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  1. Detailed Description Simple, make it so that when you do /fixveh it spawns a bit away from you, not on you. So ur tiny brain don't get smushed. Relevant Commands/Items N/A How will it benefit the server? Less report from people to get revived. Admins don't need to investigate those /fixrevives. Less work for admins. 🙂 Example: Also... check out my previous suggestions !!!
  2. tired of waiting for u to map my place, tired
  3. From a simple suggestion that only needed people to either agree or disagree, and put in some input. To people feeling personally attacked and leaving petty comments while playing a victim.
  4. Full on agree with @zUgg zUgg. Some of the arguments here are basically saying that people don't wanna work with others and wanna do everything themselves.
  5. ugh, this dude is back... i guess he's ok
  6. I like seeing tits and ass tho
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