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  1. I will discuss this with the other development members and come back with a response.
  2. I have lived to see this one too, pictures on KanalD with GTA graphics. 😮
  3. full stack dev. https://github.com/valelelegod
  4. Reviewed some of them from the list in the main post. Let me know in the future if there are anymore.
  5. In autocomplete field we only add the main commands, not aliases. Just throw out some of them here and I'll check them all.
  6. Under FM review, I'll come back w/ a response for you guys asap.
  7. I'll push this too for you guys in 2.9.0 Update! L&A.
  8. No, if you have a valid image in /settings will replace it only in character selector. If not, the mugshot from MDC will be displayed.
  9. We've already thought of that, the buttons will be in the middle anyway, I took the picture before some time ago.
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