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  1. What you suggest is not a fix for the problem, as it'll cause much more issues.
  2. How about you go back and read all the comments and not ask something that only a smaller part of the server wants?
  3. Okay, so - imagine that it gets removed because you (44% or whatever) dont want it. Then a hour later we get all those other 56% whining to have it back. So what's more appropriate? Obviously to support the biggest percentage winner. If 87 out of 200 people feel negatively impacted, then if you revert back, 113 out of 200 will feel negatively impacted. So, what's better?
  4. That's not how it works. The majority of the server (56%) has voted for snow. So why should we listen to the community with LESS support to actually do things?
  5. Snow is fun. Adds some different roleplay and experience while it's here. Sure, it gets too much after a while but that's why we only have it for short periods. Also, the fact you dont use Discord and slept over the poll doesnt mean nobody sees it as well. Your polls doesnt have the result you wanted either, so the community is really against what you're saying. #FreeSnow
  6. I'll be contacting you in a few minutes.
  7. Looking for a bulk buyout for all cars.
  8. Yeah, but it brings the data int odiscord (which is the sensitive thing).
  9. you can link a webhook to your google forms to your discord to notify 🙂 that way you get notified about it. BUt yeah, I understand you.
  10. Wont using Google Forms make everything much easier, rather than having it go through a bot to discord? That way you'll avoid having an admin to supervise it.
  11. Now I figured it out, I monitored the stats page for a while. From your post, till now, the total wealth has bumped up by almost 1 million. That's 3 hours for 1 million. That's 8 million per day bump in the total wealth!
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