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  1. I posted this for whoever is interested: @grimlin @Koko @arman @BINGBONGBALONEY @Red Reika @borhoi @Trains and whoever else might care.
  2. I'm posting this to check interests in forming a group of players around the following concepts; Punk revival and pop-punk in a broad sense. Listening to the music, playing the music, bands or people seeking band members to jam with Dirt bikers and skaters, with its surrounding subcultures and activities, with the intention of doing regular meetups around the state. Possibly including concepts like urban exploration. Left leaning political activism, anti-institutionalism, social justice, anti-consumerism/anti-capitalism, anarchism, anti-war, etc, by expressing these sentiments on social media, or verbalizing it against government officials or those that disagree. DIY and co-creation mentality, working on your own gear, clothes, vehicles, residences, art and other things, helping each other out, rather than relying on the evil empire of big corporations Drug usage and weed legalization efforts Concepts that might work with this group, but could also clash Neo-hippies, green instagram culture, environmentalism, spirituality, climate activism, burning man Conspiracy theories, as far as they don't go too far into right wing extremism Off grid living, Slab City concept. Beam Me Up location, Dignity Village location. Concepts that I'm not looking for here Antifa as it relates to violent confrontations with white supremacists. Instances may happen, but this is not aimed to be some sort of counter group designed to oppose those factions What's the plan? Find connections with players that want to be part of this community. This could go in several directions, and remains undetermined. In style of the actual concept, its not predetermined from above or set in stone, the players that are interested will take this where it eventually goes. I'm starting this off with a Discord server, a character, and a tentative location. However, all is subject to change and could be expanded or changed where needed. Will this be a faction? Maybe in the future. It could lead into that direction, or it could not. This depends on those active players that want to get involved and what their thoughts are. If you're interested: Join the Discord server! Create a new character or use an existing one to interact with other interested players. Start a 'business' that matches the concept, we'll try our best to support it. Attend meetups concerning dirt biking, music, or anything else. Start any other concept related to this idea, and get involved. Fight the oppressors! Comments, questions and suggestions are welcome! Images for inspiration (Slab City) (Neck Deep) (Los Punks: We Are All We Have) (Los Punks: We Are All We Have) (O.C. Punk Rock Picnic 2010) (South Florida Punk Rock Picnic and Flea Market) (Punk in the Park 2024) (Hypebeast skate fashion) (Rage Against The Machine) (DIY OR DIE! Do-It-Yourself, Do-It-Together & Punk Anarchism & D.I.Y. or Die: How to Survive as an Independent Artist) (No War But Class War) (Neo-hippies, The hippy is back: not so cool if you remember it the first time round) (Slab City) (Dignity Village in Portland Oregon)
  3. Updated with lease prices, if available.
  4. Of course they're not popular for commuting. I don't think that's what's being attempted here. They're for unplanned travel, returning from bars, etc.
  5. I'm not describing a situation with no negatives. They're there. But what makes it utopian? It was like this in 2020, remember?
  6. This attitude is exactly it. People really don't want to roleplay in a somewhat realistic environent where you sometimes interact with strangers through travel. They want OOC convenience. Screw people's roleplay, they don't care. These people are now in the majority.
  7. For taxis, it's more that convenience of travel is too high. A while back, you couldn't teleprt with changechar, couldn't get a cheap lease car right at the airport, couldn't use fixveh to teleport your car to you. All these OOC conveniences were added and in turn things like public transport, tow trucks, taxi stuff, all died out or couldn't even get off the ground. We don't have a viable environment for taxis because people don't want this. They want convenience over RP opportunities.
  8. Taxis are/were made unviable because of: Airport lease cars /fixveh teleport Underdeveloped alcohol script The other reasons have been listed already. Without at least two of these being resolved, taxis will not be viable.
  9. GWC has been advertising and recruiting lately.
  10. I've only seen minor characters being roleplayed as actual minor characters a handful of times. For 98% of the time, these characters don't really act noticeably different from any other characters. For me, the (M) tag doesn't really add or detract anything from the roleplay experience, but it serves as a warning to start recording gameplay when these characters show up in the same as when a masked character comes by.
  11. This has been suggested before, but I don't agree that normal /ad, /bad, or /cad adverts should be managed from outside of the game. All this will do is lead to more spam. A different implementation or maybe a more visual way of creating ads? Then maybe. In its current form where it takes up screen real estate whilst you're in game, no thanks. That should never be accessible by an API because inevitably people will just create bots that spam these messages as often as they can, and we don't need that.
  12. I used to report these but nowadays admins trash these reports and don't consider them breaking the rules any more. Neither of them seems to be ICly chased either though.
  13. Both of these concepts have been attempted before. However, as with any concept, you need to determine the basic 'gameplay loop'. What is going to keep ordinary players interested in these groups?
  14. It'd be interesting to hear the experiences from players that have attempted this before, and learn from them in order to avoid pitfalls presented themselves before. There's more than enough players who vaguely involve themselves in this sort of roleplay. Once there's a group or two that set the standard, its much easier to shut down low quality roleplay from those that aren't part of those groups.
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