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  1. Update 2.5.3 Additions Updated Legal Faction Caracara with additional extra Updated handling file for Legal Faction Caracara Removed a few objects from state wide map mod Updated LEO Landstalker with FD liveries Unmarked Landstalker is now no longer bulletproof Replaced LSFD Quint model Deployed second to last stage of clothing pack change Added two new /hairtie Changes Increased shotgun damages by 30%
  2. The interviews will be text based on Discord.
  3. Hello everyone, In the past week we've welcome'd @Rajquit on board for the next few months to develop quality assurance inside the team and bring us daily reports on late / forgotten reports on the forum. The results are very positive so far as we managed to drastically reduce our amount of pending reports thanks to his work. We're going to start a second step by performing one-to-one interviews with each players who wish to discuss with him to answer various questions related to GTAW. Please check his availability on the following calendar which he will update on a daily basis, and send him a forum message to book an interview by sharing with him the requested date & time, along with your Discord #name: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BU-TFD4JaZS01cy4oVHr7AEpHVkHZw8K4nRvvV7P7vU
  4. Finally reached 60, I can go back developping GTAW 😄 On EU side we're on Penglai with multiple GTAW people.
  5. I'll lock this since no one has been testing recently, it'll come when Strobe is back from vacation and we can sync for a day to release it while being both at home.
  6. ... It's too difficult to read the answer given to this that was sent in the message just before yours 😄 ? Seriously guys..
  7. Update 2.5.2 Additions Added 142 new furniture objects 125 walls & floors (thanks to @lux and @Ari-) https://streamable.com/ri8vyu 17 additional objects added (thanks to @Tiddy to find the basegame files, fixes by @Oggy)
  8. Really love the game, i'm only level 54 but I'm in love with the crafting & pvp
  9. Update 2.5.1 Additions Added /sf (/searchf) for exterior kits Changes Increased very rare (legendary) fishes prices by 100% Increased ocean fishes prices by 20% Holster warning message appears only when you use the holster option in /holsteranim. When you use /afk you freeze in place so you don't die from furniture disappearing. ALPR now opens automatically as a passenger (if it's enabled on the vehicle.). Fixes Make-Up menu now reflects the correct price. ($100 instead of $250) Fixed a bug where you could find who was behind a mask by the usage of a command. /fcolor sometimes displayed the wrong colours, that is now fixed. Player list automatically hides upon changing character to prevent a bug. Fixed a spelling mistake on the property take item command. ravedance60 & ravedance61 now work without being bugged. Exiting a dealership vehicle when previewing now deletes the vehicle.
  10. Hello everyone, As some of you may already know, we recently banned multiple players who were already given many chances and unbans due to rampant metagaming & toxicity with other members. Following this ban, a massive wave of doxxing, insults, death threats to multiple administrators of my team and myself happened, including regular players who used to be friends of this group. To show you how mentally ill they are, underaged women have been doxxed and their picture photoshoped with cum by these people. My own information are public, it is a risk I've always taken when running this community as we unfortunately always have to deal with players who are coming from everywhere in the world, every cultures, every issues. Some of you have difficult lives and GTAW is an escape of joy, some of you live in countries where paying games is considered a luxury and enjoy playing with us free of charge, some of you just enjoy playing GTAW and live a balanced life outside GTAW. Unfortunately, in the hundreds of thousands of different players we see each years, we always attract a few that are driven by hate, toxicity, anger & focus all their life on GTAW due to most likely their own real life problem, which leads to them doing their best to make others suffer through online communities they're part of. Having public information with these people is always a risk, as at any moment they can flip and release their massive anger at me or any other members of the community, leading to doxxing or worse. I have accepted the risk, my family has accepted the risk, but I do not allow my administrators or any other players to accept that risk by playing on GTAW. There is a red line that is never to be drawn for us and it's doxxing, doing so will obviously lead to a permanent ban without any chance to appeal. However, there are various red flags that leads to these mental breakdowns, and it's also our duty to make sure we can identify these red flags. I have personally failed multiple times in identifying these flags, as I always had faith that any player could change and grow up. I gave these players a second, a third chance thinking they would become better. Everytime I was betrayed and backstabbed, and I consider this my own failure to the members who were doxxed the past days. On GTAW, we never cared about reaching the highest amount of players, but I always did care about every single players and small issues, hence why my Discord Messages have been opened the past 4 years, despite 200+ messages per day, a kid, an IRL job, a wife, I am still here answering them everyday along with developping and doing my forum answers. I never had time to play on the server I created and I regret it very often. Since we never cared about reaching the highest amount of players, it also means that we're not affraid of banning content creators or players who own discords with 500+ members. We knew that when banning this group they would use their 500+ players discord to massively attack, spam and trashtalk us, and that it would result in a loss of players. But quality & making sure everyone in the community doesn't have to face toxic players matters more than everything else. We have banned more than 15 players part of that doxxing group the past days, and they all moved to communities which welcome'd them with open arms, let them massively attack everyone of GTAW and did not ban them when they shared doxxing pictures as many of you witnessed. These communities should be ashamed of themselves, but they have been running on our banned garden for years now while remaining non-launched failures & donation scams running from the hate of GTAW. I am personally honored to know that other servers focus more about GTAW than their own development as it shows how much our work the past 4 years led us to being the only community everyone speaks about. Starting from today, we'll now be applying a 0 tolerance policy on toxicity. It is a rampant issue that all games are facing, but I cannot accept it on our gaming community. GTAW is a niche made of passionate players who love a kind of roleplay that is extremely rare nowadays, and who value quality & immersion. This should all bring us together toward more positivity, and not negativity & toxicity. Ingame, forum, discord insults & harassment will now lead to quick permanent bans and I invite everyone to report toxic players using our common courtesy rule. All administrators will make sure that the toxic players are not welcome'd here anymore. This is not my job, this is not any administrator's job, and we do not need to come back home to toxicity or even worse. We may take a toll in our amount of players by being stricter with toxic players who do not necessarely break roleplay rules, but I dream of coming back everyday after work to a positive server where all players actually play together instead of playing against each others. And most days my dream is already fullfiled, thanks to the many supporting and thank you messages I & administrators receive, or just by seeing you all play and enjoying the server. But this is not enough, I did not do enough. This situation a wake-up call for me. After this message, we will be closing this chapter and we will not be mentioning these people ever again, nor the community hosting them. All of them deserve to be forgotten and will be forgotten very soon. Any players supporting their actions are free to leave immediately.
  11. You couldn't be more wrong and it shows that you have no idea of the ongoing punishments / all the conflicts we're handling. In 2017 the server had 50 players online, we had sometimes weeks without a single player report. A single ban was known by everyone. The leniency and punishements actually got way, way more strict along the years, we went as far as applying a 0 tolerance policy on all "noobs", new players to RP who didn't care about learning, robbers with poor roleplay, or poor roleplayers in general by permbanning them immediately. You just never notice it because it's drown into thousands of other bans that happens now. In 2017, there was 290 bans, out of which 120 were removed / expired. In 2018 1580 bans, 552 removed / expired In 2019, 1813 bans, 655 removed / expired In 2020, 2985 bans, 790 removed / expired, and 2020 includes the drastic playerbase increase with lot of noobs joining due to a very brief Eclipse hype on twitch + Epic games free GTA In 2021 we are already at 3807 bans, with only 405 removed / expired following changes on our bans policies. We are banning left and right toxic players, childish players, rulebreakers, we've been massively banning poor RP robbers too. You have to realize the INSANE amount of bans we're delivering just for you to keep a decent experience despite the constant increase of the playerbase over the years, we've always been very strict and being more strict at this point isn't a solution. Yes 30 minutes ajail is not a "long" punishment for a rulebreaker, it's to be used as a warning and it's an historic system from former RP servers that we kept, it makes players realize that it's a bit more than a warning which has no effect on them ingame. Everyone will somehow manage to break a rule or respond badly in a situation when they play 1000+ hours, it's been happening to myself too when I roleplayed in the past. It's important to give everyone a second chance, every on major rulebreakings after we have a discussion with them as most of the time people realize their wrongdoing, are very happy that we allow them to get a second chance after X months and become perfect players. Yes bad apples remains, especially with younger players where some of them never learn and just pretend to understand when we discuss with them. We're starting to get a hold of their pattern, and it's part of the toxicity we're also trying to bring down - very toxic players have been given less and less chances since these population rarely change.
  12. The noobs never cease to amaze me in their ability to adapt to new scripts. I'll add a section that forbids it, and I'll once again start a discussion to see which solution we can use to limit robberies drastically.
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