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  1. I'm a bit on the fence when it comes to this. When it comes to parking lots, I understand. For this issue, you could consider making a /report and see what an admin thinks about the issue. On the other hand, a bunch of cars is pretty normal for a dealership to have. It is one of the few things in GTA where your business is visible beyond what is already there from the base game. As for performance issues, leave this up to the admins. If they deem that there are too many cars in a location, they can despawn them. I can't say I ever ran into any of these issues, even when Autopia had 80 cars spawned. The game is years old by now, and anyone with a reasonably modern PC should be able to handle this game without trouble. What really annoys me most from these screenshots is the /carsign draw distance. Those signs should really be visible only when you're standing directly next to the car in question. It clutters up the screen way too much to the point where you can't take proper screenshots (because the signs can't be hidden) or you can't properly read your chat.
  2. Please no. Not only is there the chargeback issue, but this also encourages using WP as a currency for in game trades, and likely encourages real world trading for WP as well.
  3. I can lower it, but not to 170. Its best that you come by if you're interested.
  4. The inventory has been updated for 27/11/2020.
  5. Still looking for one of these!
  6. The auction has ended. I will be in contact with the bidders later on today.
  7. The Executioner is no longer for sale. I'll update the inventory later.
  8. Only the Hellfire remains. You're welcome to come by.
  9. Did you report the players for this?
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