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  1. At the moment, every time I renew my Platinum for three months, I get an addition 3 x Name Changes, 3 x Plate Changes, and 3 x Number Changes. Three things, that I rarely use, so I am just adding more to my existing count of these three items. The collective value of the nine items is 330WP in the Shop, if purchased individually. My suggestion is, that if a user donates for 3 months or longer, there should be an option to pick items from the shop up to the value of the Name Change, Plate Change and Number Changes that are added. Using 3 months Platinum as an example, we could instead add: Perm Clothing Slots and Perm Furniture slots.
  2. We also have the issue of /low chat now has a longer range then normal chat. Which I am assuming is something to do with the new coding.
  3. With the upcoming LC server and no requirement for separate login (if you have an active LS account, you can log in to LC) Would it be possible for an option to switch between both be put on the UCP sidelist? Making it quicker to switch between the both?
  4. While I don't use these services. What could be used in the future, if there is enough support for the business, an OOC global message similar to when Aurum has blackouts. **Internet access via DOT.IT is currently restricted** Etc
  5. At the moment a post remains boosted unless it is manually unboosted or the post is deleted. Suggestion is that when you boost a post, you can select the number of days upto a maximum limit to boost the post. At this time, the post is unboosted.
  6. I haven't read all this thread, unless you are clicking "Discover posts" the only people you see on your TL are friends, so like Facebook and other social media platforms - you can unfriend and block users. For me personally, it allows my characters to stay in touch with other users, especially with those in opposing timezones
  7. Just have a separate server twice a year. GTA:W - The Purge
  8. +1 saves the hassle of making additional notes or sending images/links via messenger/discord/forum
  9. So what happens when the NC is going to be a new character completely? And not *just* a name?
  10. At the moment you can drive through a lamp post, whilst in the port can get stopped by a cone, like you have hit a wall... +1
  11. You need to make sure the url is a stream url too, otherwise it will sit in awaiting approval
  12. Welsh

    Rockford Plaza Mall

    The most used NPC Businesses are Tattoo/Barber/Clothing/Plastic Surgeon. Just having these four businesses next door in one building, would increase footfall into the Mall. Then you can have player owned businesses around that
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