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  1. The problem is the realism of it. There is a lot of stuff you need to think about that simply could not be represented in game. Realistically, it is a very poor way to scam. You are using a most likely, monitored, publicly accessable advertisement system. Meaning that once ads were made, it would likely be pretty damn easy to discover who made the ad. And therefore very easy to track down the scammer. I think it would fall under RPQM and poor portrayal. As for using an unlocked HQ you find, that's just idiotic really. People really should be able see why that is terrible RP.
  2. Username: Alykat Comment: I have to ask. Do you suck off as many SD as you can so they will pay for your news channel? Or so they will help you cover up all that shady crap you get up to with women? Please, SD detectives couldn't find water if they fell out of a boat.
  3. Username: Alykat Comment: Sheriffs: Due to our tireless efforts we located him. Sidwell: My goodness. How on earth did you find him? Sheriffs: We were sat on our ass watching TV and he came on your show. Fuck me sideways, they got some serious detectives working over at the LSSD. I'm sure no one else, not even Sherlock Holmes could have figured that one out.
  4. Username: Alykat Comment: Jeeze Dennis why don't you just get on your knees and blow him for his money like you make your workers do for you. It'll save you some time and the public embarrassment of these articles. I'd so love to see this "research" you did that says people trust the LSSD. Because jesus fuck I have met some people who fear them more than the gangs on the streets of LS.
  5. Username: AlyTate Comment: Interesting to see that LSNN are still on the SD payroll. Sidwell always did did have his nose shoved firmly up the Sheriff's ass.
  6. I hope you enjoyed that burger! Was a funny as hell scene though made for some hilarious RP.
  7. That right there is what this is for. I think I may have been able to explain this a little better. This suggestion isn't really to allow full roleplay to be taking place in other games. (Although that could be a very out there possibility). The intention of the idea is to allow people who wish to express more in depth about their roleplay stories by using images from these games in their threads. The only thing I would say about taking it deeper into the RP is allowing players to talk about that mission they were on together that is something they actually played through in another game. Rules would be there simply to make sure this wasn't "remember that time we were in the SAS and saved the world." but more about realistic taskings. The primary focus of this suggestion is to provide a solid ruling on what screens players may use to express and deepen their stories whether t be a character thread, faction thread, or simply a facebrowser post. Thanks for the comment, hope this helps give a better idea of what I am suggesting.
  8. Thanks for the reply and the support in your first sentence there. I completely agree with you that there is a real potential for how unrealistic events could be portrayed in with this. Out of interest, would you have any suggestions to add to or to edit this idea that could help to mitigate that? Same to you as well, thanks for your comment on the spirit of the idea. I can certainly see where you are coming from on the things that are already posted under this sort of idea. That would be what this rule is there to regulate. To add a clear guideline on what games are allowed to be used and what is allowed to be done in said games. Would you have any suggestions or any hypothetical examples of rules that could maybe be used whether they be for Menyoo or for the other games as mentioned?
  9. Again, you have misunderstood the suggestion here. Please read what this suggestion is. People talking about the games they have played is already allowed ICly.
  10. That is literally the point of this suggestion. It is a suggestion to provide a rule to regulate this sort of thing so that in cannot be used in any sort of metagaming way. The idea is not to roleplay as a character from a game. It is to use that other platform to play as your character to facilitate your RP. To put it simply, No, you cannot play as agent 47 in hitman and then say you are a hitman in GTAW. But yes, you could play as a snowboarder in the game Steep and portray this in game as your memories of a trip to the alps. (This was the situation that was actually approved.) This is a complete misunderstanding of the rule I am trying to suggest here. Please try and understand that I am not suggesting people roleplay as characters already established in other games. Any game where you play as a specific character with a story would simply not be allowed under this rule.
  11. As a premise for this, I'm also looking to gauge people interest in a rule like this. And if you have a meaningful suggestion to add to this, something I haven't thought of maybe, throw it in. Please keep the thread clean though. I know how this sort of thing could get some people a bit irked. Short description: Add a rule that allows and regulates the use of other games to facilitate roleplay. Detailed description: What I am suggesting here is as the title suggests, allowing other games to be used and taken IC to a certain level. Allow screens and footage from these games to be used in character stories, on facebrowser, in faction threads, or wherever else they might be used. The rule would be in place to actively give players a solid understanding of what they would be allowed to use ICly and what would be off limits or considered unrealistic. Example: A while back, myself and some friends approached an admin in charge of facebrowser about using screens from the Ubisoft game Steep as photos from an IC group trip to the alps. We were approved for this, but obviously we needed to keep it realistic. So we had our own set of rules in place of what we could and couldn't use ICly. In the game, you can literally use rocket wing suits as they were part of a DLC. Now while they are fun as hell, those things are, in reality, rare as hell and exceedingly expensive, so they were off limits. Another thing that was off limits was some of the unrealistic riding that was possible on snowboards, skis and the like such as monumental jumps from cliffs. I believe that this rule could extend to a large number of games with all sorts of potential RP that could come from them. An example of how this could help people could be a recent report against a few players who were racing "Rally" cars around the mountains. It was mentioned in the report that these cars are usually used on a closed track, which they also admitted was very hard in GTAW. What if these players were allowed to actually take a game like Dirt Rally ICly as a smaller, amateur event that they had to travel out of state to go and take part in. Of course, a rule to add to that game would be that competitions against AI drivers could only be taken as small time non impactful events. We can't have 37 World Rally Champions running around LS, it's just not realistic. But putting up footage from your small time race up in another state on facebrowser, I can't see too much of an issue with that. Take Minecraft for example, I know of a group of players who have a Minecraft server that they take ICly. What I mean by this, is that they play the game together, and take it ICly as it is their characters playing the game. I think this is a really neat little way to add some flavour to the roleplay within certain groups. How about Arma or Squad? Hear me out here, what if a person wanted to play a military character? Perhaps they could be deployed to the islands of Altis and Stratis and might come back with a few war stories that would affect the development of that character. Maybe they could not play the character on GTAW while they were deployed overseas. Perhaps multiplayer PvE situations could be used so that these players have real war buddies that they can go and drink their troubles away with at their local drinking establishment while they remember their times abroad. I'd suggest making a dynamic list of games that all players had permission to use ICly without need for further approval. This would simply include what games are allowed to be taken ICly, and what the specific rules are for those games. Example: How would your suggestion improve the server? I believe that this rule would have a number of effects on the server. Firstly, it would allow for people to deepen their own RP in certain areas they choose to enjoy. Characters who do not have current in GTAW means to reach their full potential would be given a new lease of life and be able to far more in depth as to what they would be doing both in the state of San Andreas and further afield. I also believe that this would mitigate certain situations where characters are caught in bad ways while trying to do what their character does. Additional information: This will be a dynamic post, I will edit with further suggestions about the rule and make changes where they are needed. Please feel free to add your own ideas on this rule and make suggestions about where my idea could be improved. I'm always open to make changes to my idea.
  12. Username: TheWasp Comment: Nice post guys. Have to remember that FD must be working robots who have no personality and don't engage with the community. Seriously, did you expect a friendly response here? @callmexanax Big words from the guy who's mostly likely been scraped off the floor by those heroes as you cried out for your Mommy. Then again, you'll most likely get yourself shot again before the EMTs have even made it back to the station. Let's face it, people like you need FD more than the rest of us.
  13. Username: AlyKat Email: [email protected] Comment: Smells like slander to me. Can't say I've ever experienced this sort of thing with him. No evidence? Not even an audio recording? I call BS.
  14. Economic inequality between Mirror Park and El Burro? BY ALYSSA TATE Los Santos, SA - People are asking why there is such a difference between El Burro and Mirror park. These two areas are so very close geographically, but could not be further apart from a financial perspective. El Burro is currently a disastrously under developed area of Los Santos, in great contrast to the bustling social hub that is Mirror Park. While Mirror Park has seen great support from government agencies over the past few years, can it be said that El Burro has been left behind? What are the reasons for this inequality? While many factors could play a roll in such a vast difference to the two areas such as poverty, employment availability, schooling, or even gang violence, are they really an excuse for how El Burro has been allowed to fall into such a state of disarray. The well established and often bustling social strip of Mirror Park. The only two stores businesses in El Burro, a tattoo parlor, and a run down old store. Just looking at these two pictures alone is enough to show the vast wealth gap between the two areas. With even the roads appearing to be better maintained in the Mirror Park area. With such a difference in the amount of local jobs available to the residents of these two areas, is it really any wonder that El Burro is and area hard struck by poverty and rising crime levels. The beautiful views of Mirror park and it's regularly maintained gardens and pond. The stark contrast over in El Burro, the oil site. It shouldn't come as a surprise to those reading this article now that while Mirror Park is adorned with a beautiful garden and pond for families and friends to gather at, el Burro's own piece of scenery is in fact a large industrial site. Not just an eyesore, this site also greatly lowers the air quality of the area, meaning it could be argued that El Burro is actually an unhealthier place to live than Mirror Park as well. Political conference during which both Republican candidate Joseph Hoffman and Democratic candidate Gabriella Morales both answered questions on economic inequality. During the political conference held at the ULSA campus, candidates from both the Republican party and the Democratic party were asked whether the economic inequality between these two areas would be addressed. Republican candidate Joseph Hoffman had this to say: Gentrification is a difficult issue. An issue that we can see up in San Fierro first hand, as tech companies are displacing local residents from their homes. And from their livelihoods. And now we're seeing it here in Los Santos. The main issues here are several things. One, the kind of labor and work someone is performing, and its relevance in today's society. And two, the emergence of large corporations, and the reduction of the number of mom an' pop shops. We all saw what happened to blockbuster and all the video rental stores. To ensure that we protect large populations from suffering from a direct hit due to gentrifications, there could be some grants and other programs introduced. But more importantly, we need to focus on getting this workforce to adapt. Adapt to the new market as it rapidly evolves. So my answer is we focus on strengthening education. And work towards helping out local businesses, but instead of grants, we focus on loans. While Democratic candidate responded with: As someone who was born and grew up on the East side of the city, I'm well aware of the challenges that, not only residents, but businesses have in El Burro. One of the campaign pledges from the Democratic Party is to introduce a bill that provides grants to local, San Andreas owned businesses, which are doubled in the cases of green businesses or businesses located in economically low-income areas. When there's an opportunity to succeed, people will take it, and it's our job in the state government to provide that. Are these good enough answers to the inequality between El Burro and Mirror Park? Does this mean that El Burro will soon see a plethora of aid from our government in order to become a more thriving part of the city like Mirror Park? Or will El Burro always sit in the shadow of the much better looked after, Mirror Park, sentenced to remain an area for the lower classes? Only time will tell as to which of these may come true, but it has been noticed by our government, and they claim to have plans to improve the quality of life in the El Burro area. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  15. Congrats to all! Shout out to @Shagglehod and @Seanny !
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