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  1. Quick 10 second Google search landed me this, if I dig more I'll find even more, I've done the research before starting this, but I'm not gonna sit here and englighten everyone. If you wanna find something out, google it rather than asking others to do it for you.
  2. @zUgg zUgg Do you see PD employing special people to drive tow trucks or you see cops go back to the station, grab a tow truck and come back? Gruppe 6 is based of G4S IRL, and a mixture of a few other companies. Vehicle towing is a very big business in America and so is offered by many security services. Outsourcing to service the government is nothing unseen. Did you know that some security companies also have fire trucks and ambulances IRL? Do your research please in the future so half the server doesn't laugh at your posts... Until someone creates a legitimate, active, effective towing business, everyone is going to fix the problems themselves. Also remember that Elon Musk owns Tesla but now also Twitter. Last I checked, Twitter doesn't manufacture car parts, batteries or satellites.
  3. i also dont like bulgaria so please ban the bulgarian flag too also NATO and cambodia stop whining about everything you can see them IRL so theres no reason why you shouldnt see them here either. it's literally...a few pixels.
  4. Event secured by Gruppe 6.
  5. yes and that loses all the fun in the game and in the end the roleplay is all the same, and you know what will happen, and then people quit. because of stuff like this.
  6. whats the fun in that, telling the faction leader what you're gonna do oocly, he allows it and then you act like nobody knows while doing it? thats just waiting for a shitstorm of metagaming reports once one of the sides loses something and starts complaining about MG. speaking iwth IFM is good enough if they wont tell anyone else about it and leave the rp be intriguing, not predictable
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