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  1. I use Speccy to get that info quickly and ShareX to take the screenshot. However Speccy is in no way a comprehensive troubleshooting program.
  2. If that is so, then yeah getting more RAM will probably alleviate some of the performance issues, but it isn't a solution to everything. The RageMP engine (and also kind of RAGE itself) just performs badly when there's a lot of vehicles and models within streaming distance. Even I have had stuttering issues myself, but the worst ones disappeared mostly after I got a new processor as it also happened in other games and outside of GTA:W. If my CPU fan wasn't in the way I would've upgrade my RAM to 32GB already. My own workload is very much intensive on most aspects of my PC, inc
  3. I don't see how 16GB RAM would do anything on a 32-bit installation of Windows 10, you're only able to use ~3.1 GB of the available RAM.
  4. In my opinion PHMC and Hope Health should be able to prescribe various sorts of legal medication many of which people would love to RP (myself included) but not listed.
  5. The idea would indeed to make it rare and require expensive specialist equipment, therefore making it a high-stake thing. Cooldowns on actually making a firearm should also be implemented to prevent a massive 1 person weapon factory. A problem with importing guns is that you'll need to barter. I don't want cash to be used as it'll just make the robberies skyrocket. It'd either be a way to barter drugs (since dealing is broken) for guns, or we're going to need an arts market ingame because that is also used by criminals.
  6. What about adding a genuine supply chain for illegal weaponry? Apparently there was some sort of mining job in the server, and I have no clue to what kind of system it was linked but I'm just tossing ideas here. What if there was some sort of material market? 1. (Legal) miners mine ore / minerals. 2. A processing plant buys/sells steel at a specific price depending on supply and demand. 3. (Illegal) gunsmiths produce firearms from steel, quality depends on the available tooling and skills/RP of the gunsmith. The material market could al
  7. Dude, I just bought some drugs on my civilian character. There is certainly a market, but you just need to find the right end users.
  8. I'm curious to read how you distribute the load on all 16 content servers.
  9. I always tell people to cover their asses. If you're doing something important or high risk, record it. If you have a decently modern NVidia graphics card *Insert famous pic of Linus Torvalds* you can just simply have Instant Replay on, or even straight on record whole situations with a negligible performance impact on your game. Have GTA:W Chatlogger active too.
  10. I've managed to pinpoint my issue down to the installation of OpenIV.asi. Whenever I have both Teriyaki and OpenIV.asi installed it gives this error.
  11. It appears to crash singleplayer for me, even after using Steam to verify the game (which resets all the .rpf files) and only installing Teriyaki it gives this error.
  12. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/790526369376501770/801991218258378763/I_know_its_real.mp4
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