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  1. Believe this is already a feature... /sp 60
  2. xanx


    Playing with different styles and techniques with all these images, I'm never dead set on what I want the final product to be, really just depends on where the image I'm provided with to edit takes me. With my last two posts these characters came out a lot looking like porcelin dolls so I can understand where you are coming from and why it is considered too much. I can agree with the statement that it is "too much" for the character, but in reality I just want to see and push the limits of how much I can alter a character from the base image. I'm happy with producing work that less over-exagge
  3. Short description: Add user feedback for the /take and /place commands for LEO factions. Detailed description: User feedback is vital in communicating when performing actions. With the recent removal of the automatic /ame's when using these commands, it is difficult to determine whether or not a weapon was taken out or placed into or out of the unit. An example of a client-side message to confirm their actions: You have taken out X from the vehicle! You have placed X into the vehicle! Commands to add: N/A Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server?
  4. I explained it specifically to you as it happened so that you are aware of why that stop took the time it did, you're rejecting actual events which actually happened because you're attempting to push your narrative that "something is wrong", as if I'm hiding something? This is not a sales pitch, it's facts, you're not here to buy anything. I specifically spoke in normal text in-game, so that you saw every bit of the roleplay/banter/interaction I had in the unit, you were literally there witnessing it, so why are you struggling to grasp this simple concept that this is what happened
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