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  1. Update 3.3 With this update, 3.3 is getting deployed with a bunch of other small things that were not included in our latest development blog! Check it out if you missed it here - https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/98282-gtaw-33-development-blog-illegal-update/ Additions Added /moveoutfit [outfit slot] [target outfit slot] to move outfits (or uniforms while on faction duty) between specified slots to better organize your outfits. This basically just swaps them in place, not copy them. Example video - https://streamable.com/gf1jyd Added /earpiece to set earpiece mask for your outfit/uniform without visiting the mask shop. Added /beard to set beard for your outfit/uniform without visiting the mask shop. Added PIO restricted frequency. Added property unfreeze function to K button too. Added /admins2 and /testers2 command to trigger the list on chat, no matter the toggle in /settings. Added casing lab at PAB. Added select payment method option in car washes. Added /tablemanager to quick access poker kit manage UI. Added /streetname to check your current street name and zone. It looks almost the same like the HUD one, but it's on chat in case you have it disabled. Added /sharepinfo [target] to show limited info of your property to another player. Changes /r will now be multi-faction compatible. Changed Brewing menu from colshapes to checking nearby items, showing their distance and add bounding box support. It should be a more user-friendly now. Changed information markers, car washes and brewing menu keybind from Y to K to avoid conflicts with other features. /fingernails will now also work while on faction duty and save for your uniform. /fixloc and /fixrevive will now require confirm argument. Device scanner has been changed to an actual scanning device and no longer requires command spam. Example video - https://streamable.com/vkzr9d Lowered low variant of commands (/low, /melow, /dolow and other commands like that) range by ~20%. Redesigned inventory UI and positioned it the right of the screen so single pane inventory should not block chat anymore. Changed overall look of the Native UI interface! Fixes Fixed a bug causing few apartments not being checked for inactivity. Fixed a bug where brewery equipment despawned after reloading a property. Fixed a bug with picking up all brewery equipment. Fixed a bug with /vinv spaces in some cases. Fixed a bug with brewery drinks not being saved correctly in database. Fixed a bug with being able to /sharenumber for on-duty admin. Fixed a bug where non-property owners could use exterior furnishing, as this could result to it being deleted after server restart, because property owner doesn't have required donator status. Fixed a bug with /pcadvolume, /hqvolume and /panicvolume - low numbers should save properly now. Fixed a bug with license stores. Fixed a bug where some rented properties were not deducted in paychecks. Fixed a bug with random space appearing in test drive feature. Fixed vehicle alarms showing streets incorrectly. It will now show the closest street based on it's mid-point. Fixed smart TP distance being too large in some cases. Fixed car wash map blip not turning green if someone starts a shift there. Fixed ammunation UI sometimes not showing up when pressing Y. Fixed K making you exit/enter properties while not inside a vehicle. Fixed few issues with multi faction system. Fixed being able to place brewery equipment and/or safes in motel rooms. Fixed only roleplay business flag for car washes. Fixed car wash script distance. Fixed /trace being usable on on-duty admin. Fixed insta-death from 1 hit when injured, it now takes 3 hits. Fixed vehicle alarm notifications for vehicle owner, also moved them to text message alert instead. Fixed /vstats not showing up mileage. Fixed few grammar mistakes in shell casings related features. Fixed few non-existing commands showing up in the hints. Fixed missing [ before IDs of vehicles that are not listed in dealerships in vehicle related commands like /vget.
  2. The signal jammers will be restricted to electronic suppliers for now due to feedbacks from players.
  3. It's an ongoing discussion with IFM
  4. The jammers are costing a lot of components, we're talking about approximately 5-6 cars worth of chopping, and multiple electronic kits. In case it becomes too common in the first week even with such a high requirement then we'll remove it / decrease the amount that can be created per week, it won't be a problem. It's not like everything is set in stone, we have to balance values.
  5. Signal jammers are extremely expensive to make and are estimated to be around $50 000 in value. That means you must be sure to get back that value when doing a breakin, which is clearly not often (if not never) happening. It'll be very rare to see and be made to target high value houses / stash houses.
  6. It's been asked by everyone from both legal and illegal, due to the impact of having your car constantly robbed for chopshops being very high on regular roleplayers. As for finding some small items in the car... it's all normal. Realistically speaking you wouldn't have only 5-6 cars in a big neighborhood, you would have way more. So we're just adding some of these cars to allow for more roleplay and to not impact the legal roleplayers as much as before.
  7. GTAW 3.3 : Development blog We've been working the past weeks on delivering illegal focused updates thanks to @honey., @Shanks and @Igloo, and all the other members of IFM & players from various factions that helped us massively with great suggestions. Cool general updates such as a new phone have also been integrated into this devblog, so make sure to check it out even if you're not an illegal player! The update will be released the 08/JUN/2023! I - New chopshop script @Strobe The preexisting system for chopping vehicles has been overhauled and along with it an additional system for parked NPC vehicles has been implemented to provide car thieves with more opportunities. The goal is also to reduce the complaints from regular victims of car theft due to the system. You will be able to chop any vehicle you believe is worth the trouble and you will receive appropriate resources based on the vehicle's worth instead of a wanted list. NPC vehicles will spawn throughout the day and they will contain random sets of items, ranging from everyday items such as chewing gum and small cash up to very rare cases of stored-away narcotics and weapons. These vehicles will belong to actual characters, although the user that created these characters is the server, and they will occasionally report the vehicle you broke into as stolen. These NPC vehicles are also equipped with random levels of security. Given that any vehicle will return car electronics parts now based on how expensive it is instead of the wanted list, and metal parts will be given based on the weight. A limit of five vehicles per day has been imposed on the chopping system to avoid unrealistic chaining of thefts. This way, we believe that you can plan your thefts more wisely and use opportunities that arise on the spot instead of having to follow an arbitrary list. Over 100 possible parking spots for a variety of random vehicles that belong to actual random server-characters. Varieties of loot, ranging from nothing, to something... ...and small "jackpots". When chopping a vehicle, you'll now receive car electronics and metal parts : car electronics will be usable to create illegal electronic devices such as : Wires, Bugs, Device scanners, Signal jammers... The creation will be accessible to all players, limited weekly to 5 items. Illegal electronics suppliers will still receive their electronic supplies and will be given card skimmers. II : Crafting illegal equipments @FatCatTuxedo In order to make illegal electronic devices more accessible & more used by all players, we've tied some of the new scripts systems directly to them by adding a way to craft these items. Using an electronic kit from the hardware store will allow you to craft various items using car electronics stolen thanks to the chopshop script. Of course, illegal electronic suppliers items quality will still be better and will be less limited, as your own crafting is limited to 5 per week for now. Consider this crafting element as yourself watching a Youtube tutorial to build such equipments when it comes to quality at the beginning. III : Card Skimmer @Kasan @FatCatTuxedo You can install a card skimmer to any ATM on the map! This item is available to illegal roleplayers through regular suppliers. Once a skimmer is installed on an ATM, every transaction from a unique player will skim between $100 - $600, a player will only ever pay 25% of this and it will be handled within the debt system each paycheck. The criminal who placed the skimmer can then remove it at any point and be paid the earnings. This means law enforcement could be tipped off by people who have been skimmed and await the criminal to return to the ATM to collect the skimmer. Usage/Commands To use the skimmer you simply click it in your inventory when stood at an ATM. You can then return and use /takeskimmer to collect your earnings. To obtain a skimmer, you'll need the contact of an illegal electronics supplier. You're limited to 1 skimmer placed at a time. IV : Signal jammers @Element You can now jam the signal of vehicles and property alarms with the signal jammer item. This item is available to illegal roleplayers through regular suppliers or created with car electronics parts. The signal jammer is an item that, once used, will grant the person that used it ten minutes of alarm signal immunity (as long as they keep the item on them), which means: Vehicle alarms won't be triggered at all (they won't sound off and the owner/police won't be notified); Property alarms will still ring, but they won't notify the security company/owner/police. Keep in mind that said signals happen at different times of the alarm process, so, stepping away from the alarm (the vehicle or the property's porch) will make the signal go through and notify whoever it should notify. Keep close to the alarm for enough time, with the device active and inside your inventory, and no one will be notified. The person with the jammer is not required to be the one performing the break-in. The only requirement is that the person that activated it has it on their inventory and stays close to the alarm through the break-in process, even if someone else's doing the break-in. There's a chance that a signal jammer breaks each time you activate it. Commands /jamsignal will turn on your signal jammer (you can also /useitem instead, through your inventory). Screenshots Signal jammer usage Expiration message V : UCP Illegal requests @Adv We'll be soon updating our UCP with a new update to allow players to request anything illegal related directly on UCP instead of the forum. It'll help us handle requests faster and make sure that all requests are visible in one place. VI : New phone @FatCatTuxedo @808Masterus New style and layout The new phone is finally arriving! we've decided to completely rework the design and a layout of our old phone to make it look more modern and user-friendly. Also, we have added dark mode support - take a look at some screenshots! Ringtones and SMS alerts sound effects Lot of players missed their text messages or/and phone calls because they didn't paid enough attention, or they were looking at something on their second screen. We've decided to add ringtones and SMS alerts sound effects for those who will want to use it. If you are not a fan of this, you can simply disable those features using Settings app in the phone UI (move volume slider to the left, to set it to 0), or by using /phonevolume 0 command. In case ringtones will glitch out, they will auto-stop after 30 seconds. If you don't like the default SMS/ringtone sound, you can choose your favourite one (only in smartphones!) from Settings app - we've added around 25 audio files, and we hope you will like at least one of them! 🙂 Note: Only YOU will be able to hear ringtone of your phone, it's not 3D! Custom background support We know that looking at one, static wallpaper for a long time might get a bit boring. From now, you will be able to set your custom wallpaper for your smartphone! All you need is a direct image link hosted on Imgur, after that, just simply put the link in a Settings app, click Save button and that's it! If you will give your phone to another player, they will see your custom wallpaper after opening the UI. Supported file formats: GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG. Take a look at few examples! Phone credits for PAYG phones From now, you don't need to carry a bunch of cash with you anymore - you will need to buy phone credit at general (24/7) stores using Native UI. Fake phone calls To avoid metagaming in some cases, we've added /fakecall command - using for example /fakecall John will trigger an UI (while using a smartphone) with a call with John, but this call is really not going anywhere. This feature will simply allow you to use /pme (phone /me) while 'talking to yourself', and will also add (cellphone) prefix on your local chat messages, same like in normal phone calls. Phone /do (/pdo) will not be allowed during a fake phone call, to avoid some powergaming attempts. Ability to share contacts We saw that a lot of you is using /sharenumber (click here for more explanation) command, because it's a simpler and easier way to share your main phone phone number with other players. With that being said, we also added /sharecontact command to share your main phone contact from contacts list to another player! If another player will accept that, script will automatically put this number under the same name in their contact list. In future, we might add this function for the phone UI as well (/sharenumber too!), but for now both of them are limited to command only. Both of these features are limited to smartphones only! Other things - Emojis are back! You can also type them in your text messages like on Discord (example - :smile : (without space) will turn into 😄!) - Removed groupchats app, swapped it with LS chat app, which has browser version too! (Your session is stored for your game instance, so you will not need to log in everytime, unless you will fully restart your game!) - Improved performance of the phone, after a large amount of tests with people with different hardware, phone is much more faster now. - Added /copycontacts command to copy all of your contacts from your main phone, to another phone in your inventory. - You can disable UI for incoming calls - this will not trigger the UI when someone calls you, what can be annoying, for example, during shootouts. - Added music app, which will allow you to listen to your favourite station everywhere! [Video] [More informations] - Added Transit app which triggers the transit map UI. VII : LSChat Application @St3fan[NL] We've developped a new chat system for players who want to discuss constantly with other characters without necessarely using Facebrowser. The chat is also accessible through an application on your new phone! VIII : Vehicle torching system @808Masterus In order to improve criminal roleplay & fire department activity, we've added a system to burn & destroy vehicles by yourself. /vtorch is the command, with a confirm argument. If you have a Gasoline Fuelcan or Diesel Fuelcan in your inventory, you can torch the vehicle. If that's your own vehicle, it will auto-scrap it like in /vscrap but you will not get any money from it. If that's not your vehicle, it will be destroyed for 6 hours like in chopshops and respawn it after that time at nearest impound lot. (County/LS) Auto-generated information marker will appear at the vehicle location for 3 days + scripted fire will start automatically with a wreckage spawned here. Usage is blocked on organization/business/leased vehicles. If you are in LS, on-duty cops/FD will get a notification about that after 2 minutes, if outside - 4 minutes. You can only use it once for your entire account per 24 hours. Example IX : Favorite furnitures @Azelat You will now be able to set a furniture as a "favorite" and store up to 500 favorite furnitures, so that you can find them quicker for your future usages! X : Temporary plate removal @808Masterus @million You'll now be able to remove your own vehicle plates temporarily : Can use only on your own vehicle that is not assigned to any business and/or faction. Player will be forced in the animation for 10 seconds during the process. Screwdriver in player inventory required. (They cost $400 and can be bought in any hardware store) There is a ~25% chance that your screwdriver will break during the process, causing the action to fail. ALPR will show this vehicle as no-plate vehicle, to take actions IC. You can't set any other plates on this vehicle, it will always be a vehicle data plate. After respawning it or doing /vehplate on, old plate will be set as before. Your vehicle plate and everything will be still visible in the MDC, because ICly it's still registered somewhere - you just don't have physical plate on it during this time. XI : Sawing off shotgun @Element If you have a pump shotgun or a remington, you can now use /sawoff to cut the barrel and get a Sawn off shotgun. XII : New drugs @Nervous Mescalin : Can be created in a drug lab Bromo DragonFLY : Can be created in a drug lab Nitrous Oxide : Can be created in a drug lab Hydromorphone : Can be created in a pharmaceutical lab Morphine : Can be created in a pharmaceutical lab Fluoxetine (Prozac) : Can be created in a pharmaceutical lab Citalopram (Celexa) : Can be created in a pharmaceutical lab Sertraline (Zoloft) : Can be created in a pharmaceutical lab Clonazepam (Klonopin) : Can be created in a pharmaceutical lab XII : New tattoos A brand new tattoo pack is being compiled through the IFM Public Discord by honey. and a member of our partner server's modding team, JamesFR! There is expected to be over 150 new tattoos being added to the server. Here are a few sneak peeks of the tattoos that have been forwarded! A larger list is available in their Discord! The pack update might be released a bit after the 08/JUN/23. XIV : Improved Facebrowser @Centauri @Dama Facebrowser is now faster than ever! The website should feel way more responsive & faster thanks to a huge revamp of the codebase.
  8. If we weren't seeing such troll level scenes around it, nothing would have happened. The LTD will re-open very soon.
  9. A lot of players are not even playing 3 months on GTAW, it is a very long time ICly. We plan for now to have the lease be around 20% of the vehicle price per month if the vehicle is < 100k, then it would be 25% between 100/150k, and 35% if the car is > 150k. >300k cars won't be leasable. The goal is to allow players to switch cars more easily around and access them more easily too, but if you play 3 months ingame with a car you should consider paying it fully.
  10. The price was just $5000 as a placeholder from 2017, I personally set it the same as it was on LSRP back then 😄no problem to change it.
  11. We've already added lot of ways for businesses to get advertised without it, our last update had quite a big impact on the server financials, so no, /bad will not be changed to a free to use. It's been suggested and explained many times already.
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