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  1. Neighborhood safe
  2. Rest easy, chief

  3. This, the second we need to reward you for what the server is intended for is the second we move in a direction of GTA online here’s 2000$ for good behavior
  4. reshade works fine, just run it on ragemp_v.exe instead of the regular gta exe?
  5. or you know, put it behind an application wall. So that people know people who are (m) rpers can portray a kid, and not just someone who screams at cops at 2 AM without any fear of having their parents called.
  6. I mean shouldn't be an issue putting in a warning if they go over X amount.
  7. Minor characters should be locked behind a one-time application wall and RPQM should be doing frequent asset checks on these.
  9. This, Nervous already brought it up to them and they haven't done anything. All we can pray for is they fix that plus the streamer being poop.
  10. How about we stick to speeding on highways, and drive like people who wants to keep their licenses in the city? Makes it easy and simple. And you can still get fast between point A and B.
  11. Perhaps a revamp of modded vehicles, or mods in general to avoid texture losses. I feel that's a major hinderance right now, being unable to go to events and other places without having to turn your graphics down to roblox mode, and I am aware it's a RageMP issue but it has only gotten worse lately.
  12. Issue is within RageMP, but the best solution for contested areas it to run textures on normal, a part from that there's no fixes and as Baboon says. The mods are not helping, when we could replace vanilla models instead.
  13. For me it's more about a car being chosen that doesn't really have a 'neutral' position allowing for a broad variety of characters to use it putting me off from purchasing the package. However, personally I believe the car should be a permanent lease so that it cannot be sold. Then it turns into Pay 2 Win, rather than a gesture for a donation during a charity event. However, I personally would still like to use this gesture and it would equal to me buying a skin for a weapon I can't use with my class in a game. Just doesn't work out.
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