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  1. Honestly, I can't understand why this game has an early access tag. It's easily better than so many fully released games. And yeah, it's hella fun to play solo, but it's so much more fun to play with friends.
  2. This is a list of all registered attorneys in LS at the moment. Contact one of those to maybe fight this one in traffic court. They should help you navigate the court system. @AmeliaStruss
  3. +1 Couldn't agree more. Would be a great way to show off how the legal system works in the server.
  4. All of those currently RPing the staff at Pillbox Hill. You have added some of the most valuable RP I have seen to the server. I won't even try and list off the names of characters because I know there's a bunch and it would be unfair to leave any out, so this goes out to all of you at Pillbox Hill. As someone who has been in there as a patient, it is really amazing stuff to see and adds so much more value to being able to properly roleplay the outcomes of being sent to hospital. It allows a player to really get into the depth of what has happened to their character and get a good
  5. Would you take 175,000 for the Speeder?
  6. +1 Fully support this idea. Would be great for players who either can't afford platinum, or who have no use for the other features of it.
  7. Jesus Violence. Way to tug at the heartstrings one more time! Awesome story though. Was a great read.
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