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  1. Despite my ban from the community, I have no intention on deleting the MDC Panel from my website. Since my departure, I promised to keep the project alive (the site itself) as many of my friends who I've known for years still utilise the tools found on the website to this day. I do not plan on taking that comfort away from them, and I have no issues in keeping the website alive no matter what happened in relation to my ban. However, if there are any major changes which could potentially render certain MDC Panel features useless as it becomes out-dated, I will no longer update it to accomodate
  2. Believe this is already a feature... /sp 60
  3. ALPR was not designed around the Caution Codes system, not to mention that the ALPR is unrelated to missing persons and I don't agree with the idea that it should have these warnings come up. As for the caution code alone, it is something which I can add, but I'm fairly certain some people will forget to remove this code once the person is found.
  4. xanx

    Black Eyebrows

    The darkest you can get is ID 61 (Might be 59,60, or 62 can't remember from memory right now) from the colour selection that is available, 0 is not the darkest.
  5. Short description: Change the phone directory in the I Menu to include the DMV's insurance number and make the items in the phone directory list actually a list. Detailed description: Clarify the number 205 to be "DMV - Registration", add number 207 "DMV - Insurance". Turn the list of items into an expanded list, 1 line per 1 phone directory Also add 991 (Non-Emergency Services) Commands to add: N/A Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? Provides more visual clarity to the user, expanded lists are easier to pick
  6. xanx


    Playing with different styles and techniques with all these images, I'm never dead set on what I want the final product to be, really just depends on where the image I'm provided with to edit takes me. With my last two posts these characters came out a lot looking like porcelin dolls so I can understand where you are coming from and why it is considered too much. I can agree with the statement that it is "too much" for the character, but in reality I just want to see and push the limits of how much I can alter a character from the base image. I'm happy with producing work that less over-exagge
  7. Short description: Add user feedback for the /take and /place commands for LEO factions. Detailed description: User feedback is vital in communicating when performing actions. With the recent removal of the automatic /ame's when using these commands, it is difficult to determine whether or not a weapon was taken out or placed into or out of the unit. An example of a client-side message to confirm their actions: You have taken out X from the vehicle! You have placed X into the vehicle! Commands to add: N/A Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server?
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