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  1. I’ve stated this many times that the amount of people that get sent on their way with a slap on the wrist, or less, is frankly baffling and pathetic.
  2. If this is actually happening please report it like jfc
  3. Brandon


    I was told it was implemented and removed shortly after.
  4. Realistically it would be possible, but unfortunately I can pretty much assume what would be done with it if it was allowed.
  5. Surprised and confused to why these aren’t already added. Legit some of the best tatts Online added and they’re not available for some reason.
  6. How much you type doesn't equate to playing a character well.
  7. Brandon

    ngrp players

    Grove Street Premiums? I remember a lot of Fllemings in there. I was Brandon Steel/Brandon Nevera during its run lol
  8. Brandon

    ngrp players

    Ah the “roleplay” server, where I started RPing and learned what it actually was, albeit as about as low RP as possible. I was with the _Anaya’s and most of the ridiculous amount of factions they cycled through and Grove Street Premiums before that. Will never forget Gacy DDOSing the server and keeping it hostage until Devin paid for his SWTOR membership. Edit: Just saw the posts about the TR vs SA wars, totally forgot about that hahaha. Getting rushed by a dozen NG when you died and spawned at the hospital while they tried to taze you, then going back in a Seasparrow and just laying into people with it. Shit was mad.
  9. Hello I'm Randy. Yeah Dom picks good music, but I don't imagine the bullying will ease up any time soon. Thank you for your concern and look for my name in the obituaries.
  10. Don’t know why these aren’t already in honestly. Would love to see them.
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