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  1. Because everybody knows your character and they can immediately trust them despite you telling this to what's probably a group of strangers. Why should anyone take your character's word on these people being harmless?
  2. Enough grounds to get shot from the get-go. Walking into an establishment with a weapon and declaring that you're crazy basically extends to "I'm going to smash your fucking head in with this blunt weapon because I'm the hihi-haha-hoho man. 🤪"
  3. Level 20 Flea Market is probably the best thing that happened to the game, ever. It incentivizes exploration, looting and balancing out your gameplay because you know that you can't pick every fight out there. It's made me more cautious towards getting hideout upgrades and all that jazz sorted out so I can actually have a means to not blow my brains out due to the frustrating gameplay loop. But, hey. Last night was good cause I got two LEDX back to back. I'm up to Level 25 by now and I'm actually having fun with the game. Had only two run-ins with cheaters but it is what it is.
  4. sidar moving up from kicking it in the storm drains
  5. 36 and 8 36 - chill alt indie/pop 8 - its mine
  6. $Locked pending PM Investigation.
  7. hahahaahahha gtaw balkan meetup najambiciozniji crossover ikad???
  8. split zoo samo jako
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