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  1. I'm locking this as the issue is solved for now.
  2. Yes, running is fine. People with broken legs or an important amount of GSW IRL can still run with the adrenaline, BUT it is very short. You're not expected to be running for 10 minutes, nor to be evading / driving a vehicle like a pro driver.
  3. Server has been switched back to economy testing
  4. Crashes are fixed as of today, we're going to be first redeploying the custom sync tomorrow and verify how crashes go.
  5. Update 2.3.9 Additions Updated 5 buildings from the GTA Tuners update to look like car shops : Album here for 2 examples https://imgur.com/a/npvRJSB Fixes Fixed clothes blacklist Fixed a bug with orders when using /changechar during an active order Disabled for crash testing Lot of vehicle syncs functions have been disabled / or will be worse like liveries, sirens, doors... Disabled some custom vehicles Removal of LSFDAmbulance, LSFDEngine, Polbufsc, Polbufsc2. Victor, Vapidscout, Valkyrie, Lfmaverick, Cara and Bcat will be drastically reduced in quality / liveries amount Modified the current gameconfig
  6. As you're all aware, there has been many more crashes reported by players since the latest Rage / GTA update. I myself had many crashes despite never having any since 1.1. The problem is my main focus for now and full priority, as I value stability more than anything else. It seems that Rage is not good at supporting modded vehicles (it wasn't very good before, it's worse now) so we'll be slowly removing non mandatory modded vehicles. The current steps have already been taken to fix the issue : Reverse the latest GTA update fully : No improvements Remove the latest 46 vehicles added : Good improvements, still quite a bit of crashes reported by some players (not on my side). The following steps will be taken in the following days : 28/07 : Removal of LSFDAmbulance, LSFDEngine, Polbufsc, Polbufsc2. Victor, Vapidscout, Valkyrie, Lfmaverick, Cara and Bcat will be drastically reduced in quality / liveries amount & removal of our custom vehicle sync 28/07 update : The crashes have been fixed. The custom vehicle sync will be re-enabled tomorrow to verify if crashes are still fixed or not. 29/07 update : Still a bit of crashes ongoing, Scout were disabled but no improvements seen. 30/07 update : Gameconfig changed and the 46 modded vehicles were put back live. Rage is also working on an update on their side to fix the issue, until then it seems difficult to bring back custom vehicles. We're still going to try to bring back custom vehicles packs per packs to test & monitor the issues in a near future once we fix the crashes fully.
  7. Yes. I'll lock the thread, the garage issue is very temporary due to the 70+ new cars that everyone wants to mod. I've also increased trucking stocks spawning to make it 2x faster for now.
  8. Update 2.3.8 Changes Reverted previous GTA update to fix the client crashes, you will not crash anymore like everyone used to since the update. You have nothing to do on your side : the update is still installed but "hidden". Your clothes will be moved backwards once again, do /fixoutfits once to fix them. All the new cars are disabled and will be back very soon - we're going to manually add them one by one without deploying the full rockstar update to avoid bringing back the crashes Fixes Trucking money is now given through the bank instead of cash Fixed /scuba
  9. This player has just been ajailed and his CK denied by myself, then proceeds to post this thread. Lovely behavior.
  10. I've changed trucking money from cash to bank.
  11. Fixed for next update on test, thanks
  12. Update 2.3.7 Additions Added 20 new cars Fixes Fixed hairtie Fixed evidence locker errors
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