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  2. This sold earlier today, unfortunately.
  3. For Sale 5 Stanier Taxis Each of these fine Vapid Stanier taxis is in fine condition, with their mileage ranging from 540 - 840 miles. These taxis are free of insurance, and in excellent factory condition. Each of them is registered with a valid license plate. Reduced pricing; $26.000 for 1 $50.000 for 2 $72.500 for 3 $115.000 for all 5 Interested? Leave a message here or send an email to SSUA.
  4. An hour is an eternity for any Sandy Shores (or nearby) trailer. When these are advertised in game, you have approximately 5 - 10 seconds to call the seller, or you're too late. I've seen forum offers bought out in under 2 minutes as well. There is no real market of consequence for places in this area. The shortage is extreme.
  5. It is even harder to get any sort of accommodation in Sandy Shores. Until that problem is resolved, I cannot support this suggestion.
  6. Not everything has to be well planned. However, if the action would realistically draw a lot of attention, but the player ignores this consideration and takes advantage of the fact that the streets are empty, even if it realistically would not, then this is a problem.
  7. From what I have seen, and argued in reports myself, this primarily concerns actions that realistically draw a lot of people's attention. If your action (subtly breaking into a house) does not draw a lot of attention through careful preparation (perhaps you have a van and are pretending providing some service) then a break-in request ought not to be denied solely because it occurs 'in broad daylight'. If you did experience this, then this is something we should discuss internally. As for the time zone discussion, a thread about this was recently closed since this has been discussed
  8. Please keep this discussion civil.
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