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  1. while u mfs spam the threat with congrats, I better see some content liked
  2. Fight fire with fire As this is a "IC issue" and not RP quality issue just deal with it like this, set up a perimeter, 4 armored K9 dogs with C4 attached to them, and cops on roofs with catapult and trebuchet. No cop wants to eye over that cesspool of shit. There's a reason why "Davis" and "Davis LTD" is used to describe lackluster RP and deathmatching. All jokes aside stop branding things as "IC issues" this is a clear example of low quality RP. Admins just need to step in and actually do this lil command called /ban Set up a invisible admin at peak server hours in Davis LTD for a day, and let's see how much of a IC issue it is. You rarely see this kind of RP reaching other areas because simply other areas have higher standards and just report bad RP. Unfortunately in Davis LTD bad RP is the norm. There's a reason why people tell new players or any returning player to just stay away from Davis LTD.
  3. hey man u already got staff, no need to make guides
  4. Jax


    Car is gone, L&A
  5. he wishes this was his van (( im too scared of him to even steal his lighter ))
  6. Jax


    this ain't a charity
  7. Jax


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