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  1. It is not good. Both situations are bad. One is worse than the other, though.
  2. Depending on the complexity of the situation and the availability of the handling staff members, CK appeals can take a long while. While it's true, it's not great to overturn a CK, not being able to address in any manner for anywhere between a week and a few months is even worse. I am not sure how that would even play out - for the sake of the example, say that you spend every day within a month planning the perfect murder, you commit it and the person is killed and CKed. You then find out they are appealing it. The appeal will take a month due to different factors. What exactly ar
  3. We do not have a policy on using ShadowPC but otherwise, VPNs are allowed. It is risky though, since banned accounts might exist on the same IP address (or might not) which you are responsible for.
  4. I have been experiencing this too for the past few days, especially in areas where there are lots of vehicles. Another issue that I have been having is a huge delay in people and vehicles appearing on my screen, I am not sure if anyone has been having this issue. They do appear but the delay is significant - if I don't drive with extreme care, I might drive straight through a large scene and never even know it. One thing I found to increase my FPS is the following. There's a table in the bottom part of the page with some useful settings that can be enabled and disabled in the Nvidi
  5. ADVERT: I am looking to purchase a standalone apartment or a house in a nice, quiet area of the city or the county. An unfurnished property is preferred. Please contact me at [email protected] or by replying to this listing.
  6. Buyout was offered. I will contact you tomorrow and arrange a meeting.
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