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  1. Petition to remove the RP requirements from GTA:W and make it another server instance for GTA:Online
  2. Can you uh... do your research? Thanks.
  3. Maybe your settings are set to readonly? If not go ahead and change the actual settings xml file and set it to readonly 😛
  4. As someone above suggested lowering your textures to "normal" can help, second of all I'd suggest turning down your Dx version to 10.1 or 10 to see if it helps. If none of that helps it could simply be the Rockstar Engine being overworked with Players and vehicles, but that depends on the time of day you are playing.
  5. Thanks for summoning me lmao. Without incriminating myself on an OOC level I'll simply say: Its very close to what someone would do IRL. The importance of paranoia of being caught is a key factor to better RP and development. NordVPN doesnt keep logs, and you can get stolen accounts (if you want to deepen your development). The only thing I'd ask is how would you be expected to have someone's MAC address? Considering you merely get his card >_> Without a doubt very detailed and nice, bravo.
  6. When I started out in LSFD (for example) I knew jackshit about paramedicine, EMS practices, general treatments and whatnot. It didn't take me long, thanks to people like @KinnyWynny, for me to start picking things up. The roles sometime require you to do some base research to enhance it but nothing too hard, I know a lot of people that are currently in LSFD that aren't EMS in real life and still do the job. Just for reference, I am a software developer in real life, I have gone in plenty of fields in GTA:W and nothing even closely related to software development. So... It's not that bad, just requires a little bit of research. Sorry for the tag, weather dude ❤️
  7. Okay bro, but where is the T20 pursuit? Smh
  8. Username: ilovelssd5671 comment: you seem like the type of bitch to be a ls tribune gangster and then proceed to shit themselves when met with force. TFK 24/7/365
  9. Username: LSPDEnjoyer Comment: good job. See you 2nd of january
  10. They do. The problem isn't certain illegal factions, at least from what I've seen, most of them have other ideas, they target other gangs, do their own thing. Most of them actually provide good RP, and this is coming from a person who is around gangs in GTA:W as an LEO. The issues arises when random players get in the server, get their hands on a weapon and decide to be the next cowboy in town. Then again, that's my experience.
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