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  1. In the middle of Vespucci, right next to the promenade.
  2. Starting Price: $136.000 Buyout: $286.000 Pictures: ((Stats: ))
  3. Lets go! The boy is in @Shvag. #makeshvaggreatagain is a go Also congrats to my boys @Adv @cxn @Karner @Monster. @tomatoz. pog
  4. Project Number: 14: An older project that I forgot to upload. Lobby of an apartment complex in Mission Row.
  5. Project Number 13: The apartment of (basically) a suicidal artist in Mission Row. @Monad Thanks for letting me map the place.
  6. Project Number 12: Maki's mapping rework. Reworked the old mapping. Thanks to @mars for letting me remap the place. (Original mapping by @Miserabelle <3)
  7. Project Number 11.5: Apartment in Lotus Garden Apartment complex v2. Different room; different style same interior skeleton.
  8. @Silverfish Unlocked and Unarchived on request. o7
  9. Project Number 11: Apartment in Lotus Garden Apartment complex. Based on provided interior skeleton.
  10. Project Number 10: @Shvag's little hacker den. K-Town styled apartment.
  11. congrats to my boys @[email protected]@[email protected]@cxn and the rest. we in once again ❤️
  12. Project Number 9: Squat House neighboring Olympic Freeway. (Place is open to the public btw and can be used by any homeless roleplayers.)
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