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  1. You got a second chance, time for you to give the people you dislike a second chance too.
  2. This still makes me giggle, great imagery and great story telling. I genuinely love it.
  3. Wyd in this situation?
  4. Nice auction style! Only 15k of wiggle room and no actual auction!
  5. It’s crazy to see what legal rpers argue about
  6. Don't join a faction that requires jail hours and was put into the server to man the jails. I am required to roleplay events all the time that I don't find fun, but nobody forced anyone to join the SD. I think this comes down to both CA & Inmate. Both need to work on participating and not AFKing. But as far as Bolingbroke? I don't believe we will ever see a prison, and I'm quite fond of the yard that it offers. It probably would offer a lot of roleplay.
  7. This. I think SD need to take a step back and get back to their roots of manning the jails and the discussions of having another faction to run jails/prisons would basically dissipate over night. Once a specific few left the SD faction, it basically left the custody side in shambles and the constant lowering of requirements of hours and using the Custody Assistant to punish people who apply to the faction but aren't deemed good enough to become a full fledged deputy has made it basically a punishment. "Do a few months of Jail RP for us and then we'll think about making you a full deputy." The jail issues stem from the faction that was originally made to oversee the jail not having a vested interest in it anymore, and it's clearly apparent.
  8. I support this; to make it easy you could port the TTCF mapping over and just make the yard enter into the outside. You’d be able to have people actively roleplay the yard, and open up a new world of possibilities with the yard being in the open world.
  9. We have; uphold your own roleplay as we're expected to as illegal roleplayers. Address anybody you see doing that stuff on an in character basis, as we're expected to do as illegal roleplayers. Get rid of subpar roleplayers, as we're expected to as illegal roleplayers.
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