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  1. (( 3MP + 1FP = 427.507$ Max Buyout ))
  2. Yes exactly, it's like squad a tactical shooter. Of course it's not as far developed as squad but that's not a bad thing actually, speaking for myself ofc. The rounds are faster, the fights feel better espacially on the vanilla maps like karkand and gulf of oman etc.
  3. Hey, I'm playing BF3:RM too. I'm Admin on the U777 Servers if you wanna check them out, or maybe know them already I'm down to create a squad 🙂 I'm also planning on making more videos here are my first two tho:
  4. in sha Allah 🙂 What u guys think of Oliv vs islam?
  5. Of course I know that, that's why I said "Of course it's to stop 14 year old gang members from driving around robbing everyone they see and creating a DM atmosphere", I see both sides, and that's why I think a script like the new house robbery system is a good thing. It creates roleplay, but also doesn't harm other players - no one loses anything, and illegal roleplayers don't have to wait hours for an admin (this isn't meant to be a criticism of admins) to play a house heist, and I'm talking about the people who like to roleplay around heists etc. - not the people who go on heists to "win" items/weapons/money for their ooc fortune. Well, I'm tired of the fact that mainly everything that is introduced for illegal roleplay is directly blown up by these same people, for no reason at all. Please tell me what you or your character loses from this script?
  6. What is the problem? It really just creates more RP opportunities for illegal roleplayers, what people make of it is up to them. Some may rush it, but I think most will play it out. I'm sorry to say this, but most of what I see on this server are legal characters hiding behind a wall of admins and rules that wouldn't exist in real life, which is pretty unrealistic. Of course it's supposed to stop 14 year old gang members from driving around and robbing everyone they see and creating a DM atmosphere, but it also reduces the opportunities for good illegal roleplayers, as mentioned before waiting for hours so an admin can overwatch your house robbery is nothing anyone likes. The server as Nervous mentioned before did alot of things infavour for legal roleplay, which is important so we don't end up in a city with 99% of gangbangers and mobsters like we had on our SA:MP servers. But now everytime there is something added for us illegal roleplayers it's always the same people living in their 3mil mirror park houses complaining how unfair this and that is, seriously grow up this is not a second life simulator it's still a game and we are here to have fun, why everyone here is throwing rocks in the way of a other group bugs me.
  7. Shoot me some offers over E-Mail. [email protected] ((FORUM-PM)) ((OOC STATS))
  8. AVAR

    SAMP LSRP Players

    Lamarcus Winsley - 1826 Crenshaw Hustler Crips Daniel Vigoa - Cartel de Sinaloa Michail Agapov - Volgogradskaya OPG ( tarasovskaya brigada before)
  9. Well, you need to read again what I wrote up there. I in no way said that I regularly drive 290 kmh, I said that I did it several times with my old car that was capable of it. You don't have to google anything either, I live here and see what speeds we drive on the motorway every day. I was just explaining that what you said "The vast majority of people in the real world would never be in a car going 100mph, let alone drive and be able to handle those speeds. " is complete bullshit, if you are talking about Americans that may be true, but Americans to me are not the majority of people IRL, for example the quality of vehicle training here in Germany is a whole different level, and if you want to argue about it, I was at my friend's IRL driving test in the US, when I went to visit him, I've also been to the US several times and I can say that people there are not used to driving that fast, but let me tell you that 100MPH or 160Kmh is nothing, if you're driving a vintage car without power steering, it might be a different thing, but yeah, 160Kmh, 200kmh is not a problem for most people. The 290kmh I mentioned was only referring to myself, because as I said, I'm not a car expert, but I could still control the car, but yes, of course it's neither easy nor normal to drive that fast.
  10. As a German, I can only laugh at that sentence. I am not a car guy in any way, nor do I have much knowledge of cars but it was no problem for me to drive/handle over 180 MPH many times when I still had my old car. 100MPH here is pretty normal when you drive on the passing lane and even my grandma with 83 years of age drives over 100MPH multiple times in the week, so that argument is complete bullshit, sorry. But yea non the less I think it would be a good I dea to have illegal mods, HOWEVER as stated before there are enough fast cars already and the majority of these guys driving those fast cars don't rp properly when they crash as what I've seen on the server so far, so I gonna say NO to the suggestion when it comes to speed tuning.
  11. AVAR

    [SOLD] Bati 801 L&A

    Noted will have the auction running for 5 more hrs, will be sold to the highest bid then.
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