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  1. Update 2.8.3 Additions @St3fan[NL] Dropping a pill bottle, plastic bag, cardboard box and zipbags now show its appropriate item on the ground (the zipbag currently shows with drugs inside but is easily editable once a modder made one) Ticket System UI (/helpme and /report now prompt a UI with information and a textbar, using the commands like you did before this update will not show the UI) Vehicle garage UI has been revamped for faction & businesses Added mask usage through the new inventory GUI @valelele Added option to go emergency duty via X Wheel if character is in PD/FD Added option to place a roadblock via X Wheel if character is PD/FD/GOV only in dimension 0. Changes @valelele Added autogrammar automatically for IC chats like /ds, /cw, /atc, /aatc, /dep, /deplow, /r1..9 etc. Added option to pay via bank/hand for /charity Coroners & FD will be able to access duty command from anywhere /pduty call sign will now print on chat message Armor and badge will now be correct after switching through /uniform menu Fixes @valelele Inventory weight messing up sometimes Fixed a message that popped up on entering a container's zone Fixed when badge and armour were going strange after exiting a fvehicle Fixed /changeuniform, it'll now work with your slots @Rothschild Fixed "(M)" not being removed from a players name upon updating /attributes. Re-Added Duplicate /atc message. Fixed /weather not working from Midnight to 1am. (admin) Fixed /gps multi-interior issues Fixed morgue body not properly saving to the database. @Nervous Added missing image for Shell Casings Fixed contract listing issues @mullet Fixed wrongly placed close button in settings menu
  2. Update 2.8.2 Additions @Strobe Added a new system to attach components to weapons : you can use it directly using the "Inspect" option from the new inventory UI by selecting a weapon in your inventory or your equipped weapons (use the magnifying glass), or with /inspect to use it on your currently equipped weapon @Oggy Added new weapons Remington and beanbag shotgun Shrewsbury Stamped Rifle Hawk & Little Navy Carbine Vom Feuer Combat Rifle Smith & Wessons 15 @St3fan[NL] Container system (link feature documentation) Added Container and Safe inventory hotkeys to the Interaction Menu (X wheel) Added show item functionality, you can now show a specific item to another player Improved the inventory UI to be more dynamic Illegally supplied drugs or weapons can now be supplied through crates, zipbags... @Vassilios When shot inside a vehicle, you'll now remain inside it if wounded / dead. https://streamable.com/m7hlz2 Commands to address someone when talking to them. (/to, /lowto, /shoutto) Shooting from within a vehicle now drops casings to the ground (every vehicles except motorcycles has a lower chance of dropping casings than normal shooting) @Rothschild Added the new PD road blocks under the Public Utility tab. Added /asearchf for Admin Object Spawning. [ADMINS] @Nervous Added a new death UI Changes @Exodus Modified /gangsign anims using @.mikey modpack @St3fan[NL] Safes inventories will now no longer load on server start but only once someone is near a safe, this results in a faster server startup. Hover color changes on the Inventory UI to make it more dynamic and make you aware where you are with your cursor. Inventory UI item action menu (yellow options dropdown) now closes once another one opens. Modified meth and cocaine icons. @Nervous Modified the amount of components restocked when delivering trucking components to non player owned businesses in order to create more activities for truckers Modified the mechanic job position There is now a 5% chance for K9 dogs to fail at detecting guns or drugs when sniffing around @Price LEO can now despawn their duty vehicles with /vp Fixes @Rothschild Fixed /gps it now works for Hotel and Multi-Interior properties. Fixed Vehicle Spawning with Vehicle Name Variations. Fixed Ragdoll positioning to mitigate risk of abuse. Fixed /plant checks for weed seeds. Fixed boombox, it now returns to the users inventory on disconnect / crash. @St3fan[NL] Fixed outfit ID errors for uniforms Dimension bug on giving items window via Inventory UI where you would see people in the same interior but different dimension @Vassilios Examining corpses now will show the real name if it's wearing a mask. @BadassBaboon Fixed Utopia Garden houses shining white during night times Fixed Victor Taxi's over bright emissive sign lights for graphics mod users Optimized and fixed textures for the following vehicles, they each now also have around %30 reduction in file size: alamo, bcat, buffalosx, coroner, landstalkerleoxl, leoyosemite, lsfdambulance, torrence, victor and vtbuffaloscpol @Vassilios Fixed a bug where hairdressing slider was zooming and zoom was sliding Increased the range for smart TP entrances for easier access
  3. Update 2.8.1 Additions @Rothschild /pautolow which forces everyone inside a property to /low until they leave the property in question. /characternote /cnote /cn which allows players to keep notes about their respective characters to better improve their continuity. @St3fan[NL] Weapons now show in the Inventory UI Changes @Rothschild Amended drop item, items cannot be dropped from inside of a vehicle anymore @valelele You can now remove a phone contact by contact name Fixes @Rothschild Fixed Phone Screen copying with chat Fixed Multi-Interior spawning Fixed Hotel Spawning @St3fan[NL] Bag/Dufflebag/Sportsbag max inventory weight not updating properly Some inventories with old phone items would not load @valelele Fixed medic CAD Fix creating an error when using a table for blackjack
  4. Update 2.8 Additions @St3fan[NL] @don Deployed our new inventory system, you can still use the old one (re-enable it through the settings!) Added /assignicon to set a new icon to a custom item Added /createlastitem to create an exact copy of your last created item via /createitem including icon, without the icon cooldown. You need to use this command once per 15 minutes for it not to lose it's stored data. @Price has added a new generic duty system for legal factions, allowing them to use /uniform and blacklisted clothing options under approval of LFM. The duty system is enabled with /fduty if you're a member of a duty faction, and you'll be able to use /uniform @valelele Added a close button when creating a new character to go back to character list. Added /petdespawn to despawn the current spawned pet. Added /petdo for current spawned pet. @Tiddy added 300 new objects! Full album on https://imgur.com/a/FAPFOK8 Changes @valelele Now /petexamine will have as alias /petex. Now /removelocation will have as alias /removegps. Now all the blips (property, garages, rent) will reset after /changechar. Now the phone will turn on automatically if it was off by accesing /phone. The timer for garbage after finish the route will be resetted now. Pets will be despawned now after /changechar. All error messages and usage commands will have the same style now. @Rothschild Amended /blockpm messages to provide a bit more clarity. Amended /rollwindow it no longer works on bikes and the like. For the purpose of further clarity: /blockpm has been enabled for all users since the 24th of February. @St3fan[NL] /outfit no longer has location/vehicle/property restrictions. Any outfit change is logged by time to track abuse. Uniforms will now receive additional slots from donator clothing slots @Oggy Removes most of the obey and survive mottos around pd Fixes @valelele Improved server startup time Fixed animations newsmicb and newsmic and some other animations which froze you when you had them applied. Fixed mapping mode invisiblility after losing connection to the server. Fixed blackjack clientside errors when the browser was recognised to be null. Fixed critical bug when you received the driving license if you ran out of money during exam. Fixed bank payment check instead of cash for DMV/Tattoo Parloor/Mechanic/Makeup/Jewerly etcetera. Fixed when you couldn't use the fuel can if the tank was empty. Also now the canister will fill 2.6 gallons if it hits the maximum too. Fixed SMS received when it shows the number instead of the contact name if the phone is not a smartphone. Fixed /friends message if none of player's friends are online. Fixed /casing myevidence, now it will show last 10 submissions filled by your character. Fixed when sometimes blips for houses had wrong database ID and gets stucked on client. Fixed some commands related to taxi job. Now the shipment interface can be closed with F4 or ESC. Fixed G bind, now you can use from Trucking Depot too and solved the problem when the shipment interface could be opened twice and produces errors on client. Fixed some bugs related to multi-interior room sales Fixed entering in multiroom locked by admin duty. Fixed critical uniform bug applying badge & armour after exiting a vehicle. @Rothschild Fixed /vrestream, it now factors in RBG vehicle colors. Fixed the /vget message relating to a destroyed vehicle. Fixed /alpr data being copied when copying chat content. @St3fan[NL] /outfit starting value is now your current outfit, no longer starts at 0 (unless your current outfit is 0). Fingernails only showing on the outfit that actually has them stored to it.
  5. Update 2.7.24 Additions @Rothschild Added /tlow for the purpose of allowing players to continue talking locally in /low despite being on the phone. Added /cancelfirerequest (cancelfr) for the purpose of cancelling any requests relating to arson. Added dilated pupils to LSD. Changes @Rothschild Amended /createcorp - Admins will now be able to create corpses of other players with an accompanying reason for the death. Amended /sendtomorgue message to provide more clarity. ["The Morgue Request has been been sent to the on-duty coroners."] @valelele /tenants is now re-enabled Fixes @Rothschild Added on foot & boat check to Fishing Hotspot messages. Corrected /ctrunk message relating to a corpse placement. It now states the correct command for removing the body in question. (/cremove). Corrected the 911 operators grammar to "Alright, can you explain /to/ me what happened?". Fixed /radioshow text being copied when copying chat content. Fixed the issue where players utilising /vpark would find themselves teleported to another vehicle that is simultaneously being spawned. Fixed /call - it now accepts full name of your contact, e.g - "John Doe". Fixed /sendlocation, it now also accepts the full name of your contact, e.g - "John Doe". Fixed bandages, they now stack in the inventory. Fixed the Tobacco Store issue - It no longer gives the user the goods before the payment check. Fixed the Scorcher Custom bicycle, it is now considered a bicycle by the server and no longer requires /engine nor fuel. Fixed /vrestream, it now restreams the vehicles color. Fixed /atc, the player no longer receives a duplicate radio message. Fixed the cruise control functionality increasing the vehicles speed on activation. Fixed Jewellery Store, it now checks and charges the players bank for any purchases. Fixed /low not working in cars. Fixed landline calls continuing after /hangup. Fixed /acceptheal it now heals and syncs the relevant health change. Fixed global property limits for residential and apartment properties. [ATC] The player is now correctly disconnected from Air Traffic Control when using /vpark. [PRISON] All prison related weapons will now be removed from the players inventory upon release. i.e - Knives & Switchblades. @valelele Fixed tab autocomplete for staff commands. Fixed when normal players without donators couldn't change the advanced settings on /pmanager. Fixed some problems with cameras for /changechar and /cam. Fixed invalid AFK detections
  6. Update 2.7.23 Additions Added an icon picker when creating an item in order to prepare new items for the soon to come inventory UI (@St3fan[NL]) Changes Administrators will now show in green color in /fonline if on duty (@valelele) Fixes Fixed the GTA native money showing up on the screen since latest GTA's update (@valelele) Fixed TV binds being activated while talking in the chat (@valelele) Fixed some bugs with the camera (@valelele) Fixed some mismatched commands related to stolen vehicles (@valelele)
  7. I'll move the entire script to Y key soon
  8. Fixed on next restart - non player owned businesses will now require crates again which should fill the orders massively after a few days maximum.
  9. I’ll work on that today
  10. Update 2.7.22 Additions @Strobe @Oggy Modded weapons are finally back available! You'll now be able to purchase a Hunting Rifle again at Ammunation, or to use your glock & other modded pistols! More weapons will come in a near future! @Rothschild Added /pulloutcar for removing wounded individuals from a vehicle. Added /cexamine which allows players to examine a nearby corpse. @valelele Added a new property management UI that replaces the old property menu Video available @valelele Added the option to have all the commands from the game in chat placeholder automatically. Administrators will have access to their all admin commands too. Added the clothing store blip on /badblip @Nervous re-enabled the TV system! Changes @Price LEOs are now unable to use /panic while injured or dead Fixes @Rothschild Fixed /autolow not working in cars. Fixed /trunkkidnap teleporting. It now teleports the trunked player to the correct location after they have been removed Fixed /stopcarry so it now places the player correctly on the ground level. Fixed duplicate /low phone messages when in a car with closed windows. Fixed /buyproperty not deleting the property inventory. @valelele Fixed the fingerpointing, no need to /stopanim to debug the character move. Fixed the selection chat with TAB which causes outline. Fixed some error messages on /hairtie.
  11. Hi, thanks for contacting us about it instead of making a public post, we could have answered you directly. Few points to clarify as to why our system doesn't apply to your message : 1. You can get the points for free thanks to your ingame activity 2. All the rewards (except cosmetic panda titles) are directly available through direct purchases on our shop 3. The rewards are not tradeable, and thus have no market value. Lootbox laws in some countries are banned when rewards have a market value, which leads to players being able to spend $ into an item that can give them more $, which is also gambling. There is no gambling if you can't get $ when spending your $. It's also why many regular video games still use lootbox, and others don't : the games that can keep it in these few countries that banned it have rewards that cannot be traded, and thus have no market value. Before trying to become a wannabe lawyer, you'll want to think twice about what you're writing and do proper researches. Our own lawyer worked on the system to validate it, and if there is one day a country which has an issue with it, they'll directly contact us and you're free, as a citizen of that country, to warn them about our system so they do contact us to handle it, lawyer to lawyer.
  12. Update 2.7.21 Additions Added a tombstone for our dear chief Patty Added /forcestopcarry for administrators. [ADMINS] Changes /gotowaypoint will have now as alias /gotowp. [ADMINS] Reduced light intensity of property alarm from 1450 to 900. /clearchat will have now as alias /flush and will clear 20 lines instead of 15. /fonline will have now as alias /fon. Fixes Fixed /startairsoft & /stopairsoft, now all injured will be revived. Fixed when faction members with garages can't access it with /startshift. Fixed infomarkers & scenes when they could not be deleted if the player was in another dimension. Fixed issue with /requestcarry for normal players. Fixed issue with renewal hunting license. Fixed /examine when does not detect the player next to you. Fixed the message for a property without Airsoft Arena Type Fixed a server crash related to phone groups
  13. Locked as it derailed to a blip debate. Panda points in their current form are meant to have a value of around 6-7 WP as shared on discord since the beginning, for 100 PP. The system wasn’t designed to give you unique or insane rewards, as it’s not meant to force people into « buying », but instead to get more people receive free rewards or namechanges. However we’re working on a new 100% cosmetic feature that’ll be available through this system and will be very fun for many of you, we’ll share more details soon!
  14. Update 2.7.20 Additions Added an online status on group chats Updated POLALAMO and UMKALAMO to newer model Added Bobcat Security texture to NSPEEDO Added Declasse Alamo 2600LS (ALAMO3) to High End Autos Replaced Vagos Vest Textures Fixes Fixed some issues with /vdup Fixed some bugs related to fingernails Fixed unread SMS reminder The television system is still temporarely disabled.
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