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  1. WOW! (this message has been sent with a delay because i am content moderated)
  2. u been good bro stayin safe from paragliders?
  3. Once upon a time in a quaint little town nestled deep within the rolling hills of Romania, there lived a group of rather unconventional gangsters. They weren't your typical tough guys in sharp suits, but they did have an unusual penchant for mischief. Meet the "Carpathian Capers," a gang of Romanian origin with a unique flair for causing hilariously bizarre chaos. The leader of this merry band of mischief-makers was Gheorghe "Giggle" Constantinov, who had an infectious laugh that could be heard echoing through the Carpathian Mountains. Giggle was known for his unusual weapon of choice – a rubber chicken that he affectionately named "Cluckster." Whenever Giggle and his gang showed up in town, you could be sure that laughter would follow. Their main criminal activity? Prank calls to the local baker, Vasile. The Carpathian Capers had a knack for disguising their voices and coming up with the most absurd orders for bread and pastries. Poor Vasile never knew whether to laugh or cry when he received an order for a dozen garlic-flavored donuts. Then there was Elena "The Enchantress" Dumitrescu, who had an uncanny ability to hypnotize anyone with her expressive eyes. She once used her hypnotic powers to convince the mayor that he was a chicken for an entire day. The entire town watched in amusement as he clucked and pecked his way through important meetings. Their tech genius, Andrei "The Hacker" Popescu, had a knack for turning every street sign in town upside down with just a few clicks on his laptop. Traffic jams became a daily occurrence as bewildered drivers tried to navigate the topsy-turvy town. Of course, there was also Maria "The Prankster" Ionescu, who had a penchant for leaving whoopee cushions in unexpected places. It wasn't uncommon for the local priest to accidentally sit on one during Sunday mass, leading to uproarious laughter among the congregation. Despite their mischievous ways, the Carpathian Capers were beloved by the townsfolk. They brought laughter and joy to a place that could often use a good chuckle. Whenever the Capers were up to their antics, the entire town would join in on the fun, creating a sense of unity and camaraderie. So, in the heart of Romania, the Carpathian Capers proved that gangsters of Romanian origin could be notorious for spreading laughter and mirth rather than fear and intimidation. And as they say in the Carpathian Mountains, "A day without laughter is a day wasted."
  4. [GTAW] kids pretending to be russians can affect georgians
  5. ** The comment would be manually filtered to show as the last in relevance. The administrator of the website would also reach out to the recipient and pass an angry message: "Hey, you! Yeah, you with the stinky opinions! How dare you talk trash about that totally amazing news article?! Your brain must be as tiny as a peanut, and your taste is like, the worst ever! I hope you step on a LEGO every single day for the rest of your life!" **
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