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  1. Why not have an application process for that, get the okay from the faction leader you want to rp with, and post an application to IFM. State your reasons etc. I think that would help alot too.
  2. We all started somewhere, didn't we? My english was very bad when I started on lsrp. If I had been banned from the server for that, I would never have gotten better. Maybe you should lower your high expectations a bit and give people the chance to improve. If you see someone struggling with a grammatical problem or two, open your mouth and help him, my god.
  3. I support this recommendation, not everyone with a good idea or the makings of a good leader has the online or IRL friends available to start a project.
  4. Starting bid: 250.000 min. increasement 5.000 Comes with furniture nearly 500 pieces. *Klick*ALBUM of the Apartment*Klick* ((/pinfo))
  5. >>AUCTION<< ENDS 26.11.2021 12 PM GMT +1 Starting bid: 280.000 min. increasement 5.000 Comes with furniture nearly 500 pieces. *Klick*ALBUM of the Apartment*Klick* ((/pinfo))
  6. I estimate that 80% of the admin team consists of legal roleplayers and only 20% of illegals that is simply too little. Everyone here knows that GTA:W target group are and were the legal roleplayers, that said nervous once itself and that they will now also this coming year more focus on the illegal roleplay. Therefore, there should also be a tendency to get more illegal roleplayers in the team, I was myself already in two to three situations where I noticed that the admin simply did not understand my context because he could not understand the background of the illegal roleplay.
  7. The freedom is missing. For me the illegal roleplaying here became too exhausting, I was a pure illegal roleplayer from LSRP but here I have to explain everything after I won something, or robbed someone, killed or whatever, directly to an admin in detail and why? Because a Mallrat could not lose and must report me directly. As an illegal roleplayer on GTA:W you always feel directly in the unloved role, I have the feeling that the most people here see illegal roleplayers as Idiots or low quality roleplayers and that killed the fun for me.
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