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  1. This was a great faction, I've enjoyed every moment I've been a part of it. It is very sad to see this great organisation get dissolved. mfw.mp4
  2. If you want American case law let's observe laws such as Tennessee v. Garner as well. There's plenty happening all over San Andreas, you have a chance to build your own world and to leave your own legacy. Yet you've chosen act someone else's play.
  3. Obviously people aren't acting as if there's peace everywhere, there's always 10 different things happening in Los Santos at all times even when it might seem quiet.
  4. This is a game in a fictional roleplay situation where crime and corruption is through the roof, if this were realistic the cops would carry assault rifles into the hood because it is so dangerous. I don't think he wants OOC information mixed in IC situations, and neither do I. However you framing that remark makes it sound as if he doesn't want any protests, which is untrue.
  5. Cool, now let's get IC protests because of IC reasons, and not because of OOC reasons.
  6. This, I really don't mind protests and activism but please don't mix current OOC happenings into IC situations.
  7. Ask yourself before roleplaying: Is this what I'm planning to roleplay motivated by current out-of-character situations? If so, /report it.
  8. GTA is a completely different universe than where we are in real life.
  9. That isn't what was said, what was said is that most people who do this are trolls, but also says that there is plenty corruption in the LSPD and LSSD which people would be totally justified to roleplay.
  10. I don't mind seeing protests, but Grand Theft Auto is a different universe. I'd like for people to make their own IC reasons to protest out of IC situations, and even then as you've said I'd like it to be temporary.
  11. My plates will get stolen a lot xD
  12. Time to tell people to keep their distance because of Covid-19. If we're going to try and strive to be realistic then let's do that. Let's get the neo-Nazi's out of Vespucci and force half of the illegal players to go legal. Because realistically that'd still be more criminals in Los Santos than in real life. Replace the word "pandemic" with "unrest".
  13. Is the Dinghy (4 Seater) still available? If so do you have a phone number?
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