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  1. I don't know if this is considered standalone but more like a unit. Unless you were selling the whole complex!
  2. Exactly, I'm suggesting balancing out of duties and roles. If there is a duty that doesn't seem to fit a task force, create one internally and recruit from within. Doing this will let each unit/department/faction focus on their specific task. This way, it's not a handful of Detectives who take on every case under the sun inflating their case logs while most criminals are waiting forever for an RP involving their illegal faction.
  3. The little consensus here is that this should not be an entirely separate faction but a separate department of an already existing one for law enforcement. This focused task force would also remain on the local level, so the department would have another name like "Alcohol and Firearms Agents," as an example, to be a branch off of the ATF. The AFA would be a smaller group to start, possibly a team of 5, all recruited from the pool of the already active LEO's who are interested in this RP.
  4. Maybe it is just my reaction, but thinking hypothetical as a criminal, my responses could differ depending on who's knocking at my door. If it were just one detective in a suit, I might be inclined to chat with him to give him misleading information. If it were FBI agents dressed down and not in full gear, I probably wouldn't answer. If it's ATF with rifles trying to kick my door down, I might arm up if I haven't surrendered. It all varies, I believe, depending on the agency. I don't think ATF makes house calls for information. If they show up, they're there for a real reason. But I do completely understand your point. Then to build off of this, my suggestion of a task force such as this could be injected into the already existing factions and help out the roles by not spreading one department too thin. I wonder if you added some flair to a position other than "detective" if it would help with recruitment or provide more interest from existing LEO's to apply for a new task force such as this.
  5. So no, they don't, and do they have plans on doing anything like this in the future? My whole suggestion is an injection of this agency, even if it's under the branch of existing bureaus that will recruit from already active LEOs. (I'm not trying to be mean here, I'm asking questions to help round out this suggestion.)
  6. I can picture a hypothetical scenario where the criminals just think of them being raided by "regular cops," so they try to fight back. If they were to be raided by the ATF they know they're in trouble and it's a reason why the ATF is knocking. Like if a cop knocked on my door, I would be like, what the hell? If a swat team knocked on my door, I would be like, WTF!?
  7. Right, it doesn't have to be anything completely separate as long as it has its sole purpose. As long as the other agencies know when it's a case for another department to handle. Then through the proper chain of command, they can hand it off. I don't think two departments should handle every different kind of case.
  8. My title is ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms) Like Agency, hence "Like Agency." I don't understand how you still haven't picked up the fact that I'm using ATF as an example. In the modern day they still have an ATF and ATF like agencies, so what's your point?
  9. Do the LEO factions actively follow crimes, create leads, interrogate and execute sting operations directly about alcohol, tobacco, and firearms with the full intent to lower these illegal activities?
  10. If the ATF sees a brewing site in the woods, they can do some investigative work, do a stakeout, and then see if whoever is brewing is selling it illegally. That is the premise; scale doesn't matter. It's as if they're breaking the law and the RP here. The whole point is to do investigation work on the law side and the criminals have to be smarter about their activities. This opens up a whole range of RP possibilities. I don't think we have to follow each line of reality when it comes to RP in a virtual space here.
  11. And if you do get by those overzealous regulations I'm sure someone on this forum is WAITING to exhale about how your char SUCKS.
  12. No one is saying this has to be a Federal Agency or has to involve the DOJ.
  13. I understand that we wouldn't need it to be a federal matter, but someone mentioned we have U.S. Marshalls. I would only isolate it into the government structure we currently have. This will hopefully lead to more Government roles or processes needed to create checks and balance system for crime and law. The request is not specifically ATF, but ATF is an example of a focused task force that deals directly and only with three things. The agency request here doesn't have to be Federal, and as you said, California Bureau has a counterpart agency which we can form here to separate these investigations. I would have to disagree with you because an agency that does the investigative work-limiting and eliminating illegal brewing for distribution, would be nice. The same agency will actively work to get illegal guns off the streets instead of waiting for crimes to happen.
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