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  1. It's still 30 minutes, but you can use /blip or just redo an advertisement with a blip as since you're a gold donator you can refresh the blip every 30 minutes through ads too.
  2. I explained a few messages ago that we plan to keep it for very rare events. It's meant to be a 100% donator addition to reward people supporting us as it's really not a feature people do need for their daily RP. We also need to regularly add donator features throughout the year to keep the support going 🙂
  3. This shared cooldown is gone with that update.
  4. It's planned for major events, not medium business openings. These will still use the business / events advertisements as usual. We need to keep the calendar clean with rare events, not having 5 business opening per day filling it otherwise no one will ever open it.
  5. No you don't need to pay real money to advertise, nothing changed for advertisements when it comes to payments. We've just added a new feature called a Calendar where you can pay to register events see others can see it on the calendar.
  6. It is not, it's a development screenshot with an example for the withdrawal system before the real values were set. You can see the list of withdrawal drugs on the text.
  7. Good evening everyone, It's been a while since our last development blog, and I figured it would be time to share with you what's coming /very soon/. We're going to be releasing the systems described in this thread in the next days / weeks, everyone should be released by the end of May if all testing goes fine. The drug update will obviously require lot of tweaking even after release to fully balance all the values, but we're very happy to finally have found a good system that promotes drug usage roleplay, improve the drug economy and isn't RPGish/unrealistic. The heal
  8. Feature Showcase: Pool table games Information You'll soon be able to purchase pool table and place them down to start pool games with your friends! How to use it? You may purchase a pool table in any 24/7, from there you can deploy it in any property you own / rent / use as a faction member using /useitem or the I menu. Commands /poolplay - Initiates a game Right click - Aims with the cue Q / D - Moves the cue left & right Left click - Hit the white ball with he cue /poolpickup : P
  9. Hi, there is a reason that the shop purchase page says to directly contact me on discord. We don't check these threads for any WP / shop issues. Please send me a forum PM including @Everett and myself with your UCP name and the email of your XMR + the link that you get redirected to in your UCP XMR page.
  10. Update 2.0.9 Additions Added /sirenkey to change the siren keybind Pressing a siren key while in "'Lights" stage will automatically put you in "Siren" stage Fixes Fixed a bug preventing usage of 1-4 keys to switch weapons Fixed a bug where the basegame radio would sometimes still be active when joining a vehicle
  11. You'll be truly missed @FearnR!
  12. That bug isn't related to the invisible bug though
  13. It's a known issue with Rage 1.1, nothing we can do on our side. Maybe we can find a workaround with a command that removes the invisible, but for that we need admins to test dimension changes etc on people. You can also try on your side to enter / exit a property and see if it fixes for example. Try to see what the invisible people were doing before : Did they go in the water ? (apparently it can cause it), did they do animations, anything is important so we can reproduce the issue and Rage can fix it quicker.
  14. The administration team overall has been extremely affected and demotivated by the constant attacks they're facing. They're here to play a game and put hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of their own time for free to help players. They shouldn't be targeted because of that. As I've always said, administrators are humans that can do mistakes and these mistakes need to follow the proper procedure with a staff report, that we've always handled and put a lot of dedication into making sure they're properly handled. While everyone can accept some little bully left and right, made up facts or rumor
  15. Exactly, it's a clear abuse of the gamemode. The one who did it recently caught a ban, we're slow on removing the gambled funds however as it takes a while to go through all the logs.
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