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  1. Just for information - There will not be more snow added due to the interior issue. It is a valid game breaking issue. If we can fix it with Rage's help we'll see for the future.
  2. We're talking about 3 days of snow, you guys need to calm down and relax. Enjoy the snow roleplay, your interior isn't permanently affected 🙂
  3. I apologize for the interior issue. Removing the snow from the ground requires a memory address bit change from the game, and Rage didn't give us any function to do so but the general "change weather for all" function. So we can't remove it individually.
  4. I'm going to lock this and explain what's happening with illegal development : 1) None of you agree. Lot of different suggestions are submitted and you are disagreeing with each others. I see many people support NPC selling for drugs, while many of you also disagree with it. If we implement it, it'll be a massive drama. Most of the suggestions linked here are also suggestions that were denied in the illegal FM discord by many of you, and I'm not going to work months on a script just to see more drama and for it to be reverted in the end. 2) The drug update is slowly coming yes, and it's also because you can't agree on a common base: Let me give you the only facts everyone agreed on - the ability to store drugs in containers (like baggies) in smaller sizes, test the purity, create more drugs, add more drugs. This requires a full revamp of our inventory system, which is at the core of every functions in our gamemode and it is currently being done by @Static who already wrote most of it but is busy IRL with some stuff, he will finish when he has time and we're not going to take over his revamp as it would take a lot of time to understand what he started to build since we're not him. Once this is done, we'll have containers really scripted (bags you can drop with items inside), and thus containers inside containers will be possible. Purity of drugs, tests etc will follow very quick after that. But let's be honest, will 2) fix anything about the drug market? No it won't. And you'll be back here complaining. I appreciate the fact that some indepth suggestions were made about drug market but you need to understand that I cannot implement suggestions that will make half of our playerbase laugh at it and claim we're a light roleplay server for having NPCs. While you might think this is not the case at all and it'll in the opposite improve the roleplay, other people don't think the same way. So I am still pending real suggestions about drugs that would help fix the market without the addition of NPCs or robotic scripts that removes some roleplay. Now I indeed gave the opportunity for illegal factions to submit suggestions with high visibility, let's see together what was submitted the past month : 1) We cannot add unique usergroups to each factions, our forum doesn't allow moderators to be moderators of a group only and thus to add people in that group without having more rights. It would be massively time consuming for the 3 people with administration access and impossible to handle. 2) This is a nobrainer and more a bug to fix, but nothing that adds roleplay to IFM. 3): This was available in our very early days, and later disabled because the community didn't want it anymore and it was abused a lot. While I am in support of this suggestion, it requires some custom sync which will take a lot of time to do as RageMP doesn't natively support it. It has already been added on our internal board for development though. 4) This was denied at the release of the jail, and will still be denied. We don't plan on implementing automatic CK in jails. This is not directly a script but more a rule change though. 5) No agreement on the suggestion thread itself for now. 6) This suggestion can be doable in 1.1 as we have more damage control, but it was also implemented in the past for the ragdoll and removed. It made gunfights extremely unfun and weird, people would fall in ragdoll mode after 1 shot without understanding anything and players would try to abuse it in gunfights. 7) A new feature was implemented. 8 ) https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/34200-chopping-vehicles/ While there is some good ideas in this, it requires way much work than how it sounds when it's written (the VIN number linking, itemizing mod parts etc), and we fear it might just promote more mass car robberies whereas we're happy today with the current balance. There are definitely some things to do around car chopping roleplay though in the future. 9) https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/33953-off-record-assets/ This doesn't make much sense realistically speaking, you just need another player to buy the asset for you instead of owning it yourself. Same as IRL. What could be added though is the ability for a company to own a house instead of a player, thus hiding it behind a company. The main issues is that illegal roleplay isn't "scriptable" like legal roleplay can be with businesses types, games. Illegal roleplay relies on all the gamemode's systems and weapons / drug roleplay. Everything else is from your creativity. We keep adding indepth features that help illegal roleplay but you don't necessarely see it directly because your faction does not need it. If I can take a big example of what will massively change illegal RP in the coming months is our economy revamp : We're working on introducing bank accounts, cash money being real cash money (used for illegal purchases or small daily purchases but what's on you is on you), bank accounts, and all money transactions will be logged / visible for an IRS-like group that will have the ability to investigate accounts and money flows. Which means that it'll introduce dirty money and money laundering through businesses (you can hire someone to furnish your business and overpay it to launder some of the dirty money etc, so on the wire transfer it'll show as a legit transaction but it'll be overpriced to allow some dirty money to get into a bank account). While this isn't directly an illegal feature, it's a feature that will drastically change illegal roleplay and introduce money laundering roleplay. As for the suggestion linked in this thread first post, it is actually pinned and one of our high priority suggestions that we keep for the drug revamp. We plan to use it for meth creation and base the drug purity changes on it too, so we both agree on that.
  5. I've reversed it for next update. This suggestion is obviously denied. Staff has already way too much to do and it's not a "10 minute task" as you're claiming. Having 20 more buyers per week will not solve anything too.
  6. List of 1.1 pending issues: 1) Game not starting at all for Logitech mouse users 2) Game having 1 FPS when you’re moving due to an unknown reason 3) Massive server memory usage once it reached 150+ players Once all this is fixed, we will switch. Nothing to do on our side.
  7. Denied, this isn't changing anything. The problem isn't accepting the request, it's spectating the 20 minutes of roleplay that comes with it. Hence why admins can't always do it.
  8. Unfortunately I'll have to say no. There are millions of items compared to thousands of notes, the optimization isn't the same at all. Loading a full amount of text from description, images, is completely different from millions of unique items compared to the notes. I also don't see the real interest for it when it comes to roleplay creativity for now.
  9. Update 1.10.7 Additions Added Benny Mods to car mods : 284 new car mods Added ALPR to Police Alamo Using /stopeffect will now stop the drunk effect too Added 35 new furniture objects thanks to @iGhoul Fixes Fixed weed seeds sometimes disappearing Fixed safes disappearing after /reloadprop Fixed seeds disappearing after /reloadprop Fixed Alamo / police alamo and new vehicles handling / remaining issues
  10. Update 1.10.6 Additions Two new animations have been added, bedfuckmale and bedfuckfemale Changes Weapon wheel has been improved with : TAB+HOTKEY has been replaced by HOTKEY only, so you can directly switch your weapon without opening the wheel Pressing twice the same KEY within one second will scroll through your weapon-slot and select the weapon Selection-Line now correctly displays the current weapon you have Fixes Improved animation synchronization Fixed department channel still showing while being toggled Added new LEO vehicles to K9 Fixed a bug where inactive apartments were given back to property master instead of the market : 300+ apartments have been released for player purchase. /canine access for FD /equipment helmet access for FD Fixed ALPR not working on a lot of vehicles Fixed Lockpick-Error when Breaking Lockpick
  11. Update 1.10.5 Additions Added a new civilian vehicle : Alamo, and two new PD/SD/FD vehicles Fixes Car dealership employees can now use /carsign Fixed some issues with outfits if you used long names on too many outfits
  12. I'll lock this and explain why this decision was taken : There was hundreds of abuses. People were constantly deleting and recreating new characters to abuse starter paycheck, to commit crimes, spy on other factions, they didn't care about these character lives and just threw 5 away per week for no reason or to abuse and receive more money. The 1 character deletion per month so far is a good solution, if it becomes really a problem we could lower it to 2 weeks, but for now we're all very happy with this solution. I'll ask for internal opinions about a 2 weeks deletion, but I feel that this can bring back way more abuses and trash characters that gets deleted every weeks.
  13. Competition is now closed. As no one reached 2000 views, we'll discuss internally to see how we will reward it, we'll still pick winners and might decrease the amount of WP depending of the videos.
  14. Update 1.10.4 Additions Added a new flatbed & custom synchronization for /vehattach Fixes Weapon is now selected once hovered over and selection is closed. Fixed occasional background-clicking when selection is closed. Fixed Repeatedly pressing Tab in a vehicle switching to next Weapon by GTA-V Menu. Fixed Weapon-Selection opening when login menu was active Fixed a server crash when purchasing mods
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