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  1. The rest of the U.S. outside of San Andreas is named as is real-life. Liberty City, Vice City, Las Venturas and other locations changed by Rockstar are not taken IC. The only exceptions to this is San Fierro and Los Santos. Does that mean we dont roleplay North Yankton either? It's pretty much within SA.
  2. Username: kek Comment: security work requires no license to operate therefore nobody can revoke your ability that is granted to everyone
  3. Username: kek Comment: you can't protest to defund a privately owned company thats not how it works lmao
  4. Username: UsedAutoParts Comment: selling exhaust for golf 3 and steering wheel for mustang 95'
  5. I dont think speed or the vehicle at all depends on fuel depletion, it's the same for all. Same as the car wash dirt system, as long as the vehicle is moving, no matter 5MPH or 100MPH, the depletion is the same, it's just the time that it takes. And yes about 100% fuel is around 200 miles.
  6. zaXer.

    LEO Scamming?

    No, your money gets confiscated due to participating in illegal trade.
  7. I use NVE + ENB so it works perfectly fine really. Redux should work as well. They're mainly talking about modded clientside carsa nd clothing
  8. who saiad that 1.1 doesnt support serverside mods? every PD, SD vehicle is a serverside mod gruppe 6 cars coroner cars many outfits too so yes, it supports serverside mods.
  9. 1.1 pros over 0.3.7 are much more, despite the minor bugs, they are nothing major or totally game breaking, we can live with it for a while, we've lived months with massive crashing all evening so this is really nothing
  10. oh come on dont start the Foran Michael Houston discussion. Under Foran the faction was a big group of ooc friends who used to play cod/other military-like games, swat, etc together, then hopped ig on LSRP and continued being together, ending up with a group leadership of divisions and all important faction aspect to be friends and cooperate with eachother, IA complaints went to hell if someone from the 'group' was reported, instead other members who were not as close to the leadership and the 'group' were being bashed on constnatly and made fun out of, instant faction bans, etc. Removing
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