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  1. See if I remember correctly... I responded to a DM report by someone employed at a 24/7 store. Apparently what happened was, a guy walked in claiming to be owner of the server-run 24/7 and demanded the employee to leave since she had no idea who he was? She did not comply, and so he pulled out a bat and beat the shit out of her until she died. He was convinced he was totally justified in this because he had been telling people he owned the store, and to him this was now server-lore.
  2. i will dump everything on here in an instant to go rp being a sleazy saloon girl RDW
  3. wtf my cat ears are gone 😞 on a serious note i dont think that removing cat ears was the solution to fixing shitty rp, more like an agenda pushed by people who discriminate against all things uwu!!!! ok maybe that wasnt that serious either except the first part anyway, just be honest and say they were removed bc some people thought they were too cringe. telling us that it's to combat trash rp is laughable since it doesn't actually address the problem. I don't see why they can't be brought back. uwu
  4. got unreasonably excited that i now have eyelashes, almost as if i didnt have them before
  5. i get my sugardaddies to buy me my 500k cars
  6. Hardest pass I've ever made on any suggestion, sorry.
  7. Strengths - I'd say banter and dialogue, and coming up with realistic background stories that hold a lot of detail and provide ample insight and motivations as to why they do the things they do. Weaknesses - I'm a slow reader and I lose replies in crowded areas. I also sometimes struggle to reply quickly when in pressing situations because I tend to be a little wordy. Boiling things down while being effectively concise is definitely hit/miss. I'm also a shit driver, but I just make this IC and so all of my characters ever made are also shitty drivers. Bonus: I use the same face... (Face 21 gang)
  8. I was once robbed in my driveway while having a donut in my inventory. The robber took it, called me a fat bitch, then threw it on the ground and ran away.
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