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  1. Advert has been refreshed.
  2. Price adjusted and advert has been refreshed.
  3. Obey 8F Drafter for sale, price is non negotiable, It has the full Obey Racing Sport performance pack. It has the extended anti-theft, reinforced locks and general alarm suite. It is in the color of yellow, and comes with after market rims. Price is $290.000 (( ))
  4. The Garden of Eat'n A classic ideal with a modern twist. The Garden of Eat'n is built around the asthetics of an old warehouse, it redefines the characteristics of a regular dining place, and sends a clear message about the value of recycling and reuse of items. The property is rather large, comes with two entries and a small fences parking lot in the back. The property is approved by the SFM to operate as a business and thus is ready for operation on sale. It has a large amount of credit to any local grocers allowing for ease of operation. Bidding starts
  5. So, reading through this thread I can see two issues. I can see that legal roleplayers don't want gangs to pop up in their areas (makes sense) and I can see illegal roleplayers struggling to find turf to roleplay what they'd like it to be. But, as someone who has done both parts? I strongly believe the issue between the two is that 99% of the time when a new 'set' or illegal group pops in an area they act like they own it. Instead of showing the inhabitants that they're interested in regulating the area, lowering the crimerate (who shits in their own neighborhood?) and perhaps giving them a di
  6. No, not taxes. Maintence costs, and other things. This isn't a socialist empire. The Government recieves enough as is.
  7. I agree with this, force insurance onto your character. The US is heavily insurance based, allowing for certain things to be covered. Have jobs offer to pay insurance for you ect ect. We have so many options to create money sinks that don't just rely on taxes. A better health insurance? Could mean you could roleplay recovering faster? Shitty one? Looks like you didn't get the pain meds included, can you afford them? No? Tough luck.
  8. But again, this isn't a socalist dream. Taxation shouldn't be the need. Cost of living should be implemented as the 'tax' if you live in a wealthy area, consider a home owners association fee w. maintence for your building ect ect. I live in Denmark, and sometimes this server feels like it wants to turn into Denmark with the amount of taxation on everything. We just need to raise actual realistic costs of living instead of just hiding everything under a tax umbrella cause that forces characters to spend more money on the government which not everyone is interested in.
  9. I agree to an extent, but I still believe the issues need to be solved by A. Removing majority of requests and introducting all vehicles to the server and then locking them behind realistic prices and high insurance premiums. Forcing people to get actual jobs instead of the casual 700$ runs the world w. insurance and maintence even for some of the high end cars. or B. Lock everything behind another gated wall cause people are too unreasonable to deal with it themselves.
  10. Well, imagine if we didn't have this whole issue with people hogging up properties and such due to cash being worth as much as it is in Venzuela. The main issue is, there's a boat load of cash floating around. The only real money sinks are ones you gotta apply for. Insurance on cars, is beyond cheap on most and honestly you can EASILY support it on just running 700$ metalurgist paychecks. At the end of the day, we're in an economy crisis that's going to lead is down the road of LSRP where people pay the cab driver 50k for shits and giggles cause new players have some money and old players are
  11. Wouldn't be a report, could be a queue system IE the one with applications, allowing for support staff to handle it. The issue is, we're already a gated community but we're seeing a lot of the issues that non-gated communities have. And asking the people inside to constantly report people that should've been filtered out in the first place is also a burden on the player. Cause if it gets leaked, then they're the ones with a shitty reputation for reporting others.
  12. This, personally I think much of this could be solved w. the Conan Exiles character sheets for characters. Making people actually write up a story and such for a character before creating it. Stopping the endless hoardes of alts getting 200k. This would also allow for staff to go, okay this person is realistically one w. more assets they can have the full amount ect ect. This would also filter through the people who just want the cash to start with.
  13. Cause most of the time staff can veto stupid ideas for development that adds an extra workload?
  14. You forget that the more work it is for the staff team to check up on people all the time, the less likely we are to get a feature pushed through.
  15. Never ever should this become a rule. If I spend 12 months building a business, getting the interior to be creme del creme. Building a steady customer base and reputation. I would've spent many hours on this. And it would go into a sort of 'life savings' styled asset. When you sell things back to PM, you get the BARE MINIMUM of what the property is worth, and I think the main issue as others describe here is that there's too many unused properties and instead of seizing them and leaving them to rot on the property management account they should be renamed to (Available) so that people know the
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