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  1. I’m sorry to say but until the server makes properties readily available then it’s not fair. If all I can find on the marketplace is a trailer for sale due to the housing climate on here and I have a Pariah then so be it. This is supply and demand. If houses were readily available then I’d agree with your argument.
  2. So the solution is to go OOC and attempt to get information which can be obtained IC through various avenues like the courts and police departments themselves? Brand pens write differently. Different brand dash-cams function differently.
  3. Go look it up on the manufacturer specifications by obtaining or figuring out what camera we use. I mean this could all be addressed and figured out IC or by a subpoena from the courts. PD’a don’t often label exactly how their cameras operate to the public unless specifically requested or through a FOIA request.
  4. It would depend on the manufacture of the dash-cam. This is also not something the general public usually knows. In the PD it’s clarified in our manual. I think it should be based off actual manufacturers specifications. Many police dash-cam’s have video of 24 hours saved to the hard drive of the camera regardless of activated or not. I would imagine this is based on the camera we roleplay having. I only know about Watchguard specifically which is not what LSPD role plays as having.
  5. This is exactly the truth. You had to experience it first hand by being in the faction. His actions didn’t impact or hurt the people on the outside. It hurt the people on the inside. These changes that are mentioned were something that we were already moving to as a faction. People went from LT to Police Officer II merely because they weren’t friends. People had OOC targets on them. For a lot, it felt less like a game and more like a beached.
  6. Mostly everyone above is a member of the clique. It’s a group of individuals that hang out in a locked channel and seldom speak with anyone outside of their group, minus a few who are perfectly fine. All policies changed weren’t bad and I can’t dispute that. I’m only speaking about the conduct OOOCLY. We are a roleplay server after all. You immediately implanted primary and secondary assignments which was a disaster from the start. Low level people, outside of your clique, began to see demotions. Secondary assignments or assignments not see as “important” were neglected. As a res
  7. This is too tightly controlled. It'll never end well and will usually just demotivates the players. This has been tried and tried again and it'll slow progress if anything. There needs to be a perfect balance of some oversight, but enough to insure the fair and smooth running of the government. Looking at this, I wouldn't dare get involved because it's not truly something where you can make a difference. It sounds more like the management team holding the strings and whoever wins becoming the puppet.
  8. I'd say quite a bit. It's so in-depth to include casings and plenty of immersive features. It's clearly one of its own.
  9. Because if you don't have a gaming license you're openly violating the law by advertising your business? You're required to have a gaming license. You don't see establishments that don't have the licenses advertising services openly they are not licensed for. I would even think a radio station that doesn't have a broadcasting license can fall under the advertisement rule. I honestly feel as if this is primarily an in-character issue, but gambling is an OOC concern and should be treaded lightly. There's a lot of negative issues that rise from gambling. It's a real-life issue
  10. This is something that would be nice to see on the GTAW main website for statistics. I feel like it is very well done and professionally laid out. Good work.
  11. Never done anything illegal. It's only illegal if you get caught.
  12. I think this is a fair assessment. The issue with forcing people to CK their character against their will can lead the user to also be demotivated. It should be used in rare cases without the consent of the other player. From the legal side of roleplay, it should only be done by the courts for rare circumstances that would warrant "life in prison". From the illegal side of forcing a player to CK, it should be weighed by an administrator in my opinion. I also believe that when you force a person to CK, they should also be given a name-change should they wish.
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