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  1. Power Plant security & entrance control
  2. Username: free cocks enlargement more eggs Comment: nobody gives a shit about this, strong man able to show his position prostitutes gotta eat too. who are u to say who should own a private company, this isn't the president
  3. Looking to buy an Imorgon!
  4. My game was running perfect on 1.1, much better than 0.3.7, much less crashes, etc. It happened from a few days ago that some update caused those FPS spikes. It's not a chat loading issue or anything like that, the game has odd FPS spikes that didnt happen till an update or two ago.
  5. Since a few days I've been receiving (and reportedly others) some really strange game freezes. Not a ping lag like a delay, but the game freezes up totally, then releases and continues as normal. IT can either be a short freeze or a really long one (3-4 seconds) before it releases. This didnt happen before on 1.1, but started maybe 3-ish days ago.
  6. yes please.....i hate the night comes at 9 PM IG...what.
  7. my mouse will thank you, yes please
  8. better make it possible to go left and right with arrow keys like the old system so you dont have to click like a madman
  9. Gruppe 6 patrol team meets with a property owner whose exterior walls have been vandalised.
  10. zaXer.


    Bought, can be L&A.
  11. Looking to buy a flatbed.
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