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  1. Selling Annis Hellion. Engine, brakes and transmission have aftermarket upgrades. Turbo and GPS are installed. Starting Bid: $60.000 Buyout: $70.000 MSRP (Registered): $84.000 (( /vstats )) Please do not bid under the starting bid.
  2. Sold. Can be locked and archived.
  3. Applications will end at 7 PM tonight.
  4. Amazing deal! Vespucci Canals house for sale. Has a terrace. This is not an auction. Please send an email ((forum PM)) using the form below if you're interested. You may find more photos attached below. (( I have found a better place for my character, and I am selling this house. I will not hold onto it unrealistically for a month to make some extra profit from it. I want someone who will actually use the place to purchase it, not someone who is purchasing solely to wait for some months and sell it for a profit. I will be selecting the buyer. Thank you for your understanding. )) Buyout: $427.550 ((Market Price: $140,000 Furniture Worth: $7,550 /pinfo))
  5. Bump, lowered the starting bid and buyout.
  6. Bump, needs to go ASAP. The highest bid at 8 PM wins.
  7. Selling this beautiful apartment located in an excellent, central place. You will be within walking distance to many landmarks of the beautiful city of Los Santos. It's in an alive and safe neighborhood as well. This apartment was used only by a single person for a long time; although there may be some wear on some furniture, it is generally a clean and cozy apartment. You can e-mail me for a showing. You may find more pictures attached below. Please do not bid under the starting bid. (( I am selling this property because even though I actively used the apartment, my character is not a part of the Little Seoul community. Since I found a better place for my character today, I believe that someone who wants to roleplay within that community can benefit from this place. I want someone who will actively use the property to purchase it. Although I cannot put any restrictions, please take this as a kind request from a fellow role player. )) Starting Bid: $120.000 Buyout: $300.000 ((Market Price: $120,000 Furniture Worth: $88,708 /pinfo))
  8. Winner is no-show. Auction continues.
  9. Auction ends at 7 PM tonight.
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