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Found 10 results

  1. SAN FIRE Office of the State Fire Marshal Local 2881 The mission of Local 2881 is to represent the employees who work for the SAN FIRE Office of the State Fire Marshal. The union is currently comprised of approximately ten members, with membership numbers expected to grow in the future. We are looking for a union attorney to act as our legal counsel. Your task will be to represent union members during internal affairs cases and civil cases if work-related, while also serving as a judicial advisor for the Union Board of Directors. You will be compensated financially on a retainer basis per case you accept. Other advantages include unrestricted access to our fitness center and an office. Experience with Law Enforcement / Internal Affairs cases is preferred. Kindly take into consideration that the amount of work you may be assigned may be limited in comparison to other labor unions from larger police departments. Therefore, it is likely that there will be no legal issues at all in some months. Please contact [email protected] for further information. (( GTA:World Forums > PM “Ontimedude” https://forum.gta.world/en/profile/36101-ontimedude/ ))
  2. This thread depicts the roleplay involving an old high school clique. They've all become cops.
  3. ShawnM

    deputy greer

    Story will show the development of 24 year old, Chris Greer. Currently assigned to Intelligence with the Sheriff's Department, AKA 822.
  4. Mahitto

    Wade Jackson

    Wade Jackson THIS THREAD WILL FOLLOW THE DEVELOPMENT OF WADE JACKSON Prelude Wade Andrews Jackson. Born in '97, Davis Central Hospital. His mother, Mary, died birthing him. Raised by his single father, Wade Andrews, in the slums of Davis, Los Santos, along with his older brother, Joshua. A though childhood that produced a challenged, damaged carricature of a person.
  5. ShawnM

    elijah young

    this thread will highlight the development of deputy sheriff elijah young, born and raised in los santos' south central.
  6. Like the titles says.. and why? RP-wise, money-wise, I wanna know all about it.
  7. Short description: Create an agency that handles all things related to Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Detailed description: The ATF would locate brewers or brew sites and stake them out to see if they are selling their brew without a brewing license. ATF agents would do the investigation work and only execute a sting operation with the help of local law enforcement only when they've uncovered enough evidence of an illegal operation. Most raids would have to be approved by a judge after the ATF or ATF Agent has provided enough evidence. Operations could range from a brew kit in the woods to a full-blown brewing operation in a barn. ATF would also locate the cache of illegal firearms through undercover sting operations to turning confidential informants. The ATF agent can execute undercover operations to arrest a low-level arms peddler and press them for more information to get them to turn on their suppliers for reducing sentences and fines. Use the CI (confidential informant) to go undercover to gather more evidence until the entire organization is taken down piece by piece. Commands to add: /knockATF /Placewire /Panicbutton Items to add: ATF vest, or coat, or something agency-related. A wire you can place on a person will transmit conversations in the proximity of the person wearing it remotely. The panic button option is used for who ever is wearing the undercover wire to use in case if they're in trouble and want law enforcement to intervene. How would your suggestion improve the server? The ATF will add more balance to some of the crime that goes on in the server. An ATF agency will bring a new host of RP opportunities to law enforcement and criminals alike. An agency like this will start to shape more of the judicial process and law enforcement roles. Having another task force capable of doing joint operations with other agencies will create more dynamic situations only possible with such a specific focus on criminal activates. ATF will be a rich opportunity to be on both sides of a stakeout, investigation, integrations, manhunts, informants, undercover agents, sting operations, and more. Additional information: If we can keep it ATF, that would be great since it would be an agency, especially for these three things that way, it slims other agencies' focus and doesn't overstep jurisdictions/roles.
  8. Short description: Speed radar Detailed description: Would be wonderful to have a new speed-radar system. Commands to add: /radar [on/off] [Speed Limit] Items to add: N/a How would your suggestion improve the server?: Our system is pretty out-dated and bad. We need to be able to see the plates, as modern law enforcement vehicles are equipped with plate scanners - Automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) - so when a vehicle would run through the radar, we'd have a plate. Also, none of that /radar [DISTANCE] [Speed Limit] - no distance, it hardly works. Instead, once the radar is activate, it'd cover 40-50 meter radios (covering the 3-4 lane-highway. So each vehicle that'd drive infront of us, would get caught speeding with its plate showing. [Speed Radar: Vehicle going 95 - Licenses plates: COP205] Additionnal information: None
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