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  1. disapproving, port crime in real life is a big issue and so shall be here as well if you dont combat it appropriately
  2. why not remove the 'links' section and put it in a tab on the top of the website, i hate scrolling throuh 25 links before reaching meaningful things
  3. so sad how this is actually too real
  4. Offering the asking price, and the opportunity to sell it to a county local that's been looking for a house since ages.
  5. Such as, which alleys? A lot of our clients have backdoor entrances especially around vespucci
  6. I like the pillars, bollards and the other stuff like benches etc. But the hotdog stands are too much, and in some areas trees are way too much as well.
  7. People who dislike us are louder than people who like us, all I can say is that the faction keeps growing in a positive direction. Cannot say no to the fact we're the longest lasting and most developed security faction out there. Have there been accidents? Yeah, so do have LSPD, FD and all other factions. It's more fun and people like to hate more on a private faction like us though. Barely anyone on this server knows what our company actually does and how it's actually being portrayed. People often PM me about things they /thought/ we do, that we do not.
  8. the fact it is illegal does not make it bad portrayal. Look up and see how many accidents with security guards happen, look at the ways of operation and you'll see what shit actually goes down. Security guards IRL act like cops, more than 50% of them, IT's why some are there. Some are police drop-outs, other cant even meet the criteria. That's aboslutely fine and realistic to portray in game as well.
  9. Highly illegal does not make it unrealistic, however, you're missing the point.
  10. 1.05 and the opportunity to sell it to a local
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