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  1. @Shagglehod @ViscariaYasssss! Congrats! Congrats to all others as well!
  2. As a legal rper my response to people having alarms where normally irl they wouldn't is simple. It's an IC reaction to living in the most crime riddled city in the history of the world. No, as for the alarms going off 100% of the time, I do agree that if the proper development of the skills required to disarm the alarm is proven, and the alarm is disabled with proper roleplay, then yeah, I agree it should be possible to conduct a break in without the alarm going off.
  3. Robbery free areas/times. That would be an amazing first step. Give legal rpers places the can go that is outside where they don't have to fear like they are on the streets of an apocalyptic wastland city.
  4. If you need to actually write the rule that jetski's are banned for use in robberies, it really is time to start looking at the application process again, as it is not doing the job it is supposed to.
  5. This is all an elaborate joke right? Guys? People? The server really cannot have fallen into that poor a level of RP can it? Also, fun fact of the day, it's technically not piracy as for it to count as piracy the act of taking over the vessel without permission has to occur in international waters. Therefore, if this is a legit thing that is happening, then they are committing nothing more than GTA, albeit in an incredibly stupid and unrealistic way.
  6. And thus a thread that could actually shed some light onto the real issues in the server devolves into pointless jabs that will see the thread locked archived and never looked into by the admins. But yeah, people don't want to RP outside? There is little point. Any meaningful or decent RP will usually be snuffed out by the imminent line of "Gangbanger shouts: HANDS!".
  7. "standbar" could work nicely I think
  8. Unfortunately, I also have to agree with this statement. There are so many places that could be hubs for nice chill RP. Take the beach for example. No one goes to what is really one of the busiest beaches in the world because in all likelyhood, someone would run up all dressed in black with a pump shotgun in order to rob you of anything you have on you. (Yes, this actually happened.)
  9. I think the issue the rule is trying to fight is that, what if you had been kidnapped and were trying to send a location to your friend to help? The kidnapper has no way to stop you if you just send the command and let then see the /me. I'd say the rule is there to stop powergaming. I'd be amazed if any admin punished someone for using the command in a situation that didn't require clarity on whether the person would be able to do it (simply sat in a car under no threat for example.)
  10. Username: Alykat Comment: Dennis, while you might have been a slimeball piece of shit who didn't know how to treat a woman, you had your moments of kindness. You didn't deserve this. Rest in peace. **IP would trace back to Anchorage, Alaska.**
  11. Personally, while I disagree somewhat with the reasoning for this suggestion, I do think it is right in part. I don't think people should be forced to put in things like "Has gang tattoos showing affiliation to X Gang" but I do agree that some description of the tattoos should be there. This way if people know the gangs, they might be able to figure it out. I also agree with Wuhtah however. While I do think that some people simply don't put the effort into their attributes. I think that many may just misunderstand what is required and need more guidance and not punishment. Perhaps a part of the attributes page should be a list of dos and don'ts.
  12. The problem is the realism of it. There is a lot of stuff you need to think about that simply could not be represented in game. Realistically, it is a very poor way to scam. You are using a most likely, monitored, publicly accessable advertisement system. Meaning that once ads were made, it would likely be pretty damn easy to discover who made the ad. And therefore very easy to track down the scammer. I think it would fall under RPQM and poor portrayal. As for using an unlocked HQ you find, that's just idiotic really. People really should be able see why that is terrible RP.
  13. Username: Alykat Comment: I have to ask. Do you suck off as many SD as you can so they will pay for your news channel? Or so they will help you cover up all that shady crap you get up to with women? Please, SD detectives couldn't find water if they fell out of a boat.
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