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  1. the fact that i just made a filipino character and this pops up is legendary glhf
  2. I feel like an interior activity time limit, where you would need to revisit that interior before the timer goes down, would be a good idea, unless people don't agree with that. If you live somewhere permanently such as a low-income neighbourhood where you usually kick it with the homies or generally do your roleplay there other than in extraneous events outside of that neighbourhood then you'd return there regularly. No reason to own a home you pay for and not use ever. Definitely would reinvent that poverty-cycle vibe and spread around the roleplay to these areas that
  3. Anyway I definitely see old-looking cars or cars that appear as older models being able to be hotwired or GTA'd scriptwise as many cars starting back from the '40s to the early 2000s were manual transmission and that's just a matter of fact, even with automatic transmission being invented. Any newer models should be disputed however.
  4. what does the location have anything to do with it lmao, russian organised crime made its way into the U.S. since the 1980s.
  5. I see I didn't know this, thank you! I posted a ticket on the UCP so I'll remove that then. Much appreciated. edit: only thing is I have no idea how to even start filling out the appeal format since I don't know why this is happening
  6. So I just found out that there is another UCP under my IP that is banned but I don't have access to it, is there a way to resolve that somehow?
  7. after reinstalling it 3 times it doesn't seem to be working for me unfortunately
  8. I will do that for sure but thank you for the help regardless!
  9. Just tried both methods and no luck, as well as I don't seem to have the "connection lost, reconnecting..." show up either. It just says connection closed as soon as I finish downloading the packages.
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