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  1. i listen to drill on the weekends im a badman
  2. So, yes, what I said. No, I just don't see the point of this nor this doing anyone any good.
  3. So, what you're suggesting is for everyone involved to suspend everything while they wait on a CK appeal? Hot negative.
  4. This has been suggested many times. This has been denied many times. Woop, into the archive it goes.
  5. /fonline /pm It's not a very good suggestion. Most people use their faction chat to let off some steam while roleplaying. If you find it difficult to focus, like I do sometimes, /toggle faction is your friend. If it's a persistent issue, /toggle faction on login.
  6. How many weekends until Benefactor Aguilera falls apart really
  7. https://mega.nz/file/DNlkUZhI#Q1lLtWGCoYDfNZUR0dOZmLvw4fvcs_7M7e2xlKk04FM Here you go. Extract the folder in C:/RageMP/client_resources/ without renaming it.
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