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  1. Update 1.10.2 Additions Added a new vehicle modding system thanks to @St3fan[NL] You can now use /vget <id> to directly spawn your vehicle based on its ID Fixes Fixed bugs with vehicle tints, turbo etc. not being installed on your vehicles Fixed multiple bugs related to phone numbers still being active on an expired contract You'll not be able to /ad using an expired contract anymore UPDATE TO BE DEPLOYED WEDNESDAY. THE CHANGELOG MAY BE UPDATED IN THE MEANWHILE.
  2. Thank you but I'll not start any debate on general discussion about having an OOC greenzone ingame.
  3. This thread is 10 years early indeed 🙂
  4. It's technically false. It's just because using these minigames on RageMP would require reversing the game to fully know how it works, and it's not that easy otherwise everyone could create GTA clones. Your game does have these minigames in.
  5. Update 1.10.1 Fixes Exterior furniture should now properly despawn when being moved or deleted Exterior furniture menu will now properly show 15 maximum objects and not 10 Leaving an airsoft property will now properly remove the airsoft guns from your hands
  6. "I think instead of having an admin needed to do a home invasion there should be a script for it for better RP." Aaand it's a lock.
  7. Update 1.10.0 Additions Added a new vehicle at Freight Sales Dealership : MTL Flatbed Added a new towing system : Flatbed vehicle sync by @Rauf While inside a flatbed, you can now press X (or /vehattach) to attach the nearest vehicle if unlocked (LEO factions can attach any vehicles) The vehicle will be directly attached : + You may use X again or /vehoff to detach it.
  8. I'll lock this, you can refer to to get a full understand of our economy and why prices are 1:1 / 1:10 depending of the item.
  9. Update 1.9.9l Changes Pistols - Are now only in Semi-Mode (Exception: APPistol) SMG - Are now only in Semi & Auto Assault Rifles - Are now only in Semi & Auto Snipers - Are now only in Semi & Auto Every Weapon now supports a Safety-Mode. Weapons are now by Default in Safety-Mode upon creation / being issued. Passing and dropping a weapon stores its Firing-Mode. Removed the trial dimension for banned players / new players Fixes Fixed weed growing script : All weeds should now properly grow Fixed server restart percents being stuck sometimes : it'll now automatically go to 100 if stuck, and an administrator will be able to manually load the properties Fixed /hq and garage despawn issues /carsign will now be removed on vehicle sale Fixed a bug on /createitem that was creating 2 logs instead of 1
  10. For now after multiple days of debates in IFM and LFM it'll not be happening.
  11. Update 1.9.9k Additions Added a new vehicle breakin / hotwiring minigame instead of the random probability system thanks to @Strobe All the details can be found on Added /blanks old to use the old blank system Changes You'll now directly respawn at your position instead of doing a 1 meter high jump on revive Fixes Fixed all remaining issues with the new blanks system More server stability fixes related to exterior objects have been deployed : We're giving ourselves 1 more update to fix the stability issues before reverting to an old system for exterior furnitures
  12. We're debating it in IFM, but we're extremely scared about the idea of seeings bad roleplayers waving rifles around. So for now.. It's being debated aha.
  13. Update 1.9.9j Additions Added firing modes on weapons : You can now switch the firing mode by pressing M Added single-locked weapons : You may now be supplied single-shot only rifles Added a new supplier : weapon specialist. This new supplier role will replace the serial remover role, if you were a serial remover supplier you'll be automatically transfered to it. The weapon specialist can remove weapon serial numbers with /removeserial You'll also be able to use /unlockweapon to unlock the firing mode Changes Reverted today's changes on the spawn menu choices to fix the camera issues and crashes Fixes Fixed the notification spam if being shot while wounded Fixed Fire Marshalls' paychecks Fixed a bug related to item drops on death : they should now properly drop items by items and you'll not be printed a wrong message anymore when picking them up Fixed a bug related to tatoor parlors in interiors Fixed multiple server crashes related to exterior furniture
  14. The 1:10 isn't inflation, it's been there since the beginning. The average bank money actually decreased a lot over the years as we removed scripted jobs and added way more restrictions on it, revamped wages with weekly wages etc. The server is actually losing more money in its economy that's it's putting into it right now. We've just made economy choices that are fully explained everywhere regarding prices, and you'll also find the reasons of these threads.
  15. Update 1.9.9i Additions Improved the character spawning system with a new CEF spawn selector Added /mylong Added /togdep Changes /tog is now allowed on duty
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