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  1. KV

    Removal of ERP?

    Ban ERP! And locking this because it's not going to happen.
  2. Can you unlock your car so I can put my jacket on?
  3. Amazing guide with a lot of relevant info for helping with accurate RP and portrayal, thank you! I've only been hunting once, last year during bow season, but a lot of what you said about "how do we hunt" was spot on with what I was taught, and what I experienced. This should be a mandatory read for people who want to do hunting RP and don't know where to start! BTW I didn't get anything but I saw three deer!
  4. Thanks for clearing up my questions. Offering the buyout, Phone: 740.2451.
  5. Small one bedroom home up for sale on Roy Lowenstein Boulevard. Property has a small walled in and gated front yard, back yard and a garage at the back connected to an alley. Lots of upgrades and privacy for a home valued at 75,000. This is not an auction, but I am considering all offers starting at $150,000. For questions, email at [email protected] ((Forum PM)) ((MP:75,000, furniture 78,000 and garage furniture about 6000.) Exterior: INTERIOR:
  6. I'd remove the 5k robbery limit portion of the robbery/scamming rule. Adding.. toughie. I'd say it's less adding a rule and more enforcing lack of fear/common sense by enforcing more CKs.
  7. Computer is in my living room so theres no hiding it lol. I don't talk to people outside my house about it though. They know, but have no interest and we mostly talk about real life stuff.
  8. I agree with you on this. My opinion comes from a more generic view of rule 9, the offensive RP rule. I think there's a fair few people who in general don't want to see this stuff.
  9. The difference is those anims are done generally not in a public RP setting where anyone can see them? And many FB posts like the ones mentioned are set to public, and can be seen by anyone browsing the discovery posts. They're also posted by some who tend to add literally everyone they can to get their follower # up. Good discussion so far though, would like to see other opinions on why people think it's acceptable to post some of the shit they do.
  10. I think more important than time of day and cameras present is the justification for these attacks and killings, and the RP that led up to them. It's because of this that our characters make the decisions that they do. And consequently, sometimes RP guides our hands and forces our characters into positions where they will make these rash decisions. Unfortunately, this is subjective and subjected to entirely too many variables to outline it as black and white. Admin discretion can help here, but we come into the problem where some admins will view what the player deemed as a justified kil
  11. Positive. It's not there for females anymore.
  12. Yepyepyepyepyep I used this hair when I made one of my characters. The idea was the bangs hid this unsightly unibrow. So imagine my horror when I swapped over to the character to play with the new hairstyles only to find this: channeling my inner helga here. Also missing:
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