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  1. Admins who have LEO characters are discouraged from picking up reports where LEOs are involved, unless there's absolutely no one available. Maybe the thing should be done for gang roleplayers, you know... to prevent bias.
  2. There's currently an IC applicant who roleplays their current job as "Sergeant" at "United States Marine Corps", which of course doesn't scriptly exist in the server. What is Continuity's stance on people picking and/or roleplaying (highly structured) government jobs that aren't implemented in the server?
  3. GTA:SA actually had a building that looks a lot like Twin Towers ingame.
  4. I had no clue this got added because I've been muted on the GTA:World Discord server, but it's certainly a feature that isn't needed.
  5. I've thought of this before myself too and wondered why. I'd rather have a redneck cannibal who cleans his plate so there's something to investigate, than the dystopian city where kids shoot each other all the time with zero remorse.
  6. Unpopular Opinion: Las Vegas should be Las Venturas and New York should be Liberty City.
  7. I've read all your complaints and I'll try to hit 400 citations issued by the end of May.
  8. Facts, people escalate an infraction to a felony for no reason at all. If anywhere from between 1 to 3 cop cars pull you over and they're parallel parked, then you're probably okay. If they start to line up two-by-two then you're fucked.
  9. GTA World caters to minors, with rules made specifically for underage players. GTA World predominantly has players in North America and Europe. GTA World allows minors to purchase WorldPoints and then lets them convert these to PandaPoints, which can be used to gamble for a lootbox. With much of western Europe already legislating lootboxes, I find myself unable to open CSGO lootboxes due to this. [1] GTA:World's panda boxes or whatever they're called could be compared to lootboxes in other games, which you usually buy with some sort of currency. Not only that, but you could technically speculate on the Panda Points marketplace. Which is also illegal in several countries for minors including those living in The Netherlands, with exception to explicit permissions granted by parents. [2] I'm just confused to how all this even came to be, because this seems like an IRL legal fuckup. Promoting gambling to minors is a massive fuckup. For the sake of keeping it simple I'm not going to take a deep dive into every gambling law in every country. Wikipedia's page on lootboxes was a start for my journey too. [3] And just because it's allowed in France for minors to gamble online doesn't mean that a French company can let children in other countries gamble on their platform. Notes: 1: https://www.eurogamer.net/cs-go-update-blocks-players-in-netherlands-and-belgium-from-opening-loot-boxes 2: https://wetten.overheid.nl/jci1.3:c:BWBR0002656&boek=1&titeldeel=13&afdeling=1&artikel=234&z=2021-01-01&g=2021-01-01 3: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loot_box#Regulation_and_legislation
  10. Rest in peace.

  11. Remove EAC it fucking sucks.
  12. With how many complaints there are about paperwork you'd think that it is a popular opinion, yet faction leadership often requires people to do it anyways. I'm not sure if LFM tells faction leadership to require it, but it's one of the rumors I've heard.
  13. There's so much paperwork for legal factions it's no wonder that crime is so rampant.
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