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  1. Believe this is already a feature... /sp 60
  2. xanx

    [Portfolio] xanx

    I do a lot of things you don't know about x)
  3. xanx

    [Portfolio] xanx

    LSPD - Bomb Squad
  4. Playing with different styles and techniques with all these images, I'm never dead set on what I want the final product to be, really just depends on where the image I'm provided with to edit takes me. With my last two posts these characters came out a lot looking like porcelin dolls so I can understand where you are coming from and why it is considered too much. I can agree with the statement that it is "too much" for the character, but in reality I just want to see and push the limits of how much I can alter a character from the base image. I'm happy with producing work that less over-exaggerated to the point it becomes looking cartoon/anime like, just that I never get provided an image with a clear and set out list of instructions. These images are not necessarily meant to always represent the real character, just having some creative fun. The clothes that some of the characters are wearing is a great influence on how major the changes are gonna be turn out to be. For example with the latest post right above, wearing that sort of gear really has to fit around to the body well which is why I go around and define the chest and hip area otherwise it simply just doesn't look right or work as seen with the base image. A great counter to this is the Hawaiian shirt post, where there are minimal changes to the upper torso with the shrinking of the stomach area to make the shirt fit around the actual body underneath. Of course there are fine lines, but in all honesty, there is nothing wrong with crossing that line, doesn't hurt anyone considering these are just fictional characters. Everyone looks at beauty and attractiveness in different ways and it's a subjective topic. People go through plastic surgery all the time and turn out looking way worse than they used to before, but if they're happy with it, let them be right?
  5. Short description: Add user feedback for the /take and /place commands for LEO factions. Detailed description: User feedback is vital in communicating when performing actions. With the recent removal of the automatic /ame's when using these commands, it is difficult to determine whether or not a weapon was taken out or placed into or out of the unit. An example of a client-side message to confirm their actions: You have taken out X from the vehicle! You have placed X into the vehicle! Commands to add: N/A Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? User feedback messages such as the one suggested improves user experience overall. Having confirmation messages knowing that an action was performed successfully would prevent mistakes or having to manually check by getting out of the vehicle initially, to see whether or not the weapon you have taken out is in the weapon wheel. Additional information: N/A
  6. xanx

    [Portfolio] xanx

    The Great Seal of the State of San Andreas
  7. I explained it specifically to you as it happened so that you are aware of why that stop took the time it did, you're rejecting actual events which actually happened because you're attempting to push your narrative that "something is wrong", as if I'm hiding something? This is not a sales pitch, it's facts, you're not here to buy anything. I specifically spoke in normal text in-game, so that you saw every bit of the roleplay/banter/interaction I had in the unit, you were literally there witnessing it, so why are you struggling to grasp this simple concept that this is what happened when you saw everything yourself? lol So what is it that you do when you go to jail? What do you roleplay? Should jail not be a real thing because you can't do the time or for example roleplay something because you're not doing the thing you wanted to be doing? You're going to have situations in your life where you are just waiting. A queue at the bank, a job meeting, in a traffic jam when driving. This is part of roleplay just as much it is in real life. Sure, it's mundane, of course situations like this are going to be, but it just shows your impatience with how much of a problem you've got with waiting. As I said previously, whilst not actively roleplaying typing, you're actively writing up a report on a second screen for example, just because it's silent in the game chat, doesn't mean nothing is happening, it's justified with a single /me that this is what is occurring right now. If you're not asking for skipping roleplay, what is the issue with me roleplaying typing? Do something about it IC. If it's so hard for you to fathom how they take so long, then it's once again out of my scope to be able to explain a very simple concept to you without having to repeat what was already said previously in my replies. That's literally part of the actions you committed. Don't like it? Don't do it. Surely after you've had so many traffic stops the laws are the bread and butter of a responsible citizen. Don't need to push for reform, I already dropped your charges from reckless driving to two citations of $250 each.
  8. That is just the luck of the draw, we have a lot of Police Officer I's right now who are still learning everything there is to do with the faction, so most of the time, you'll be pulled over by them statistically speaking. They're in the process of improving, they require time, that is just something you have to accept as they can't just magically speed up. I won't explain why it took so long all over again, no point repeating, if you didn't read it entirely, you didn't read it entirely, that's just the reality of it. And if you did in fact read it all the way through and didn't understand why it took so long, that is beyond my ability to help you any further to understand the events. If someone turns away from these sorts of interactions, clearly this sort of text-based roleplay server is not for them if they can't spare the time to roleplay scenarios which come their way, either good or bad. You can't always just be on a high and roleplay only the things that you absolutely love doing, that make you happy, that is just not realistic roleplay at that point, that's roleplaying a fantasy. Sure, you can do that to a certain degree, but if an interaction comes your way and it is a negative outcome for you, you're expected to go with it all the way through and put in just as much effort for something you may not enjoy just because it is an inconvenience. Otherwise, that's just a win:win mentality and there are no drawbacks, faults, or anything of the sort to the character you're roleplaying, which is once again, a false fantasy and failure to roleplay someone realistic. Once again, you're making points that are completely out of the question, no one is dragging it out on purpose. No one is saying it's essential, that is simply my character's decision when they make that report, they're in no rush whatsoever, it's also none of their concern if you have somewhere to be, shouldn't have been doing what you were doing to get pulled over in the first place. I'd understand your argument, only if the pullover reason was complete bullshit, which most of the time, it isn't the case. It's a two way street, don't want to waste your own time? Don't waste mine by having to attend to your character's mistakes to try and attempt to educate them about the road laws and how they should be conducting themselves on the street, which lets be real, probably won't lead to anything unless you're roleplaying a realistic character. You're extremely bias that your time is the most important time and that is the end of it, that is what is selfish and not the fact that I'm keeping you at a stop to write up my report. Just to add a little more for your prior discussion: What constantly bugs me is the fact you also compare real life stops to in-game stops. Don't forget, in real life, you don't drive like a maniac and get air 2 seconds air time in your $200,000 sports vehicle whilst you blow an intersection showing red right next to a police station. Your 5 MPH over the speed limit ticket in real life doesn't compare to the situation that happens in-game, no matter if it is a game at the end of the day, it's meant to be realistic as much as possible and if you were to do something comparable in real life, it'd be much, much, longer I can guarantee. I'd like to also highlight the fact that just because your crime doesn't send you to jail, doesn't mean it's not as any little bit less serious, what you are in-game is an endangerment to public road users. Actually consider what would have happened if you collided with someone over that blind hill whilst mid-air, that's another whole scene you probably wouldn't want to deal with, just because it was an inconvenience.
  9. What's wrong is your basis and assumption that all my traffic stops take upwards of 20 minutes or more, no, this was a one case scenario of what happened that night with the OP where it took 26 minutes. Normally? I don't keep people longer than 10 minutes on my stops, which is why your response may be opposed to what I was saying. Based on the fact they usually don't take longer than 10 minutes, I'm assuming you'd have given a different answer, should have clarified that. I can agree that a stop shouldn't take as long as possible and keep people as prisoners if people cannot do traffic stop in efficient amounts of time, but considering I was doing the best I possibly could with all that was going on, not much else can be changed about it. In SHORT, I'll continue to do my traffic reports during the stop, cause not all my t-stops last that long. ?
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