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  1. Please make this happen, the code's already there for it, just need to make an alias so it works for /kickstand - Bikes falling over has gotten WAY worse with the last update for some reason, we NEED something like this.
  2. cant wait to have to pay $30 a month to prevent child protective services nervous from taking the lil shit from me
  3. I'd love to see this exactly how it was suggested, with the long respawn timer and limit on how many can exist at once big +1
  4. Gavin's POV: (Thanks to @Karner for the last picture!)
  5. **A popup would appear upon visiting the 'Employment' page. It would read the following:** Got good people's skills and think you got what it takes to manage a team of professional drivers? Interested in being the first contact potential employees meet? Interested in earning your full worth within the company? Want to help the company grow and insure a growing salary? Reach out now at [email protected] ((forum PM)) and we'll be in touch within 24 hours.
  6. How is this different than HP boosts from drugs though? Yeah the idea seems a bit RPGish but when you put into consideration that drug users are the only ones having any benefits that advantage them in a fight, I think this'd be a fair system. +1
  7. If this gets added, make sure /cw and /cb or any in-vehicle commands work as normal while glued to a vehicle. +1
  8. ((OOC note: To apply for the job, on the "Employment" page, click anywhere within the image. You'll be redirected.))
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