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  1. Gave me Far Cry 5 vibes instead ahaha. 3-4 were the best. 6 was...fine, bit too much like 5.
  2. Wuhtah finds carbonated water to be too spicy.
  3. Wuhtah is the type of person to lose her own shower arguments.
  4. Wutah is that type of person to complain about her donut having a hole
  5. Depends, if the snitching is done out of OOC spite, which unfortunately tends to happen? Then no, not worth it. Now if you're snitching to get out of prison time, like many Mafia members did in the 80s-90s with their RICO Indictments, or to protect their families, it's fine imo.
  6. I think there's none, truth be told. Back then your Police Department could be sued for failure to Mirandize someone before a custodial interrogation, now your character cannot sue the Police for that. The only...implication I see here, and I'm being picky, is that if a Police Department cares? They might punish the Officer internally(suspension, forced resignation, comment card, etc etc), but if a Police Department just don't actually care because of the 0 liability risks, they might just not do anything to the Officer, no harm no foul as they say.
  7. I thought I was gonna see Adam Richman...or someone taking on food challenges. Safe to say I was not disappointed.
  8. 290k EDIT: Email me and we can sort details.
  9. Have. It's good too
  10. Well, alas, making a whole team by himself but leaves half the positions vacant, seems very smart, but sarcasm aside. While this is giving me some Roozles vibes, pretty much when PD mass reported him and Management still gave a chance, I'm still glad you were given a chance to lead SD, Wildcat, hopefully the issues will be fixed. I do have a question, though, it's more aimed at ES, but mostly out of curiosity, what plans do you have in the pipeline to improve the faction? I know you are gathering feedback but I'm just wondering if there's any changes you wish to introduce following this...dare I say charade made by Jonesy?
  11. Rest easy, brother. 

  12. Too many calls at times to respond to every single one of them, honestly. And I'm not going to rush my RP just to respond from one call to the other. It's just how it is, really. Unless we want to skip RPing on scenes there's no way LEOs can respond to every 911.
  13. A step in the right direction for sure. Good on you honey. for doing your best to fix the mess IFM is in right now.
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