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  1. The placing of trees is falsely prioritized. South Central has way too many trees; Mirror Park has pines at some points, which doesnt make sense; And I dare say the county actually got too few trees at parts. I'd say it has to be improved; and the goal of this general improvement should be a more general placement of more roleplay enhancing props, such as tables; chairs; general miscellaneous objects you'd find around a city.
  2. Honestly, anyone with the slightest attention to detail and atmosphere is worthy of being appreciated in this thread, as mapping is much more than "hehe, wall go there, floor here". Extremely great work with attention to detail and simply conveying an atmosphere can be seen from mappers like @L I C E @Wremlish @Miserabelle @SarcasmJoyand many more I didn't explicitly mention. This servers sub-community of mappers manages to amaze me way too often, ngl. Keep up the great work, everyone.
  3. No longer looking. (( L&A ))
  4. Looking to purchase a van in mint condition that can theoretically be used for transporting goods. Budget is flexible. Models like Youga or Burrito preferred.
  5. were going, boys. @Adv @Wuhtah @Lomadias @dawpi pog?
  6. MomoIsHere


    RDR2:W when? but, uh, yeah. I dunno, chief. Not a fan of the mod itself, as the animation and the overall way it's done appears sloppy. Dunno if the quality is fit.
  7. Im 5 parallel universes ahead of you. Great mapping tho. Good advanced and atmospheric work.
  8. I heard 3 pain med pills make you productive. I do agree with the tldr. It sounds like a good start to fix the market.
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