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  1. @Bombie welcome to the retirement home @Shanks good job I guess.
  2. @tomatoz @Bombie @Wirbelwind @Shanks ty
  3. I like this idea a lot.
  4. Congrats everyone! @Bombie you're the best. @Static @HaveADream great work on the elections even though you tricked me into voting on the wrong character...
  5. The difference is this is easily tracked and determined since a command is used. And what you suggest isn't easily tracked at all. We'll see a huge increase of "Sorry I crashed."
  6. @jessica Please contact me at 4542121 or by email (forum PM)! Thank you.
  7. One bedroom one bathroom spacious flat for sale in West Vinewood! New floors, walls, everything has been renovated! Don't miss your chance at a little slice of luxury for a moderate price, starting bid at $250,000 and in increments of 5,000 or more. ((OOC info: Max buyout possible 387,862 (90k MPx3 + 117,862FP)))
  8. KV stands for Kliment Voroshilov tank, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    1. Marksman


      And Wirbelwind stands for A Pain In My Ass.

    2. KV
  9. Please don't use the forums to complain about situations where your IC actions resulted in IC consequences.
  10. This has worked for 1 of mine so far. Haven't tried the others. ?
  11. New people to bully-.. I mean congrats! Look forward to seeing what this month brings.
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