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  1. End Times It's been a crazy fun ride folks. But sadly, all good things must come to an end. The Bastards have reached a satisfying end point ICly and therefore the faction will be shutting down, despite what my previous post stated. I want to thank each and every person who's been a part of this journey. People who interracted with us, people who joined us, people who gave life to this faction of ours. I love all of you. And thank you @Dougie for giving me the chance to lead this wonderful faction. It's been a great experience and a wild ride. BFFB/VFFV
  2. Hard Times @[email protected] You may have noticed we were briefly L&A'd - We're didn't plan on closing down, nor do we now. The issue was a lack of screenshots, and I will insure there's a minimum amount of screenshots posted from everybody from now on. Bastards are still active!
  3. Until next time, Pidge @_creamy Thanks for all the good times bro, been a good ride having you along ❤️ More screenshots will come soon.
  4. Kar(ma)Magick - Always liked the concept of Karma, dunno why, as for the Magick part, when I came up with the username I was playing on a (since shutdown) SAMP server called VWH-RP, which was a World of Darkness based server, with a bunch of playable supernatural races, like vampires, werewolves, demons, mages, etc, it was essentially a tabletop adapated to the GTA roleplay format, complete with character sheets, diceroll combat and all that. I had a specific interest in everything magicks related in WoD lore, so I eventually added it to my username, which at the time was just Karma. The "M
  5. Lockdown @_creamy @Orsy @Phallanx @Ellix @Ontimedude @Rust. @Thundercat No dialog has been shown within these screenshot, on purpose, as they contain currently very sensitive information.
  6. I think both DEVS and PD/SD leadership should sit down with deaf players in a discord chat and discuss what could be done to accomodate deaf players, along with LFM. Surely it'd be easy to implement some sort of command that toggles chat notification when a shot is fired. Sure, it doesn't solve everything, but it's already a step towards accomodating players with hearing problems.
  7. I get the concerns from SD and PD leadership, but jfc, this is something that should be worked on, not ignored. There should be ways to accomodate players with disabilities like this. It's a game, it should help someone think about something else than their daily concerns, not amplify them. Absolutely disgusting answers from some people in here.
  8. We still going! Not super strong but we still going. Gonna be back in full force in early to mid January!
  9. Bad Streak of Bad Luck @LilManiac @_creamy @StonedFox @luboto04 With huge thanks to @MisfitActual for delivering the news!
  10. Fight Night My chatlogs didn't save for some reason so I couldn't do one of my usual edits :C
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