introduced Rouben to circles of criminals such as vory v zakone which provided the pair with criminal opportunity above the typical gang MO. One individual in particular, a supposed "crowned" thief-in-law known by the moniker "Benzin" took a piece of their earnings in exchange for access to overseas buyers of stolen car parts. This allowed Rouben the means to construct a solid reputation among other like minded criminals under the flag of Armenian Power, eventually landing himself some status among the gang's senior members as a "gor." However, the risky behavior and gang activity was bound to teach Rouben a hard lesson about consequences. He and Davit were caught in 2010 evading police after committing a vehicle theft, landing Rouben with a sentence of nine months plus an additi pional year for the value of the vehicle exceeding $65,000 while Davit received a sentence of two years due to prior convictions. There was no plea bargains at stake; their unwillingness to cooperate along with the not guilty plea being dismantled in court sent the pair on a scholarship to con college, served by Twin Towers county jail. Inside the county lock up, Rouben and Davit would brush elbows with various cliques from the gangland of Los Santos. The southerners, or surenos, held the most influence of all. They ran the yard with an iron fist, backed by the black hand of La eMe under a Rene "Bosko" Blajos. Davit was easily influenced by the likes of Blajos who provided a pipeline of drugs through his network beyond prison walls and the promise of protection, while Rouben understood the lure of false promise could likely land him in a cycle of additional prison time. He used his sentence as a lesson, speaking with various lifers about the crimes they regret and choices they wish they had made. He began to idolize those who spent a lifetime committing crimes in the backs of others, taking advantage of holes in the system to keep themselves fed and safe. At the end of their sentence, Davit and Rouben had split into separate cells of the overall umbrella organization. Davit took the plunge into the pool of eMe influence, bringing about the presence of "AP-13" who paid street tax to the Blajos' Street Crew and ultimately embraced the sureno lifestyle. Rouben on the other hand left Twin Towers with a hunger for status - status which he believed was held in the hands of he and Davit's former co-conspirator Vrej "Benzin" Yuzbashyan. His "stem" of the Armenian Power organization would become known as West Side (W/S) Armenian Power - a group which maintained connections to the Russian mafia and Eurasian organized crime. Upon his return to Morningwood, Rouben reconnected with AP which had noticed a shift in membership in his absence. Half of his former affiliates decided to follow Davit into the sureno side of the organization while others either split into their own earner crews or represented the gang's original roots. Rouben sought out Vrej Yuzbashyan and was introduced to other figures within the sphere of Eurasian organized crime. In exchange for access to firearms and protection, it was agreed that under Vrej's watchful eye, Rouben would seize control of the splintered gang and act as a chieftain - linking the organized criminals and their services to the gang and the muscle which they could provide. At first tension was apparent between the two groups. Although Rouben and Davit remained on friendly terms due to their relationship and bond fostered through their youth, members would often engage in petty disputes due to their differences. Ultimately, the sureno representation overall would cease to exist as of 2018. These days, the gang roots are somewhat diluted due to a more prominent presence of organized crime within the Armenian community. Tattoos are still used to signify status within the community in L.S. though they no longer hold the same style of representation as they did in the past. Instances exist of individuals who earn their ink through criminal contribution, but others who simply wear the term "Armenian Power" as a term of ethnic pride and endearment. Through Vrej, Rouben fostered his own criminal venture; a credit card fraud ring. At first he started small with devices known to authorities as "Lebanese Loops." These little sleeves would slip into the card slots of ATMs and withhold a victim's credit card once inserted, refusing to eject it from the machine. Through this scheme Rouben would make several thousand dollars, skimming what he could before ultimately selling the credentials to criminals of higher stature. Eventually this scheme would become more sophisticated, allowing Rouben to purchase advanced card skimming units with potential to gather more information than a simple Lebanese Loop. The gang was able to keep itself off the radar of law enforcement throughout its rebuild, due in part to the attention received by the neighboring AP-13 clique and the downfall of "Bosko" Blajos' eMe empire. With the limelight focused elsewhere, W/S AP began establishing new key players such as Arman Vartanian, Arshen Markosyan, Gevork Karayan, brothers Vardan and Levon Gasparyan, and others who Rouben would absorb under his influence. The group dabbled in areas of crime such as extortion, drug trafficking, marijuana grow ops, prostitution, and fraud. The cooperative ad hoc group with Rouben and Vrej at the helm was dubbed as the Yuzbashyan-Sevacherian Organization, suggesting an existence of multiple groups involved on various levels.
  13. This guide will cover as to how financially motivated individuals convert and exploit stolen data into monetary gains. More specifically, this guide will be more-so focused on credit card fraud and bank account take overs ( or any kind of money-holding account, such as coinbase or paypal ), while highlighting the very basics of how these kind of fraudulent activities theoretically work in 2022 along with the outcome in reality. In principle, the whole idea of credit card fraud and bank account take-overs are incredibly easy. It can, more or less, be broken down into four steps. 1. Obtain credit card or bank account information. There's three primary ways this can be done. Purchasing dumps of CC info off the dark net is often the most common method utilized, especially those that are more-so inclined towards CVV carding, which is carding/credit card fraud for online only. Granted, it's not like you can hop onto any darknet market and buy some CC dumps on World Market and expect to suddenly be a fraudster. That's how you get scammed. People that do this method have to spend a significant amount of time scouring for a vendor that's legitimate, and setting up a deal with that vendor so that they don't get selectively scammed in the future. That said, the usual investment you can expect for these is $20-$30 in Monero for CC dumps, and at least $100+ in Monero for bank account logins. There are some offered for less, and while some are certainly legitimate, the amount of them that are scans isn't even worth trying to gamble and find a legit one. The second method is how many of the dumps are obtained in the aforementioned method, phishing. Either through the emulation of a website's login, such as Paypal's, the login data is then saved on whatever designated server it has. There are of course a lot more other methods, some of which may utilize form grabber bots, a combination of emulating a website that re-directs to the scammer so they can obtain further information and the list can go on and on. Does this method require you to be a master coder? No, not really. You can buy bots like these off of both dark net and private clear net markets for anywhere from $6.00 to $80.00 per bot. Said bots usually store separate user fingerprints per browser, logins and any associated cookies and most importantly, will continue to funnel whatever logins and info it can manage to parse after your purchase. That said, most major markets that focus on these kinds of bots have anywhere upwards of 250,000 of them, all of varying quality. So just like above, a given individual still needs to do their research. And of course, the method that most people think of when it comes to collecting info for credit card fraud, skimming. Skimming involves solely two things needing to be accomplished. The carder must physically be present, and the carder must have some kind of system in order to regularly obtain credit card info. A waiter at a restaurant for example can easily accomplish this. By holding an MSR206 lightweight portable card reader on their belt, and either tossing on a keypad logger onto one of the keypads for a table or being able to position themselves well off to see the PIN inputted, that waiter has all the credit card info they need. You could even extend this to somebody simply sitting in their car, connected to the local Starbuck's WiFi, watching over an ATM that they put a bluetooth skimmer and a bluetooth keypad logger that transmits the data to the P.C. Does it always have to be this high-tech? Of course not, you could use playdoh to record the card, all that matters is getting the info. Get creative. In general, the thing to highlight is even the first step requires a significant amount of investment, both financially and time. It's often recommended by many experienced fraudsters, which there's a plethora of communities on various .onion forums by the way, to set aside a week or two, figure out what the fuck you need to do, get all the necessary items you need for the method of carding you want to do and set a goal for yourself. Any character needs a damn good reason to jump into carding as opposed to other forms of income, whether it be a part-time job or exposure to easier to get into, equally as profitable illegal activities such as theft or drug dealing. 2. Actually setting up the digital aspects of it. Unfortunately, it is no longer 2013, when an individual could simply punch in somebody's credit card info into Amazon or eBay and get something shipped to their drop point in seconds. Financial services employ 2FA, geo-location, MAC address verification, browser identification and generally anything that falls under the umbrella of someone's digital fingerprint. Now you may ask, how do I even bypass that whole slough of bullshit and make money? One way of course, is to not. This doesn't mean to just engage in virtual fraud without any protection, this simply means taking the virtual aspect out of it. Cloning cards isn't really that hard, to anybody that does physical cash-outs with cards, the only real worry they have is their composure. Getting a card writer, a blank set of cards and some software that isn't dated as hell, you can quite easily have your own free credit card. The answer in regards to virtual aspects of setting up security is a bit trickier. The "fundamentals" needed are as goes: -A VPN. Not any big name ones like Nord VPN or ExpressVPN and shit like that, something like Mullvad VPN is the kind of security you'd need. -A SOCKS5 client. What is SOCKS5? It's basically a proxy, all a client is good for is finding an IP that has a low fraud score and is from the same zip code and city that your would-be victim is from. This isn't just for security, this is outright necessary to even access the card or account. -CCleaner if using a modified version of Firefox that helps with keeping your identity hidden, or a specialized browser like the ones provided by Genesis markets. -A Virtual machine. Set it to the same timezone as your target, change its MAC address to the target of your victim and don't be a dumbass. Sounds fun right? And this is only for non-big name sites. For big name sites like Amazon or Steam, you'll probably need an RDP, which is a pain in the ass to set up. And since this is a beginner's guide after all, we can skip over that. Along with this, while not necessarily "digital" per se, it's often recommended to have the following items. -A burner laptop. Or two. Always useful, and it's a lot better of an idea than using your own personal PC. -Two prepaid smart phones. Androids are usually the phone of choice for this, especially since if you root the phone, you open yourself up to the world of mobile carding. The main reason most people get burner phones for carding however, is to help with 2FA/ 2 Factor Authentication. 3. Logging in. It's not that hard, just log into the account with the info you required after doing the necessary set-up above. Anybody can do it. Just either connect to your neighbor's WiFi if you can, or head out to the mall or starbucks or any commercial venue that offers free WiFi. 4. Actually setting up the digital aspects of it. This is, unfortunately, the hardest part. You might have the card, and you might have total control over the account, but if you can't transfer those funds to your account, then it's worthless. Most cards and accounts place limits on your transfers and transactions as well, with some being upwards of $2,500 and some being a measly $30. You're basically taking a stab in the dark here each time. Generally, most individuals either set themselves up with a two man system. One person gets the CC info, the carder, and orders expensive items to an agreed dead drop, and the other person, the mule, picks up the items and flips them. The profit is then shared 50/50 the majority of the time. You can find dozens of legitimate offers like these via telegram within fifteen minutes. It's not that hard. Or, that same two man system has the carder clone the card, and has the mule go out and test the card. Sometimes, some individuals are competent and daring enough to do both tasks as a single person. It varies. There is of course the alternative method of transferring it through multiple different accounts, converting it to Monero, or some equally as hard to trace cryptocurrency, and then funneling it through a few other wallets until putting it in your own Monero( or whatever cryptocurrency someone decided on ) wallet and sitting on it for some time. This is significantly harder than above. You need multiple synthetic ID's and a few virtual cards to even attempt to pull this off. The only reason why people do such in the first place is because they straight up do not need to leave their home or whatever area they're leeching off of somebody's WiFi with. And that's basically the gist of modern day credit card fraud, if not a bit unorganized. Hopefully this helps serve other's RP along with updating the general idea of such fraud, as most information you can find around is from 2001-2007 and 2014-2017.
  14. The thread will follow Michael's development. Michael is a young Italian-American in his mid 20's and he was born in Los Santos. His father died when he was in early teens, his mother was sick and she could not work. So, as every good kid, he started working to survive with his mother. She would tear up every time he'd bring money home. He felt happy to be able to help his mother, two years later, his mom passed away and he was left alone. He felt very sad for the few weeks but he could not change the fact that they died. He's living alone and he is working different types of jobs to earn money. Michael Calabrese in 2019, three days before his birthday:
  15. FACTION VIDEO A GLIMPSE — FBI REPORT ON AVONDRE ROBERSON, NOVEMBER 29th, 2039, ONE OF MANY. MODUS OPERANDI — ORGANIZED CRIMINALS The group participates mainly in forgery, fraud, money laundering, tax evasion and grand theft auto. It is unclear how they are structured, however, it seems that a high degree of flexibility and independence is allowed within the group, as affiliates can go months without even communicating. Furthermore, the group seems to immediately drop connections with convicted felons, as seen with ██████████████████ (b)(6). Multiple potential money mules are currently under financial surveillance. While affiliates of the group such as Tanner Davis have been seen in the past involved in drug sales, it seems that for the most part the group does not actively engage in illegal drugs and as such unlike previous suggestions — as seen in reports ████████████ and ████████████ (b)(7)(A) — is not subject to being a Continuing Criminal Enterprise under section 848 of Chapter 13, Subchapter I, Part D. AFFILIATES AND HISTORY Avondre Roberson — ULSA alumnus. Suspicion of tax evasion and complex shelling schemes. Name was among the many listed in the second Panama Papers released in 2027. Numerous transactions occurred between shell companies stationed in Panama. Often accompanied by his cousin Carter Williams and Payton Coleman. Tanner Davis — Suspicion of vehicle theft and robbery. Phone location history surveillance show multiple overlaps between possible location and stolen vehicles' last GPS locations. CCTV along with physical monitoring show him in constant presence of Khalid Turner, Quantavius Chambers and Jay-Jay Firebird. CASE IN PROGRESS The majority of the individuals listed attended Davis High as the initial P.O.C. It is suspected that as early as 2022 the group had initiated in fraud (refer to case #██████ — acquired from the Los Santos Sheriff's Department).
  16. Alan Kelly This thread will follow the story of Alan Kelly, a recently paroled inmate of the State.
  17. (( OOC Disclaimer and Information: Cyprus Collective is a white collar crime ring and organization without national nor racial association. It's name, 'Cyprus' exclusively refers to the location of the of the overarching off-shore company 'Cyprus International Banking Group', and acts as an intended misnomer by it's benefactors. This group will operate without any designated territory nor territorial agenda, and instead, will focus entirely on the fiscal gain developed by internalized scheme via fraud, embezzlement, laundering, illegal importation and exportation, as well as other general financial crimes. 'Cyprus' is considered to be non-violent, and has no illegally armed personnel or forces. Instead, problematic circumstances are most often handled through diplomatic or financial routes. In the rare instance that violence arrives unwillingly, it will not be 'Cyprus' that pulls the trigger. If you are interested in joining this group, we heavily advise you perform your own extensive personal research into the mindset and history of white collar criminality, as we intend to keep the perception of this group to it's highest possible degree. As is widely known with factions, one bad apple can ruin the bunch. This group does not desire characters created exclusively for it's cause. Integration into Cyprus should be naturally occurring and realistic. In the instance you are accepted into Cyprus Collective, CK rights will be held for faction seniority over your character. If you are interested in more information, feel free to reach out to @Y3. ))
  18. Alec Sibrian (Born May 7th, 1998) - Known by his friends as "Ali" is an Armenian American born and raised in the Morningwood area of Los Santos, otherwise known as Little Armenia. Alec is a criminal associate of the Armenian Power gang, having close family connections to the group through his cousin Arto “Kaz” Kazarian who is a member of the gang. Alec had a fairly normal, but poor upbringing. His parents were Iraqi-Armenian immigrants who moved to the Morningwood area to be near their Kazarian relatives who had moved to the area sometime before. A strict and old fashioned Armenian run household living paycheck to paycheck left a childhood with much left to be desired, leading Alec down a road that would lead to his criminal lifestyle. Alec has been involved in delinquency from his early adolescence, trailing after his cousin with his tight knit group of friends and getting into trouble with authorities for petty crime and antisocial behavior. Whilst having little interest in most aspects of education Alec took a keen interest in school with anything computer or technology related, though his real interest lay with the hustle on the streets of Morningwood. While he was still in school he would take any small errand he was offered by the older AP members such as Kaz or Rouben “Camel” Sevacherian, though he was never trusted with anything important as is custom with Armenian Power and younger kids on the block. Alec continued his schooling whilst running messages for his big cousin, until the day the police raided Morningwood. Arto Kazarian, Alec’s cousin, was arrested for drug possession charges and was sent off to county jail, leaving Alec left with just his friends to rely on to continue his hustle on the street and get himself through school. Alec got his high school diploma, even going as far as to be considering going to college to study computer science. Alec however turned this down in order to start a real hustle on the street, obtaining petty amounts of drugs from other criminals in the area and selling them on to his friends and other acquaintances. Later with his childhood friends, Matevos, Yahir and Marat. Alec began to get involved in housebreaking and robbery, scrapping dollars together from their theft to help their parents pay rent and live it up with the rest of their friend group. Now a grown man Alec has been reunited with his cousin after his incarceration, getting deeper into the criminal life of Little Armenia and using his knowledge of technology to build a fraud scheme that he intends on growing into an all-out racket.
  19. Wilfred Casciano, circa 2016 Wilfred Casciano looks exactly how you would imagine, an obese, white male who suffers from the insecurities of his shameful body. Short and fat are the two primary descriptions of Wilfred, considering the rarity of his unnatural size. The Casciano surname ensures he is of Italian descent, however he strays far from looking like your average Italian. Upon his first moments of regaining consciousness after his only peaceful times in his entire life, a refreshing eleven hours of depressing sleep ends only to remind him that his belly continues to surpass his chest. Hard enough during the unnecessary years of grade school, Wilfred's insecurities encouraged him to embrace antisocial behavior which lead to an annoying lack of socialization skills, and predictable social awkwardness. While he may not have the ability to communicate socially with the masses in person, on the world wide web, he was unmatched. Well educated, his intelligence was recognized whether online or offline. ~ The difference between himself online and offline is while offline, Wilfred lacked the self esteem to act like narcissist he is online. The world wide web is one of the few things he considers a pro in life, allowing him to escape reality and potentially create his own. Throughout the years beginning during his youth, he would addictively follow the waves of technology and the growth of the internet. The older he became, the more matured his mind grew which ultimately lead to a greater curiosity of life's secrets which were easily answered by the world's greatest search engine: Google. Twenty years in the game, there is close to nothing Wilfred doesn't know about when it comes to computers, laptops from their operating systems all the way to the CMOS battery beside the jumper on the motherboard. All of this knowledge and experience for nothing, proving to be a waste when it came to aiding him financially. ~ This was the case for many years up until the recent discovery of the Telegram application. Telegram allowed him access to a world never before seen or even imaginable, equipping him with the necessary knowledge needed to pursue changing his own life. Full Name: Wilfred Casciano Date of Birth: 10/24/1997 Place of Birth: San Andreas, Los Santos Nationality: American (Italian descent). Height: 5'6" Weight: 310 lbs Language(s): English. Positive Traits: Intelligence, honest, articulate, IT expert, loyal.an around neck to prevent heat causing enormous amounts of sweat, and shows signs of obsession with food. Negative Traits: Blunt, know-it-all, smart aleck, introverted, procrastination, and obesity. Quirks: Tendency to talk very quietly, anxiety causes nail biting, breathes heavily, wears battery powered fan around neck to prevent heat causing enormous amounts of sweat, and shows signs of obsession with food. Personality: Wilfred is not necessarily anti-social but he is introverted and often prefers solitude. Never one to speak first, unless the subject is IT related or he is comfortable speaking with that person. He can be outgoing when comfortable with his surroundings (environment & peers), though this is a very uncommon preference for him. Desperation succumbs him at this point in his life, cursed with being a hopeless romantic man but fails to achieve romance because of his obesity. Socially awkward is the epitome of Wilfred's personality especially considering majority of his life revolves around the internet and unrelatable topics the average person overlooks, finds weird or annoying. He is an absolute jokester, but knows how and when to act professional and/or formal. Wilfred envies men with bodybuilder bodies, and even women who resemble men body types. "Why would you waste a body like that on a fucking woman?" he often asks God.
  20. "The American FBI still frighten their citizens with the phantom of communism and the Soviet mafia emerging from it. Described as "ruthless, stone-cold bandits lacking any feelings and compassion" — which turned out to be nothing more than myth, as it's now known that almost the entire criminal component of the Russian mafia in the States has been aimed at financial structures for the last decade. " * * * PROLOGUE A small group of friends included Mikhail Chaplin and his old friend Anatoly Tukachevsky who were engaged in more than 60% of large, complex and entangled web of Medicaid fraud in New York State alone. Their income was also supplemented by the sale of stolen cars with spoofed VINs and their spare parts through intermediaries and shestyorkas with whom they have no direct connection. They were named "Shushary Cooperative" by the independent Russian media, after the Township of Shushary, a place where they embezzled large amounts from the RUNE automotive factory as board members. THE COOPERATIVE In fact, the “Shushary Cooperative” is a canonical fragment of real Russia itself. It's full of disgusting bastards, with little piggy eyes, like most illegitimate Russian businessmen. Crooks that pose as friendly well-wishers, when in reality - their character and mindset has long been rotten away. However, a dubious desire to ruin someone else's life, for the sake of their meager profit arose as well. They may seem smart and highly intelligent, but there was never a concept of true friendship in their ideas about life. Behind the backs of those who smile in the eyes, these rats are ready to stab anyone who disagrees or is no longer valuable to them in the back. There's no self-conscience or regret here. Only such principles, albeit dubious, help Russian entrepreneurs to remain authoritative figures in their circles. Orders and laws, as such, cannot exist in the world of these non-humans. Perhaps only a sluggish idea of such. In fact, brute force and money decide. If you are well-established in life, then these mice will grovel in front of you, considering you to be authority. But in the shadows of their reflections, they will plan to destroy you, with the aim of seizing all your property to enrich their egos. OUT OF CHARACTER Our faction strives to portray a realistic; modern Russian organized crime network primarily focused on diverse financial crimes. We value passive roleplay and character development from our members more than anything. Our RP is heavily centered around fraud and white collar crimes, with the minority focusing on car thefts and prostitution. We have an amount of Russian speaking players as members, however the OOC knowledge of Russian is not required to join by any means. We are transnational, which means that your character does not have to be exclusively Russian in order to join, however he needs to be a 1st or 2nd gen immigrant from one of the countries from the post-USSR space. This faction is invite-only. The only way to join us is through IC means.
  21. yvng


    This thread will follow Quaddus Wallace life and his development. Name:Quaddus WallaceAlias(es):QSnapchat:@Q2drippyAge:18Height:6’1Weight:160 lbsAffiliations:N/A
  22. Oso Eli

    Elijah Porter

    This thread will showcase the portrayal of a 18-19 year old high school drop-out who jumps from house to house. He does anything to get money such as credit card fraud, dealing of drugs, and things of that nature. He lives with his adult older cousin 'Tivonte Curry'after getting kicked out the house due to his insubordination, and his suspension for carrying drugs to school.
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