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  1. Yes, unfortunately Rage always equips the gun even if not equipped when exiting a car, so we had to force it.
  2. Update 1.14.3 Additions Added 81 new males and 107 new females haircuts thanks to @Jennie (collection/renaming) and @Oggy You'll be required to redo your haircut if it was using an old one that got removed https://streamable.com/pwuns7 https://streamable.com/x8w0g5 Added a specific color to the beanbag shotgun
  3. I can't reproduce the issue at all, tried in different properties. Did you try to pick it back up and try again?
  4. Is this from this testing session? I don't have the issue at all so far, tried reproducing for 10 minutes (the disappearing)
  5. Nothing I can do about that, it's on rage's side somehow
  6. No, it must be disabled. Enabling = it makes it laggy.
  7. Update 1.14.2 Changes Modified icon sizes on the map Modified BF400 to decrease its handling / efficiency as it was used in many badly roleplayed situations Fixes Fixed double menu bug with /vget Fixed devices category not appearing in I inventory Fixed a bug where Kurama vehicles weren't customizable anymore
  8. I would see these fees being 10% of what it currently is, but the current ones are insane indeed.
  9. Testing session 6 will start in the next few days, most bugs have been fixed on the gamemode side and Rage deployed a new update to fix Rage starting issues. Remaining issues seems to only be from modded games (with LSPDFR for example). We've added a tutorial to help you start Rage in case.
  10. Report 1.1 bug here. What if Rage crashes when starting GTA ? 0) Verify that you have an updated Windows 10 1) Start Steam, Epic or Rockstar launcher before starting ragemp. Make sure that your C:/RageMP/config.xml is set to prerelease instead of 10_ (if you never modified this file, don't even check) 2) Try to start GTA singleplayer, if it doesn't work : the problem is on your GTA files side. Reinstall it. 3) Disable your antivirus if it's not Windows Defender 4) Kill / disable the following processes : (I
  11. Update 1.14.1 Additions The friendlist system will now be request based Fixes Taxi Esperanto will now be considered as a taxi Fixed missing inventory size from new vehicles Animation & trucking objects will now be automatically deleted after 5 minutes if the player crashed with one in hand and it didn't properly clean it
  12. It'll be moved to a request system on next update.
  13. Update 1.14 Additions Added a friendlist system Added 20+ new vehicles thanks to @Oggy, @Marksman (bug fixes, compiling), @SurSide (bug fixes) and @jarmin_russ (bug fixes) https://imgur.com/a/8CO26Lo (Album)
  14. Update 1.13.5 Additions Added a new TTCF entrance text by @Hood Removed Vespucci LSPD HQ parking gate Changes Disconnecting / or /changechar while wounded will now drop your items on the ground Fixes Optimized some functions to decrease small delays on all players that could sometimes happen when entering a property that was never entered since the last restart, thus improving overall server sync
  15. Update 1.13.4 Additions Platinum donators can now furnish up to 20 furnitures outside their house instead of 15 Improved server optimization in order to be able to handle a massive amount of players reconnecting at the same time (500+), especially after peak time crashes Changes Character deletion feature on UCP will be locked for 2 weeks after usage instead of 1 month [Live 01/MAR] Fixes Fixed a bug where SD members wouldn't see an ankle monitor being removed Fixed a server crash
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