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Found 7 results

  1. WHO WE ARE Paleto Brewing Company started with the idea of combining the American and Australian craft beer scenes with the hopes of delivering a superb alcoholic product to be enjoyed by the people of San Andreas. The coastal scenery of Paleto Bay under the shade of Mount Chilliad provides the perfect environment to brew a range of craft beers to perfection, with access to fresh springs and the coastal breeze of the Pacific Ocean, nothing can rival it. Besides the brewing part of it, it's also the perfect environment to enjoy an ice-cold Paleto Brew. OUR VISION We are currently located at the old Sally's Surfshop in Paleto Bay, where further renovations are in the works. Our vision is to provide citizens in Blaine County and beyond a place to unwind and relax with friends while enjoying expertly crafted beers. Further, we will aim to provide the citizens of San Andreas with a location where they can enjoy our hospitality in the very location where we brew our range. In your mind, picture enjoying our flagship Precopio Dream, a light, refreshing lager with a light doughy yeast character, mild malt flavours and a soft floral aroma in our brewery location in Paleto Bay, relaxing with friends and loved ones while you can observe us brewing beers on site while enjoying great music in great company. OUR RANGE At present, our range consists of our flagship craft beers, providing different notes, flavours and strengths. We also have begin distilling Gin, Vodka and a Single Malt Whiskey. Our range will expand and adapt with time and aim to run competitions to the people of San Andreas for suggestions, with the winners receiving a cash prize. Our range, currently consists of: PRECOPIO DREAM LAGER Made in the spirit of Precopio Beach's beautiful shores and rolling waves, this light, refreshing lager with a light doughy yeast character, mild malt flavours and a soft floral aroma. CHUMASH INDIA PALE ALE Brewed in the image of the rolling hills and cliffs of North Chumash, and it has some bite to it. Dry, bitter, and straightforward, this is a modern IPA with a subtle sweet side hiding among eaerth hints of citrus fruits, and the ever present hoppy bitterness. HAZY PAY HAZY PALE ALE Named after those beautiful hazy afternoons in Paleto Bay as the sun sets, that cool Pacific breeze in the setting sun,. This refreshingly smooth hazy pale ale is like those perfect Paleto days. Gazing out at the Pacific Ocean on the golden shores of Paleto as the waves greet you in the soft sand, you might find yourself lost in the haze as your senses become inspired with notes of tropical fruit and citrus as the sun dips slowly into the sea. RUBY SUNSET RED ALE Our heavy hitter, a different take on a traditional Irish Red, which seeks to embody the ruby sunsets on Paleto Bay. Ruby Sunset, our hoppy red ale, begins with a burst of tropical fruit aromas of blended and specialised hops all balanced with a smooth and velvety mouthfeel from a selection of roasted malts, Ruby Sunset has hints of caramel, toffee and hazelnut and finishes with a firm bitterness. MEXICAN LAGER Paleto Brewing Companies new Mexican Lager (Cerveza) brewed with malt, corn and agave makes for the perfect refreshment, any day. Pouring a clear straw-yellow with delicate fruity aromas, a touch of earthiness and a twist of lime thanks to the addition of specialist hops. This full-strength lager carries a sweet, slightly grainy taste from the corn while a clean rounded mouthfeel finishes out the beer until the next sip. PALETO BAY DRY GIN Our Paleto Bay Dry Gin has a delectable blend of ten carefully-considered sustainably foraged marine, Blaine County native and traditional botanicals distilled into a pure Paleto Bay wheat spirit. The bright, fresh flavours of the citrus, marine & juniper give way to the gentle peppery notes on the palate to deliver a complex lingering finish. PALETO BAY PINK GIN Inspired by the Pacific Reefs surrounding Paleto Bay and its surrounds, the aromatics of strawberry gum, hibuscus, fragrant spice of riberries & salinity of karkalla, our pink gin speaks true of a captivating Paleto seascape. WHAT NOW? We hope that at some point, each and every living, breathing person in San Andreas has a chance to enjoy a Paleto Brew, and while we continue to seek a Brewery/Bar location in the Bay, we hope you all are excited for the future to come. We will continue to refine our recipes and update you all as we continue to roll out our liquor into the wider market. Cheers to us all, Paleto Brewing Co.
  2. Looking for a new alcohol supplier? Look no further, Green Isles Brewery has you covered! Located in La Mesa, right on Popular Street. Visit our website and order today! Check us out on Facebrowser View our Customer Panel ((Discord)) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- View our Menu: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Need to contact us? Send us an email: O'[email protected] ((Forum PM))
  3. We are specialized in making of all premium Japanese; liquors, whiskies, wines, beers and else spirits. Dedicated team is focused on maintaining and building long term relations with our local bars/clubs/restaurants and other business/clients around San Andreas. We will offer finest, high-quality spirits for your place in any amount you need! Small "Secret" bigger orders gets discount. 1. Akusho Beer 0.5L [5% ABV] - 5,500$ for 100 bottles ( 55$ per bottle) 2. Japan Heart 0.56L [6% ABV] - 6,250$ for 100 bottles ( 62$ per bottle) 3. Akusho Vodka 0.7L [40% ABV] - 8.500$ for 100 bottles (85$ per bottle) 4. Akusho Whiskey 0.7L [40% ABV] - 12.000$ for 100 bottles (120$ per bottle) 5. Akusho Brandy 0.7L [38% ABV] 10.000 for 100 bottles (100$ per bottle) 6. Akusho Bonjour Champagne 0.7L [12% ABV] 18.000 for 100 bottles (180$ per bottle) 7. Akusho Honey Moonshine 0.7L [55% ABV] 14.000 for 100 bottles (140$ per bottle) 8. Nikka Whiskey 0.7L [40% ABV] 38.000 for 100 bottles (380$ per bottle) Full list soon. Phone: 6526563 E-Mail: [email protected] (( @Bagacius )) You or your business looking for a supplier, looking for a high quality spirits?
  4. Short description: Create an agency that handles all things related to Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Detailed description: The ATF would locate brewers or brew sites and stake them out to see if they are selling their brew without a brewing license. ATF agents would do the investigation work and only execute a sting operation with the help of local law enforcement only when they've uncovered enough evidence of an illegal operation. Most raids would have to be approved by a judge after the ATF or ATF Agent has provided enough evidence. Operations could range from a brew kit in the woods to a full-blown brewing operation in a barn. ATF would also locate the cache of illegal firearms through undercover sting operations to turning confidential informants. The ATF agent can execute undercover operations to arrest a low-level arms peddler and press them for more information to get them to turn on their suppliers for reducing sentences and fines. Use the CI (confidential informant) to go undercover to gather more evidence until the entire organization is taken down piece by piece. Commands to add: /knockATF /Placewire /Panicbutton Items to add: ATF vest, or coat, or something agency-related. A wire you can place on a person will transmit conversations in the proximity of the person wearing it remotely. The panic button option is used for who ever is wearing the undercover wire to use in case if they're in trouble and want law enforcement to intervene. How would your suggestion improve the server? The ATF will add more balance to some of the crime that goes on in the server. An ATF agency will bring a new host of RP opportunities to law enforcement and criminals alike. An agency like this will start to shape more of the judicial process and law enforcement roles. Having another task force capable of doing joint operations with other agencies will create more dynamic situations only possible with such a specific focus on criminal activates. ATF will be a rich opportunity to be on both sides of a stakeout, investigation, integrations, manhunts, informants, undercover agents, sting operations, and more. Additional information: If we can keep it ATF, that would be great since it would be an agency, especially for these three things that way, it slims other agencies' focus and doesn't overstep jurisdictions/roles.
  5. E_lund

    Saga Meadery

    Saga Meadery ᛋ ᚬ ᚴ ᚬ In ancient times; various cultures back in Europe brewed a savoury alcoholic beverage known as mead. This drink became rather prominently associated with the Old Norse of Scandinavia through their various viking expeditions which took them far and wide across the western world and beyond. This is a drink which is told about in old stories; in ancient sagas of bygone era. Now for the first time, you've the opportunity to get a taste of history and party like the vikings! All mead are made with locally purchased honey and we make each batch with dedicated passion. We currently have a limited selections of mead for the time being but are expected to add more variety to your drinking experience! Saga Traditional Mead - ABV 13.0% ($100 per Bottle) This show mead will offer a sweet full-bodied taste of honey with the rich floral characters found in the State of San Adreas! Saga Huckleberry Mead - ABV 13.0% ($100 per Bottle) The addition of Huckleberries to the Mead adds a more dry aftertaste to take the edge of the sweetness which can be found in traditional meads. Contact Erik Lundgren - Ph. 7645-330 Email: [email protected] (Form PM @E_lund) Please keep in mind that our production capacity is quite limited for the time being and thus requires orders to be placed ahead of time to a given venue to ensure the delivery of a quality product.
  6. Trying to define craft beer is a difficult task, as beer can be very subjective and a personal experience. However, at Warehouse Craft Beer we might have achieved it. WAREHOUSE CRAFT BEER COMPANY We are a family company at Warehouse Craft Beer, located in Strawberry, City of Los Santos, San Andreas equipped with a highly sophisticated & automated brewery from the United Kingdom supplying a pub brewery serving beer or craft brewery with beverage bottling and keg filling. ABOUT THE BEER Our craft beer is one of a kind Hops– CHINOOK IBU – 50 Aroma – piney, spicy Flavor – piney, herbal, almost smokey Alpha Acids – 12.0 – 14.0% Beta Acids – 3.0 – 4.0% Beer Style – Pale Ale Retailers can contact us for business offers Email: [email protected] ((@HectorMorpheus)) Phone: 999-06020 Business Registration No: 858-2020-06
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