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  1. Do you have a phone number? Then we can talk about this directly!
  2. I agree, but crime does not equal robberies. You would be able to commit some crimes in a hotel parking garage. Just not a robbery done out of simple opportunity. I would think that IFM can determine that these restricted crime zones also keep locations in consideration when it comes to judging what is prudent and what is not.
  3. I think this is a very important distinction. If this happens frequently to the extent that is wildly unrealistic/poor portrayal/immersion-breaking/exploiting systems to avoid detection/etc, then you should report this to IFM. Because this would indicate that IFM would need to do more to control faction roleplay quality around these areas. Essentially, there are supposed to be restriction on this already in order to limit this from happening. Additional rules should not be needed, existing rules should be enforced better. -1, but not because I would want to diminish your experiences
  4. Sandy needs an update, I think a lot of local roleplayers will agree on that. A station next to an existing station though? I think the focus should be on lower end housing on the existing empty plots in the middle, and on the edges of town. I appreciate all the efforts put into these projects, but this seems kinda off.
  5. What about just lowering it slightly? One meter less?
  6. Are you suggesting that, on average, blackjack isn't profitable for a casino?
  7. I'm not saying either of those are representative. I still want the data. Not sure what the problem is here. We have one guy saying one thing, another guy saying another thing. This is exactly why data directly from the logs is important. That being said, I still think there should be an IC solution if feasible.
  8. I'd rather go by some unbiased data instead of anecdotes and unverified claims from players with a direct financial interest. No offense to you personally. I am in the camp of players that has the perception that casinos make good money for their owners. I'd not mind changing my mind if this proves to be incorrect.
  9. Sorry, that only works with log files!
  10. Can you demonstate this? Do you have examples of casinos in GTAW running on a loss in the long term?
  11. Are you suggesting that casinos do not make a net profit on average, if entry fees were not included?
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