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  1. What about offering a purchase to extend a cim's lifespan?
  2. It's both, since they are linked. As much as one can have an idealistic approach and assume that everything can be left to players to decide because its all about roleplay, this is naive. At present, there are plenty of limits in the ways in which wealth and property can be obtained. For certain aspects, this works well, in other aspects, it doesn't work so well. It is still present, and therefor we should be open to looking into what is possible to adjust there. There is currently a balance, and it is weird to take the default position that the current balance is in the best place it can be.
  3. This is basically paving the way towards GTA Online. If people wanted GTA Online, they wouldn't be here.
  4. This is actually fairly common, especially in roleplay outside of the restricted confines of a video game. Within video games and on GTAW it is still used often in non-confrontational scenarios. However, the suggestion pertains specific scenarios where there is some sort of conflict and "critical, life threatining situations". This is of course correct, because it constitutes powergaming by simplifying the situation to a random chance. @Burak1326, just report those you see doing this for powergaming, because that is what it is. An administrator will almost certainly side with your view.
  5. Offering $29.000
  6. I believe this is already visible for admins. It would be nice if this is made available for everyone, at least when viewing your own characters.
  7. Is there anything that you need help with when it comes to testing, @Strobe ?
  8. Some form of splitting up the ads has been suggested before, but on the forums I dont believe its worth it. There aren't that many ads there anyway.
  9. I'm interesting in taking the Yosemite for $50.000.
  10. I never had any trouble with this. You just don't get an answer, but posts are still hidden.
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