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  1. Daryl Greene “Do you know where you children are?” - Well known American PSA. TL;DR Extended Backstory Inspiration for this thread came from the younger gang members and Latchkey kids, especially - Evan "Stomper" Ward by @Netsrac
  2. Alec Sibrian (Born May 7th, 1998) - Known by his friends as "Ali" is an Armenian American born and raised in the Morningwood area of Los Santos, otherwise known as Little Armenia. Alec is a criminal associate of the Armenian Power gang, having close family connections to the group through his cousin Arto “Kaz” Kazarian who is a member of the gang. Alec had a fairly normal, but poor upbringing. His parents were Iraqi-Armenian immigrants who moved to the Morningwood area to be near their Kazarian relatives who had moved to the area sometime before. A strict and old fashioned Armeni
  3. Username: Alibaba Comment: I didn't see ONE single elected official or public servant at the service or rally today, hang your heads in shame LSGOV!
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