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  1. ao, bring back the shitty runescape graphics, this current stuff ain't gritty enough
  2. @knppelplease calm down, you are letting your emotions run free on this thread and you are acting very immature, please contain yourself.
  3. Whole lot of selective reading here, quoting out of context stuff to fit their narrative, just proves a point that some of you are adults sure, but sure as hell you ain't acting like ones 😂 😂 😂 😂
  4. can't be a RPQM case if u join the RPQM team, am I right?
  5. @Karnerwas severely addicted to ERP, seeing as being an admin was stopping him from experiencing it in it's full potential , Karner decided to depart from his Staff duties and continue with his male hooker route, that's where he found love and true passion for roleplay that everyone enjoys. Hope this explains it.
  6. @Adv @Lomadias @Exodus🙏
  7. Jax


    Sold, lock it up janitors
  8. Jax


    Now, meet me there in 5
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