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  1. anybody got an iphone charger?
  2. @bluez ain't a true Tortilla Flat. My mans a Toronto Flat. No cap though this still goes FUEGO.
  3. I'm calling it right now, this thread's getting locked. Might not be this page, might not be the next page, but it's coming. All we need is a way to sell drugs that doesn't require the playerbase, because as pointed out in the original post, there will always be violence in Davis, but the violence spreads out and affects us in a bad light, because the "low-life criminals" of the server make money selling guns, scamming people's $$ for guns, or robbing people for guns. Guns should not be more profitable then drugs, and while rarity of firearms is good for the server in some sense... it's also the reason players are so desperate to loot bodies mid-shootout instead of focused on getting away, and that reason is to have the gun. I agree, it's unrealistic to not worry about getting away, or the fact that you're looting your closest dead friend's body without even saying his name or checking if he is dead, but it's more unrealistic that pistols are (at a street-level) priced at $20,000 to $25,000. Now this may not seem like a lot of money to a lot of legal RPers, but for an illegal RPer who is a low-life, it is unrealistic for him to own a business or one of the most profitable sources of income, and most have to either A) grind out legal jobs to make $$, or B) rob, loot, shoot, and scam to make $$. My suggestion is NOT to make guns cheaper and less rare, but to make drugs profitable. If players can make good or better money selling drugs than they can selling their stolen, looted, and/or scammed firearms. This way, they can rob and loot less people, causing less violence and also revive drug RP because let's be honest, a overdose, individual lines for coke, etc, all that would be nice, but as Nervous was screenshotted saying in the original post, these won't change much. We need a straight up virtual market so that drugs can be profitable, because selling it to actual players ain't it, chief.
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