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  1. THis and remove the 2 legal gun a month limit. It’s insane that legal RPers are limited in their gun purchases but illegals aren’t
  2. @Shokkoth brings me to my next point. Too much RP occurs in interiors and makes the city seem like a ghost town
  3. PD and SD should be disbanded along with park rangers and merged into one faction just called “The Police” EDIT also get rid of fire marshals and just make them a branch of FD since they basically are anyways
  4. Just like the topic says Allow the armor slot to be put on & off, just like all of the other clothing slots (shoes on/off, shirt on/off, etc) Add a command /armor [on] [off] thanks in advance for reading & your consideration.
  5. I will personally pay $25 if this is added for all players.
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