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  1. No longer accepting clients. Archive please.
  2. Been slacking on your New Year's resolution? Now is the time to call Charlie Baker for your free consultation at 22537. - Workouts that Fit your Schedule - Motivation and Accountability - Learn Proper and Safe Technique - Proven Results
  3. Pursuits rarely happen now adays, but twenty people in a day also don't take off from traffic stops either. And when they do evade, they don't do it at 120mph through the city. This is another comment that suggests PD needs to be more 1:1 realism while the rest of the community stays the same. We can't pick and choose the 1:1 realism thing only when it suits our argument. I fully agree PD needs to RP fear of losing life. And there needs to be less of a play-to-win mentality on all sides.
  4. Oh I by no means was trying to argue that most of what was suggested in the original post is fair. I agree with most of it, I already posted about the one section I felt needed to be tweaked (not even removed, just tweaked).
  5. I'm not sure what gives you the right to say "hold your offence". I was simply stating a fact. I'm trying to remain level headed and I have seen and heard both sides and agree with a lot of what was suggested in the original post. IRL there would be two helicopters up nearly 24/7 all of which would be occupied by a pilot and TFO. A helicopter would never even leave the ground without both. This is a game, we don't have the ability to force someone to sit in a helicopter with the sole RP being to talk to someone next to them and look in a camera. No one is interested in doing that. It's a gameplay concession, just like the millions of other gameplay concessions on the server both for illegal and legal roleplayers. People who are in LFM have been TFOs and know what it's like, it's not fun. Hence why it's not an issue.
  6. As soon as we make the entire server 1:1 realism.
  7. Not only that, but how many people do a single line of roleplay to... start their car? I get it's a different comparison. But why force that process when it would be equally as ridiculous to force someone to RP "/me puts the key in the ignition, turning it clockwise until the engine starts". That said, it shouldn't be *run into locker room, /uniform, run to roof, take off* either.
  8. Are you implying I made that rule? Because fun fact, I didn't. I didn't even know it was a rule. So you can put that finger you're pointing back in your pocket. EDIT: That came off as extremely passive aggressive and I meant it more playfully. Sorry 😇
  9. Yes this has happened hahahahah. Overall I can generally see the point of your post though. Like I have said previously and stated in my first post in this topic. I agree with most of the changes, but the one I highlighted essentially makes an airship useless as it can only be used as a reactive measure not a proactive one. That's the only part I want tweaked.
  10. But how would you see any of this? I don't see 99% of the roleplay on this server, that means it doesn't exist? Once again, very hypocritical in your response. Just because YOU don't see something doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
  11. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you SHOULD, but you absolutely can. There is absolutely no assumed right to privacy when driving/walking through the city. An airship is no different than someone on the street looking at you as you drive by. That said, I'm not trying to say we should be able to "turf camp" or simply follow a car for no apparent reason until they break a law.
  12. Something we both agree on, the first sentence here. To say that "serious research" hasn't been done is pretty unfair. I can't say I've been around since day one, but I know at least a few of the people who helped start aviation RP in general and many of them are pilots themselves. They put thought into the infrastructure and it's not like we were allowed to RP "free" helicopters. These are things we have to budget to have and maintain, just like anything else. Again, the argument about a dedicated pilot character I'll talk about separately from this post as it's not relevant to it.
  13. They are maintained the same way the rest of our PD fleet is maintained. We have a hangar at LSIA as well. We actually have dedicated roles for those who maintain our fleet. So I'm not sure where you get your information from, but you're misinformed. Totally fine if you don't want to. I'm not trying to be hostile at all. But you're extremely close minded on this, just wanted to provide some clarity that is all.
  14. So you think it's realistic for a car being pursued to drive 120mph through a city then? The fact is you are picking and choosing when the realism argument suits you. I'm not saying we should have free rein, I'm not even saying I disagree with what most of the original post said. I agree some of the things mentioned in it should and need to be addressed.
  15. Yes What I have to say in response to this doesn't really have anything to do with the topic, so if you want to talk about that more message me on Discord (Coach#1467). I'm happy to speak with you about forced alts and the pros/cons that come with it.
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