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  1. It is not stupid to have catalogs or QR codes which refer to a catalog, but just online. Whoever says that we don't go to mechanics and browse catalogs or brochures for parts, I can easily say that someone has never went to a mechanic, doesn't have a driver license yet or just simply goes to a mechanic for just an oil change or something similar. Everyone here keeps saying that doing QR codes or catalogs are pure laziness, when in fact no one offers something else that could be done, or rejects when they're offered the same. We see you guys when you actually need a garage and come to us, every little one of you get impatient and ask for your cars when we start doing the roleplay.
  2. OOC IC A modern, spacious two bathroom, one bedroom, one office, one living room and a kitchen apartment. Could be renovated to have two bedrooms with the decision of the new potential owner. BUYOUT - $350,000.00 STARTING BID - $150,000.00 MINIMAL BID RAISE - $20,000.00 Exterior Interior https://streamable.com/11krsl
  3. Perfect, send me your contact details.
  4. Looking nice man! Keep it up, been a pleasure! 🙂
  5. $350,000. Can I also view it?
  6. known to be seen active at the forums almost all the time
  7. I have a solid budged I can spend on buying the above said vehicle. If you have one, please contact me in #3169 or just direct message me. ((Forum PM)) Thanks in advance.
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