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  1. Some random suggestions; Create more costs associated with modifying vehicles. Either with increased upkeep, less reliability, higher insurance rates, anything to make it less than a straight upgrade without any negative side effects. Right now, the demand is unrealistically high. Allow modifications to be purchased when buying a new vehicle, perhaps with an additional mark-up over normal modification costs. This reduces some demand as well.
  2. They're wack because of a few reasons; We can not and/or are not properly simulating downsides of owning vehicles Vehicles don't age realistically Players approach owning cars different in game than they do in the real world Vehicles are in infinite supply For all the above, vehicle prices are adjusted in order to compensate for this. You could buy an older model Porsche sports car in real life for a decent price, but most people wouldn't because they are prohibitively expensive to maintain, more unreliable compared to modern vehicles, and not very practical. However, in GTAW/GTA5, they have a good base performance, look cool, and that's all players care about.
  3. It is really done for performance reasons. It'd be great if it was viable outdoors, but it simply isn't.
  4. This will likely help a lot. Perhaps a small group of ambitious players can bring a proposal to see if they can turn it into a lease, somehow?
  5. We are looking to fill at least 2 positions. Interested? Send a convincing email with details about yourself, background, experience, and your motivations, to this address and you may be invited for an interview.
  6. They can't see, but they can surely find out by asking, checking logs, etc. Its not easy though, sometimes it is not apparent who is all involved. I agree with you that it should impact on the decision to void or not void. That's how I try to handle things. If you believe that an administrator didn't take this into account, you can ask them about it. Just ensure that it doesn't descend into arguing over /pm.
  7. Updated the inventory for 20/6/2020. We are once again taking in trade-ins and buying vehicles. We are also hiring! Please leave a comment here or contact by email for inquiries.
  8. Essentially this is already how it is supposed to be, if you read this; However, players appear to be largely incapable of not responding to each other on their own, so threads get locked by the support team or forum moderation instead.
  9. Scenes arent voided unless its necessary. For example, a rulebreaking caused a character to die. Then, sometimes, it needs to be voided, If at a specific scene you believe that so much roleplay has taken place since, that voiding would ruin a lot of players' experiences, then you can also relay this to the admin directly (which isn't an invitation to argue endlessly). However, sometimes it has to be done to keep it fair for those directly involved.
  10. Unfortunately the Nightblade has been sold already.
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