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  1. I believe it's just gonna be a waiting game for now until they can recover the material onto a new location, i'm sure Legal FM will work something out for the time being however.
  2. It would be very interesting and could bring a lot more roleplay to the plate, as long as this doesn't get taken down the wrong route I believe it would be great to see.
  3. Looks very good, would give some new perspective to some characters.
  4. So basically what happens is I could be driving or something of the sort then my game will do a mini stutter, doesn't happen all the time however.
  5. This is actually really good and creative, can't wait to see more.
  6. For me this issue has been quite recent, probably about a week ago is when it started doing it for me.
  7. Although IRL radios or walkie talkies are I believe accessible for the most part they should not be used for a purpose explained, if you wish to RP a phone group chat then we still need to wait for that feature, imo it's very non-rp to use it for anything else than... speaking logically. I understand that people want to do group chats but it's something we'll need to wait for it seems.
  8. This would be a nice little addition tbh, I've seen something like this on one of my previous communities and it creates a nice little incentive for folks. But like previously stated from other folks that it should really be moderated and not awarding people who don't really deserve it, this would work if admins could do with another task however it shouldn't create an inconvenience for them either. If this would work then i'm all for it.
  9. From what I've understood with my time in the PD is that the people we're chasing usually PM an officer asking if they're okay to log off if it's been a short time like 10 minutes or so, or that they wait a reasonable time so like, 30 minutes like you stated or they'll just log off which like you said brings a forum report if noticed by the officer, however I agree here, it should really be set into stone. I believe this somewhat falls under the Common Courtesy rule in which is what we usually put it under if a report does happen.
  10. I like this idea, it allows us as players to know what people are rping at a certain time and prevents the players needing to /do constantly to explain their injuries. Supporting.
  11. Yeah, this makes sense, I believe it's currently a rule due to the fact that people could PG/MG or whatever it is and cause a massive problem further on. It would be nicer for businesses to have that trust to use their CCTV cameras and such, as if this is abused with the fact people are lying, then it should be sorted out via forum report or IG report, I support this.
  12. To be honest, this would be a very nice addition to the server, allows people to send a bulk message instead of the need of messaging each person, would be a nice thing to add if possible. Supporting
  13. Good luck in FD! Had some fun times with you in PD
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