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  1. No. This isn't about chance. This is about effort. This comes up every few months. However, the people who voice their support in threads like these are never around when the work needs to be done to make these ideas a success. Posting on the forums is one thing, making some ideas a reality is another. Do you really want this to happen? Then make it happen, get a group of people together and organize this. PM, LFM, IFM, or whoever aren't going to shut down a good idea if you prepare things properly. So instead of complaining on the forums that not everyone agrees with your views, go do something meaninful to turn this idea into actual roleplay.
  2. This was tried, sort of, with the result that certain exclusive houses were never traded publicly.
  3. Sorry for the confusion, I meant that if vehicles are weaponized, or cause issues, or arent lore friendly, then they should be restricted by default. Otherwise, they shouldnt be restricted to this program by default.
  4. I like how the system is now, but it could be improved still. A few points for improvement; Do not restrict any vehicles that are not weaponized and/or lore friendly or cause technical issues, by default. If the application and use-case make sense then they should be allowed on a case by case basis. If not, they can always be denied. We have rare vehicles that you can purchase now, directly. The GT500 comes to mind, which is one of the most valuable car models on the planet. The same logic as the previous point should apply. Does the application make a good case for the lease? No? Then decline. Yes? Then you can always charge a lot of money for the lease. Even if your character has a lot of (OOC) money, charging $100.000 or $200.000 a month is going to make people think twice. There are many levers like these that you can use to ensure that the streets will not be flooded with very rare vehicles or even super cars. A good reason for the lease, a good character justification, lease pricing, increased insurance costs, limited time leases, maximum number of leases of the same model, etc etc. As per the post above, be tough on who gets to apply. Admin record in the last 6 months? Too bad, no rare vehicle. If you break the rules willingly then you are ready to accept the consequences.
  5. Reviewers are instructed to keep previous feedback into account. Sometimes people make mistakes, it happens. If someone thought your answers weren't good enough though, perhaps you should look into revising your answers.
  6. I dislike barriers of entry in general. However, experience tells me that without some sort of PM scrutiny, allowing players to sell more than x amount of cars per month is inevitably going to lead to the situation we have now, where people abuse game and script mechanics to hold a massive inventory without realistic consequences.
  7. Your efforts to make something like this lively again is definitely appreciated by more than just myself! All the problems brought up here are true to a certain extent. Sure, there are problems with properties, but those problems have been ever since May 2020. The portrayal can be problematic of some characters, but that's no different from what happens elsewhere in the server. What makes it tough to inject life into county roleplay, in my personal view, is the lack of hotspots where you can pass by casually and engage in roleplay. This is by far the greatest challenge.
  8. It is a solution, but unfortunately not really a realistic one. There are limits to what a volunteer administrator team can handle in terms of workload.
  9. If you manage to find a solution that works, let everyone know.
  10. This makes it easier for people who want to make a lot of money off their properties, at the expense of someone else. We should leave these rules as they are.
  11. The Alamo Classic has sold I'm afraid. Sorry!
  12. This is a serious issue.
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