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  1. Seen In time last night after a few years, def worth watching!
  2. Been going through the majority of pages in which it is noticable a lot of players here are focused on legal. This is a thread that has no end but the fact is, role play servers would not excist without criminal RP. It is build on it, and been depending on it for years even since SAMP. Everyone is free to play what they want and how they want. But before you write up a post here about criminal rp this, that bla bla. Remember you are on this server playing because of the existence of criminal RP.
  3. Should take the poker system down till the bug gets a fix. A5 straight is one of the most common hands played irl and luckily I was warned in my first game about the bug otherwise I would of lost a lot of money myself. I’ve heard the bug has been around for a long time so in my opinion the bug has no rush or they think the system is good as it is and players should get used to it. It is good to put up a thread to bring it under discussion hopefully it will draw the right attention like this.
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