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  1. hardest couple out there
  2. Listing Information Pictures: Market Price: $182,000 Trading: A) For performance enhanced Ubermacht Sentinel 2013 Sedan B) For performance enhanced Pfister Comet End of Listing: October 14th, 2021 at 9:00 PM
  3. Administrator Comment: Map Updated W/ Up 2 Date Info
  4. I get what you're saying but the issue is that this happens WHEN there is need for other units. Yes, 8 cruisers on a chase isn't entirely wrong... if it's a full on cop-killing criminal you're chasing. But I've seen active shootouts go on in Davis with no LEO intervention cause they're chasing some guy who started evading during a traffic stop and YOU already have the license plate, no need to put every single unit on this guy who's just evading when there are mountains of bodies being stacked in Davis. Again, very understandable in that situation. I wouldn't call abandoning a traffic stop to go to an active shooting to be "robocop". HOWEVER, the point I was trying to make was when multiple separate shootings are ignored because every cop is in the one single pursuit and they have no idea that there's 12 dead people inbetween Davis and Rancho, because they're all up on the highway, finishing up the arrest of someone who was simply recklessly driving and decided to evade because he had a gun. Priorities should definitely be a thing, you're not wrong. But priorities shouldn't be a pick and choose scenario where you abandon all posts to chase one guy and then miss all the crime that's happening. I can name instances where people will text their friends to shoot in the air if they're about to get searched during a stop or something of the sorts because it immediately results in all cops abandoning the possible threat to go shoot some shit. Sure... if another cop's getting shot, by all means, abandon a traffic stop... But when you have 4 cruisers stacked behind each other, waiting to see if the car you pulled over's gonna evade, it's a problem. Almost every time I get pulled over out of Davis or Rancho, it's all fine. But when I do get pulled over in these areas, the LEOs call backup and get 4 cruisers behind them sometimes before they even walk up... then they pull up priors so they can terry frisk you... then there's like 10 officers watching while you get searched in Chamberlain, meanwhile there's a massive shootout in Rancho. This happens all the time. As I said in my first post, it's also why some people feel compelled to literally shoot cops because they're "wanted" or were seen commiting a crime, and they know their only chance to evade is to be on a dirtbike with a mask, have a 200k car that can keep up with cruisers, OR to shoot the cop. Usually the end result is ZERO punishment, or a very lengthy punishment that causes you to abandon the character, make a new one and rinse and repeat. Why do you think throwaways exist? It's not dying to each other that makes gang bangers make new characters... it's the 15 days in jail simply because my gang was being shot and killed the shooters, then got caught. Oh... why didn't I plead self-defense? Because then it's even LONGER than 15 days.
  5. Very true. The $200,000 people start with is another big issue. Why waste time selling drugs to make 5k profit a week when you can just get killed, CK, and make 5k a week off starter money until your next CK. Of course, if there were no starter money and instead, we tried to fix the economy, then the new systems could be implemented. Hell of a struggle to build a new system on an old system though.
  6. Worked pretty well in another server. It wasn't ALL CKs, but if you disregarded your life, it was a CK. Cop running in without backup? CK. Being robbed and pull a gun against 2 people aiming guns at you? CK. Provoking gangs? CK. Escalate a brawl into a gunfight? CK. People who would initiate something that could get them killed... AKA robocops, robogangsters, and robocivilians... all would get CKed if they didn't ACTUALLY try their very best to avoid being killed. Pulling guns should always be a last resort on any server because otherwise, we'll always have people itching to shoot over the smallest things because if you word it just right, you can get away with DMing someone over insults. Now... sometimes these incidents are justified too, but because we have a higher rate of cops AND a higher rate of crime (naturally) then we obviously have LOTS of shooting and dead bodies, especially as the server grows in playerbase.
  7. lets stop blaming just illegal RP for stacking these dead bodies up though... you know how many people on this server open fire on PD or SD just because its literally the meta.. when cops stack 8 cruisers on EVERY single chase and try to ram you to oblivion, most people either use dirtbikes and /masks to get away or they shoot the officers before the chase starts... this is because people naturally have play 2 win mentality so these things happen... i mean... this play 2 win mentality is whats causing the 8 cruiser chases and resulting in even MORE play 2 win mentality plus, unofficial groups is a good concept but letting anyone make a thread and start a gang causes a lot of oversaturation, unnecessary beef, and an even worse reputation than we gang RPers already have (especially us black gang RPers), as dustyboi said... we can't expect to get rid of these robogangsters and robocops, right? i mean... i haven't seen anyone try... usually if a cop is doing some fuckery, you get told to "take it IC"... which usually means you should take it to IA or sue... but there's no incentive in doing so i remember when i was rping 13 and evading on a BMX before i almost got rammed twice and finally got hit the 3rd time. it was taken to IA... it was taken to the courts... and it did literally nothing, because not only did the cop CK and reinstate on a new character... but there's also a rule/law that says you can't sue for more than $100,000 which is literally pubis amount of cash on this server these problems need to be handled as they are produced. part of my solution would be for LEO leaders to discourage and demotivate the 8 cruiser chases mentioned, or priotizing other incidents because its more fun... for example, i get pulled over doing 300mph... we're rping... then out of nowhere, "its your lucky night" sprints back to cruiser and joins active pursuit/shooting the second part? literally vice versa. leaders of La eMe and Black Car need to discourage and demotivate the members within their many aligned sets, from doing robogangster things, such as biking up to every civilian type and asking them if "they need that gas" and telling them to fuck off if they don't want that mid grade garbage, or biking up to every female and saying "damn ma you fine af" and telling them to fuck off if they don't want that mid grade ERP... at the end of the day, i guess what i'm trying to say is... it's not illegal rp's fault... it's not legal rp's fault... it's OUR fault if you want a change then you need people in place who can help with that change and right now, there's nobody
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