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  1. Based and Somaliapilled I want a pirate faction now.
  2. if you aren't asset hoarding ur doing it wrong lol as for dm just switch to bladesworn and hit them with the ol razzle dazzle props to you sticking through with your character and all the hardships that came with it
  3. Streets of Tarkov SA look pretty A-OK to me.
  4. Personally, I've always been a fan of your concepts and think that they're not only a breath of fresh air, but some of the highest quality roleplay to grace text-based roleplaying communities. One big salute to Dowell, Wetmore, Jewell and many more. o7
  5. For someone who's clearly gone above and beyond to attain properties, it's really expected of you to read and understand the rules. Bon voyage.
  6. What if you bring the milk to a boil before putting cereal in?
  7. Nerd

    1. Selena



  8. im held at gunpoint to upvote help please Good guide!
  9. all my homies hate @MomoIsHere blöde kuh!!!
  10. Because everybody knows your character and they can immediately trust them despite you telling this to what's probably a group of strangers. Why should anyone take your character's word on these people being harmless?
  11. Enough grounds to get shot from the get-go. Walking into an establishment with a weapon and declaring that you're crazy basically extends to "I'm going to smash your fucking head in with this blunt weapon because I'm the hihi-haha-hoho man. 🤪"
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