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  1. Stop basing everything off of California, its a game at the end of the day and every criminal is strapped.
  2. Honestly it's pathetic and extremely badly written law as it doesn't matter what "good cause" means as the law says LSPD can define it however they want.
  3. I went through it the other day, it should all be fine now providing the mod pack on the dev server was up to date with the ingame one. @St3fan[NL] can you lock this as its resolved with the new blacklist changes thx
  4. since the reboot this morning, I went through every piece of clothing yesterday on the dev server and edited the list. I went online just now to check and its 100% available now.
  5. This has been fixed @ThatDutchPerson Admin please lock
  6. Misaki wonders if you do part exchange?
  7. Username: Ari Comment: bobcat is a business full of ricers, they will all soon drive themselves off cliffs.
  8. Username: Ari Comment: They didn't deny it was bobcat employees tho, I wonder why....
  9. Username: Ari Comment: I had two bobcat ricers crash into me on great ocean highway and SD did nothing!
  10. I've seen like 1 guy do this in Davis. 1 guy.... It's a non issue
  11. Junx

    Habbo RP

    throwback to shockwave days
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