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  1. Username: TheWasp Comment: Nice post guys. Have to remember that FD must be working robots who have no personality and don't engage with the community. Seriously, did you expect a friendly response here? @callmexanax Big words from the guy who's mostly likely been scraped off the floor by those heroes as you cried out for your Mommy. Then again, you'll most likely get yourself shot again before the EMTs have even made it back to the station. Let's face it, people like you need FD more than the rest of us.
  2. Username: AlyKat Email: [email protected] Comment: Smells like slander to me. Can't say I've ever experienced this sort of thing with him. No evidence? Not even an audio recording? I call BS.
  3. Economic inequality between Mirror Park and El Burro? BY ALYSSA TATE Los Santos, SA - People are asking why there is such a difference between El Burro and Mirror park. These two areas are so very close geographically, but could not be further apart from a financial perspective. El Burro is currently a disastrously under developed area of Los Santos, in great contrast to the bustling social hub that is Mirror Park. While Mirror Park has seen great support from government agencies over the past few years, can it be said that El Burro has been left behind? What are the
  4. Congrats to all! Shout out to @Shagglehod and @Seanny !
  5. Mass casualty shootout in Rancho BY ALYSSA TATE Los Santos, SA - Terror in Rancho this evening as a number of people were killed in what could possibly be a gang related shooting on Jamestown Street, both LSPD and LSSD were on the scene, investigating the incident. Numerous LSFD were also on scene, including an aerial ladder platform, two rescue ambulances, one having been pulled from LSIA, and a Battalion car. No less than three coroner's vans were also in attendance. It is rumoured that up to eleven people were killed in the horrific scenes in Rancho, though LSPD p
  6. Username: JackieDaWasp Comment: So proud of you Tae! Keep up the awesome work. Love the article.
  7. Honestly, that might help. But there are other script limitations that affect this. Thise would all need to be looked at as well. Personally, for fairness and enjoyabilty, I still think the 5k limit is a good thing. Why should illegals have such an easy time of grabbing other players money. My point also still stands about the quality of RP however. To lose so much to low quality RP woukd very much dissuade people from continuing in the server. I understand that there are people who RP it well, but in my experience, this is exceedingly rare.
  8. Big negative on this one. I have carried upwards of $300,000 on me before when furnishing. If people lost this amount in a few seconds due to some greedy players looking for a quick buck. Eventually the server would simply become just a bunch of robbers running around robbing each other until all the money was banked. On a side note, in a year on this server, I have been robbed three, maybe four times. Only one of these was actually successful. The others were all immediately voided due to poor RP quality or chain robbing. My particular favorite of these was the time someone tried
  9. Honestly, I can't understand why this game has an early access tag. It's easily better than so many fully released games. And yeah, it's hella fun to play solo, but it's so much more fun to play with friends.
  10. This is a list of all registered attorneys in LS at the moment. Contact one of those to maybe fight this one in traffic court. They should help you navigate the court system. @AmeliaStruss
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